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  1. So, as the title states, this will be my third return to the hobby. Original time was back in the early 2000's, I had a Space Wolves army that I had painted a pale green, don't ask 12-year old me why. I quickly moved on to a Black Legion Army that included some Rhino Rush Berserkers, the then-new Defiler, and a metal Daemon Prince (you know the one). This must have been 3e-4.5. This phase culminated with a trip to the Atlanta Games Day where I submitted my old metal Typhus model. At this time, I was pretty into the Space Wolf books and also Storm of Iron. As for models, I was pretty into Codex: Eye of Terror, and especially the Grey Slayer models, but this was when I think high school started to really pick up for me. None of the models from this era survived. Fast forward to about 10 years ago, got back into it and picked up some models again and got back to work, converting some vaguely renegade Marines using the Chaos Warrior gloved arms and axes. Not sure what my plan was, and I fell off the wagon again. I think I first got into the HH books here. Second return- Still got a few of those models, and went back through them when I moved. Got some more, this would have been right around the time of the plastic HH boxes coming out. I started working on some fluff and got a ton of bits and did some assembly, but I was mostly working background via the Iron Gauntlet challenge in the Liber forums. You can find some of that fluff here and here. But with Primaris coming out, I felt pretty overwhelmed and kind of worn out, and for whatever reason, I fell out of it again. Finally, this time, I’m ready to finish the Violent Gods, including an update to the fluff that fixes some typos and situates them firmly in the space of the Dark Imperium now that Guilliman is back. My plan is still to run them as Space Wolves, albeit without some of the Wolfier choices in the Codex. Anyway, here’s some models. Counts as GH. Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, then Agrax. They all need a highlight, and I think the Marine on the right needs some Nuln Oil. The one in the middle was mostly finished as a test, but I’ve since redone his armor to match the one on his left, built when you could load out GH squads with bg, bp, AND chainswords. Oh well. More GH. Same armor layers applied. GH Plasma Specialists. Champion/WG/Lieutenant on the left (needs more bits!), GH on the right. WGPL, WGPL- possibly for Long Fangs, GHPL. Counts as Long Fangs, including a possible RG defector, perhaps you can guess which one (!). I think two more lascannons ought to fill this squad out. I’ve got some Blood Claws, a few characters, and some Rhino’s hopefully up next. Thoughts about the dirty metal armor? I think it needs a highlight, but not sure which color to use. I was hoping that jumping right to Runefang or Stormhost Silver won’t be too stark. Thanks for looking! Edit: thought my old thread was archived, but it is not, and it is in my signature.
  2. APRIL 2023: Thanks for visiting! What you'll find before you is my one and only thread collecting my works in progress in chronicling the travails and travels of my Adeptus Astartes Chapter, the Sentinels. Unfortunately some of my older photos have been lost to the ravages of time and Photobucket, so if you're a new visitor to my pile of shame... Welcome! Feel free to skip to the last page for my most recent stuff, and then backtrack as far as you care to from there! Trust me, it's easier...
  3. George surveyed the battlefield before revving the engine to his bike. The rear tire spun with fury whipping the vehicle around to point straight to its destination. Upon finding purchase it lurched forward as George let a primal scream pointing the Spear of Longinus at forward toward his target. He jinked to avoid incoming fire from all directions. By the Emperor, he was going to slay this beast of a tyranid and earn valor for for name once more. There was a shift in the sans beneath him just before he was thrown from his mount. George flew forward still as his bike went askew detonating on the carapace of a nearby carnifex. The moment he hit the ground sliding in beside a rocky outcropping the ravener from below him on a moment ago was upon him. He parried with his lance an shield as best he could in his confined position. Trying to stand was useless he could see his left leg was destroyed. There was no way to stand. Still he fought. The ravener did what all animals do, it went for the kill. It’s prey was fighting back, yet a piece of it lay exposed. With admonishing force it threw two talons down simultaneously while thrust the others toward the quarry once again. It pushed the forward talons away with the pole arm again, only this time with a cost. George did not scream. He did not wince. His body was made to take theses wounds and survive. There was no reason to panic. Besides, he saw the land raider adjust it’s lascannons to slaughter this arrogant beast. The kill would not be his, but he would not lose valor because of it. The ravener blew apart across the abdomen while the lasfire had put a hole straight through. The beast lurched forward a small fraction before slumping over to it’s right side. In the small distance ahead George could see the apothecary already running to his position. He cleared the field with speed and efficiency. He arrived looking over George’s body. “Only you could go toe to toe with one of those vile creatures and only lose your legs.” “To be fair, the left one was mostly gone before that beast was upon me,” George replied. The apothecary only shook his head before gathering up his battle brother and carrying him double time to the nearest rhino transport. They entered the vehicle where the apothecary could survey the damage to his patient properly. “It appears brother two bionic legs will need to be forged to replace your missing flesh,” the apothecary stated matter of factly. “I do not want the standard replacements. I was born to ride! I am the captain of speed and vengeance! I must be able to spirit my mechanical mount straight to the enemy! What you offer will only slow down this instrument of the Emperor!” He exclaimed. He would not be put on foot again. His reputation was one of open righteous fury upon the enemy. The apothecary looked into his patient’s eyes saying only, “I’ll talk to the Forge Master.” George knew his day of fighting was at an end as the apothecary administered the sedatives. When George awoke in the apothecarium aboard the Bright Ascension he had the strange sensation of being taller. He looked down at the strangely shaped legs he had been given. He took a few steps back noticing the parchment on the med table beside him. Why was he not lying on his back? Turning his head slightly, he noticed more augmetics behind him. What had they done? These were the strangest bionics he had ever seen. He took in the equine styled body, the four legs, the connection points at the lower waist where he once use legs of flesh to stand. George picked up the parchment with zest as he began to read. I had given your request much thought. You are a mighty warrior among us. You are the Dragon Slayer, Carrier of the Sacred Spear, the Paladin of Vengeance. A knight with few to call equal. I have been informed you wished to keep your stature among your company. You are now made to run my brother. Made to run. George began to laugh. Only Gideon Phelps, the Forge Master, would give back a wish of continued service by constructing a myth from Terra’s very ancient mythologies. George took in his new centaurian body as he continued in his mirth. Only the Forge Master indeed. George the Dragon Slayer With new edition I decided to really look at my army which at the moment is rushed together unfinished projects and a rather large pile of shame. Life has dealt me a new hand with more time to hobby and do it correctly. As such, I am getting my army together as I originally envisioned it, starting with my biker captain. I wanted to have a techmarine with a centaurian body, but nothing I came up with looked right when I mocked it up. The “horse body” was always too small. The release of the new starter sets got me to thinking about bikes. If I couldn’t get the tech to look right, could I do it with this captain? He’s still a work in progress. So far, I’m ecstatic about the results! This guy only took an hour to get to his current state due to me taking my time to really look at where the two bodies would meet. Once that part was out of the way most of the “heavy lifting” on this guy was done. I’m not a hundred percent on the helmet yet. I would like something a bit more knightly, but not something I have to purchase multiples of to get. It also needs to have some stature to it, otherwise the helmets just look tiny. Let me know what you guys think...
  4. So I recently started designing some Decal sheets. I’ve already sent the first of my designs off to ScumB4g Kustoms to have them printed professionally. I would, however, really like to print my own. As I understand it a laser printer is superior to an inkjet printer when it comes to Decals and I assume GW use them for their Decal sheets. I have a couple of questions; 1. What laser Printer would be a good printer for DIY Decal printing? What features should I look out for? 2. How do GW and other Decal manufacturers like The Mighty Brush make ‘pre-cut’ Decals where the film is shaped around each individual Decal? 3. Can someone recommend an app for designing Decals? Ive been using a free trial of Adobe illustrator on an iPad Pro so far but cannot afford the subscription price.
  5. A while back I experimented with some new Space Marine paint schemes and found one I liked. I just was happy with the one I had originally chosen. I finally let loose the arrow to land where it may. Now at this point I have a conundrum. Is the red bolter housing too busy; should I go with a more neutral off-black? The squad and chapter markings are going to be red, if that makes a difference.
  6. Version v.1.2


    An Index Astartes article detailing the homegrown Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, the Heralds of Light.
  7. It has been a while. After a Vindicator and a Land Raider (see my gallery for those) i started new long-term project. The idea is a new design for tanks based on Ben Wottons design studies for a Halo scorpion tank. It will be basically the same chassis for anything that is Chimera- or Leman Russ based. The original Scorpion design will eventually be built as a Macharius. Progress is extremely slow, because time is sparse and everything is scratch built. Including all the weapons. ok, you are waiting for photos... (Click them for larger versions in the B&C gallery) First, the heavy weapons for hull, Chimera turrets and sponsons. So far i have heavy bolters (turned out quite small), heavy flamers, lascannons ans multilasers. An early stage of the Chimera turret with multilaser, HKM and heavy stubber. The second set of the latter two is intended for a Leman Russ. I should have made the stubber replaceable... Welle, in the next one. An early stage of the generic chassis Progress on the chassis with Leman Russ turret and punisher cannon. Magntised, hull mounted Heavy Bolter is equiped. ...and how it looks today with a couple of added details and a few more Details missing.
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