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Liber Challenge: Valkyries of the Frozen Tear


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Answering the Liber Challenge to build a Adeptus Sororitas Order. Here is what I have so far, it's not much so far to be honest.


Order Name: Order of the Frozen Tear

Home Planet: Vulara

Name of its Founder: Cannoness Theophilia

Notable Sisters: 


Cannoness Superior Danielle – was the originator of the Order and was the one to see that Vak was none other than the God-Emperor. She stopped the cleansing of the Asellus and helped bring it’s citizens back under the Imperium. She also had ordered the previous pagan temple on Vulara destroyed and had a new church ,that would come to be known as the Temple of the High Father constructed, unfortunately she did not live to see the construction completed.


Seraphim Superior Arielle – fought side by side with the Void Angels Assault Squads trying to get to the Dark Astronomican. The Seraphim would lay down a salvo, as the Assault squads would carve their way through the heretics. In the end it was she who managed to destroy with Melta bombs, unfortunately she was unable to escape the explosion. 


History: The Order of the Frozen Tear was created late M39 by the Ecclisiarchy to convert and cleanse the pagan population of newly rediscovered worlds of the Asellus Subsector. Many of the inhabited worlds worshipped a Vak, among other deities.


When Cannoness Superior Danielle arrived on the planet Vulara she assessed the people on this world and sensed no taint in them. They were pagan but did not seem to worship any of the Chaos gods. They recognized the similarities of Vak and the other gods to the Emperor and the Primarchs. They supplanted their old deities with the Emperor and cleansed those that did not want to accept that they have been worshipping the God-Emperor all along.


As time passed the religious conversion ran both ways, seeing as the Sisters of the Frozen Tear began to adopt the region’s Pantheon. They venerate the Primarchs as deities as well, fighting the Primordial Annihilator from within the Warp, and the God-Emperor as the High Father, god among gods. The High Father is the shield that protects the mankind from Chaos and the sword that will eventually destroy it. 


The citizens of Asellus began to hold them in high regard and began to call them the High Father’s Valkyries. The Valkyries of legend would take would take the slain to fight for the High Father; the Valkyries of the Frozen Tears take their children. The title of Sister soon came to be replaced Valkyrie. 


Beliefs: The Valkyries venerate the God-Emperor above all others but they worship the Primarchs as gods themselves as well. Their deaths released them from their mortal cage to be able to fight Chaos on their battlefield and keep them at bay until the day the God-Emperor will finally slay them.


The Primarchs are usually worshipped as a whole but some of the Valkyries revere particular Primarchs over the others. The Seraphim Squads for example pray to Sanguinius before a battle while the Valkyries Repenta ask Dorn to guide them back to the Emperor’s light and wear a Pain Glove during prayer. Vulkan is the only Primarch that is held in high regard by all Valkyries throughout the Order for he embraces the cleansing aspect of fire. 


Significant Battles:


The Vakkian Revolt


In 923.M39, a hidden cult that still worshipped Vak, calling themselves the True Followers, began a revolt to destroy the Temple of the High Father, the Usurper's Bastion. Thousands of the True Followers came to the Bastion from across the subsector disguised as a religious journey before revealing their true purpose. The Valkyries deployed their full force and displayed a wrath the population had never seen before. The revolt was quickly handled and Vak's followers were never heard from again. 


War of the Dark Whisper


The Watchers of Change attempted to open a warp rift and use it as a beacon for his master Am'Elenkil, a Lord of Change, and his army of demons. They had gathered thousands of psykers and were going to sacrifice them through a device they called the Dark Astronomican. It took the combined efforts of the Valkiries of the Frozen Tear, Void Angels, and the Ark Angels to stop them. While they were able to destroy the device before the rift was created, most of the Watchers of Change were able to escape. The psykers were then turned over to Black Ships even though the the Valkyries preferred to burn them where they were. 


            "Astronomican? Such filth could only only create but a dark whisper of the High Father's work" - Valkyrie Vala




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So for my Order I want to make them a Nordic theme. The Order was created to bring a system that had been left untouched by the Imperium for an extended period of time and had started worshipping gods. The Ecclesiarchy wanted to bring them into the light of the Emperor after the Imperium began to have a presence in the area. 


The Valkyries (as they are called by the population) morphed their beliefs to adopt the Emperor as their supreme god and the other deities with Saints. 


The beliefs of the Order are the same but they have absorbed some of the customs of the area. Still working these details out. 

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The armor should receive a silver Aquila, fleur-de-lis, trim on the pauldrons and greaves, as befits a Valkyrie. (I think silver looks better with blue, and gold looks better with red.) The Inquisitorial symbol should hang from black beads, which stand out from the light blue armor and dark blue robes.

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@ Aquilanus: Yes, Valara is supposed to be a cold planet. Going for a Nordic theme, kinda Fenrisian without all the wolfy stuff. 


@Bjorn Firewalker: Those are silver, Ijust dont think it stand out as much in the picture. I think everything is silver aside from the shoulderpad trimming. which I will tinker with to see how it looks. 

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What you've written so far is pretty believable and quite interesting. Will their divergent beliefs draw them into conflict with other Imperial bodies?


The colour scheme is pretty cool as well. http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

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Thanks TDF.


It would definitely raise an eyebrow from Puritan Inquisitors, but I feel that the rest of the Imperium would not care since they do not worship anyone who isn't already held in high regard by the rest of the Imperium.


I also added a few notable battles to the IS. 

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