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  1. A while back I experimented with some new Space Marine paint schemes and found one I liked. I just was happy with the one I had originally chosen. I finally let loose the arrow to land where it may. Now at this point I have a conundrum. Is the red bolter housing too busy; should I go with a more neutral off-black? The squad and chapter markings are going to be red, if that makes a difference.
  2. While there are many references in Imperial history, legend, and allegory to the "Wolves that stalk between stars", it is often assumed that they are referring to the Vlka Fenryka, the Space Wolves. In truth, there are many Chapters who bear the cognomen and heraldry of the ancient Terran wolf, and administrative mistakes abound in an empire so massive. That there exists a chapter of far darker mien, less noble of aspect than the sons of Fenris, has been a whispered rumor, a tale to quiet unruly children. As is so often the case with rumors, there is always a kernel of truth beneath the surface, and sometimes, that truth is best left forgotten. WIP ++++++ Here we go again! Those of you that remember me and any of my posts know that I am constantly starting and re-starting projects. Horus Heresy 2.0 has me excited to work on my Ultramarines, and I really should be doing that, but I have been suffering from major nostalgia lately. I long for the heady days of the Liber Astartes subforum, and contributing to projects there. I also miss "firstborn" marines and Chapters. So this is an amalgamation of all those ideas. A DIY chapter that I will shortly-ish be posting to the Liber (when I have more concrete ideas for them), and a Firstborn army set in the "new" Imperium and all that entails. Did they shun Primaris reinforcement? Has there been a Torchbearer fleet dispatched to find them? Or have the been forgotten by the Imperium, for they have been removed from Imperial sight for so long? Either way, this will also be my attempt at a true-scale army inspired by the likes of Apologist, Doghouse, and Kizzdougs' fantastic Death Company marine. I have a ton of primaris kits languishing in hobby hell, I hope to find them purpose here. Anyway. Enough rambling. I hope the reader is excited as I am for this, my latest and greatest project. P.s. Any story ideas or names inspired by the fluff blurb above are greatly appreciated!!
  3. So, I just want somewhere to keep track of my TS army that I intend to have span 30k and 40k. These are still WIP (and the Fire Raptor base is just one I had lying around, not what I'm going with). The Circle of the Severed (layer the warband The Severed Sons) were those legionaries excluded when Magnus reorganized. Whether they had offended the Primarch or simply couldn't be balanced into the equation was unknown, but they were sent off from the rest of the legion. To reflect this I added some black to the scheme.
  4. Nothing to see here The content is in another castle or just start here http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/222538-another-diy-chapter-blog-for-the-omnissiah-9514/?p=2963992
  5. A long time ago I was considering some Tyranids. I liked the models and was looking for something different to my existing armies, but then GW revamped the Dark Eldar and I was enticed by their great new models. By chance I have now rescued/inherited some nids - good things come to those who wait? There's some proper old school metals too, it's plenty enough to make an army for now from but first things first: a colour scheme. For those that don't know I tend to take a while settling on them - Guard and Marines: 1 repaint, Dark Eldar: 2 repaints... at least I repainted the DE after only a few models rather than all but entire armies with Guard and Marines It's running joke territory... it's an important decision to make though in my defence, and I have time because I'd like to round off a few projects before looking at starting my nids proper from later this year That said, I had ideas of generally what I wanted to do with the colours chiefly in that I wanted an orange, and a snow base as I've been trying to get these on a scheme for ages. A few extra colours like a white or near to it and a near black and as it turns out I ended up having a scheme come together sooner than I expected: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16534/gallery_30308_16534_64993.jpg Top picture is base colours, went with a firm favourite in Rakarth Flesh and as it turns out I only have the Lugganath Orange edge paint for oranges so a bit of mixing with Tau Light Ochre gave me roughly the colour I wanted in a not too bright orange. The centre line is another classic in Charadon Granite for a black that isn't in your face (now Skavenblight Dinge I think). I've checked and Fire Dragon Bright or perhaps Troll Slayer Orange if I want a bit more would be good matches for the mixed orange. Second is after a light wash and with some details picked out such as the mouth, hooves and claws were just a couple of washes but turned out nicer than I expected. The carapace patterning needs some more at the least using a finer brush for more natural curves edges but overall I think I have what I want at least in colours and pattern. As much as I would have liked more orange I think it'd be overpowering, but maybe there's scope for swapping colours? Perhaps orange as the main carapace colour or something, though I do quite like it currently. The base will probably be a muddy one maybe with some grass with snow. I'm not sure on eyes, maybe simple with gloss black like my Daemonettes and I need to decide what I'm doing with the joints/soft bits - perhaps white base with orange wash? Or maybe a red as an accent? Or would that be too fiddly, as there will be a lot of gribbly nids to paint... I am broadly there I feel but need some help on final colours and the like so all ideas welcome If I can finalise the scheme properly I will likely be tempted to do some more as it was very refreshing compared to what I usually paint - not a piece of metal or gold detail in sight
  6. After a ton of Guardians as test models, I think I have the general color scheme I'm going with for Craftworld Aiam-Varr. The bone colored stuff is just Agrax over white and it is kind of splotchy in places but it looks better than anything else I tried, so I'm hoping I'll keep getting more consistent results as I do more models. I haven't decided how to do my Aspect Warriors yet, but I have some ideas. This is my second attempt at using bone as the primary color of an army but previously I was trying to just do as little work as possible so the whole project was purely contrast and didn't turn out great. Now I'm trying to push myself and take my time more. The test Guardian I settled on. Troops would probably all have about this level of highlighting but characters get more. Cloth is purple, armor is bone, head and shoulders are blue (inspired by Crimson Fists). I am pretty happy with it overall, I painted probably a dozen different schemes and this one I kept coming back to. The quality of highlights is bad but I was using a really old gw brush that I probably should just throw out, so I think I can do better. I've been afraid to break out my nice brushes I've accumulated over the years but I'm trying to convince myself to use them now. Once I settled on that I went through and primed a bunch of stuff I had and started working on it. I ended up using this Warlock as another test model since that Guardian scheme didn't really translate well to a model covered in robes so I just kind of decided on a whim what to paint each color and I think it turned out better than it ought to have. I'm not thrilled with how I did the highlight on the edge of the blue robes but since I wanted the inside of the robe a different color I wasn't sure how to highlight it Next time it will be a thinner highlight, but it's alright for now. I'm not a huge fan of the color balance on the base but the molded detail didn't give me much room to work with it. Most bases will be mostly pink but I have some blue grass tufts to go with it. The army has been cut off from the Craftworld so they're fighting on a crone world to try to find forgotten Webway portals in the hopes of getting home, so I figured a more alien base design would be fitting. I have some Dark Eldar that have mostly the same bases, just the rocks are different colors. This is Ganelien, the Fated Blade. Emboldened by how much I liked that Warlock, I started on a Wave Serpent. That was probably a mistake. I don't think I was ready for trying to paint so many big flat panels with Agrax or all the highlighting on it, but it turned out alright so far. I started out just putting blue on the panels with the worst results from the Agrax and then added a bunch more to get the color balance I wanted. I don't know yet what I'm doing with the cockpit. This was an ebay rescue so it didn't have a pilot, so I had to paint over the glass. I'm thinking either silver trim with purple glass (since there's no cloth to be purple on the model) or the same pink as the Warlock's spirit stone and gems. I might do the base before I decide on that since it will be pink, might help me decide if I want more of that or purple instead. This is very much a WIP still, I'm deciding as I go what is what. More to come
  7. Once of the Pavoni Cult, Akhenaten began a pilgrimage across the stars after Ahriman's grand spell. Even with only a modest band of Rubrics at his command he cuts his way through the galaxy as he sees fit - and frequently through the fabric of space in doing so. A cryptic man of few words he relentlessly pursues his goal of knowledge and power at any cost. Any who stand in his way soon become dust... Aharon once served with Akhenaten in the same Fellowship, and as a close and trusted ally followed him steadfastly into the arms of Tzeentch. Formerly a member of the Raptora Cult his chief motivation is to achieve such mastery over telekinesis that none can obstruct him. Any witnessing the brutality and power of the Exalted's sorcerous might are under no illusions he will achieve his goal sooner or later, for such raw might can only be with Tzeentch's blessing. His favourite trick is to use his mastery of telekinesis to rend the ground itself, his foe's final moments before being crushed spent in horror and awe. Together they form a terrible duo, their vying for greater glory and service to their patron god and Primarch pushing them ever onwards. Worlds and armies burn before them, only for their marching Rubricae to vanish once more into the warp to find the next part of the labyrinthine plan set in motion millennia ago... Just in time for the Chapter Approved point adjustments, I finally start my journey proper It starts small but is enough for a Patrol detachment alongside my Slaaneshi Marines tomorrow so not having a clue what I'm doing aside hopefully they do Tzeentch proud! As part of my cunning Tzeentchian plan almost all of my Thousand Sons kits are from swaps... the god of change should surely approve and influence the dice accordingly Here's the first squad: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_15068/gallery_30308_15068_38495.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_15068/gallery_30308_15068_20537.jpg Plus Aharon: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_15068/gallery_30308_15068_21701.jpg I'll need to get better pictures, since they're hitting the table tomorrow that seems like a sensible time to try
  8. edit: now a proper project blog! edit 2: update to better reflect project scope (ever increasing it seems...) edit 3: now we're including Thousand Sons, guess the brackets were prophetic? edit 4: now the Thousand Sons can fulfil a detachment they get their own topic in the Thousand Sons section edit 5: Daemonettes have their own home too, also updated warband scheme at bottom of post After getting a taste for Kill Team my gaming circle got into some talk about collecting small kill teams from new armies as a fresh modelling opportunity. Whether or not this comes to fruition is another matter, but I thought this would be the chance to tick a few boxes of mine; namely to get my Slaanesh on and experiment and push my modelling and painting abilities. So here I am to scope it out before anything gets started! I'm familiar with Marines, but having not encountered Chaos for a while I'm a bit out of touch with the finer details of what's going on aside from the obvious. How does Slaanesh fair these days? What about daemon units? I'm not too fussed about the other gods at the moment, if I did end up using their stuff I might counts-as them as something Slaaneshi as a good excuse to hone my converting skills. This is all sort of unplanned so you'll have to forgive the rambling nature (or more rambling than normal?). I quite like the idea of whites, pinks/purples and maybe some black and gold but I gather this is fairly typical of Slaaneshi stuff? I'm not set on anything yet other than liking something bright, maybe with something in the pinky-purpley range - all my armies have green on so far, could that be good somewhere? As I said I really want to get outside of my comfort zone but I also want to do something I'd like. I crafted a quick CSM painter colour scheme up, behold it's probably generic glory: Well, everyone starts somewhere right? Painting a halved scheme would be something new too, I'm discounting quartered because I'm slow enough painting as it is While I'm sure that the army has a good chance of growing into a full one given time (isn't it always the way?) I'm only focusing on a Kill Team right now so I'd prefer to start with suggestions based on that first I've not given any thought to backgrounds, names etc yet either but I'll put some time to this if it ends up having legs. Thanks in advance Edit 5 new scheme image with more accurate colours and bits: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_10249/gallery_30308_10249_37946.png
  9. Index Astartes: Marines Adamant http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13401/gallery_27610_13401_18191.jpgBrutal, insular, superstitious and paranoid. Most would describe the Marines Adamant with words such as these. Those few who enjoy better relations with the Chapter could not argue with such an assessment, but might also speak of other, nobler qualities such as bravery and unbreakable determination. Origins 'Astartes we, Iron born, Hate wielders, World breakers, Victors still.' - Chapter glory chant During the thirty-second millenium, the Orks rampaged across the galaxy, at great cost to the warriors of the Adeptus Astartes. Countless human worlds were swallowed up by the green-skins’ barbaric empires, and by the time of the 4th Founding few had been reclaimed, primarily due to the colossal drain of holding back the horrors of Abaddon the Despoiler’s second Black Crusade. The Marines Adamant were therefore assigned to the eastern border of the Segmentum Obscurus with a dual purpose: reclaiming the nearby worlds lost to Orks while supporting the defences of the Eye of Terror when needed. The fledgling Chapter’s gene-seed was that of the Primarch Ferrus Manus, and at the head of their training cadre was Clan Commander Elvrit of the Iron Hands, a hero of the many battles of the second Black Crusade. He led his brethren to war and they quickly formed a close bond with the Gharant III Forgeworld in the Havilar Sector, whose vast manufactoriums, Skitarii regiments and Titan Legion were already forming the lynchpin of the Imperium’s beleaguered defence against the Orks. Since then, the Chapter has mainly fought against the vile Ork: defending against encroaching Waaghs, raiding into Ork territory to destabilize growing threats, or spearheading massive Imperial Crusades to reclaim worlds lost to Mankind hundreds or even thousands of years earlier. On occasion they have sent forces west to support their brother Marines against the renegades of the Eye of Terror. Throughout the millenia, across countless battlefields, the Marines Adamant have remained resolute, loyal servants of the Imperium. Homeworld 'My world? It's cold, it's damp. What business is it of yours?' – Brother Hani, 4th Household. Halsstarrig IV is a Feudal world, located in the same subsector as the Gharant system. It was discovered more than four centuries prior to the arrival of Elvrit and his men by Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators and immediately marked as an ideal Astartes recruiting ground. Halsstarrig has a single primary continent, with several smaller landmasses and surrounding island chains; all are cold and bleak due to the planet’s far orbit from the local sun. Its atmosphere is damp and thick mists often cover its mountains, forests and seas. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13401/gallery_27610_13401_9979.pngThe people of Halsstarrig are strong and fierce, yet primitive in their technology and outlook. Clans vie for land and key resources such as the iron ore that provides all their tools and weaponry. The people are by nature aggressive and suspicious, and therefore trading or alliances between the clans are very rare. Raiding is a regular occurrence and outright warfare only slightly less so. Strength and survival are the primary factors that determine right and wrong, but the resulting potential for brutality is balanced by a firmly held code of honour, the core elements of which are shared by all the clans. This code demands a clansman’s loyalty to his chief, and the chief’s protection to his followers. While any proven warrior may challenge his chief for the leadership of a clan, such contests are strictly proscribed by custom and ritual. Anyone who would attempt to gain power by any other means would be quickly shunned by all the people. The clans are also very superstitious; fearful of the influence of the myriad sprites, imps and wights of Halsstarrig folklore. Many offerings are made by the clans to appease these spirits and natives often wear protective tokens and charms. Almost all learning beyond the basics of farming, fishing or fighting is the province of the Wyrds, or wise men. Common to all the clans are the Wyrds of the Flesh, local physicians and herbalists; and Wyrds of Iron, smiths and artisans. Highly respected, these often act as counsellors to their clan chiefs. Outside the clans, shunned but still respected, are the Wyrds of the Spirit, shamans who live in seclusion deep in the mountains or tiny ocean islets of Halsstarrig. They are feared for their uncanny abilities and closeness to the spirit realm, but sometimes a clan Chief or young warrior will travel to seek the Wyrds’ blessing or learn their future. The Fortress Monastery of the Marines Adamant stands on Halsstarrig’s first moon, a vast and imposing structure protected by countless weapon batteries, powerful void shields and the cold blackness of space itself. The Astartes are almost never seen on the planet’s surface, making no deliberate contact with its people. Legends exist of monstrous giants, and such legends are tied to those of young warriors ‘taken by the mists’ and never seen again. These ones are mourned by their families; the people have no idea of what lives await beyond their moors and skies. New initiates into the Chapter invariably rail against their captors, seeking escape, until they learn of the true nature of humanity and the debt of honour their whole world owes the Marines Adamant for their protection from the horrors of a cruel galaxy. Organization ‘Aye, I don’t much like those dumskalle of the 5th… but I trust them far better than I do svekling like you.’ – Warleader Jormgrun Stonebrow of the 7th Household to Colonel Bardel of the 143rd Ardravine Rangers. Much like their Iron Hands forebears, the Marines Adamant are divided into ten Clan Households, united by a Clan Council. Officially, this assembly maintains control over the actions of the Chapter as a whole. In truth it is little more than a forum for the commanders of the various Households to air their grievances, brag to one another of their victories, or attempt to ensure their own pre-eminence within the Council. Each Household fights as an autonomous battle group led by its Warleader, a mighty warrior who has risen to command through a mixture of politicking and battle skill. His forces include his own advisors, veterans, line squads and new recruits. This means that each Household is somewhat larger than a Codex-compliant Company, and that it is harder to accurately calculate the numbers of the Chapter as a whole. The Households each maintain their own well-equipped armoury of weapons and vehicles, many including a sizable Dreadnought contingent. The Hearthguard The veterans of each Household are named after Halsstarrig tradition. When a native Clan leader sleeps, as all men must, he is protected by a ring formed of his most loyal warriors. Given the people’s naturally suspicious nature, it is a great honour to be considered faithful enough to guard the fire of one’s Lord. Within a Marines Adamant Household, the Hearthguard are the iron core of its fighting strength, an immovable and implacable force around which the Warleader can build his strategy. Many fight as squad leaders, inspiring and exhorting their brethren, but the few who are most trusted form the personal retinue of the Warleader. When the Hearthguard go to war as one, there are few who can stand against them. The Chapter’s Techmarines and Apothecaries are also a permanent part of their respective Households. These masters of arcane technology, known by the Marines Adamant as Wyrds of Iron and Flesh, work together to care for the Astartes and vehicles of their Household and are just as esteemed as their home world counterparts. The Iron Wyrds are especially numerous and influential within the Chapter given its ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus and each will travel to Gharant III as part of their instruction. The brethren known as Spirit Wyrds are powerful psykers, feared and yet respected by the rest of the Chapter. Cast out and denied any hope of personal advancement or glory, these mystics are oddly viewed as more reliable since they can have no agenda of their own. As such, the Spirit Wyrds often act as arbitrators when the Clan Council meets and as observers for it when a Household goes to war. They live in voluntary separation from the Households in a small stronghold on Halsstarrig’s second moon, called the Spirit Hearth. While much of a Household’s past is remembered in oral form, the Spirit Hearth is also a repository of the written records of the Chapter’s most important history, including their greatest victories and most ignominious defeats. The Chapter maintains close links to the Gharant III Forge world and has a permanent Keep on its closest neighbour, Gharant V. The vast seas of this oceanic Hive world provide much of the local Adeptus Mechanicus’ nutritional requirements and its people receive many technological benefits in return. The Marines Adamant do not recruit initiates from Gharant V, but they do select the majority of their Chapter serfs and Fleet crews from its Planetary Defence Force and Navy. These are vetted with almost as much care and suspicion as potential Astartes. Generally, one Household is assigned by the Clan Council every century to watch over the system in return for keeping the Chapter well supplied. This is often seen as a lesser assignment by the Astartes as the system is already well-defended by the capable PDF, as well as Skitarii regiments and the mighty Titan Legion of the Gharant forges, the Silver Hammers. However, the Warleaders accept the necessity of maintaining this millennia-old bond and often the Council assigns the duty to whichever Household has been most weakened by battle in recent years, giving them an opportunity to rebuild and rearm. Also, there are still some opportunities for glory to be won as elements of the Household will often provide elite support for Explorator teams or Titan battle groups, or act as bodyguard squads for important members of the Gharant forges. [rightsidebar-The Ka-sil Annihilation]236.M35 – In an event unprecedented in the sagas of the Chapter, Warlord Fingil Bloodfist of the 4th unites all ten Households of the Marines Adamant under his banner when the Ka-sil Craftworld of the Eldar enters the Havilar Sector. Less than three years later, Ka-sil is a ruined, empty husk inhabited only by the ghosts of the fallen. Fingil is also dead, assassinated by five of his fellow Warleaders after declaring himself Chapter Master at the conclusion of the campaign against the Eldar.[/rightsidebar]When larger campaigns require that several Households fight together, they can be led by a Warlord, elected from among the Warleaders present. In such situations there is inevitably a certain amount of wrangling for power and the potential for personal glory it brings. Any candidate for the position must be nominated and backed by at least two other Warleaders, meaning that there must be at least three Households fighting together to appoint a Warlord and there can be at most three candidates even if the whole Chapter fights together. The Warleaders will vote at first, each attempting to gather support and undermine their rivals, but if no democratic decision can be reached the candidates fight in imitation of Halsstarrig custom. Generally this is to first blood but on rare occasion, when two candidates are so opposed that service to the other is an impossible request, it is to the death. Understandably, the appointment of a Warlord is a very rare thing, and he may only lead for as long as the specific campaign lasts. Beliefs ‘All flesh is weak. It must ever be constrained, guided. Thus the Code.' – Brother Nisses, Spirit Wyrd. Like any of the scions of the Iron Hands, the Marines Adamant are ferocious warriors, fuelled by their hatred of all weakness. However, unlike many other Successors, their contempt for the foibles and faults of the flesh tends to find its focus externally rather than internally. This means that for many among the Chapter, the self –loathing and obsession for mutilation so common among the gene sons of Ferrus Manus seems to be lessened, although never entirely removed. Instead, the brethren’s fixation is on the inevitable failings of those around them and all are quietly watchful for any sign that they are about to be betrayed. This paranoia makes it extremely hard for them to truly trust anyone, even their closest squad mates. It also means that competition for advancement through the ranks is fierce, as most Marines instinctively believe that any other candidate for promotion will undoubtedly be proved a poor choice. Disagreements between brethren occur all too frequently and are commonly settled at the point of a knife, though thanks to the Astartes’ superior physiology, fatalities are mercifully rare. Backbiting and brawling are part of everyday life, as are ‘accidental’ injuries caused during training exercises. ’An ally is just another enemy who hasn’t betrayed you yet.’ Chapter proverb It might seem that a Chapter cursed with such an outlook would quickly tear itself apart. However, the Marines Adamant are constrained by a simple Code of honour and duty much like that of the Halsstarrig clans that insists upon the absolute loyalty of the brethren to one another and to their Commanders. Remarkably, it is the Chapter’s own obsessive tendencies that allow this arrangement to function and makes it possible for its members to work together, binding them to one another within the Code’s strict confines. This holds the brethren together and has thus far prevented the power struggles among the Households from becoming a battle of more than words and wills. This does not mean that all causes for conflict are removed, but in around eight millennia since the inclusion of the Code in the Chapter’s hypno-indoctrination procedures, there have been only three occasions where violence has erupted between the Households. A fierce spirit of competition still exists between the Warleaders, who view one another with a great deal of suspicion, but they are united by their honour, their duty to the Chapter and their greater hatred of the enemies of the Imperium. [leftsidebar-The Cal Ferena Uprising]873.M37 – The 4th Household, battered but unbowed, returns home after sharing in the defence against Abaddon the Despoiler’s 7th Black Crusade. On route, they receive a distress call from the Adeptus Arbites Precinct House on the Hive World Cal Ferena, where a rebellion among the working classes of the primary Hive is attempting to take advantage of the tumult caused by the followers of Chaos. The Marines Adamant immediately deploy via Drop Pod, targeting the Hive Spire with its multitude of spaceports. Understrength, the Household cannot hope to defeat the millions of insurrectionists in open combat, but thankfully this is not their goal. The thirty-eight Marines Adamant take and fortify the entrances into the Spire and resolutely defend them against dozens of attacks. No supplies enter the Hive and within four weeks the starving rebels capitulate, surrendering unconditionally and presenting the heads of the revolt’s ringleaders as a peace offering at the Astartes’ barricades.[/leftsidebar]It is perhaps not surprising that the Chapter's view of the Emperor himself is similarly cold. The master of Humanity is not seen as a beloved father, provider or saviour. Rather, the Marines Adamant know him as a demanding and brutal overlord whose expectations must constantly be met. A Marine of the Chapter can expect no aid or special favour from his Lord in this, but must put his faith in his own strengths and abilities in order to fulfil the heavy load of responsibility placed upon the Astartes' broad shoulders. As such, it is somewhat understandable that the Marines Adamant do not maintain in their Households any position or rank relating to that of Chaplain in a more Codex-compliant Chapter. For most Marines, their focus is totally on war, be it actual combat techniques, weapons training or strategy and tactics. With no interest in knowledge or learning of anything more, they share nothing with the artists and artificers of Chapters such as the Blood Angels or Salamanders. These things are the province of the Wyrds, and are irrelevant to a warrior. While the Households are equally as capable as the brethren of any Chapter to care for their weapons and armour to a basic standard, this understanding, indoctrinated during process of becoming Astartes, is viewed as entirely mystical. Relatively few care or wish to learn more, to understand why things are what they are or how they work; these are quickly apprenticed as Skalds to the Wyrds of their Household. Skalds are often used as a liaisons with other forces, or chosen when a warrior is requested by the Deathwatch, as they seem to be better able to control the deep suspicion that is the foundation of the Chapter's mindset. The Chapter is strongly affected by the superstitious nature of Halsstarrig’s people, and many among their ranks adorn their armour with tokens and lucky charms. Much as clansmen wear trophies from their world’s predators, Marines often wear the teeth or pelts from particularly vicious alien species they have fought and killed. Depending on which of the clans of Halsstarrig they are recruited from, some brethren choose to daub crude patterns on their faces before going into battle. Such primitive behaviour, along with the majority of the Chapter’s attitude towards technology, has been known to make other Imperials, especially other Iron Hands Successors and Tech Adepts from further afield than the Gharant forges, look upon the Chapter with a certain amount of derision. Combat Doctrine ‘As always, it has been a pleasure to serve alongside the Marines Adamant. My crews’ only complaint has been that too few of the enemy survived to face our fury.’ – Lord Maxwell, Princeps Senioris of the Legio Mallei Argentum. [rightsidebar-The Gutrippa Retaliation]417.M39 – Waagh Gutrippa surges forth from the depths of the Abyss to attack the Gharant system. Through clever words and cunning manipulation, Warleader Dypnir the Sly is elected Warlord and leads no less than five Households to turn back the greenskin threat. Dypnir’s forces gradually retreat before the horde, their myriad counterattacks slowly bleeding it of strength, and when the depleted Waagh finally reaches the Hives of Gharant V, it is easily destroyed by the mighty battle Titans of the Legio Mallei Argentum.[/rightsidebar]When the Chapter goes to war they are cold, brutal and uncompromising. Their focus is on implacable advance in attack and they are even more unbending in defence. Overall, the Marines Adamant have a preference for firepower and resilience over speed. So often do they choose to take up defensive positions, most Households are able to equip three or four squads with multiple heavy weapons. The Chapter rarely uses ground transports; the plentiful supply of war material from Gharant III means that most Rhino chassis are quickly refitted as Predators or other support tanks. Much like the Iron Hands, they have deep respect for power of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, which will often be spread across a Household to its squad leaders rather than used by a single unit. When attacking, the Households favour drop pod insertion supported by Dreadnoughts. The Chapter has very few assault focussed units, though line squads expected to be ready – and are very capable – to fight at close quarters when necessary. Bikes and jump packs are rarely used, though each of the Households still maintain some fast vehicles and transports such as Land Speeders, Stormtalons, Stormravens and Thunderhawks. Due to the Chapter’s focus on self-reliant, adaptable infantry units, the Households excel in urban combats and boarding actions. Though the Marines Adamant are uncompromising in their devotion to the Emperor, their disdainful and suspicious nature frequently makes for difficult relations with other Imperial organizations. It is notable that Households fighting alongside other Imperial forces will often refuse to share intelligence or co-ordinate their battle plans. However, their Code makes them utterly loyal to any oaths they or their forebears may have sworn, especially to those who have proved themselves time and again, such as the worlds of the Gharant system. Geneseed ‘You think yourselves worthy of the seed of Manus? None of us are! But you shall have your chance. ’ – Brother Tonnrud, Flesh Wyrd. The Households’ Flesh Wyrds are responsible for recruiting and implantation, and often lead small squads to Halsstarrig to ‘recruit’ new initiates. Each Household has preferred clans and areas of the planet from which to recruit, but it is a source of some pride and amusement to ‘poach’ a promising recruit from the lands claimed by another Household. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13401/gallery_27610_13401_26574.png 4th Household Badge As successors of the Iron Hands, the Marines Adamant are blessed with gene-seed that is largely free of physical flaws, although in approximately one third of the Chapter’s brethren the Omophagea has become inactive. Detractors suggest that the Chapter’s instinctive mistrust of others is also plainly a result of their genetic legacy, a twisting of the Iron Hands hatred of the weaknesses of the flesh. It is less clear if the Marines Adamant also share their forebears predilection for bionic modification, but they are certainly well supplied with them by means of their link with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Battle-Cry ‘Emperor, gene-father! See the might of your sons!’ – Warleader Isorn Firewalker. The Households have no single war cry, as such are often selected depending on the current mission and personality of the commanding Warleader. However, these calls to battle do embrace common themes, including vows of loyalty to the Imperium or its worlds, as well as tirades against hated foes. Most notably, Imperial observers have heard challenging cries directed towards the Emperor and the Primarch Ferrus Manus, for them to see and remember the bravery, skill and determination of the warriors of the Marines Adamant. ******* Discussion Link
  10. George surveyed the battlefield before revving the engine to his bike. The rear tire spun with fury whipping the vehicle around to point straight to its destination. Upon finding purchase it lurched forward as George let a primal scream pointing the Spear of Longinus at forward toward his target. He jinked to avoid incoming fire from all directions. By the Emperor, he was going to slay this beast of a tyranid and earn valor for for name once more. There was a shift in the sans beneath him just before he was thrown from his mount. George flew forward still as his bike went askew detonating on the carapace of a nearby carnifex. The moment he hit the ground sliding in beside a rocky outcropping the ravener from below him on a moment ago was upon him. He parried with his lance an shield as best he could in his confined position. Trying to stand was useless he could see his left leg was destroyed. There was no way to stand. Still he fought. The ravener did what all animals do, it went for the kill. It’s prey was fighting back, yet a piece of it lay exposed. With admonishing force it threw two talons down simultaneously while thrust the others toward the quarry once again. It pushed the forward talons away with the pole arm again, only this time with a cost. George did not scream. He did not wince. His body was made to take theses wounds and survive. There was no reason to panic. Besides, he saw the land raider adjust it’s lascannons to slaughter this arrogant beast. The kill would not be his, but he would not lose valor because of it. The ravener blew apart across the abdomen while the lasfire had put a hole straight through. The beast lurched forward a small fraction before slumping over to it’s right side. In the small distance ahead George could see the apothecary already running to his position. He cleared the field with speed and efficiency. He arrived looking over George’s body. “Only you could go toe to toe with one of those vile creatures and only lose your legs.” “To be fair, the left one was mostly gone before that beast was upon me,” George replied. The apothecary only shook his head before gathering up his battle brother and carrying him double time to the nearest rhino transport. They entered the vehicle where the apothecary could survey the damage to his patient properly. “It appears brother two bionic legs will need to be forged to replace your missing flesh,” the apothecary stated matter of factly. “I do not want the standard replacements. I was born to ride! I am the captain of speed and vengeance! I must be able to spirit my mechanical mount straight to the enemy! What you offer will only slow down this instrument of the Emperor!” He exclaimed. He would not be put on foot again. His reputation was one of open righteous fury upon the enemy. The apothecary looked into his patient’s eyes saying only, “I’ll talk to the Forge Master.” George knew his day of fighting was at an end as the apothecary administered the sedatives. When George awoke in the apothecarium aboard the Bright Ascension he had the strange sensation of being taller. He looked down at the strangely shaped legs he had been given. He took a few steps back noticing the parchment on the med table beside him. Why was he not lying on his back? Turning his head slightly, he noticed more augmetics behind him. What had they done? These were the strangest bionics he had ever seen. He took in the equine styled body, the four legs, the connection points at the lower waist where he once use legs of flesh to stand. George picked up the parchment with zest as he began to read. I had given your request much thought. You are a mighty warrior among us. You are the Dragon Slayer, Carrier of the Sacred Spear, the Paladin of Vengeance. A knight with few to call equal. I have been informed you wished to keep your stature among your company. You are now made to run my brother. Made to run. George began to laugh. Only Gideon Phelps, the Forge Master, would give back a wish of continued service by constructing a myth from Terra’s very ancient mythologies. George took in his new centaurian body as he continued in his mirth. Only the Forge Master indeed. George the Dragon Slayer With new edition I decided to really look at my army which at the moment is rushed together unfinished projects and a rather large pile of shame. Life has dealt me a new hand with more time to hobby and do it correctly. As such, I am getting my army together as I originally envisioned it, starting with my biker captain. I wanted to have a techmarine with a centaurian body, but nothing I came up with looked right when I mocked it up. The “horse body” was always too small. The release of the new starter sets got me to thinking about bikes. If I couldn’t get the tech to look right, could I do it with this captain? He’s still a work in progress. So far, I’m ecstatic about the results! This guy only took an hour to get to his current state due to me taking my time to really look at where the two bodies would meet. Once that part was out of the way most of the “heavy lifting” on this guy was done. I’m not a hundred percent on the helmet yet. I would like something a bit more knightly, but not something I have to purchase multiples of to get. It also needs to have some stature to it, otherwise the helmets just look tiny. Let me know what you guys think...
  11. So, as the title states, this will be my third return to the hobby. Original time was back in the early 2000's, I had a Space Wolves army that I had painted a pale green, don't ask 12-year old me why. I quickly moved on to a Black Legion Army that included some Rhino Rush Berserkers, the then-new Defiler, and a metal Daemon Prince (you know the one). This must have been 3e-4.5. This phase culminated with a trip to the Atlanta Games Day where I submitted my old metal Typhus model. At this time, I was pretty into the Space Wolf books and also Storm of Iron. As for models, I was pretty into Codex: Eye of Terror, and especially the Grey Slayer models, but this was when I think high school started to really pick up for me. None of the models from this era survived. Fast forward to about 10 years ago, got back into it and picked up some models again and got back to work, converting some vaguely renegade Marines using the Chaos Warrior gloved arms and axes. Not sure what my plan was, and I fell off the wagon again. I think I first got into the HH books here. Second return- Still got a few of those models, and went back through them when I moved. Got some more, this would have been right around the time of the plastic HH boxes coming out. I started working on some fluff and got a ton of bits and did some assembly, but I was mostly working background via the Iron Gauntlet challenge in the Liber forums. You can find some of that fluff here and here. But with Primaris coming out, I felt pretty overwhelmed and kind of worn out, and for whatever reason, I fell out of it again. Finally, this time, I’m ready to finish the Violent Gods, including an update to the fluff that fixes some typos and situates them firmly in the space of the Dark Imperium now that Guilliman is back. My plan is still to run them as Space Wolves, albeit without some of the Wolfier choices in the Codex. Anyway, here’s some models. Counts as GH. Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, then Agrax. They all need a highlight, and I think the Marine on the right needs some Nuln Oil. The one in the middle was mostly finished as a test, but I’ve since redone his armor to match the one on his left, built when you could load out GH squads with bg, bp, AND chainswords. Oh well. More GH. Same armor layers applied. GH Plasma Specialists. Champion/WG/Lieutenant on the left (needs more bits!), GH on the right. WGPL, WGPL- possibly for Long Fangs, GHPL. Counts as Long Fangs, including a possible RG defector, perhaps you can guess which one (!). I think two more lascannons ought to fill this squad out. I’ve got some Blood Claws, a few characters, and some Rhino’s hopefully up next. Thoughts about the dirty metal armor? I think it needs a highlight, but not sure which color to use. I was hoping that jumping right to Runefang or Stormhost Silver won’t be too stark. Thanks for looking! Edit: thought my old thread was archived, but it is not, and it is in my signature.
  12. It has been a while. After a Vindicator and a Land Raider (see my gallery for those) i started new long-term project. The idea is a new design for tanks based on Ben Wottons design studies for a Halo scorpion tank. It will be basically the same chassis for anything that is Chimera- or Leman Russ based. The original Scorpion design will eventually be built as a Macharius. Progress is extremely slow, because time is sparse and everything is scratch built. Including all the weapons. ok, you are waiting for photos... (Click them for larger versions in the B&C gallery) First, the heavy weapons for hull, Chimera turrets and sponsons. So far i have heavy bolters (turned out quite small), heavy flamers, lascannons ans multilasers. An early stage of the Chimera turret with multilaser, HKM and heavy stubber. The second set of the latter two is intended for a Leman Russ. I should have made the stubber replaceable... Welle, in the next one. An early stage of the generic chassis Progress on the chassis with Leman Russ turret and punisher cannon. Magntised, hull mounted Heavy Bolter is equiped. ...and how it looks today with a couple of added details and a few more Details missing.
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    An Index Astartes article detailing the homegrown Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, the Heralds of Light.
  15. Index Astartes: Heralds of Light T he Heralds of Light are steadfast defenders and servants of the Imperium. As members of the Astartes Praeses, they were created with the express purpose of guarding the regions surrounding the Eye of Terror, and have taken their task to heart. Where other Chapters are free to seek fame and glory, these unsung heroes have stood valiantly against the darkness since the thirty-second millennium. Even now with the galaxy split in half and their homeworld in ruins, the Chapter keeps fighting and refuse to abandon hope. Origins 'Let us light the way, Brothers!' - First Chapter Master Alcaeus Rex On the first day of the thirty-second millennium, the historical 3rd founding was initiated. Created from the genetic material of the old Legions, completely new Chapters would bolster the numbers of the overexerted Adeptus Astartes. Spurred by Abaddon the Despoiler’s first Black Crusade, several of these Chapters were drafted into the Astartes Praeses, tasked with reinforcing Imperial forces in the troubled Segmentum Obscurus and protecting the Imperium from further invasions from the Eye of Terror. One such Chapter was made from the gene-seed of Rogal Dorn's Imperial Fists, chosen for his Legion's unflinching bravery during the defense of Terra. They were named the Heralds of Light and would bring the Emperor's radiance to the darkest corner of the galaxy. Gifted with a mighty Battle Barge, the Undying Light, a cadre of Imperial Fists veterans lead the new Chapter towards Segmentum Obscurus on a glorious crusade of reclamation. After nearly two centuries, their initial campaign came to an end with the First Defense of Lucerna. The battle saw the entire Chapter deployed on and above Lucerna, a planet cut off from the Imperium during the Horus Heresy, now occupied by a large warband of Word Bearers. Although the losses were grievous, the Heralds were victorious and recognized as saviors by the Lucernan people. The Lucernan had been defiant in the face of Chaos and fought bravely, despite their inferior training and equipment. Impressed, the Heralds took Lucerna under their protection and claimed it as the Chapter’s new homeworld. Since that time the Heralds have made their name in the fight against Chaos. During the Age of Apostasy, the Heralds were nearly wiped out fighting the traitor hordes taking advantage of the internal power struggle. The Chapter was spread thin during the Gothic War trying to contain the invading forces, hunting down bands of Raiders who managed to slip through the Cadian Gate. For nearly nine millennia the Heralds of Light have stood their ground, and Lucerna has been a bulwark in the defense of the Imperium. Unyielding as a lighthouse; a symbol of humanity in a dark tempest. Yet, when the Thirteenth Black Crusade poured out from the Eye of Terror, the Herald’s resolve was not enough to save their homeworld. Homeworld “This world is why we fight.” – First Chapter Master, Alcaeus Rex. Lucerna is located in Segmentum Obscurus in the galactic north, south of the Eye of Terror in the Turbatus sub-sector. A beautiful terrestrial planet covered in wide oceans, deep forests and high mountains, similar to Holy Terra of ages long gone, Lucerna stood in stark contrast to much of its surrounding systems. To the Heralds, Lucerna was the very symbol of everything the Emperor fought for and made it their sacred duty to forever protect the world. Settled during the Great Crusade, this prosperous civilized world became a testament of the Emperor’s vision for the human empire. Due to its isolation during the Heresy, Lucerna was unscathed by the fires of war, and remained a tranquil world until it was rediscovered. Even in times of conflict between the various Lucernan states, the people raised great leaders, able to unite the whole population and uphold the harmony. The great Lucernan library, cherished by both the people and their Astartes protectors, contained art, relics and documents from the times before the Heresy, ensuring that knowledge of the Imperium survived. Lucerna never forgot about the Emperor, and in time the people came to believe that He would one day return. Fully aware of the Astartes presence on their world, the Lucernan populace looked towards their guardians with great reverence. To have a member of the family join the Chapter’s ranks was an immense honor. The Heralds rarely involved themselves with matters of planetary rule, preferring to serve, only intervening if requested to or when it was absolutely necessary. After rejoining the Imperium, the planet became the primary source of recruits for the Chapter and the Lucernan Planetary Defense Force evolved into a formidable military organisation. The PDF has fought side by side with the Heralds on many occasions, even off-world when necessary, defending the Lucernan system and beyond. No matter how capable the Lucernan PDF was, it would not be enough. As the Thirteenth Black Crusade laid waste to the Segmentum, the Heralds divided their forces over several battlefronts. In the turmoil that followed the opening of the Great Rift, Lucerna was cut off from the bulk of the Herald’s strength. Contact was lost and only a handful of Astartes remained on the planet. The Heralds themselves never learned the exact details of what happened, but when they finally returned to Lucerna, the planet was overrun by Chaos forces and warp storms threatened to consume the system. Although bled dry from the Black Crusade, what remained of the Heralds of Light charged into the fray in a desperate attempt to save their people. They managed to temporarily secure their Fortress-Monastery, evacuating as many as they could from all over the planet while turning ancient cities to dust with orbital bombardment to keep the enemy at bay. Stubborn as they were, even the Heralds realized that staying would mean their doom. And so they left Lucerna, their home for millennia, barely escaping with less than three companies’ worth of Astartes, spread among the battered remains of their fleet. The Watchtower, the now ruined Fortress-Monastery of the Heralds, sits dark and silent surrounded by ice and rock near the northern pole. Built in the architectural style of Rogal Dorn, undeniably inspired by the defenses of Terra, the Fortress-Monastery was an impressive sight. The outer layers consisted mainly of massive walls and defense mechanisms, while most of the Chapter facilities were below the surface, as an added protection against orbital bombardment. But in the center, on the highest point of the Watchtower, a great fire burned for millennia, kept alive by a constant stream of a natural gas that produced a bright blue flame. Reflected by the ice of the surrounding tundra, melding with northern lights, the Fortress bathed in an ethereal aura. Known as the Flame of the Emperor, this fire was of great symbolic importance to the Heralds, representing the light of Mankind in the darkness of space. Though the great fire atop the Watchtower has gone out, a remnant of this flame still burns in the inner chambers of the Undying Light, fueled by a dwindling supply of gas from their lost homeworld. Organisation “They will be remembered! They will be avenged!” – Current Chapter, Master Marcus Savvor. Following the fall of Lucerna, the Heralds of Light became a fleet-based Chapter. The Undying Light, the flagship of their fleet, once again serves as the Chapter’s home. This venerable Battle Barge bears the scars of countless battles and is one of their most valued assets. Of the rest of their once impressive fleet only four Strike Cruisers survived and a handful of support vessels. Aside from the few artifacts they managed to secure during their escape, many priceless relics of the Chapter's long and glorious history were also lost. The Chapter might have been disbanded at any other point in history had it not been for the arrival of a Torchbearer task force from the Imdomitus Crusade, carrying Primaris Astartes and technology. The Heralds embraced the reinforcements as what it was called – the “Primarch’s Gift”. When presented with the opportunity to cross the Rubicon Primaris, all who could did, seeing it as the final test to prove themselves worthy to continue as a Chapter. Some fell to the procedure, but many more survived. The Heralds of Light remain a Codex Adherent Chapter, having followed the traditional ten company structure for most of their existence. While still under strength, the companies have nearly recovered their numbers, and the Heralds are also supported by a sizable remnant of the Lucernan PDF survivors who swore their short lives to serve the Chapter. Armed with renewed strength and purpose, the Heralds have vowed to avenge their fallen brothers and hope to one day retake their homeworld. Combat Doctrine “We fight, we serve, we die – all in His name.” – Chapter Teachings. As members of the Astartes Praeses, duty requires the Heralds to frequently fight alongside other Imperial organizations. They have gained a reputation for throwing themselves into combat to support their allies, occasionally forgoing comprehensive planning in favor of providing aid as fast as possible. As a consequence, the Heralds do not always fight on their own terms, having participated in numerous defensive operations as well as other tasks unusual for Astartes. This approach has proven to be very strenuous and often stretches the Chapter thin as they strive to answer every call for aid. The Heralds themselves see this as a natural part of their responsibilities, not a strategic weakness, but a tactical challenge to overcome. Whilst they have been known for their lack of planning, it is in the heat of battle the Heralds have gained their renown. The Heralds have always been a flexible fighting force, able to quickly react to an ever-changing combat situation and have become famous for their ability to adapt and improvise. Cooperation with allied organizations has always been important to the Heralds, and to effectively work together with another fighting force, one must be able to take advantage of each other’s strengths. As such, they strive to excel in all areas of combat so that they may better support their allies. Like many descendants of the Imperial Fists, the Heralds have inherited a reluctance to accept defeat. This can sometimes blind the Heralds to risk, as they fight on where other Chapters would fall back. The Heralds themselves view it as absolutely necessary for a servant of the Emperor to be willing to die in battle, and the Chaplains constantly preach of self-sacrifice. Only by the supreme sacrifice of some of the greatest Imperial heroes, like Rogal Dorn or the Emperor himself, does the Imperium still stand. It is their resolute nature that keeps them fighting on where others would give up. Beliefs “We fight the battles others cannot win. We suffer the pain others cannot endure. We face the horrors others cannot withstand. For we are Astartes; This is our duty, and we embrace it.” – Chapter Teachings. The cult of the Heralds places great emphasis on humility, self-sacrifice, and loyalty. They see themselves as servants of the Emperor and therefore protectors of humanity. All who live under the light of the Emperor are worthy of their protection, and the Heralds are known for their tolerance of both ordinary humans and even ab-humans. Unlike many Chapters, the Heralds are not exceedingly proud or self-absorbed, but humble and reserved. They exist to serve mankind, not the other way around. The Heralds value the division of power in the empire as absolutely necessary, but they also strongly believe that if mankind is to be victorious, the forces of the Imperium must work together. Their humbleness and willingness to collaborate has earned them many allies within the Adeptus Astartes and other Imperial organizations. During their existence, the Heralds have developed a conviction that the Emperor will one day rise from the Golden Throne, and unite humanity against Chaos. Their duty is to keep the Imperium safe, until the Emperor returns and leads them in a second Great Crusade. With the advent of the Indomitus Crusade and the Psychic Awakening, the Heralds belief has only strengthened, fueling their actions with a near zealous fervor, unlike anything they have displayed before. However, this is undoubtedly influenced by their recent losses, producing a deep thirst for vengeance as well. The Heralds of Light bear an intense hatred for Chaos in all its forms, and it is abhorred for its corrupting touch. Falling to the Dark Gods is the greatest betrayal to the Emperor and cannot be tolerated. They consider the Ruinous Powers to be the ultimate threat and the Heralds show no mercy when it comes to the annihilation of Chaos. They have been especially vigorous during the various Black Crusades over the millennia, and this in turn has earned them the hatred of many Chaos worshipers. To them, Lucerna was the greatest provocation; a torch burning with the flame of the False Emperor. Geneseed “Cut through the night.” – Chapter Motto. The zygote cultures required to grow both the Betcher's gland and the Sus-an membrane have been lost or damaged over the millennia, but like all sons of Dorn the Heralds do not mourn these losses. Despite their proximity to the Eye of Terror, the Heralds' geneseed has remained remarkably stable with no signs of mutation. Now, with the integration of the Primaris technology, the geneseed’s integrity has been solidified. The Heralds are once again ready to fight against the endless horrors of the universe and bring light to the darkness. --- Original Discussion Topic
  16. Hello All! My daughter and wife are finally making the plunge and getting involved with 40k! That means the time has finally come for me to put rules to a DIY chapter I’m designing. With them in the mix, here is my “local meta:” Imperial Guard heavy on mortars, sentinels, Ogryns, and a few battle tanks (Leman Russes, Griffons).Eldar Harlequins- basic formations (my daughter’s new, so no cute tricks yet).Genestealer cult army heavy on infantry and psykers. It’s basically a Space Hulk infantry collection that can form a suboptimal footslogging army. Mostly there to teach people the rules, or if someone needs a break from their normal army. Here are the creative parameters: This chapter is really an excuse to paint and field what I want and still be a cohesive army. The rule of cool dictated what I bought, but the rules seem solid enough that should be able to pull off a good force with any combination of models. I like the Primaris marine models, I like the Sisters of Silence models, and I like what I’ve seen of the Sisters of Battle plastics. So I created an army idea that allows me to paint and field them. I’ve discovered that if I buy something for an army that I don’t like (like Centurions), I end up never assembling or painting them, and so it’s a waste of money and time. I need to have the army be made up of things that I like to paint. I know it hamstrings me, but life’s too short to paint stupid things.The worst part of DIY armies is trying to keep straight what everything counts as. I want the visual elements of the army to be as unambiguous as possible, so that I can explain it to an opponent in under 3 minutes, and they can remember it throughout the game without needing to ask for clarification. They came to have fun too, and extra mental bookkeeping is not fun.I play Space Hulk (1st edition, all expansions), so I want as much of my army as possible to be compatible with that game. Some things (like Primaris marines) will just have to play as regular marines, but that’s the reason that I’m shying away from large vehicles. If I built the army right, I’ll be able to use it to play multiple games, which I see as a good price justification. Here are the fluff parameters: The chapter is a fleet-based one, specializing in boarding actions, cityfighting, and zone mortalis engagements.The chapter’s symbol is a lion head, and their base color is Lupercal Green. The contrasting color is going to be either silver, white, or leadbelcher – can’t decide. Open to other suggestions, but I’ve never done green marines, so its time now.The chapter is based on a hunter mentality – it loves to take out big game. The lighter infantry flushes out the enemy and whittles down the lesser forces, then the Primaris “pounce,” killing multi-wound units and (if I can) vehicles. Character models focus on taking out individual units that are a problem for the army – they plug holes. Each game would (theoretically) start right as my force prepare to “pounce” on their foes.Taking inspiration from a lion’s pride, I wanted the “lionesses” (single-wound models) to do the heavy lifting – they need to perform a specific battlefield role; helping funnel the enemy and feed them to the marines.As of now, I plan to use the Sisters of Silence models as Scouts (bolter variety only, due to model constraints), and Sisters of battle (when they are released in plastic) as devastators and any other single-wound element that I may use. Here are the design parameters: The “true” space marines of the chapter will consist of Primaris marines or marines with multiple wounds – all multi-wound marines will be represented by Primaris marines to aid in visual differentiation. Female models will be used to represent single-wound (normal) marines.The chapter’s marines are Zone Mortalis/ space boarding action experts, so the only vehicles allowed are dreadnoughts, drop pods, rhinos/razorbacks, and impulsors.I envision the chapter being led at the highest levels by Librarians, so no captains – only Lieutenants. I’m not wedded to this idea (I’ve been told that the modern meta requires captains to work, and if that’s the case, I’ll reevaluate).No Chaplin’s – I don’t like them. So with all of that out of the way, here’s the meat of my problem – what primogenitor chapter do you think could be most competitive? Here are the thoughts I’ve got so far: Ultramarines: Female warriors could be Scouts, Devastators, and Tyranid Veterans. This list would play around with the Tactical doctrine – the volume of fire from Aggressor, Heavy Bolters, and rapid fire bolt guns would be the major feature. Iron Hands: This list would play with the Devastator doctrine. Intercessor with Stalker Bolt Rifles, Devastators with Heavy Bolters, and so forth. Combined with Calculated Fury, they could be formidable killers. Blood Angels: This one could be designed with several unique features, including Death Company Intercessors, and Sanguinary Guard as “Primaris” Assault Marines. The bonus to wound and speed from their chapter tactics would offset the weak melee abilities of Primaris marines in general. Warrior Women Devastators would be able to carry Heavy Flamers (which look awesome, no matter the rules), so there’s that as well. White Scars: This list would make use of transports more extensively. Everything would have to be in impulsors, rhinos, or razorbacks. The plan would be to “hit and fade” with the transports to tarpit the enemy units while the infantry shoots them to death. More vehicle-oriented than I normally like, but is has the advantage of being a newer idea for me, so there’s that. I've also thought about doing an "unknown" gene-seed, using the tactics combinations in the Codex, but I'm not sure which ones would be effective. Happy to entertain any suggestions you may have in this regard as well. That’s all I have. What do you think? I know it’s a lot to read, but I wanted to makes sure people knew where I was coming from, so that I didn’t waste their time – are any of these ideas feasible enough to be competitive? I’m not aiming to win tournaments (though that would be nice), but I don’t want to paint an entire army just to be tabled every engagement. Thanks in advance for looking and making suggestions – I really appreciate it.
  17. EDIT: Up to date background log: The Unmakers: Clan Brannsar Background Article (WIP) Up to date miniatures log: The Unmakers: Clan Brannsar Miniatures Log At the urging of our very own esteemed Urza, here's all the [current] content for my HH DIY Clan [note: to see what the feth I'm talking about when it comes to Golem Heavy Assault Squads, go here] http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_242669.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_977904.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_69694.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_284142.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_854337.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_403954.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_825861.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_76779.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_125815.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_113560.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_977838.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_1076150.pnghttp://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_609365.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_580661.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_437572.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_768898.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_137162.pnghttp://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_467321.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_917677.png At some point I'll be making a new thread detailing all we know form FW's stuff on the 10th Legion's organisation, and detailing my own system for organising Brannsar [although this would likely vary between Clans, each being effectively a pocket-Legion] on the off chance anyone [other than Urza :P ] wanted to have a template they could base their own system off]. Brannsar's stuff is regularly updated, so expect much, much more
  18. Long long ago in the way far away I created the Knights of Lydda Chapter. After taking a hiatus from the forum I havefound that nothing remains of my beloved chapter except a picture in one thread. Well, since I am rebuilding my forces, I think it only right to amend the writing from the past to reflect the newer rules and game play. The Knights are a Black Templar off shoot that willplay with their Chapter Tactics. All charactes are created specifically for the chapter without recycling any from the BT list. I am currently rewriting the fluff to the army, here is what I have: Origins The Knights of Lydda were first created during the 20th Founding with Imperial Fist geneseed to deal with the xenos threats which spanned through out the Imperium of Man. Many of the initial training missions were fought against different xenos races. These missions helped to instill the chapter with a fierce hatred for the entirety of all xenos races. To them having a xenos race on Imperial soil is just as bad as having a heretic on Holy Ground. The Knights of Lydda were assigned a permanent post in the Eastern Fringe as it seemed that this was the doorway through which much of the threat to the Imperium was using. The Knights of Lydda were to eradicate any sign of alien contamination they found. Lydda, a world from the Nemarkus System near the center of the Eastern Galactic Fringe, was given to the Chapter as a recruiting ground as many of its initial marines were drawn from this medieval world. The beliefs of the Chapter are like those of the knights that populate its lands. They quite simply translate as protect the weak and destroy all that oppose the righteous rule of the Emperor. The Knights of Lydda live and die by this simple creed. There is no parlay with these warriors, you are on the Emperor's side or you are a traitor. The Knights of Lydda have fought bravely in many engagements against various opponents. Though trained to fight primarily alien cultures, they have had a decent amount of battle experience with the forces of Chaos as well. The illustrious battles fought by this noble Chapter span many volumes in the Chapter's Librarium and shrines to victory and fallen warriors are scattered across many of planets of this sector. The Gresnik War The Gresnik War began as a small operation that quickly spiralled out of control. Imperial Guard regiments were sent to Opathia Prime to quell an Ork rebellion. It seems that the Guard was ill informed of their true enemy. Though green of skin and immensely muscular, Gresnik was not an Ork as the Guardsmen were led to believe, but rather a Chaos Champion. After losing four major cities and the lower continent, the Guard called for help. They still had not seen Gresnik, only his minions who resembled orks. The Knights of Lydda answered the call immediately. After a small warp jump the initial battle was fought in the city Heratomolie. The densely built city hindered the Knights' regular combat doctrines and Gresnik's forces balked them at every turn. Until this point in their illustrious history they had been able to dictate terms to their enemies, now the advantage belonged to the enemy. For months wave after wave of attacks by the Knights were put down. In a brash decision Chapter Master Gregory Harriston declared the entire Chapter, from the most grizzled veteran marine to the newest scout was to fight in this particular theater of war. Two forces were assembled to take part in a decisive strike to lure out the elusive Gresnik. The first was a mobile strike unit of Cheveliers supported by Seige Master stationed at key points through out the battle zone. The second was an entire Order constisting of Assault Marines who would wait to harass and destroy the enemy forces brought into light. After months of recon, firefights, and repositioning of forces the Knights had lost many Battle Brothers. On the three hundred and twenty second day of fighting a ray of hope shone on the Knights of Lydda. The scout recon groups spotted Gresnik himself. Gresnik was a being of pure muscle, tainted green with the rot of Nurgle. A massive power claw formed his right hand while a huge three bladed bionic formed the left. It was easy for any marine there to understand why they were under the assumption they were initially fighting orks. Gresnik made way for the approaching Chapter forces killing two squads of scouts in his attack. As he stood over Chavelier Sergeant Charles Pollinius about to strike the killing blow with the power clawed right hand, the power sword of Gregory himself stopped it. The two were locked in combat while the rest of the Knights of Lydda regrouped and took their fight to the remaining forces of Gresnik's army. Gresnik was finally laid low when Gregory decapitated his mutated head from his body. All of the fallen Brothers had been taken to the apothecaries of the fleet ships for removal of their geneseed. It was here that Gregory the Pious learned of the exact number of the fallen, a full three quarters of his men had died on this world. Gregory consulted the only member of Imperial Law in the field, Inquisitor Marcus Grimm of the Ordo Xenos. The decision was the planet of Opathia Prime would be declared Exterminatus. The Imperial forces bombarded the planet with virus bombs and left it to die. The Knights left for Lydda to re-forge their strength and their numbers pledging that an onslaught like this would never be allowed to happen to the Chapter again. Reconstruction Following the Gresnik War, the Knights of Lydda were all but driven into obscurity. The reconstruction of the chapter was of supreme importance and could not be ignored. Putting themselves into seclusion on the surface of Lydda the chapter drove forward searching for worthy aspirants to fill the void left by the fallen brothers of the chapter. In mid-M.38, during this time of seclusion a vision of prosperity came upon them. This miracle of the Emperor came to them in the form of Jerrulis Resinger, a young masonry serf who had a particular skill with the blade. During the two hundred and fifty year reconstruction of the Chapter, Jerrulius advanced in rank. Once, as the Chavelier Captain of the Lion Order, Jerrulius led his Order into one of the Chapter's most famous battles, facing and defeating many times their number of Eldar. The result impressed Chapter Master Gregory Harriston so much that he took the Captain under his wing to become his successor. After Gregory's fall on Damascus XIV, Jerrulius assumed the mantle of Chapter Master. During this time he was to complete the reconstruction efforts of the chapter and drew up many tenants on how to maintain a fighting force, including the policy of establishing keeps upon uncontested Imperial worlds, expanding the number of potential candidates to recruit from. It is due to these practices laid out in the Bellicus Doctrina, written by Jerrulius himself in his forty ninth year as Chapter Master, that the Knights of Lydda have not faced such a dire need for recruits again. Lydda Lydda, the fourth planet of the Nemarkus System lies in the Daedelus Subsector of the Eastern Fringe. It is a medieval world under the Light of the Imperium for many millennia. The planet orbits the yellow sun of Nemarkus and this star blankets the lands of Lydda with light and warmth while the three planets closer to Nemarkus are too hot for habitation. Only two major continents are found on Lydda, the largest of which is Braxus. Across the blue seas lies the subcontinent of Jacea. The oceans of Lydda contain nineteen island chains, but few of these are actually inhabited. Native animals of this world include the Great Raven ( a bird of titanic size), horses, and the Lava Snake (a large reptile which usually resides in the steam vents of volcanic sites). These creatures are an everyday sight and with species such as the horse, breeding farms have been implemented in many areas of the world. The people of Lydda are organized into a feudal structure. Each kingdom supplies and maintains specific services and militia, levying troops and tithes from the populace to arm these forces. In return the rulers of each land proffer titles of nobility and grants of land. Serf labor makes up a large portion of the inhabitants of each Kingdom. It is this structure that makes Lydda such a fertile recruiting ground. Any boy can leave his position, even as a serf, to join the ruler's army and test himself during the Tournament of Pages. During the Tournament martial testing takes place across the lands and applicants from the age of eight to thirteen subject themselves to various trials, including a trial by arms in which only the victor walks away. Senior Chapter serfs attend each Tournament and choose the most suitable recruits for the Knights, those who survive but who are not chosen to join the Chapter are left to serve out their lives in the service of the lord holding the trials. The planetary population is aware of the presence of the Chapter and its serfs are regarded as a caste of their own among the inhabitants. Though no communication is existant outside the tournament, these individuals are seen as the Emperor's emissaries who stand but a rung below the legendary Knights themselves. If a Chapter serf makes a request for the Chapter from a ruling lord it is immediately fulfilled. No ruler wishes to risk the wrath of the 'Knights from the Emperor's Stars' being visited upon them. Local legends refer to the 'Knights of the Emperor's Stars' as the Emperor's chosen army. They revere these tales and when a Knights of Lydda ship is spotted overhead all that see it immediately inform their lord so that offerings may be made to satisfy the needs of these men who serve the Emperor's glory. It is a common fantasy of many of the planet’s youth to be taken to the stars with the Chapter and live their lives in service. It is a dream only few ever get to realize. Beliefs The Knights of Lydda are a zealous chapter in the tenants of its belief system. Their only mission in life is to destroy the forces which threaten the security of the Imperium of Man. Each marine holds dear the teachings and veneration of the Emperor and is a member of the Imperial Cult. On their homeworlds they were all raised with the knowledge of the God Emperor. They have retained these teachings upon their acceptance into the Chapter and worship the Emperor in much the same manner as the many other inhabitants of the Imperium. No challenge has been made to their belief of the Emperor as a God as it has been cited by the Inquisition on many occasions that to do this would most likely start a rift between the Chapter and the Imperium. No one wants the crusading chapter to ask what else they may have been lied to about if the Emperor is not what they have been taught since childhood. Some Inquisitors feel that this ignorance is bliss for the chapter and helps keep them in stride with the goals set for them in the field. The Sons of Lydda believe the Emperor himself chooses each of them and lays forth a mission to be completed. To die in battle is a completion of your task and grants a Knight a place at the Emperor's side in the afterlife. Any Marine who does not die in battle, but rather falls to treachery or subterfuge is prayed for by his brothers and a Chaplain states the case for the fallen marine to take his place at the Emperor's side during the funeral rites in hopes that the Emperor will still see fit to so honor the fallen brother. Honor is taken seriously amongst the Knights and points of honor between Battle Brothers are often settled by ritual combat. Depending on the severity of the grievance between Marines the combat may be settled by first blood, surrender or even, rarely, mortal combat though in the hundreds of years since the Knights of Lydda were formed this only four duels have been fought to the death. Recruitment Recruiting is done from several worlds now, most notably Lydda itself. On each recruiting world a keep is built and run by Chapter serfs. These individuals see to the needs of the Chapter providing required resources and personnel needed by the chapter thorough a series of tolls and levies in return for the Chapter's protection. Every year on Lydda the Tournament of Pages is held at the parade grounds of each of the twenty-three kingdoms. The purpose of the tournament is to provide a recruiting ground for new soldiers to be inducted and trained into soldiers by each feudal kingdom. All thirteen year old males of the realms are required to participate upon penalty of death, though any lad between eight and twelve years may also partake in the Tournament if he wishes. It is during this time that the Heralds of the Knights of Lydda, in the form of high-ranking chapter serfs, come forth to claim some of the youths present for induction into the chapter. The Tournament of Pages is a military affair using blunted weapons and tests of skill such as riding, jousting, and swordsmanship to show potential soldiers to the kings of the realms. These tests, though watched and held in relative safety, have been known their fair share of casualties and even fatalities among the entrants. However it is not solely martial prowess that the Tournament seeks to showcase, nor is solely battle skills that a potential chapter recruit is judged on. Entrants are also tested on military and legal knowledge, courtly manners and a variety of other subjects as well and some esoteric combination of the results of these tests and battlefield performance decides who is and who isn't recruited. Only the Heralds know these criteria, handed out by senior Knights according to the chapter's strengths and weaknesses and they hold their secrets close to their chests. Training The collected aspirants are brought to Nirvana, the chapter's keep. Here they are initially trained in survival techniques and unarmed combat by the serfs who were once themselves aspirants. During this time the surgical procedures for implanting the geneseed and various other organs to turn these young men into Space Marines are begun by the stationed Hospitaller. The Chapter's Hospitallers are aware of the fact that the Betcher's Gland does not work, as is the case with the Imperial Fists from which they are derived and the Chapter fears further degradation. Due to this concern the decision was made to train more recruits in the arts of the Apothecarium. Thus there is always a knowledgeable Brother on hand to monitor the implanted organs and bio-chemistry of each Marine for purity and proper function. Further all units must report every seven Terran years to an infirmary so that more complete check ups can be made. Once a certain maturity level has been established the aspirants are sent out on the Trial of Fire. This trial has the aspirants traveling to the mountains north of the keep with the goal of obtaining the head of an Inferno Drake (a fire breathing wyvern type, dragon class lizard inhabiting the caves near the mountain lakes). When the aspirants return the head is presented to the Hospitaller Sergeants at the Ceremony of Fortitude as proof of their ability to work as a team. After the process of implantation and psycho-indoctrination the aspirant receives a final test, The Journey of Steel. Taken to the most war torn and intense battlefields of the planet, armed with only a sword, shield, comm-link, and flak armor, the aspirants must return to Nirvana within 30 days. Each aspirant is expected to have a trophy from a fallen foe. These trophies are usually in the form of a weapon, most notably a sword. Those who fail a trial or reject the geneseed implantations are inducted as Chapter serfs. These men often serve in a militia company on the field either next to or in lieu of their masters. From this militia the Heralds are chosen to procure the next generation of aspirants for the Chapter. Battle Cry “Whom Shall I Fear?” Battlecry originated on the sulphur plains of Salpahrus IV where the Knights battled against a chaos cult backed by the Alpha Legion which threatened to consume the system itself. The originator of the cry is unknown, yet it persists to this day upon the battlefield.
  19. Greetings, brothers! I got back into 40k a few years ago and had the idea to start my own Space Marine chapter. The liber article can be found here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/341719-index-astartes-twilight-wardens/. (Long story short, they bear the geneseed of Rogal Dorn (specifics not totally clear atm), their arch-enemies are green-skins and they are based on african cultures, particulary herdsmen like Zulu or Massai.) Some may wonder: "Didn´t you start that thing 4 years ago?!" Well, yes. I might be a horrible hobbyist. Or not. I don´t know. Anyways some things kept me from wholeheartedly continuing the project. It´s not that I didn´t do anything. I passionatly assembled minis for a time. Painting is another matter entirely for me. Though I am a creative person and quite decent at drawing I somehow fear putting a brush in my hand and paint a mini. So only a few got started and eventually even finished. Being your own worst critic doesn´t make things easier, right? As the title says I wanted to finally start this plog to motivate my self to be a less-horrible hobbyist. Of the Twilight Wardens fluff, I am actually quite proud. It isn´t totally set in stone, but that too can be worked on of course. So I make a start in presenting you my build (and some painted minis). Enjoy and I´ll be grateful for any feedback! Cheers, Kyknos
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