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Time to post my WIP for an Fortress Chapter - The Angels of Mercy!
ANGELS OF MERCY (Original Poster - Sandalphon)

Img CH03 04HoU 004 C

  • FOUNDING: None
  • CHAPTER WORLD: None (Fleet Based)
  • MAIN COLORS: Black with Red and White
  • SPECIALITY: Guerilla
  • BATTLE CRY: Death is Mercy
  • CURRENT STRENGTH: 342 Battle Brothers

After the Dark Angels' fortress world of Caliban was decimated by the conflict between Primarch Lion El'Jonson and the Fallen Angel Luther, the Chapter was never the same. When the Dark Angels reformed within the Rock their numbers had dwindled, drastically reduced by the assault on Caliban. The only solace was in the fact that they had remained standing, but they were not the only ones
The Fortress Monastery on Caliban that survived the conflict, known as "The Rock" despite being the largest and most protected fragment of Caliban was not the only part to remain intact. Countless Fallen and Loyalist Dark Angels were scattered throughout time and space as the warp-storm destroyed their planet. While Luther's twisted oration had converted Caliban's majority, there were a zealous few who remained in the service of the Emperor. In the fortified cathedral of Salem on the opposite side of the planet, a ceremony was taking place at the time of Caliban's destruction. Loyalist Chaplains were honoring those untainted brethren who had sacrificed their lives to remain pure during Luther's betrayal in a funerary ritual of post-mortem last rites little did they know that their hymns would resonate with the very planet they prayed upon.
With a force more potent than the Dark Angels orbital barrage, the earth heaved beneath their feet, screaming as if the entire planet was being torn asunder. A blinding light pierced their eyes and all their senses were negated as the explosion propelled them through Caliban's' turbulent atmosphere and into the depths of Segmentum Obscurus nearing the Eye of Terror itself. Luther's psychic scream obliterated the planet into nothing but remnant asteroids and space dust.

Angels Of Mercy

Angels Of Mercy Revenant

Light years passed and when their consciousness returned, the Chaplains of Salem scoured the remnant asteroid they were now at the mercy of. After many failed attempts at communication through the Cathedrals' in-built systems, the Chaplains had no choice but to gather what men they had left and search for a way out. They were a sorry lot. Only two and a half companies worth of men had survived. Drifting so close to the Oculus Terribilus had taken its toll, aging and rejuvenating them countless times as the warp storms sucked them in and out of time itself. Though their bodies were physically strained and their hair had turned ghostly white, this was the least of their concerns. The very marines they had buried back on Caliban were starting to stir. Not only those who were recently deceased, but the slumbering brethren in the cathedrals cemetery grounds were also moving. Although disturbed by this outcome, the chaplains remained calm. These were brother marines after-all and it was surely the Emperors favor in their time of need that had returned them from eternal peace. Sure enough the warp had not twisted these men's souls but the time shift had sent them back to before they were killed and buried in their ceramite tombs. The remaining marines began to systematically unlock the coffins of their brothers and free them from their tombs. While many men were too far gone and were nothing but dusty armor, some had returned  beating on their tomb to be set free.
Their brother marines awoke to the Chaplains' news that not only had their chapter been ripped in two by Luther's' betrayal but their home world had been destroyed in the process and they were now abandoned in an asteroid belt, floating on a decrepit Cathedral that had somehow survived. The mystery was shortly revealed. As Chaplain Ghaleon explained, the six main Cathedrals of Caliban had been equipped with such shields for protection against orbital bombardment. These cathedrals had also been designed as independent units to cater for such disaster should it occur. It was the tenacity and tactical genius of the Lion himself that had ensured their survival after the Fall, they could only pray that their brothers had the same fortune. With the secrets of Salem revealed and a new determination to right the wrongs of their chapters' destruction, the Angels of Mercy were born. Swearing to avenge their Legion by 'mercifully' euthanizing their fallen brothers, they fired up Salem's ancient generator and set off to remove this stain from their honor.
It was not long before first contact was made, but it was not what the surviving marines had expected. A homing beacon within the asteroid belt had signaled a distress call that was received uninterrupted by Salem's systems, a small ship with Imperial codes was granted access to the stabilized asteroid and a crew of black armored marines dispersed from its hull. They were Dark Angels! By the Emperor, They had been saved! Their leader, a sergeant by the name of Corvus addressed Salem's men and regaled them with news of Caliban, the reformation of the Chapter and the appointment of Azrael with their brothers trust gained Corvus and his men were welcomed to Salem and the bloodbath began Proclaiming Luther to be the true son of the Emperor and Lion El'Jonson Traitor Corvus rallied his men, appealing to Salem's marines to accept the 'truth' or face the consequences. Not backing down, Chaplain Ghaleon raised his crozius and smashed through Corvus's chest with a swift and decisive blow, sending shards of his power armor skidding across the cold floor where he fell. Bolter fire rang out and chaos was unleashed as brother fought brother until Salem's warriors stood triumphant. But although mortally wounded Corvus had not breathed his final breath, with a last ounce of strength he drew his combat knife and lunged at Ghaleon's back. The feeble attempt was thwarted as the chaplain caught Corvus's wrist, crushing it with brute force and turned the knife against him:
"Repent Traitor, your Emperor commands it!"
But Corvus only smiled: "Your Emperor is a fool" and with those words he spat on Ghaleon's death mask as a final insult. The room was silent; dozens of bolters surrounded the melee and aimed at Corvus' head.
“Enough brothers it is my duty to withdraw confession from our fallen comrade so that his soul and our honor may be saved"
Again Corvus mockingly snarled: "I have no soul!"
Ghaleon responded: "Then you have no honor, and your bodily vessel is worthless may the Emperor have Mercy"
And with those words, he raised the treacherous blade that had sought to end his life and thrust it through Corvus' skull silencing him forever.
Years passed, and after clearing the asteroid field and reaching open space communications were now clear and contact was made with a nearby spaceport on Arx. After hearing word of their brothers' survival and their reformation of the Dark Angels Chapter, Salem's survivors returned to the ruins of Caliban to re-unite with the Unforgiven. However, so alienated were they from their brothers, after the years of separation, that the Angels of Mercy applied to be a  chapter themselves rather than formally rejoin their brother marines. Their gene-seed is now considered too corrupted by the warp to be stable, but their loyalty to the Emperor is unquestionable, therefore the Angels of Mercy are treated as an independent fighting force without re-enforcement from the Imperium.
Many of the same Arcane Technologies that allowed the Rock to cross the stars have been built onto the remnant of Salem. It also can now travel between the stars and operates in a similar fashion as the Rock. 

The entire Chapter is working with the Disciples of Caliban in their search for the Fallen and Cypher. Several of the Fallen are known personally to the Angels of Mercy and they have taken the vow to personally hunt them down while the Disciples focus more strongly on finding Cypher.


The Angels of Mercy have deemed themselves cursed by the events of their past and nearly all have taken on the Mark of the Dead - for only in death does their duty end. As such, they do not believe themselves honored if they are victorious after a battle or when they have captured a Fallen Angel and so they do not have any honors of battle.


The Angels of Mercy are different from any other Space marine chapter in that only the wisdom and leadership of their brother Chaplains guide them, no other HQ unit is acknowledged by these zealous warriors of the Emperor. The Inner Circle is a council of Chaplains from the ranks of Grand Master, Master, Interrogator as well as the remaining apothecary and techmarine staff that were resurrected from Salem’s core. A Master Chaplain and his associated staff lead each company into battle. Ghaleon being the highest-ranking Chaplain at the original ceremony on Caliban was nominated Grand Master of the Angels of Mercy.


Note: The Angels of Mercy have no access to Scouts, Landspeeders or Bikes and have limited vehicular access (only transport vehicles: Rhinos, Razorbacks and Land Raiders that had escorted the Ceremonial attendees to the Chapel).
Grand Master: Ghaleon

Angels Of Mercy Master Chaplain

Angels Of Mercy Assault

 1st: (terminator) Brothers Vigilant (living and resurrected veterans)
2nd: (tactical) Brothers Penitent ("living" marines)
3rd: (assault, jump packs) Brothers Penitent
4th: (tactical) Brothers Revenant (resurrected brothers)
5th: (devastator) Brothers Revenant
6th: (assault, no jump packs) Brothers Revenant 


Angels Of Mercy Apothecary

Angels Of Mercy Librarian

Angels Of Mercy Techmarine

Angels Of Mercy Chaplain

The Angels of Mercy have only a few ships along with the Fortress Monastery Salem. Though Salem carries a strong compliment of weapons, they only fire out of defense. The cemeteries on Salem are considered sacred ground and any attempts to keep them out of conflict is taken. 
The remaining ships have been scavenged or confiscated and returned to active service. While Salem was given the ability to build more ships, it does not have the manpower to operate them. The bays are used only for the repair of vessels. The Dark Angels have sent the Angels of Mercy smaller ships to replace their losses and to build up their fleet.
The Angels of Mercy have not recruited since their experience with the Oculus Terriblius. Even with offers from other chapters to allow them to gain fresh recruits, the Brothers Revenant did not want the honor of young warriors to be sullied. They have accepted brothers of the Unforgiven who faced being branded a renegade for whatever reason. n this way, the chapter is dying a slow death. 


Angels Of Mercy Terminator

Angels Of Mercy Term Rev


The Angels of Mercy have retained the predominantly black armor from before the Fall. The Brothers Revenant and those that bear the Mark of Death have taken to painting their face plates pure white. Since the brothers know that their chapter is doomed to die. More and more brothers are taking up the Mark of Death and now most of the chapter have adopted the white faceplate.

The Angels of Mercy had long since taken down the Banners of old. Some have been sent to the Rock but most are secured in the vaults of Salem only to be opened once the chapter has died. The only banners to still remain unfurled is the Chapter Banners from before the Fall and only a single newer banner depicting the Angels of Mercy as a chapter.

The greatest relic of the Angels of Mercy is Salem itself. While smaller than the Rock, it is no less impressive. The only lasting memory the Angels of Mercy desire is that Salem herself would continue to stand as a monument to them and their sacrifice. The Dark Angels and those of the Second Founding have received communiques from the chapter saying that should the Angels of Mercy fall. That another Chapter take over possession of Salem and restore it back to a place of honor within the Unforgiven. 
The dogged determination of the Dark Angels is legendary and even many of its successors share that trait. In the Angels of Mercy it gains even more power by their death wish and willingness to die a noble death in combat. The Angels of Mercy in many instances assist another Unforgiven chapter in their campaigns. Their severe lack of vehicles and more advanced equipment means they will typically require some kind of support from a fellow chapter.


In return, nearly the entire chapter fights in every battle and acts like another Battle Company. As all of the brothers are aware of the Fallen, they are usually tasked with finding and taking them into custody and leaving the supporting chapter to take on other objectives. This has the benefit of throwing the Inquisition off the trail of the shame since the Angels of Mercy are never mentioned in official records.
Death is Mercy
After the events in the Oculus, the brothers have taken to putting their fallen brothers on a funeral pyre so that they may truly receive their rest and never return. Several of the Brothers Revenant have returned to their tombs and utterly destroyed it. Not even their memorial plate listing their honor survives. They see themselves as aberrations to the Emperor and not worthy of their past honors. They only see mercy in a second more noble death of the fields of battle.


Prior to every battle the Chaplains administer a blessing and benediction to all of the assembled brothers. What was once considered the Last Rites have been morphed and modified into the Rites of Mercy. These Rites allow the brother to fight and die knowing that they will be at peace afterwards.
The beliefs of the Angels of Mercy has been sorely shaken after the events of the Oculus Terribilus. They see themselves as tainted and their honor sullied by that event. They fight now to restore what little honor they have left by fighting for the Lion and the Emperor.
The Dark Angels

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Okay, got most of my Brotherhood done, although it is a fair ways from being considered finished. Here's the wip:


Brotherhood of the Lion


CHAPTER MASTER: Lorvandas Praal, Keeper of the Blade of Miraz
CHAPTER WORLD: Nanira Septimus
MAIN COLORS: Gold and white
SPECIALITY: Direct Assaults, Precision Strikes
BATTLE CRY: For the Lion!
CURRENT STRENGTH: 867 Battle Brothers
In the wake of the Abyssal Crusade, the loss of certain Chapters left particular areas of the Imperium more vulnerable than the High Lords liked. Of the Chapters raised to fill the gap, the Brotherhood of the Lion was chosen to safeguard a turbulent region to the south of the Segmentum Solar. Here, the ravages of religious war and various purges left entire sectors at a loss to fully controlling the space around them. 
These sectors suffered from pirates of all stripes, xenos incursions and even lackeys of the archenemy. The Brotherhood of the Lion was tasked to bring at least some of these regions under a semblance of stability and to eliminate the piracy rampant so close to the Core Worlds. This the new chapter did dutifully and quickly. Led by a veteran cadre taken from the Dark Angels, the Brotherhood smashed asunder syndicates and organisations ship by ship, outpost by outpost. No mercy was spared for those that preyed on the weak, and special scorn was kept for those that had turned to the Dark Gods. 
After the campaign, the Chapter recuperated on Nanira Septimus. It would be their new home and recruitment centre, far enough away from the trade routes to be left alone if so desired. From here the Chapter stabilised their own sector and waged war upon the enemies of the Imperium with impunity. It took time and the results were not perfect but the surrounding sectors eventually became stable, too. No longer were they drawing in manpower from the rest of the Imperium to stamp out the xenos and the heretic. Here was a part of the Imperium that now contributed to keeping the empire of mankind strong. 
Nanira Septimus was once a civilised world, prior to the Age of Apostasy. That all changed when the armies of Goge Vandire razed the cities and burned the crops, as an example to the rest of the worlds in the subsector. The population, without homes or food, struggled to survive in the first few years afterward. 
By the time the Brotherhood settled on Septimus, the civilisation that had once bred proud Guard regiments and always met its tithe had been reduced to a feudal world with scant regard for life. Septimus still met its tithe of men and crops on a regular basis but it did so with great effort and left little for the remaining people to live on. 
With the coming of the Brotherhood, the tithes stopped. As an astartes world, they were exempt. To the citizens of Septimus, this was a miracle. In exchange for their best and brightest, the Nanirans escaped starvation. No longer did the men at arms and the local militias leave planet-side, never to be seen again. Husbands, uncles, sons and brothers had no need of fearing their families left alone, of leaving them with the task of working the land one pair of strong hands short. 
In the eyes of the population, the Brotherhood became ‘the Golden Ones’, sent by the Emperor himself. 
The Fortress-Monastery, grim and foreboding as it was, became a source of worship by certain members of the population. Carvings, offerings, candles and various small shrines litter the roadside leading to the vast castle. Even at the Gate of Angels there were votive scripts and candles left by particularly brave natives. 
To this day Nanira Septimus still is governed by a feudal system, however the lords and ladies that rule the lands have benefited the most from the lack of tithes. Growing fat off of the people and indulging in petty disputes, they easily grow bored of life under the Golden Ones. But they aren’t stupid. They know of the times when the golden ones have sallied from their castle and dispensed violence against particularly belligerent nobles and their men. Intrigue and petty wars is one thing. Rising against demi-gods is quite another.
With little deviation, the Brotherhood of the Lion adheres to the strictures of the Codex. They do not have a Ravenwing or a Deathwing like those of other Dark Angel successors and instead follow the standard organisation as laid out. As member of the Unforgiven, however, the Brotherhood still operate Interrogator Chaplains and actively hunt for the Fallen.
The Brotherhood of the Lion only accepts recruits when the Gate of Angels is opened and potential recruits are allowed into Kirkehold. Exactly when is subject to speculation for the native population but each opening is dictated by the Chapter Master and left that way for one month. Entry itself may very well be easy but a demanding series of tasks weed out the unworthy. Those that remain are then subjected to tournament selection, ensuring that the fittest, the brightest and the most capable individuals are given a chance to become a Golden One. 
Those that fall short, should they survive the process, are inducted as menials and men at arms. These men serve the Chapter for the rest of their lives and defend its walls if necessary. For many, this honour is enough to assuage their failure to become a Golden One. For some it is not. From these unhappy souls, the Chapter maintains its compliment of servitors.  
The Brotherhood predominantly march to war in gold and white, with decoration typically fashioned from jet, ebony or obsidian. Weaponry is usually also black, sometimes with kill markings or campaign stripes.
Brother Gilen, Fourth Company, 937.M38
Brother-Captain Gilen, Fourth Company, 003.M39
Scout Andermas, Tenth Company, 844.M38
Brother Vaxinade, First Company, 821.M38
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Finally got around to writing enough about the Knights Sovereign to show them off. I have made a thread here, but I also put in spoilers what I've so far written.





GENE-SEED: Dark Angels

FOUNDING: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding [M.38]

CHAPTER MASTER: Marshal Edmunt Raik, Castellan of the Crimson Rooks

CHAPTER WORLDS: Eistvin, Ostlund & Vollstadt


SPECIALTY: Operational control, precision engagements and information dominance

BATTLE-CRY: 'Imperator Vult!' is a common warcry, however 'Victus aut nihil' is the Chapter motto


KNOWN DESCENDANTS: Bronze Knights, Savage Brotherhood [disputed]


Part of an ongoing struggle for the High Lords to utilize the pure gene-seed of the former First Legion without the participation and influence of the Dark Angels or their prominent successors, when the Knights Sovereign were created they were tutored instead by a detachment of the Imperial Fists, a worthy selection to guide a Chapter of the Sentinel Founding. The influence of the sons of Dorn can be readily seen in the Chapter for centuries to come, however their brother sons of the Lion were not to be denied. Shortly after the Knights had gained the trust of the Imperial Fists and earned their independence, overseeing a turbulent Sector that had long suffered for its severely lower average technological capabilities, a contingent of the Dark Angels and other successors arrived to acquaint themselves with this new Chapter. These Chapters showed great honor to the Knights Sovereign, with many of their retinues consisting of their highest ranking officers, including Chapter Master Grasciel of Dark Angels. The inner circles of these Chapters communed together deep within the Crimson Rook, while specialist officers of the First and Second Companies intermingled, enlightening the Knights Sovereign to their own particular brand of war-making.

While this communion was short-lived, the bonds of brotherhood forged on this day had a lasting effect, with many of these Chapters regularly appearing within the Knights' territory and vice versa. It had also made an impression on the young Chapter's organization, especially the First and Second Companies. The Knights Sovereign still retained much of their identity as forged under the watchful eyes of the Imperial Fists, but they had grown more insular, more in keeping with the typical Dark Angels character. This marriage of traits and ideals, in many ways opposing but also complementary, has guided the Knights Sovereign for the thousands of years since.

Chapter Worlds

Early in their formation, the Knights Sovereign were given a choice of three feudal home worlds within the Lowermains Sector. Though ultimately settling upon Eistvin, located near the largest nexus of Sector traffic, the discarded worlds of Ostlund and Vollstadt did dominate strategically resourceful zones. Chapter keeps were planted on these worlds, a practice perhaps learned from the Imperial Fists. Officially, Eistvin alone is classified as an Adeptus Astartes world, however after centuries of keeping close ties and recruitment practices on Ostlund and Vollstadt, the local officials tithe the worlds as if they were.

Nestled deep in the Eistvin mountains is the Durumtal, fortress-monastery to the Knights Sovereign. Building began as soon as Eistvin was selected as their home world, and had finished scant months before the Knights showed up themselves. This immense, rugged structure blends seamlessly with its surroundings. If an unaugmented human was to stand upon an outer peak, looking into the range, they would be unable to distinguish the crenelated towers from natural mountaintops. However, the Knights Sovereign took to giving it a different name than the Magos-Tektons provided: the Crimson Rook. With the Chapter keeps on Ostlund and Vollstadt being heavily inspired by, and in imitation of, the Durumtal, they are collectively known as the Crimson Rooks.


Current Disposition

The Knights Sovereign have been at war with the Orks of WAAAGH! Urlkin for decades, a massive incursion the Sector had never before seen, led by an Ork of such impressive size that Archmagos-Biologis from several Sectors around have insisted could not exist. This Ork, crafty for his kind, has grown large on the excesses of his armies, leading regular hunts into nearby regions with such regularity that the end of most hunts is merely the beginning of another. The Knights Sovereign have tried, unsuccessfully, to convince local Administratum officials to sanction a crusade into Ork territory and end the threat once and for all. However, with the Knights' own worlds declared the targets of a hunt that has virtually emptied the Ork territories for Sectors around, more recently they have become more concerned with defense. The ongoing conflicts have stretched the Knights Sovereign thin. By the close of the 41st millennium, their numbers are reported as being 515, including officers and auxiliaries.


Battle History



Chapter Organization

The Knights Sovereign would not consider themselves as deviant, however to them it is deviancy from their forebears rather than the Codex Astartes that is relevant. Though the Codex Astartes is, as it should be, held in high regard as the epitome of all things war, the Space Marine way, the Knights Sovereign do deviate in organization. This is not seen as a contradiction or hypocrisy, but merely derived from the simple fact that the Codex could not accommodate all possible circumstances. And indeed, the inheritors of the Lion are of a unique circumstance, and so fashion themselves accordingly.

The First Company is organized into the Justiciary, and are of the ordained task of bringing the light of justice and nobility to the darkest places of the galaxy. It is said that all who gain a place among the Justiciars must first confront truth and sin in equal measure, and it is their ash-white armor that shows their absolvement. The Knights also field the 2nd Company as a rapid response force, the Errantry. The Knights-Errant exist outside the normal Chapter organization, and as such they paint their armor a deep black. Unlike the elevated Knights-Justiciar, it is only the master of the Errantry, the Earl-Errant, who sits above his brothers as a member of the Inner Circle.


Fleet Assets



Recruitment & Advancement


Relics and Honors



Combat Doctrine



Local Rituals

Integral to the Chapter cult is the Oath of Office. Like many Chapters, the Knights Sovereign swear oaths before each battle, swearing themselves to the action and sometimes a specific task they set before themselves. The oaths are affixed to their armor, and they are expected to carry through with the oath throughout the action. Oaths of Office, however, are permanent. They are drawn up at their induction ceremony where the recruited mortals have arisen as one of the Knights-Companion, and will remain with them. Addendums are added throughout the Marine's life, marking their progress through the Chapter hierarchy. Each new rank or advancement requires a new Oath of Office, adding onto the old. So it is that the longest serving Marines, the highest ranking of the Chapter, have lengthy and complex Oaths of Office finely dileneating their given tasks and expectations for themselves. Like Oaths of Moment, they are highly individualized reminders of their loyalties and responsibilities, as well as personal promises of feats or endeavors, for the entirety of that Knight's service to the Chapter and the Emperor. Within each Knight's chambers, they keep a locked rosewood box to contain their Oath of Office, centering their devotions upon its yellowed parchment and ink of blood.

Normally, a Knight will write his own Oaths of Office, keeping its writings to himself. Advancement, especially to the Justiciary or Errantry, will be the traditional break from this custom. Where a Knight is unaware of the duties or responsibilities that await him, it is his immediate superior who will write these additions. It is not unknown for another Knight to assist in the inscribing, such as a mentor who tasks a promising pupil with surpassing his own achievements. Upon the death of a marine, if recovery is possible, his remains will be interred in a great stone crypt on the grounds of the keep or fortress he last served. The Oath will be placed upon his chest and set alight, his oaths thus fulfilled. Those interred into the mighty Dreadnoughts receive a similar ceremony. Though they serve still the Chapter and the Emperor, they have fulfilled the oaths of the living nonetheless, and exist now free from such burdens.






Champions of the Chapter

Marshal Edmunt Raik, Castellan of the Crimson Rooks -

Pontifex Theocritus VII -

Earl-Justiciar Hadrian Normson -

Earl-Errant Sydorn Lyndswor -

Master Magus Kegin Theodis -

Prelate Xander Blakbur -












Marshal's Banner - The Crimson Rook

Edited by Conn Eremon
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Index Astartes: the Night Angels


▪ FOUNDING:- 4th Founding (M33)
▪ CHAPTER MASTER:- Sandalphon
▪ CHAPTER WORLD:- Angel’s Keep  (warp-capable fortress monastery comparable to the Rock)
▪ MAIN COLOURS:-Midnight blue and silver
▪ SPECIALITY:- Mobile assault
▪ BATTLE CRY:- Nos contra timores nocturnos - Against the terrors of the night we stand

Chapter Name:  Night Angels

The Night Angels are thought to be a 4th Founding chapter, organized some time in the 33rd millennium.  Records show the Dark Angels high command to have petitioned the High Lords of Terra for leave to create the chapter, with the Inner Circle exerting influence to see the petition granted.  They were originally intended to be a strictly fleet-based crusading chapter, but discovered and took possession of Angel’s Keep within a millennium of their founding.
Chapter Home World: Angel’s Keep

Angel’s Keep is a continent-sized warp-capable fortress-monastery comparable to the Rock.  However, unlike the Rock, Angel’s Keep appears to have been entirely manufactured rather than being a planetary body retrofitted for space and warp travel.  Parent chapter records suggest Angel’s Keep was originally discovered in an incomplete state by the Primarch during the Great Crusade, and he ordered the structure salvaged and completed – to what end is not recorded, and even this information is kept within the Inner Circle.


Also unlike the Rock, Angel’s Keep is home to a sizeable civilian populace.  Many of the great vessel’s structures appear to have been intended for habitation and the maintenance of a population.  The Night Angels were obliged to use these facilities to evacuate the population of planet, and the leadership of the population petitioned the Night Angels to be allowed to remain on Angel’s Keep rather than be resettled.  The human population provides extra security to Angel’s Keep, with every adult receiving combat training comparable to (and in many cases superior) to a planetary PDF, and the occasional Imperial Guard regiment is mustered from Angel’s Keep.
Present Activities

The Night Angels are committed to multiple war zones, most notably against Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade, where Angel’s Keep provides its considerable power and acts as a logistical center for Imperial efforts in the sector.  The 3rd and 4th battle companies (as well as elements of the Ravenwing , Deathwing, and the reserve companies) operate out of Angel’s Keep.  The 5th battle company currently operates from the battle barge Sword of Stars against the Tau, and the 6th battle company is assigned to the battle barge Lion’s Hammer, whereabouts currently undisclosed.  In addition, ad hoc battle groups drawn from the reserve companies operate from the chapter’s  strike cruisers, although at least 2 of these are usually assigned to escort Angel’s Keep at any given time.
Battle Honors

Battle for Angel’s Keep: In the third century of the chapter’s existence, the full chapter and all its fleet assets fought the Battle for Angel’s Keep, a full-scale engagement against a Night Lords force led by a cabal of Fallen Angels.  The bulk of the Night Angels’ forces broke the back of the more numerous Chaos fleet in desperate boarding actions while Grand Master Absalom led the entirety of the First and Second Companies in a mass action against Chaos forces on Angel’s Keep itself.  The outnumbered Night Angels were assisted by the automated defenses aboard Angel’s Keep, which engaged the Chaos forces, but not their own.  Though successful, Grand Master Absalom fell in this engagement, and was the first member of the chapter’s Inner Circle to be interred into a Dreadnought.  Upon inspection of the massive vessel, Night Angels leadership discovered the Fallen Angels’ true purpose in assaulting the spaceborne edifice – not for it’s obvious strategic value, but to breach the stasis vault deep in the heart of the great vessel, where Master Librarian Rastus and Interrogator Chaplain Kagan discovered <Redacted by order of the Inner Circle>


Battle of Lucente Prime: The Fifth Company and elements of the Seventh and Ninth Reserve Companies were stationed on the Sword of Stars at the onset of the Age of Apostasy.  Sword of Stars was in the Chonma Sector of the Segmentum Solar, gathering recruits from the hive worlds Necromunda and Hermetica when warp storm activity isolated the great ship from the rest of the Night Angels’ fleet.  These Night Angels were soon obliged to defend Imperial worlds from both external aggressors and the increasingly-insane edicts of Lord Vandire, culminating in the Battle of Darkest Night, in which the isolated Night Angels engaged a Frateris Templar army in the midst of a violent purge of the population of Lucente Prime.  Fought during a rare week-long double-eclipse of the binary system’s two suns, the Night Angels drew Ministorum force to overextend itself on multiple fronts, and annihilated them piecemeal over the course of several days. 


Mycenaeus V Massacre: The Third Battle Company was in the Helica Sector at the beginning of M39 when Abaddon launched his 10th Black Crusade.  Chaos forces ran rampant through the sector whilst the traitor Warmaster led the Iron Warriors against the Iron Hands homeworld.  The 3rd Company was taking delivery of supplies from Mycenaeus V when the Night Lords descended en masse on the productive agri-world.  The 3rd Company and the planetary PDF struggled to protect the planet’s population, but were eventually forced to evacuate as many people as possible to the most defensible location on the planet, the capital city Danae’s Landing.  The city fell under unrelenting attack from hordes of mutants the Chaos Marines transported to the planet to overwhelm its defenders.  The commander of the 3rd Company, Master Bahadur, selected one Marine from each squad to go into the shelters under the city with those too young, old, or infirm to fight.  He then led the rest of his company and the remnants of the PDF in a bitter defense against the Chaos forces.  The Night Lords pressed the assault, and battle raged in the ruined streets of the once-beautiful city.   Except for the 10 Marines selected to defend the most helpless of the planet’s citizens, the 3rd Company was wiped out to a man, but their intractable defense bought time for relief forces to arrive and rout the traitor forces.


Battle of Aventum III:  Pursuit of the Fallen Angel Olufemi the Obscene brought Galizur, previous master of the Night Angels Ravenwing, to the backwater world of Aventum III.  There, his strike force found the world in full rebellion, the planetary nobility having been corrupted by the Fallen’s dark counsel, with a small convent of Adeptus Sororitas of the Order of the Bloody Rose being the only force on the planet remaining loyal to the Emperor.  Employing the guile the Ravenwing is known for, Galizur deployed only Ravenwing and Scout units, striking at the traitor forces deployed against the Adeptus Sororitas, wreaking enough havoc to make the Fallen Angel think the Sororitas force was a great enough threat to require his personal intervention.  Once Olufemi committed himself to a massive attack against the Sororitas convent, Galizur unleashed his full force, sending the rebel forces into disarray with a drop pod assault on their vanguard, while Ravenwing squads swept through to the forward command post, trapping Olufemi long enough to call in the Deathwing.  Two full squads of the elite 1rst Company annihilated the Olufemi’s bodyguards, and Galizur himself ran down the Fallen.  With his quarry secure, Galizur then turned his attention to the rebel forces.  In combination with the Adeptus Sororitas, the Night Angels routed the traitors and destroyed the attacking force wholesale.

Chapter Organization

The Night Angels are largely adherent to the Codex Astartes, with 3 notable divergences.  The first is that, like other Unforgiven chapters, the Night Angels maintain the specialized Deathwing and Ravenwing organization of their 1rst and 2nd companies.  The second is the maintenance of the Codex-mandated 4 battle companies, and the third is in the maintenance of a company-strength force permanently stationed aboard Angel’s Keep.  This results in the chapter having a fighting strength greater than the dictated 1000-man organization.
Fleet Assets

Angel’s Keep: Chief among the Night Angels’ fleet assets, Angel’s Keep is a formidable strategic asset for any commander.  The fortress monastery provides a  base for fleet operations comparable to the Blackstone Fortresses lost during the Gothic War, with the additional advantages of being capable of space and warp travel.   Imperial Navy fleet commanders will often use Angel’s Keep as the linchpin of their theater defense.  Because of this, the Night Angels have rarely withdrawn the vast space-fortress from an ongoing conflict, being loathe to see an entire sector’s defense collapse.

Sword of Stars: One of the chapter’s  capital ships, the battle barge is actually the third to bear the name.  The first Sword of Stars was destroyed in action in M34 against traitor forces sallying from the Eye of Terror.  Contact with the second Sword of Stars was lost in M36, and her fate was unknown until M37, when she was found drifting dead in space.  External and internal damage suggested she had engaged in both a pitched ship-to-ship battle and a bitter boarding action – against whom is a secret tightly guarded by the Inner Circle.  The chapter took what could be salvaged from the wreck, but she was so badly damaged she had to be destroyed rather than recovered.  The current Sword of Stars was built by the shipyard facilities on Angel’s Keep, the largest vessel to be produced by the fortress-monastery.

Lion’s Hammer: the oldest of the Night Angels’ vessels, Lion’s Hammer was the flagship of fleet which the chapter originally called home.  Though heavily damaged in innumerable engagements, Lion’s Hammer has always found her way through the storm, bearing her crew and passengers to fight anew another day.  Over the millennia, the numerous repairs and retrofitting have left the ancient battle barge one of the most unique vessels in the Imperium, and thousands of years of uninterrupted activation have resulted in a machine spirit so intelligent it is almost prescient.  The ship seems to exhibit a distinct personality – something the chapter’s Techmarines vehemently deny, despite the fact they jockey with each other for assignments aboard the ancient dreadnought.

The Night Angels are unusual among Space Marine chapters, in that they do the vast majority of their recruiting from the populations of Imperial hive-cities.  Night Angels leadership found that hive gangs generate recruits scarcely less capable and aggressive than those mustered from feral or death worlds, and the teeming masses of hive cities provide a rich bounty of suitable candidates, far in excess of the chapter’s own needs.  The Night Angels routinely provide these surplus candidates to other Unforgiven chapters, and very occasionally to non-Unforgiven chapters who have suffered catastrophic losses.
Chapter Colors: Primarily dark blue and silver.  Veterans, sergeants, and above generally have silver faceplates on their helmets.

Brother Eylon of the 4th Company


Brother Samuel of the 2nd Squad, Deathwing Company



Aspirant Abel



Company Master Hadriel of the 9th Company


Battle Honors/relics/decorations/awards:

Feather of Rising Angels: The Supreme Grand Master of the Night Angels and all his Company Masters bear a slivery-white feather commemorating the Battle for Angel’s Keep.

Suns Eclipsed: The Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth Companies bear twin eclipsed suns on their company standards to commemorate the Battle of Lucente Prime.

Combat Doctrine

The Night Angels favor a highly mobile approach to warfare.  As such, most infantry units will have armored transport, and they freely mix Ravenwing and battle company units in combat formations.  Their Deathwing company rarely takes the field en masse, and instead is dispersed throughout the chapter’s active tasks forces  in order to provide each commander with a heavy shock unit when such is required.
Battle Cry

Nos contra timores nocturnos - Against the terrors of the night we stand
Local rituals

The Pilgrimage: Once per year, each Night Angel puts aside his arms and armor, and for 24 Terran hours walks among the civilian population of Angel’s Keep.  Ostensibly, the goal is for each Marine to pray at the Cathedral of the Lion, located deep in the heart of the great fortress’ city.  However, the deeper purpose is to allow each Marine to reconnect with his humanity by immersing himself, if only briefly, in the lives of those he fights to defend.  The yearly ritual tends to make the Night Angels somewhat less aloof than other Unforgiven chapters.

The Night Angels hold to the same beliefs as their parent chapter, revering the Emperor as an inspired man rather than as a living god, and holding the Lion in near-equal esteem.  Perhaps unsuprisingly, these beliefs have bled into the civilian population of Angel’s Keep, so that their practices are very similar to that of their Space Marine overlords – a matter of some concern to the Ministorum.

A belief unique to the Night Angels is that descendants of the Primarchs can be found among the teeming throngs of humanity.  Each of the Primarchs lived among the people of his world, only being found and reclaimed by the Emperor in their full adulthood.  The Night Angels postulate that each had children who spread their genetic heritage into the citizenry of the Imperium, and that from time to time that legacy manifests, for good or for ill depending on the legacy of the Primarch in question.
Gene-Seed: Dark Angels
Champions of the Chapter

Ancient Absalom: The first Grand Master of the Night Angels, Ancient Absalom fell in the battle for Angel’s Keep, but chose to keep serving the chapter from the armored form of a Dreadnought. He is a source of inspiration for the chapter’s Battle Brothers, inspiring them to the highest acts of valor and determination whenever he takes the field.  He is also a valuable advisor to the Chapter’s Inner Circle, with many of his successors having benefited from his guidance.  As such, he is also privy to chapter’s secrets –even spending decades at a time in slumber, there is little about his chapter he is not aware of.

Grand Master Raphael: The current Grand Master of the Night Angels’ Deathwing Company, Raphael is a somber figure, responsible for leading his men in the most brutal of the chapter’s engagements.   Preferring to lead by example, Raphael will teleport into battle with his elite Terminators, charging into the thick of combat without hesitation.  He favors going into battle armed with thunder hammer and storm shield, enabling him to stand toe-to-toe with and prevail against even the most formidable of foes.  Raphael is widely presumed to be next in line to be Grand Master of the chapter.

Grand Master Raziel: twin brother to Raphael, Raziel is the current Grand Master of the Night Angels’  Ravenwing Company.  As dissimilar to his brother in temperament as he is similar in appearance, Raziel is a daring risk-taker who favors lightening maneuver to brutal assault.  As such, he is well suited to leading the Chapter’s most mobile formations.  He is also a humanist on whom weighs heavily the plight of Imperial citizens caught in the growing darkness of the end of the 41rst millenium.  He is often reluctant to withdraw his forces from a theater of war when the Hunt dictates.  Even so, he is responsible for running to ground more of the Fallen than any of his predecessors within the chapter.

Supreme Grand Master Sandalphon: Responsibility for the success and survival of the Night Angels chapter falls upon the shoulders of Supreme Grand Master Sandalphon.  It is a burden and privilege he has born for just over three centuries.  Whereas most Unforgiven commanders are figures of silent menace, Sandalphon is a leader of stern charisma, inspiring his chapter and the forces fighting alongside them with both word and deed.



Edited by Grand Master Raziel
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After taking another break, coming back. I was thinking hard what to do for my DA successor chapter. I am not sure of what I want. At first I was thinking of Knights of Redemption. I am not sure if that name is taken already or I have herd of it from somewhere before. I also am thinking of Specters of Caliban. 


So I will try and do one of them. So is Knights of Redemption already taken from somewhere?

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Welcome Epher and a great submission there Raziel. The Liber Forum is rallying to complete the challenge set forth for them. Link to the Start


We are off to great start! Hopefully, the energy and momentum will continue!

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Well I am going to try my hand at this.  Not sure how good it will turn out, but I definitely want to get my chapter out of my head and onto the forum.  Only question I have is where can I go to build my Space Marines in their colors?  I have seen others post examples, but can't seem to find it.  If anyone will post a link I will add it to my storyline when it is completed.
I, Grand Master Sindiferous, Chapter Master of the Sentient Angels, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honored brothers.
More to follow......
Found the Space Marine Painter and trying to get it to work for me.
Chapter info to follow....
UPDATED 6-2-2015
▪ FOUNDING:- [M.41]
▪ CHAPTER MASTER:- Master Sindiferous

▪ CHAPTER Standard:  Midnight Black background with Dark Ocher Red Sword centered with three Red Lightning bolts crossing it at even distances from the top to the bottom.  Company Standards differ in that each flag has the company number in the top left corner and unit designation on the lower right corner.

▪ CHAPTER's ADOPTED HOME WORLD:  Dauntless 1 forgotten Forge World
▪ FORTRESS MONASTERY:- Seigen's Keep, Built upon the highest peak on the world it is fortified with ancient tech found on the world. (named for Master Jericho's Ancestral Home)
▪ FLEET staged in orbit around Dauntless 1: Battle Barge Redemption accompanied by two Cruiser class vessels Hammer and Anvil with many rag tag support and transport ships obtained from fallen adversaries and followers of the Sentient Angels
▪ MAIN COLOURS:- Caliban Green, Bone White, Scarlet Red, Black, with Mitheral Silver trim and accouterments.
▪ SPECIALITY:- Quick Strike, Direct Action, Surgical Strikes, Hammer Blows
▪ BATTLE CRY:- For the Lion, The Emperor, and Terra!
“See History below..”

Sentient Angels “The Lords of Conscious”



Sentient Angels “The Lords of Conscious” – Made up of those veteran Dark Angels who initially lost their way upon having been intentionally or unintentionally being exposed to the Dark Angels hidden truths.  Once they have come to accept the deception and outright lies, they exist to expunge the perceived stains the Dark Angels have brought upon them by placing the Hunt above all else.  
The Sentient Angels maintain the original values of the 1st Legion as established by the Emperor himself.  The Chapters armor maintains the scheme of the original chapter to match that of the original Deathwing save for their helmets that are now painted bone white and their gauntlets a deep scarlet to represent the blood stains left on their souls by putting The Hunt above all else.  They are also easily picked out of a group by their black shoulder board with the winged sword logo repainted scarlet red to match that of the original black armor worn by the 1st Legion Dark Angels.
Grand Master Sindiferous leads the Sentient Angels with his unflinching loyalty to the Emperor of Man and his tactical wisdom and knowledge gained over the millennium.  Master Sindiferous was the first to escape his demons.  After being tested in battle beside Ezekiel as a member of the 5th company while leading a squad of Space Marines.  Sindiferous helped carry Ezekiel to safety after he was wounded.  He later rejoined the battle at Ezekiel side to help claim victory over the Ork commander Groblonik and his Waaagh!  Sindiferous actions and his aid to Ezekiel gained him recognition and a deep trust of the Librarian. 
With the recognition gained assisting Ezekiel and his long standing in the 5th Company, Sindiferous was thought to be ready for induction to the Deathwing. Upon introduction to the truths that were held from him for so long, Sindiferous was lost within himself becoming disillusioned with the revealed truth.  With hidden assistance from Cypher, disguised as a Company Master assigned to a Dark Angels Successor chapter, Sindiferous finds his souls true convictions.  He makes a vow to restore the honor and integrity of the Dark Angels by following those truths and missions given to him as a recruit on Terra  by the Emperor of Man himself.   Sindiferous gathers other like-minded, disillusioned, but loyal Dark Angels to his group and provides them with guidance and purpose.
After gathering over 100 Dark Angels to his group Master Sindiferous revealed himself and the others to Ezekiel.  Although initially uncertain of how to take this group, Ezekiel searched the depths of Sindiferous soul and those who followed him.  Ezekiel then convinced Grand Master Azrael and the Dark Angels leadership to maintain the group as a way to utilize these wavering souls by rehabilitating them through this Chapter.  Some would return to their respective Chapters, while others would remain to defend mankind from Xenos threats thereby founding the Sentient Angels. 
The one requirement placed on the chapter by Grand Master Azrael is the required presence of several Librarians throughout the Chapter to ensure their loyalty to the Emperor.  Each Company is led by a Librarian hand picked by Ezekiel himself with a mastery level of the arcane knowledge of the warp.  These librarians serve in place of a Company Master.  The Librarians select one Company Sergeant as a second to lead in their stead over the other squad sergeants and assist in their training.
Ezekiel’s minions make certain the Space Marines that arrive broken are helped to emerge from the depths of perception with an iron will unmatched by any other Dark Angels Chapter.  Those unable to be helped are set free of their burden by the Chapter’s sole Chaplain known only by a whispered name as Destiny’s Servant.
Secretly the other Dark Angel Successor Chapter Masters as well as Asmodai, Belial and Samael, all argue among themselves about the validity of the Sentient Angels.  Many believe they are no more than the Fallen they vowed to hunt down.  Only Master Azrael and the guarantee of Ezekiel keep them in check.  The most boisterous foe of the Sentient Angels being Asmodai, keeps Master Sindiferous on edge and ever aware of those around him.  Even though the Chapters own Chaplain came to them of his own free will, Master Sindiferous charged him with maintaining the Chapters values and convictions set forth by the Emperor himself.  Together they are always searching for anything that may lead to a heretic space marine or a spy for Asmodai.  To date, none of these rejuvenated souls have been found wavering.  Instead they display an iron will and desire to defend the human race at all costs.
Finding a home:  The Sentient Angels were initially fleet based in a Battle Barge known as Redemption and two cruiser class vessels they named the Hammer and Anvil.  However these angels needed a place to find resources and establish a home base to train on and potential gather recruits to maintain their ranks and provide support to the chapter.  
Sindiferous along with Ezekiel sought out an inhabitable world to establish as a home planet for the newly founded Chapter.  They traveled to Dauntless 1 where they had fought together against the Xenos hoards until there were no  known survivors and the planet was left to heal on it's own.  Unbeknownst to the pair of Dark Angels at the time, the world was a long forgotten Forge World and was now home to the last survivor of Dauntless, Master Jericho a Free Blade Imperial Knight who returned to find the death and destruction left by the conflict.  
After a tense first meeting, in which Ezekiel utilized his mastery of the Warp to stop an attack by this Imperial Knight, Master Sindiferous explained what had taken place on the planet and the reason for his return.  Master Jericho vowed his life and his Imperial Knight, “Blue Jack” Warprider, to fight for Master Sindiferous and the Sentient Angels as long as they fought to vanquish the xenon scum and protect the humans that depended on them.
Fortress Monastery:  known as Siegen's Keep, was established on the highest peak of Dauntless 1 in honor of Master Jericho's ancestral home.  Master Jericho manages the planet for the Sentient Angels from here and has began to reestablish the knightly order similar to that found on Old Caliban.  The Keep was designed to reflect the best attributes of the Rock to include the deep dungeons used to hold those who cannot recover and need additional assistance from the Chapters loan Interrogator Chaplain.  During construction of the dark deep halls under the fortress, an ancient underground forgotten forge world storage facility was uncovered.  This facility provide the Sentient Angels with ancient master crafted weapons, power weapons, artificer and terminator armor dreadnoughts both cataphracti and more current systems are prevalent, as well as a limited number of grav-bikes and armored heavy support vehicles.  Upon discovery of this site, The Sentient Angels Tech Marine, Brother Montovani, cataloged the site and requested support from other tech marines and tech priests from Mars to assist in restoring the inventoried war gear and to reopen the forge world facility on a limited basis.
Initiates:  Those joining the Sentient Angels initially believe they are going to be put down by their Chapter brothers as they are handed over to one of the Sentient Angel Librarian Company Masters.  The Chapter's Armor color has fostered rumors that their arms and faces are painted red with the blood of those Dark Angels who have been taken from the ranks after being left unable to come to terms with the truth of the Dark Angels past.  Each of those taken are known to the inner circle and Death Wing because they have come face to face with the Fallen Dark Angels that have been hunted since the fall of Caliban.  Those who know what the Sentient Angels are hide the truth and foster the rumors as a means to help those who see their battle brothers disappear keep from asking questions.  
Upon arrival these new initiates see they are surrounded by an Army of red armed red helmed Space Marines.  They are kept separated for period of forty days of what is called penance to relearn what it is to be a Dark Angel and what the Emperor of Man wanted to achieve with his Crusade to reestablish the human race throughout the galaxy.  They learn of the battles the 1st legion has fought and won against Orcs, Tyrannids,  Tau, Eldar, Necron, and of course the fallen space marines who have turned to the chaos gods. During this time they are tested by the librarians, questioned by the lone Interrogator Chaplain, known only as Destiny's Servant, and trained on the new weapons found on the planet.  
Once this period of Isolation is completed.  The final rights of the inner circle are completed, all secrets are fully disclosed, and oath to uphold the Emperor of Mans Ideals and protect the human race throughout the galaxy are made.  The new initiates are then taken into a portion of the Keep deep inside the caves where they as a group are confronted by a final test conducted by the Chapters Interrogator Chaplain but has never been spoken of by any to this day.  Those who do not return from this test are not spoken of ever again.  
Painting of the Armor:  The new members of the Chapter are all considered part of the inner circle due to their knowledge of the Dark Angel's hidden past.  It is now that they find that the blood that is shed to paint the arms and helm of their armor is their own.  The initiates utilize a traditional Caliban style hunting knife to make three cuts across their chests: one to represent the Oath taken by the First Legion from the Emperor of Man; one to represent the lies hidden by the inner circle that no longer bind them; and a third to represent the oath to their new Chapter and Mission.  A final mark is made directly across the three connecting them as a promise should they ever reveal themselves they will again be tested by Destiny's Servant.  With their blood they coat the arms and helm of their ceremonial armor red until it can be replaced forever by the Ochre Red.


The Sentient Angels are a determined force.  With the full knowledge of the Dark Angel's past put behind them they are fearless and will fight to the last in defense of Humanity.  Ever reminded by the the three scars connected by one on their chest.  This can be seen by the three lightning bolts across a red sword emblem found on their war gear. They are unwavering and loyal to the last.  Once committed they will fight, but as stubborn as they are they will reconsolidate as needed to tactically take the fight on another battlefield if needed.   Their belief is loosing a battle is not loosing a war, it is merely a way to learn the traits of the enemy.
Battle Streamers and Glories:  The members of the Sentient Angels come from all Chapters of the 1st Legion.  The battles fought by these brothers have been numerous, and they have taken part in several of the large conflicts the 1st Legion has been part of albeit in smaller formations at times.  They are used by Azrael as a lightning strike force or surgical strike unit when one of the Fallen has been pinpointed or as a reserve when his available troops have been committed.  (Although not solely part of the Hunt they come down like a Hammer when one of the Fallen are found.)  However the Sentient Angels are almost always last out as they begin the process of planet building or as needed the final destruction and cleansing of the Xenos

Current Activities:  As a Chapter they travel along the eastern rim of the known galaxy and aid inhabited planets defending them from the ever more frequent incursions of Tau and Eldar, an occasional Ork raiding Waagh, the constant threat of Tyrannid hive invasions, and less frequently the fallen Chaos Marines scattered through their area of operations. 


Sentient Angel’s Companies

(Members of the Sentient Angels are considered Veteran Space Marines.)



Ezekiel and his Librarian Conclave oversee the Chapter leadership of the 6 Companies yet defer to Master Sindiferous’ tactical knowledge and martial skill.  Other Dark Angels Chapter Masters rotate through from time to time to witness the rebirth of Space Marines sent to the Chapter for healing and repurposing of those whose souls have rebounded from the traumatic knowledge of the lies held by the inner circle.
Sentient Angels are all considered veteran space marines by virtue of attaining the knowledge and hidden truths of the inner circle by happenstance or planned initiation.

The 1st Company- (Numbers unknown.)


            Company Librarian: Micah Armed with Force Axe and an ancient Plasma pistol that can be fired repeatedly without fear of overheating.
            Company Master SGT: Brother Cane May Choose Power Sword or Axe and combi-plasma pistol or may Choose to carry a heavy weapon at no additional cost.
The 1st company is comprised of Space Marines who utilize terminator armor to deep strike into the heart of the enemy.  These fearless Space Marines fight through pain and fear without falter driven by the knowledge that forced them into the chapter.  They are determined to protect mankind and uphold the tenants of the 1st Legion set forth by the Emperor himself when he stood up the Dark Angels on Terra.
Made up of ten man teams:  Teams may break down into split teams of 6 each after initial deployment.  (May deploy in 3 man teams as needed.) Dreadnaughts may be assigned as 1st Company troops as needed via drop pod or Storm Talon.
Assault Teams
1-    Terminator Sergeant
2-   3 (4) Brothers wielding Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields (power fists or chain fists and storm bolters with no more than 2 missile launchers)
3-   2 Brothers with Storm Claw
4-   2 Brothers bearing heavy weapons (Assault Cannon/Plasma Cannons/Flamers)
5-    Optional 1-2 Dreadnaughts or Venerable Dreadnaughts Various Load out for Assault in Lieu of 1-2 brothers bearing TH/SS


Weapons Teams
1-    Terminator Sergeant
2-   2 Brothers bearing heavy weapons (Assault Cannon/Plasma Cannons/Flamers)
3-   7 Brothers equipped with power fists or chain fists and storm bolters with missile launchers (may take Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields)
4-   2 Dreadnaughts or Venerable Dreadnaughts Various Load out for fire support in Lieu of 1-2 brothers bearing power fists and storm bolters
1st Company troops may use Storm Ravens or Land Raiders for deployment.  Retain Dark Angels Death Wing special rules.  Due to arcane knowledge gifted from Cypher the Sentient Angels may conduct precision deep strikes when deploying with Master Micah or Brother Cane and drop pods deployed with those teams are gifted with the same rule.

The 2nd Company Fast Attack (Numbers unknown.)


            Company Librarian: Master Lukas - Armed with an ancient Force Sword with special properties.  Lukas is also gifted with a grav-bike similar to Samael’s own from the armories at the rock upon request by the chapter’s Tech Marine: Brother Montovani.
            Company Master SGT: Brother Logan – on Bike or grav-bike, may choose Power Sword or Corvus Hammer, bolt pistol and Plasma Talons
The 2nd company is comprised of fast attack elements that include land based biker formations and aerial squadrons.
Bike squads may have a minimum 3 bikers and a maximum of 6. Bike squads may split to a minimum of 3 Bikes per split unit.  Bike squadrons can be made up of 3-10 bikers and must include one land speeder and one attack bike.  Bike squads and squadrons may utilize Storm Ravens to deploy onto the battlefield.
Ariel squadrons can include not only Dark angels flyers, but also Storm Talons and Storm Ravens.

3rd Company- Battle Company (Numbers unknown.)


            Company Librarian: Master Ishmael
            Company Master SGT: Brother Gregar
3rd Company is comprised of 5 squads of Veteran Tactical marines, 2 fast attack squadrons with bikes, and various land speeders, 2 assault squads, and 2 Devastator Squads.
May use Rhinos, Predators, or Land Raiders as support and transport.   May use drop pods for deep strike assaults.

4th Company- Battle Company (Numbers unknown.)


            Company Librarian: Master Zachariah
            Company Master SGT: Brother Cassius
3rd Company is comprised of 5 squads of Veteran Tactical marines, 2 fast attack squadrons with bikes, and various land speeders, 2 assault squads, and 2 Devastator Squads.
May use Rhinos, Predators, or Land Raiders as support and transport.   May use drop pods for deep strike assaults.

5th Company – Heavy Support (Numbers unknown.)


            Company Librarian: Master Sintas
            Company Master SGT: Brother Kael
            Tech Marine: Brother Montovani on bike with Las rifle.
Comprised of 1 Tactical Squad, 4 Devastator squads, Dreadnaughts, and Imperial Knight “Blue Jack” Warprider piloted by Master Jericho.

6th Company – Assault and Scouts. (Numbers unknown.)


            Company Librarian: Master Tellion
            Company Master SGT: Brother Quintus
Comprised of 5+ squads of tactical marines, 2+ squads made up of a fast attack squadron with bikers, speeders and /or assault squads, 2 Devastator Squads.


Devotional Squad – Recent transferees/ New Members (Numbers unknown.)


Company Interrogator Chaplain: known only as Destiny’s Servant.  Only Ezekiel, Azrael, and Sindiferous know his name.


Squad Master SGT: Brother Hyperion


This squad can be as big as a company, but is only managed by the company chaplain and his selected Master SGT. The squad as it is called allows time for those sent to the Sentient Angels to adjust and to verify their loyalty to the Chapter and the Dark Angels as a whole.  If found lacking this conviction they are terminated from the retraining at a time deigned by the Chapter’s Chaplain and Master Sindiferous.  All others upon approval are moved to the 6th company for training prior to moving to their final stationing within the Chapter.


3rd Battle Company Master SGT: Brother Gregar




Sentient Angels 1st Company 




Sentient Angels 2nd Company




Sentient Angels 3, 4, 5th Companies




Sentient Angels 6th Company Assault Marine




Sentient Angels 6th Company Scouts and Devotion Squad.

Open for thoughts encouraging or discouraging this Chapter.  If I am told by the Senior Dark Angels here to cut and paste this to Chaos page I'll argue it, as every devoted DA waivers a little sometime doubting (Saving maybe Asmodai).  Either way hope you all enjoy the History.

Edited by Master Sindiferous
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The painters are linked in the first post. EDIT: I put the section below.



1. The article should have minimum 2000 words
2. It should include the livery of your chapter using the Space Marine Painter with at least one image each of Power ArmorTerminator ArmorScout Armor and Captain. Optional images of the specialists (Apothecaries, Chaplains & Techmarines) are encouraged but not required. A sketch or image of the Chapter Badge is also strongly encouraged.
3. The chapter should be of your own creation.

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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I am trying to be as hands-off as possible with the creation of fluff. I would ask yourself if that is something the Unforgiven would allow to happen.


The gray area is would the Unforgiven allow Fallen DA's to repent by serving in their chapter similar to BA's Death Company? I think a fluff case could be made that an Unforgiven Chapter that is not inducted into the secrets of the Fallen may absorb a Fallen into their ranks (through deceit and subterfuge) and have the Fallen serve honorably for years and perhaps even become a leader of a company if not the chapter.


In past BotA, we've had a few submissions of DA Chapters that actually fell to Chaos or went Renegade. That is an option.


But feel free to PM me if you want me to go over your idea.

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Right, I'm not the best for completing vows however, this won't stop me from trying out something new. So...


I, Dizzyeye, Mentor of the Blades of Truth, in the name of the Luther and Emperor, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my fallen chapter and it's honored brothers. The Lion may of deceived our eyes but in Truth, we rise.


Edit: Vow changed due to ideas

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Now it is getting more interesting. A Fallen Chapter has been pledged! I can't wait to read what this entails...


We are now at 13 strong for the competition and we have had a number of posts and submittals of ideas. We are off to a great start! I would also like to thank again those from the Liber in their efforts not only on the pledge but offering up their own submissions in the spirit of this thread! I salute you all! If this keeps up, I may have to branch out next year and make it Forum wide :blink.: :wacko.: :blink.:

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OK please allow me to present my labour of love, over the past 3 years this Chapter has grown to what it is now, I have changed so much since the 1st BoA but I have kept some similar things.


The good thing about being a painter and not a player is I can get away with alot of stuff as you will see, I know there is much to read but please read it C&C anything you like or don't like.


I want to thank GMB for well he knows :biggrin.:



Index Astartes




FOUNDING:- 3rd [005.M32] [iron Manticores] 5th [523.M33] [27th]






BATTLE CRY:- CHAPLAIN 'In the name of the Lion!' - REPLY 'We are his Blade'

CURRENT STRENGTH:- 800+, 4th & 6th Company rebuilding from extreme losses.



The Blades of Alaric Space Marines Chapter






Sometime during the 33nd Millennium, the High Lords of Terra created a new chapter based on the Dark Angels gene-seed, however the motives of the main champion who petitioned the creation of Chapter is a matter of hearsay as to the actions of the 1st Legion during the Horus Heresy. There are a few Inquisitors who question the Dark Angels actions but they soon disappear in mysterious circumstances when they ask too many questions. However instead of investigating himself he used his influence in creating a Space Marine Chapter with its sole purpose to watch the Dark Angels and their Successors.


The Unforgiven Chapters led by the Dark Angels each sent a cadre of Marines including Command Staff. This was done to make sure the Dark Angels controlled the Chapters future and their place in ranks of the Unforgiven. But unknown to the Inner Circle the Inquisitor was one step ahead. When the command staff arrived at the planet to officially create new Chapter they were met with force and made to submit to the Inquisition. During the time on this planet the Officers were subject to much mental torture in order to bend them to his will. Space Marines are made of hardy stuff but even relentless torture will break them, false memories were placed along with the Inquisitors orders to ascertain if the Dark Angels are Traitors. After five years of planning the Command staff took control of the Iron Manticores most of the marines were vat grown with little or no combat experience hence the need for combat ready officers. And what better way to uncover Traitors than to use their own Brothers to find out.


At the Forge World of Hesh the Iron Manticores were given their weapons of war, included in this was two newly made Battle Barges. Over the next fifty years the Chapter were deployed with other Chapters to gain experience in war.


Then came the time from them to begin their mission. Reception with the Unforgiven was met with open arms Brothers in war, Sons of the Lion in all.


All seemed fine at first, they were welcomed as fellow brothers, However a young Dark Angels Librarian had a vision of Cassiel killing the current Supreme Grand Master in a heated argument regarding Traitors and knowledge this Librarian does not have access to. Troubled by his visions he consulted his Grand Master. This in turn led to the Grand Master calling on his best Precoqs and Truth Seekers, even seeking help from the Angels of Absolution Grand Master who was known for his ability to detect falsehoods.


After many months, Hakael patiently probed Cassiels without notice, slowly peeling back the layers of the Iron Manticores Grand Masters mind eventually finding the markers of the new memories. Whatever the Inquisitor implanted wiped past memories of the Master. With this evidence Hakael gave the Inner Circle of the Unforgiven all the reason they needed to destroy the Iron Manticores also a image of the instigator of the whole thing, Inquisitor Jericho Blaire was known to the Unforgiven.


The destruction of the Iron Manticores came very swift, the Supreme Grand Master Gethal called for all Unforgiven available to converge at the Rock. The Grand Masters of the Angels of Vengeance, Absolution and Redemption all answered the call. Over twenty Battle Barges gathered at the Rock. Once briefed Jaxartes the Grand Master of the Angels of Vengeance demanded the right for his Chapter to destroy the Traitors in his own word Honour demanded it. As so not for the first time the Dark Angels were forced to destroy more Sons of the Lion. The bulk of the Iron Manticores were annihilated within an hour as the Unforgiven Battle Barges and the considerable firepower of the Rock destroyed their ships in quick succession. Less than a company remained on the Rock, Jaxartes took charge of his 1st Company personally as his Terminators destroyed the remaining Iron Manticores. Cassiel fell in combat to the Grand Master, as he ran his Heavenfall Blade through his former 3rd Company Master he whispered the last words Cassiel would ever hear Honour demands it Brother, Know you may not know why.


Within days the Iron Manticores were wiped out to a man. Now began the hunt for the Puppet Master. This search would take the Unforgiven over one hundred and sixty seven years.


Sixty three years after the incident The ships of the 1st Legion carrying the 27th Order transitioned back to normal space in the Caliban System after being missing for over two thousand years.


The Strike Cruiser Black Sword of Vengeance was the first to make contact with their lost brothers. After initial suspicion and given the recent history of the Iron Manticores, the Unforgiven were rightfully wary. But this time it was a reason for celebration they were indeed the lost 27th Order, they disappeared after jumping from Macragge during the Heresy. It took them some time to adjust to being out of their own time. Alloken the Supreme Grand Master along with Jurgen Becke came up with the plan of the 27th taking over the Iron Manticores history and provide the tithes due to the Chapter, as first Jurgen was against this, He thought it was the 27th's right to lead the Dark Angels themselves, it was not until his friend Karsten the main Librarian of the 27th explained to him that their place was not at the Rock or as Dark Angels, but as long as they were Sons of El'Jonson their name did not matter.


So it was after this the 27th Order became a member of the Unforgiven with the full knowledge of what that entailed, but even Jurgen was not told everything, even Alloken did not know all. This fateful meeting also started a deep brotherhood with the Angels of Vengeance in particular with Jaxartes and Jurgen, Both recognising a common ground between them, Whereas Jaxartes was impetuous, Jurgen was patient, were Jaxartes was outspoken, Jurgen was diplomatic.


They consider themselves part of the Unforgiven and will pursue the Fallen to the ends of the galaxy. But they do not do this for the reasons that the Dark Angels do. They follow more closely to the Angels of Vengeance they are fanatical in the destruction of Traitors of any kind.


Origins of the Order of the Golden Blade


The Order of the Golden Blade was a small Order on Caliban, it had existed for thousands of years, but its original roots can be traced back to ancient Terra, They were a small offshoot of the Teutonic Knights. When man went to the stars some Old Orders seen this as chance to create in their eyes an ideal world. There are few examples of this still alive in the Galaxy, New Mannheim is one example, how some of the Order ended up on Caliban is lost in time but its more likely a colony ship got lost in the warp only to appear near the planet.

When the Lion became the Supreme Grand Master of the Order all others were given the chance to swear fealty to him every Order with one exception pledged their loyalty. When the Emperor found his lost Son and was given command of his Gene Sons the 1st Legion, recruitment from Caliban began in earnest, the 27th Order was one of the first Calibanite Space Marine Orders created the only exception to this was a Terran Chapter Master who took the 27th to shape them in battle.

After their return and subsequent rebirth they were to finally take the name of the Blades of Alaric, this was is in reference to the original Teutonic Knight who founded the Order of the Golden Blade on Terra over thirty nine millennia ago.


Home World


When the new Iron Manticores followed the path Karsten said was the Emperors will even though the 27th were not superstitious Jurgen did not doubt Karsten. So began a journey to their new homeworld that would take them fifty six years. But it became clear why the 27th were drawn to the planet. The population is descendants of Germanic Tribes that went to the stars during the Dark Age.

The planets original name was Javadar, but once the 27th declared the planet their homeworld they changed the name to the ancient Germanic town of Mannheim in honour of their ancestors from Terra who ended up on Calibans southern continent during the Dark Age of Technology.


Mannheim is located located close to eastern most point in Segmentum Obscurus, in the Uhulis Sector, Dimmamar would be considered the nearest Imperium planet.

Mannheim is an ocean world over eighty  percent of the world is water. One land mass cover the north eastern part of the world. This area is formed into three countries.




Fertile grasslands cover most of the continent of Mitte, the people of the country are well known for their artistic endeavours, their works of art have been distributed all over the Imperium. Mitte was also the landing site where the Blades of Alaric made planetfall. A memorial to this event was made and placed at the site.




The continent of Sandhofen is situated north of Mitte, Sandhofen took the full force of a volcanic natural disaster rendering the vast majority of the land uninhabitable. It was estimated that over five hundred thousand people lost their lives in the disaster. The people of Sandhofen were stubborn and they chose to rebuild their Towns instead of abandoning Sandhofen, A new capital of Sandhofen was created near the site of the extinct Volcano, New industry was established in mining the Obsidian made from the disaster. The Blades of Alaric also use this continent as well as Mannheim's Moon to train the Chapter scouts.




The mountainous Ketsch is the home of the current King of Mannheim, Industrious and hard working people are a stark contract to a more medieval world. The capital has become very technological signs of change are seen more so in Ketsch, the Kings Palace is situated in the capital Friesenheim. The Knight orders have been slowly dying out over the past few millennia, although the Blades of Alaric have adopted a lot of their traditions in to the Chapter, The orders may die out on the planet but with the Blades they will survive forever. With this the Military of Ketsch has adopted to a more modern way of warfare, Mannheim's first Astra Militarum regiment was created in 091.M37. Military service of a period of six years from the age of eight is mandatory in Ketsch, Mitte and Sandhofen have been known to send their children to the Military Academies.


Fortress Monastery


The Blades of Alaric do not use any of the continents as a base instead they sail the great ocean known as the Golden Meer, in what can only be described as a water-going Leviathan/submersible, The Kraken.


The Kraken is a marvel of human creation, it can be compared to the Raptorus Rex Star Fortress of the Fire Hawks. A relic of the Dark Age of Technology the Kraken was purposely made for water, how this Leviathan ended up on Mannheim is a mystery never to be known. It was discovered submerged in the Northern Golden Meer by the Chapter when they were surveying for a suitable locations for the Chapters Fortress. Jurgen declared Rites of Acquisition and claimed the ancient Leviathan. It took over fifteen years to make the vast Fortress battle ready. When the Priesthood of Mars found out about the discovery of the Submersible they requested the Chapter to allow a permanent team led by a Magos Explorator to study the Relic. An agreement was made given the Blades access to various wargear including four Dreadnoughts, Suits of rare Terminator Armour and some Rare Tanks. Over the past seven thousand years the Blades of Alaric have benefited extremely well with this agreement.


Combat Doctrine


Like the Dark Angels, the Blades of Alaric share a stubborn streak on the battlefield, but this is tempered even they know when its time for them to leave. They prefer to use assault vehicles like Land Raiders.


The Chapter will use overwhelming fire-power in the form of Whirlwinds and Thunderhawk Gunship bombing runs once the enemies are reeling from that the 2nd Company will scout ahead for ripe targets to allow the 1st Company Terminators to finish the enemies Command structure.


In battles where the assets of the 1st and 2nd are not always available Battle Companies will rely on the Predator Spearheads backed by Vindicators. Always at the forefront are the Battle Company Veterans.

The Blades keep some of the tradition the 27th were famed for in the Great Crusade, the backbone of their Armies are the Tactical Squads.




The Blades of Alaric are set up like a Codex Chapter with the exception of the 1st and 2nd Companies like the Dark Angels.

The Chapters Inner Circle also functions in a similar way Dark Angels but not as convoluted. The Chaplains and Librarians will be the ones to interrogate Fallen caught. They have no knowledge of Luther being on the Rock.


All Knight Commanders, Chaplains, Librarians, All of 1st Company and all First Knights of the other Companies have knowledge of the Fallen.


Another unique formation in the Blades of Alaric are the Twelve, also known as the Knight Protectors, they are the Grand Cross's Honour Guard. There is never more than Twelve, it is rare for these mighty warriors to take to the field as a full unit and it only happens when the Chapter takes to the field as a whole for the most part The Grand Cross is accompanied by at least two of these one of them is always the Master Protector. Membership of the Twelve is limited to 1st Company only but as always exceptions are made. The Chapters Paladin usually comes from this formation too, were as the Paladin seeks out the enemy Champions the Twelve's only concern is their Liege.


The 1st Company are known as the Gefallen Jäger (Fallen Hunters), a name they adopted when the elements of the fate of Caliban was told to them this name is not common knowledge to the rest of the Chapter its only upon induction to the 1st is the name revealed. The original Master of the 27th's 1st Company swore vengeance on his traitorous Brothers , the Fallen Hunters like the Deathwing and 1st of the Angels of Vengeance are ruthless and relentless in their pursuit of the fallen willing to take on even the most suicidal mission. Although the Grand Cross will not throw is most elite veterans on a fools errand.


Like the Deathwing of the Dark Angels the 1st Company of the Blades of Alaric operate only in Terminator Armour, unlike the Deathwing, the Blades of Alaric do not have the Knights as part of the structure, instead they are the Knight Sergeants of each squad, these veterans have lived through centuries of war next to the Masters of the Chapter they are the future leaders of the Chapter, nobody becomes a Knight Commander or even the Chapters Grand Cross without at least a few decades as a Knight Sergeant in the 1st Company.

The 1st Company have kept their original legion markings, although they were no longer Dark Angels some felt they could not fully abandon their origins.


The 2nd Company will pursue their quarry with relentless determination, it was this that Seppel the first Knight Commander of the 2nd to name his company the Höllenhund (Hell Hounds). In ancient mythology on Terra one of the duties of these fearsome mythological beasts was to hunt for lost souls which given their duty it seems the suitable name. Each Grand Cross has come to rely heavily on these zealous warriors, its not unknown for the 2nd to be used as a forward scout force when the 10th Company are not available.


The 3rd Company are also known as Vengeance Blades after The Angels of Vengeance & The Blades of Alaric fought in a twenty five years crusade to find three Fallen from the Heresy. The then current Angels of Vengeance Grand Master commended the remains of the 3rd Company with the sacrifice they made in capturing the three, This action further solidified the close Brotherhood both Chapter shared from the start. All survivors were awarded their Crux Terminatus for their steadfast duty and their sacrifice.


The remainder of the chapter is organised exactly like a Codex Chapter, with the 3rd, 4th and 5th companies being Battle Companies, the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th being Reserve Companies. The 10th is the Scout Company.


Standard organisation of a Battle Company is as followed.


Knight Commander

Command Squad (Knight Champion, Company First Knight (Veteran Sergeant), Standard Bearer, Apothecary and Weapon Specialist.) Land Raider or Droppod


Librarian (All Companies will have a Librarian attached to them)


Company Veterans (Numbers vary per Company)


Six Tactical Squads + Rhinos or Droppods

Two Assault Squads + Rhinos, Droppods or Jumppacks

Two Devastator Squads + Rhinos, Droppods


Fleet Assets


The Blades of Alaric have been fortunate and have an impressive fleet they employ in the defence of their Homeworld and local systems.

In the current fleet they boast four Battle Barges, eleven Strike Cruisers, various Escorts.


Herald of Caliban - Battle Barge - Flagship


This venerable vessel has saw action all the way back to the Great Crusade, most of the time it is stationed near New Mannheim, it only goes to war when the Chapter are united in conflict. The Chapter are loath to use it otherwise.


Mannheims Pride - Battle Barge


This is the personal ship of Knight Commander Johan the Chapters void war specialist, as well as the standard Bombardment Cannons the ship is fitted with Fusion Beamers.


Golden Blade of Alaric - Battle Barge


This Battle Barge is the newest vessel in the Blades fleet, it was commissioned just over one thousand years ago, it was given to the Blades as payment for the Chapters sacrifice when defending an Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Transporter and its escorts. The Magos of the Forge World considered the price a pittance compared to the God Machines.


Jaxartes Revenge - Battle Barge


Named after the Supreme Grand Master of the Angels of Vengeance, during the time the 27th returned they thought with Angels of Vengeance in numerous battles, when Jaxartes fell in battle the Blades honoured his memory by naming this ship after the legendary Master.




Most of the Chapter's recruits used to come from the Knight Orders that served the King, As the world adopts a more modern way of life the Knight Orders have been slowly dying out. Recruitment has been focused on the Military Academies. It has been noted by the Chaplains of the Chapter that it has provided a greater flux of suitable recruits compared to the Knightly Orders which in turn has led to the Scout Company being of a considerable size more so that standard Codex traditions.


However a few brave individuals have swam out to The Kraken earning a place in the Chapter and its rich history. One such individual is the current Grand Cross Lothar.


Appearance and Iconography


The main colour of their armour is dark red, it is considered unique among the Green, Bone and Black of most of the members of the Unforgiven. But there is no mistaking their lineage. The chapter icon has been changed from the Dark Angels standard icon to the single winged Sword used by the Ravenwing Order. Company markings are as standard Unforgiven. Icons such as Skulls and Crux Terminatus are usually in gold. Chest Eagles are painted bone. The robes of the Chapter are usually in a Cream/Stone colour with yellow or green trim. The 1st Company use the original icon of the Dark Angels Legion.


Each marine will also have on his armour a small golden yellow sword as a symbol of their past origins. Robes are worn mostly as a ceremonial thing but some Officers will wear them in battle.


As the Iron Manticores they used the head of the mythical beast and their symbol, Green Chest Eagles. Robes where Ice Blue in colour.




The Blades of Alaric like most Space Marine Chapters venerate the Emperor as the father of all marines, and the Lion as his most gifted son. With these beliefs and the Monastic order of Knights that serve as the New Mannheim Knight Orders . But one might wonder how the Chapter will be shaped in years to come with the decline of the Orders as the planet becomes more advanced.


The Imperial Creed has never fully caught one with the natives of Mannheim, There are pockets of people who worship the Emperor as a God, but it is rare these are accepted into the Chapter.


They have a deeply stubborn streak and prideful. They work very well together with Angels of Vengeance and will fight to the bitter end with their fellow Unforgiven brothers.




To the outside observer the Blades of Alaric are descendant from the Angels of Vengeance, but the truth being that they were a Lost 1st Legion Order they have Dark Angel Gene-Seed and that is considered some of the purest.




Pre Heresy - Never Falter, Never Fail... We are the 1st

CHAPLAIN 'In the name of the Lion!' - REPLY 'We are his Blade'


Selected Battles


678.M33 March Home


The first battle the Chapter faced after leaving the Rock was a small moon in the Dectus Sector, an Ork Warboss known as Grimkilla. After three months of combat the Chapter Champion Mathias met the Warboss in personal combat and slaying the Warboss. So began the Chapters eternal war.


984.M33 The Grudge of Dogs


During a combined force assault on a Chaos held world near Cadia, the Blades of Alaric 4th Company fired on a Space Wolves encampment after the Wolves commander ordered Imperial Guard artillery to fire on a chaos held location Scout elements of the 10th Company where present and killed. The Blades of Alaric refuse to help or fight with the Space Wolves.

The Arrogance of these dogs and I will put them down like dogs, My Chapters losses mean nothing. Knight Commander Moritz of the 4th


829.M35 The Sheran Rift


The 5th Company's Battle Barge (Obsidian Blade) under the Command of Knight Commander Rainer were caught under a surprise attack by a small Chaos force led by a Chaos Battle Barge known as the Ecstasy of the Soul. After losing most of her escorts the Obsidian Blade was able to score a kill shot on the Ecstasy's engines crippling the ship. Seven suits of the rare Cataphractii Terminator Armour were salvaged and have been restored to its former glory by the Techmarines of the Chapter and sanctified by a Magos Techpriest of the local Forgeworld.


771-774.M37 The Rage of the Unforgiven


Five Companies representing the Unforgiven launch an all out assault on a renegade Imperial world, rumours are abound as sighting of the greatest traitor himself Cypher. It was noted Cypher himself was not present but there was a Fallen Angel instigating riots. Arakiel was captured and died during his interrogation at the hands of Unforgiven.


101.M39 The Culling of Hathre


The Blades of Alaric are asked to provide backup to Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Yeth Bandt in his mission to prove Dark Eldar had infiltrated the Imperial World of Hathre, The Inquisitor orders exterminatus on the planet. The 5th Company and elements of the 2nd and 9th are wiped out to a man. The Battle Barge Mannheim's Pride escapes the system to report to Grand Cross Dietrich.


203-206.M39 Dietrich's Vengeance


Dietrich the 58th Grand Cross calls upon a Angels of Vengeance fleet that was in a nearby system, The Angels of Vengeance proved to be instrumental in capturing the rogue Inquisitor. After a three year chase the Inquisitor is cornered and captured. Dietrich gave him no quarter as he killed the Inquisitor with his bare hands. Bandt's skull was cleaned and polished, Dietrich engraved the names of his dead brothers into it. It is now considered a relic.


054.M40 Traitors Game


The 5th Companys first battle after Hathre comes in the form of a Crusading Black Templar force giving chase to a Black Legion splinter fleet led by Karatos the Reaper. The battle comes to the fore on the bridge of the Black Legions command ship. Marshal Arnfried and Knight Commander Jurgen kill Karatos. Both chapters earn each others respect and exchange gifts.


910.M40 Space Hulk Theoculus


The Theoculus space hulk turns up in the Uhulis Sector, swarming with Orks, with the combined might of the whole Chapter the Orks are defeated and the Hulk destroyed, but the Blades of Alaric suffered losses in the effect of the 4th, 5th and 7th companies being virtually wiped out.


559.M41 All Records Deleted


743.M41 Record deleted at request of Ordo Xenos


972-997.M41 Crusade of Three


The combined force of the 3rd Company of the Blades of Alaric and the 4th Company of Angels of Vengeance respectively scoured the Laeth Trinary system for twenty five years to find three of Fallen. Heavy loses were inflicted on the Blades of Alaric but the 3 were caught. As a result the remaining Veterans were given their Crux Terminatus marking them for future promotion to the 1st. Thirty two Marines survived.


982.M41 Massacre on Geath Prime


Considered the darkest day in the long history of the Chapter. Grand Cross Lothar answered the pleas of a local Imperial World under attack by sending the 4th, 6th and elements of the 1st. A Chaos Battlegroup under command of a Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord simply known as The Occulus. One hundred and sixty two marines died in one night sacrificed to the warp. Twenty seven Brothers of the 6th spat on their oaths. The thirty one survivors have sworn bloody vengeance on the traitors.


It was noted this had been the second time in a thousand years the Blades have taken heavy loses.


995.M41 Hunt for The Occulus


After the massacre on Geath, the Blades of Alaric 1st, 2nd & 3rd Companies & along with elements from the Angels of Vengeance 1st 2nd & 4th Companies, Launch a devastating attack on Cyuinse IV suspected location of The Occulus. The Sorcerer Lord and his elite cadre escape his forces take overwhelming losses. Three Oath-breakers confirmed dead.


999.M41 Game of Shadows


Mannheim's Pride under the command of Johan and the 3rd chase down a damaged Eldar Cruiser of some unknown Craftworld. On closer inspection Tyranids are discovered. Knight Commander Johan with the help of Revered Knight Kilian kill the Hive Tyrant. This is the first recorded encounter of Tyranids by the Chapter. Minimal losses taken.


Heroes of Antiquity


Jurgen  Becke - 1st Grand Master, Known as The Grand Cross. Bearer of the Golden Blade


Jurgen was a Grand Master in the Great Crusade, he was the Commander of the 27th Order of the 1st Legion, He was known for his tactical ability, diplomatic skills he was truly a Son of the Lion.


He was present as a child when his Father took a knee to pledge to the Lions new Order on Caliban. He developed a great hatred for Orks most especially an Warboss known as Grimkilla. He was also the one who had chosen to use the Ravenwing iconography after they settled on New Mannheim. He also amended the titles of his Masters to be more in line with his original Order on Caliban. Jurgen died at the hands of Dark Eldar after three hundred and thirty five years of leading the Blades of Alaric upon their return from the Warp.


Torsten Paladin of the 27th The Axeman of Alaric


Torsten would be the first to admit he would never be a Master of his chapter, or even a Sergeant. His talent lay in combat. He was never seen on the battlefield without his custom Power Axe a relic from the Great Crusade. Torsten's life was cut short when he fought a Chaos Space Marine known as Kyrax the Bloodied a foul Champion of Khorne.


Anton - 1st Grand Interrogator Grand Master of the Chaplains


Anton was one of the oldest Marines in the 27th before the Heresy, he was known as a plain speaking man, only saying what was required. He was known for his ability to inspire his fellow Brothers. He would be known as the main architect in integrating Mannheim's traditions into the chapter. He was over six hundred years old at the time. But this grizzled old veteran lived for another two hundred and thirteen years. Giving his life to save a young scout.


Karsten - 1st Grand Seeker Chief Librarian


Karsten was given the honour of becoming the youngest Chief Librarian of any of the Unforgiven, His main talent was his visions he was the one who spoke up about their fateful warp jump, he also led the 27th to their new Homeworld. his prescience was almost legendary he has saved so many lives of his brothers with his forewarning and precognition. His legacy to the Blades of Alaric has been in form of predicting each of his successors to his position from Malte (his direct Successor) to the current Chief Librarian Konrad and beyond.


Nico Volk - 1st Master Surgeon Chief Apothecary


Nico was another Great Crusade Veteran originally from Terra he had been a member of Jurgens Command Squad/Bodyguard. After the return he was the only choice to become the Chapters Chief Apothecary.


Wolfram - 1st Knight Commander of Gefallen Jäger (Fallen Hunters) Voice of New Mannheim


A giant of a man was Wolfram, but was soft spoken. He was given the title of Voice of New Mannheim due to his skill in diplomacy, but as with every Astartes his talent was in war. Always to be found at the vanguard of a battle. He carried his huge two Handed Mace a relic of the Great Crusade. He was chosen to succeed Jurgen.


Seppel - 1st Knight Commander of Höllenhund (Hell Hounds) The Huntsman - Hound of Alaric


If Jurgen is the Mind and Wolfram is Diplomat, Seppel is the Rebel he was very unorthodox in his way of waging war, Seppel was considered very zealous, he knew most of the secrets of his chapter and holds no guilt but he stopped at nothing to hunt down any and all members of the Fallen. He was given the title of The Huntsman after his capture of the Fallen had risen to over ten.


The title of The Huntsman is only given to the Knight Commander of the 2nd Company, and only seven have ever earned it.


Masters of the Chapter


Grand Master - World Protector

Grand Cross Lothar (64th Grand Cross)


Lothar has been the Grand Cross for over two hundred and twelve years, he became a scout in 512.M41. He was fourteen when he swam out to the Kraken, he survived more to his quick thinking in making himself a suit made from Seatiger skin. His quick thinking and tactical acumen seen him rise up the ranks faster than most. After his years as a scout he was promoted straight into the 4th Company. It was not long before he attracted the attention of the Master Bastian. Within sixty years he was Bastian's First Knight. Then he became the Knight Commander of the 4th by 703.M41 then Grand Cross by 787.M41


When Manfred the 63rd Grand Cross died, Most Masters expected Bastian to succeed him to the surprise of other Masters Bastian and Manfred had already chosen Lothar to be the new Grand Cross. A task he has proven time and time again he was made for.


Chief Librarian Scion of Karsten Keeper of the Book of Antiquity

Grand Seeker Konrad


Like all his predecessors Konrads fate was predicted by the chapters first Chief Librarian Karsten. He also knows who will replace him and when. But this one constant continues to give the chapter hope that in the future the Blades of Alaric will be there to hunt the traitors of the Unforgiven.


Konrad given his fate can be considered reckless, but his skills and talents in war make him indispensable. Forever at the forefront of battle, Lothar has relied on Konrads talents over the years. He is also the Keeper of the Book of Antiquity, this contains the name of every Brother of the chapter.


Grand Master of Chaplains Master of Traditions

Grand Interrogator Gerhold


Gerhold has only been the Grand Interrogator for seven years after the previous Grand Interrogator spat on his oaths at the Battle of Geath Prime. Gerhold was the Chaplain of the 4th Company. On promotion to Grand Interrogator he begged Lothar for vengeance against his old Master. His vengeance was granted thirteen years later when Gerhold killed Kolman who had become a Champion of the Changer of Ways. With vengeance stated Gerhold turned back to his duties as the Master of Traditions to make sure the ancient ways of the people of Mannheim are honoured to this day.


Chapter Standard Bearer - Voice of Alaric

Sacred Lukas


Lukas has been the bearer of the Chapters Standard for over two hundred years, he was the the First Sergeant of the 5th Company during a battle supporting Naamans Vengeance. He slayed two Ork Nobz one of which had killed the previous 5th Company Standard Bearer, He carried the 5th Companys banner for the rest of the war. Not once did his beloved 5th Companys banner touch the earth again.

The honour to carry the Chapters Sacred Banners was given to him by Lothar after the previous bearer was killed. Whenever the chapter deploys en-mass Lukas can always be seen stood at the side of Lothar, his stern features unmoving like the statues of the chapters heroes of old as the Chapters Banner stands proud in his hands.


Master of the Forge

Grand Creator Markus


Markus is the oldest living marine of the Blades of Alaric, more machine than man now, at nine hundred and thirteen years old. He has been the Grand Creator of the Forge for six hundred and seventy two years. His greatest work has been the making of the Dreadnought chassis he has called Legion it took over three hundred years of work, this chassis has never been occupied. He says only one of the Chapters mightiest heroes can ever be considered to be entombed in it.


Chapter Champion Master of the Sword

Paladin Lanzo


One of the most unique things about the Blades of Alaric is the Rank of Paladin, this can be traced back to the days on Caliban and as far back as Ancient Terra. Lanzo is the current Paladin of the Chapter and he as been for over three hundred years after Bastian was made the Knight Commander of the 1st, he has never been bested by any of his Brothers. Some say he has been the greatest Paladin the Blades ever had. He answers to the Grand Cross only.


He is a Paragon of Virtue & Honour, many enemy Champions have fell to his Sword. Every fifty years since he ascended to this position he will take one scout to be his pupil, only the best swordsman will ever be chosen. Lothar in his youth studied under Lanzo, but was still unable to best the Swordmaster.


Master Protector Shadow of the Cross

Brun Vosberg


Brun has been Lothars Master Protector for over one hundred and thirty years when his Mentor died protecting Lothar from a Dark Eldar Dark Lance, Brun was given the honour of becoming the next Shadow, this has been a duty he was born for. It was no mistaking his star was on the rise, he would have been a Knight Commander at the earliest opportunity if he regrets his path it does not show, over the years he has prevented a number of attempts on Lothars life when the enemies of the Chapter have tried to assassinate him.

Armed with a Storm Shield and Power Sword and an Ancient Suit of Power Armour, Brun is ever at the Grand Cross's side, many times has an enemy fell to a swift sword strike of this Hero. He is one of the few in the Chapter that can fight Lanzo for any great amount of time before the Paladin wins the duel. Brun has joked that Lanzo is more like an Eldar with his speed.


Master of the 1st - Gefallen Jäger (Fallen Hunters) Grand Knight of New Mannhei/b]

Knight Commander Bastian


If there was ever a Hero of the Blades of Alaric to signify the honour of the Chapter Bastian is it, he has been the Master of the Fallen Hunters for three hundred and forty eight years, he is humble, stoic and patient. He stands as a giant in his Terminator armour, his huge weapon the Axe of Mannheim gripped firmly in his hand as a symbol of office as the Grand Knight of New Mannheim. The weapon was made by Markus himself.


Before his ascension to the 1st Company he was the Paladin for over one hundred years. He is instrumental in Lothar becoming Grand Cross an act he is proud of as a father is to a son.


Master of the 2nd Kopfloser Reiter (Headless Horseman) - The Dullahan Grand Champion of the Hunt

Knight Commander Kaspar


If Bastian shows the stoic side of the chapter, Kaspar is is opposite. He is brash, impetuous and hotheaded, it has been joked he is more like an Ork of the Evil Suns than an Astartes of the Emperor. It seems that the rebellious streak of the Master of the 2nd is a common trait going right back to Seppel.


And this is a reputation he plays into, he usually takes to battle on his custom bike, tearing head-on into the enemy chasing them down like dogs. His behaviour has been questioned by other Masters of the chapter but nobody can deny his unorthodox tactics can and do win battles. He is also the Grand Champion of the Hunt, an event where other members of the The Dullahan compete hunting down one of the rare predators of Mannheim.


Master of the 3rd Master of the Fleet Vengeance Blades

Knight Commander Johan


Johan was the First Sergeant of the 3rd Company when his mentor and friend was killed during the Hunt of the Occulus, his promotion was never in doubt. He is also the chapters pre-eminent Master of Void War even his mentor would ask for his opinion in Void War. He like all the Masters of the Chapter carries a Weapon from the Order of the Golden Blade. His weapon is a Thunder Hammer dating back into ancient times.


Johan's company was the first Company of the Chapter to come into contact with the Tyranids, during a battle with a Hive Tyrant Johan scored the killing blow after Revered Brother Falkenrath broke the creatures back with his power fist.


Johan's personal ship is the Mannheim's Pride


Master of the 4th Master of the Arsenal

Knight Commander Franz Haas


Franz is one of the new Masters to come into Command after the Massacre of Gaeth he has taken an Oath of Vengeance against his former brothers. He denies himself any accolades until the the last twenty three traitors are dead.


A stubborn man he has come to blows with Master Eckhart when the former commented on his tactics during a recent war-game with the 5th Company it was only by the interruption by Bastian that stopped the disagreement becoming fatal.


Bastian could not fault Franz the betrayal of some of his closest brothers has hit him hard. But his bitterness could cause more issues later and for how long Bastian can prevent Franz from being stripped of command is anyones guess.


Master of the 5th Master of the Marches

Knight Commander Eckhart Haas


As the Master of the Marches it is Eckhart's responsibility to make sure the territory of the Blades of Alaric is secure. A task he is well suited to, the 5th Company spends most of its time on the Star Fortress orbiting New Mannheim. Recently he has came to blows with Franz, he worries for his brother as not only are they brothers in arms but brothers by blood, both were accepted into the Chapter when they were fourteen and fifteen respectively. He can only hope his vengeance comes soon before hatred consumes him.


Master of the 6th Master of the Watch

Knight Commander Merten


Merten is another new Master to the Blades of Alaric, he was the a Knight Sergeant in the 1st Company for numerous years. Promotion to the 6th Company Knight Commander was given to him as he was considered a man of vision. He has taken to rebuilding the 6th Company with all his talent. It has been remarked he has the makings of being a Hero of Legend in the Chapters history.


Master of the 7th Master Victualler

Knight Commander Dietmar


Dietmar was given the duties of the Master Victualler after a Eldar plasma grenade destroyed most of his body, he has lost both his legs, most of the left side of his body, he refused to be put in a Dreadnought he still wanted to serve the chapter, his body was wrecked but his mind was sharp as ever. The chapters Master Surgeon Vinzent was able to save him. He is not considered a front line Master any more. His 1st Sergeant Alexis is the Knight Commander in all but name.


Master of the 8th Master of Alban

Knight Commander Keller


Alban is the moon that orbits Mannheim, it is also the home of the 8th & 10th Companies. Keller is the Master of Fortress Alban. Keller is known to be a staunch supporter of the Codex Astartes and with his talent in tactics he makes war games for the other companies to hone their skills whether its in close combat or tank tactics Keller has a plan.


Master of the 9th Master of the Kraken The Reapers

Knight Commander Gerhard Roth


As the Master of the Kraken Gerhard spends most of his time on Mannheim the grizzled old veteran has been in the 9th Company for over four hundred years. He is one of the most unorthodox commanders as he carries a Heavy Bolter as his main weapon, his Weapon of the Order of the Golden Blade is a Combat Knife named The Reapers Edge.


He has refused any promotion to any Battle Company, his answer is always he belongs with his brother Devastators. His current command squad has been together for over two hundred years.


Master of the 10th Master of the Recruits

Knight Commander Henrike


Eamon has been the guiding hand in his chapter for over one hundred years, he is known to be one of the finest marksmen of the chapter only other to be better is his protégée Lars. Between Henrike and Keller the Chapters future is in very good hands.


apparently I wrote too much for 1 post :P


Weapons of the Golden Blades


Like the Heavenfall Blades of the Dark Angels and the other Unforgiven ancient weapons the Blades of Alaric do have their own versions of this weapons.


Each weapon is remade to suit the Master of the Company with the exception of the Grand Cross who will only use the Blade of Alaric.


The Blade of Alaric Grand Cross Lothar


The Manticores Claw was give to the 1st Grand Cross Cassiel by the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels on creation of the chapter. After the Chapter was destroyed the weapon was sundered and remade to suit Jurgen the 1st Grand Cross of the Blades.


The Axe of Mannheim Knight Commander Bastian 1st Company


The weapon of choice of Bastian, where most of his contemporaries use blades Bastian prefers the brutal power of his axe.


The Huntmans Blades Knight Commander Kaspar 2nd Company


Kaspar requested two daggers be his weapons, his skill with the short blades is known within the chapter, he is one of the best weapon-masters of the Chapter. He was Lanzo's second pupil.


The Hammer of Alaric Knight Commander Johan 3rd Company


This huge thunder hammer was used by the previous Master of the 3rd, Johan refused to reforge the great hammer.


The Traitors Doom Knight Commander Franz Haas 4th Company


This Mace is Treasach's answer to the brothers who spat on their oaths, He has the Mace blessed by his company Chaplain every battle.


The Spear of Ketsch Knight Commander Eckhart Haas 5th Company


Eckhart requested his weapon to be a Spear, an unusual weapon for a Space Marine but well suited to the young Commanders fighting style when he takes to the air on his jumppack.


Kraken Blade Knight Commander Merten 6th Company


Kelan's sword is in the typical style of the Unforgiven it is 2 handed but Kelan has learned to use it 1 handed.


The Obsidian Halberd - Knight Commander Dietmar 7th Company


Dietmar's weapon is one of the most unique within the Chapter, A 2 Metre Halberd. It is currently used by his First Sergeant Alexis.


Hammer of Sandhofen - Knight Commander Keller 8th Company


Keller's hammer is a huge 2 handed power hammer, considered to be Techmarine Kelan's finest work.


The Reapers Edge - Knight Commander Gerhard Roth 9th Company


Due to Roth's use of the Heavy Bolter he wanted his first combat knife as a Scout remade so the Reapers Edge is born. Enemies have underestimated Roth's skill with a such a simple blade.


Claws of Mannheim - Knight Commander Henrike 10th Company


Since his time in the 1st Company, Eamon was a master with Lightning Claws so when he was promoted to Master his weapon of choice was not in doubt.


Special Units & Addendum


The Fallen Hunters


Like the Deathwing of the Dark Angels the 1st Company of the Blades of Alaric operate only in Terminator Armour, unlike the Deathwing, the Blades of Alaric do not have the Knights as part of the structure, instead they are the Knight Sergeants of each squad, these veterans have lived through centuries of war next to the Masters of the Chapter they are the future leaders of the Chapter, nobody becomes a Knight Commander or even the Chapters Grand Cross without at least a few decades as a Knight Sergeant in the 1st Company.

The 1st Company have kept their original legion markings, although they were no longer Dark Angels some felt they could not fully abandon their origins.


Special Character


Paladin Other honorific titles are usually shunned with the exception of Master of the (Weapon)


This ancient title goes back to the Great Crusade, each 1st Legion Order would have its own Paladin or Champion as it was known in other Legions, the most famous of these stalwart warriors was Corswain. The Blades of Alaric keep this tradition alive, but its not unknown for other members of the Unforgiven to nominate a Paladin for a particular campaign. Paladins are the Chapters Honour, they fight with purpose and fervour, they are Veterans of countless battles, When a Paladin offers counsel it is foolish to ignore their advice. It is not unknown for these warriors to refuse any battle accolades, deeds are what makes them not rewards.


The current Paladin of the Blades of Alaric is Lanzo. He is also known as Master of the Sword.



Special Unit


The Twelve Knight Protectors


When the 2nd Grand Cross fell in battle the rest of the Knight Commanders issued a decree to create a unique unit with the sole responsibility of protecting the Grand Cross in battle, it was argued this was the job of the Paladin but as it was pointed out the Paladin was to single out enemy Champions, and not to protect the Grand Cross. After Emmerich was given the honour of being the Chapters third Grand Cross he would be the first to be guarded by these Protectors, at any one time there are always two of these stalwart Knights close to the Grand Cross, one of them will always be the Master Protector.


In the entire history only two Master Protectors failed in their duty to protect their Grand Cross, Gero the first to fail gave his life in a heroic last stand protecting the body of his Lord his honour restored in his sacrifice. Lambert was the second, dying seconds after. When a new member is inducted to the Twelve they first learn of these two Heroes and the weight such a position carries in the Chapter, some consider the 1st Company and eventual promotion to possibly a Grand Cross the highest honour, however to the Knight Protectors there is no greater honour.


When they are not protecting the Grand Cross as a whole, it is not unknown for a Knight Protector to be assigned to a Knight Commander from the Battle Companies, they can take on duties such as Body Guard, Commanders of elite forces usually the Company Veterans, they offer sage council, their other duties include guarding the Geneseed Vault deep inside the Kraken permanently and oversee the Librarians to make sure none fall to possession or anything worse, thankfully there is only one record in the Chapters history of this.


One thing of note even though each member of the Twelve have knowledge of the Fallen their duty as Protectors comes first.


Knight Commander Johan - Master of the 3rd - Vengeance Blades - Alternative Wargear Loadout


Brother Kord - 3rd Company - 1st Tactical Squad


Knight Brother Manfred - 1st Company - Squad Unknown



Neophyte Vester - 10th Company



Paladin Lanzo - Alternative Wargear Loadout


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The Blades have made their triumphant return!!! Here is the list of Oathbearers and what submissions I can find (WIP and Completed)



  1. Aquilanus - Angels of Salvation
  2. Brother Arkley - Blades of Alaric - Sons of Thanatos
  3. Brother SP - Lion Warriors
  4. Brother Tyler - Angels of Veneration
  5. Conn Eremon - Knights Sovereign WIP (Thread) - Blades of the Lion LIBER WIP (Challenge)
  6. Dizzyeye - Blades of Truth
  7. Epher - Blades of Oblivion
  8. Grand Master Belial - Brooding Swords - Fortress Updates: The Huntsmen, Angels of Repentance, Angels of the Lion, Angels of Mercy WIP, Storm Swords, Order of the Black Guards, Angels of Genesis, Penitents, The Wraith Talons, Angel Guard, and the Angels of Destruction
  9. Grand Master Raziel - Night Angels
  10. Greenz - Angels Hospitaller
  11. Knurd - Obsidian Lions - Death Ravens
  12. Olis - Brotherhood of the Lion WIP
  13. Sindiferous - Sentient Angels
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