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The Lost Company of Jarl Thorimir Kingslayer (Tolv, 12th Great Company)

"In their arms the strength of the Kraken, in their veins the blood of the Gods"





Since Russ's disappearance, the Vlka Fenryka have maintained 12 Great Companies, each with their own attaches and support elements. Each company is in itself, an organism with one sole puprose, destruction. The members of the Rout were bred for this. In 693.M41, Tolv Company, vanished just south of the Maelstrom. Tolv was in pursuit of a traitor warband when communications were lost. 

Thorimir Kinglsayer

Thorimir Kingslayer, Jarl of Tolv, packmate of Logan Grimnar. After proving their worth, Thorimir Kingslayer and Logan Grimnar started life amongst the Sky Warriors side by side. From their earliest actions as Blood Claws, to their separation after century and a half of fighting back to back. A rivalry had always existed between the two, each trying to assert which was the alpha. It was Grimnar himself who gave Thorimir his title, after Thorimir claimed the head of a rouge planetary governor who called himself "King". They were packmates, a deadly pair in a scrap and drinking partners at the hearth. This came to and end when all but three of the pack remained. Logan went on to join the Wolfguard of the Great Wolf's company, Thorimir spent a decade fighting in service of the Deathwatch. The third and final member of the pack remains a mystery to all but Logan and Thorimir, vanishing from all records save memory.

After his return from the Deathwatch, Thorimir joined the ranks of Tolv's Wolfguard. There he remained until becoming Tolv's Jarl. Thorimir had always respected and the old traditions of the Rout. He spent much of his free time amongst the Priest hoods, skjalds, and the ancients, when thy were awoken, learning as much as possible. Tolv reflects his personal beliefs, that the old ways are the only way. Many in the company don leather knot-work masks, each customized to the individual. Marks of aversion are carved into armor and shields, to ward off malificarum. 

As a leader, Thorimir earned the respect and loyalty of all under his command, both on and off the battlefield. Skilled in the art of pursuit, Thorimir's company prefers offensive action. The hunt is where true joy lies. Aboard the Vanguard class Cruiser Anvindr, Tolv patrols for years at a time, returning only for rearmament and repair. Thorimir's skill in ship to ship conflict is unparalleled. On the ground, Thorimir can be found at the vanguard of Tolv, generally leading Thunderwolves into the fray, or the first to exit a smoking drop pod. He is a patient hunter, learning all the angles of a situation before acting. 

Combat Doctrine

Boarding, planetary assault. 


Like many Great Companies, Tolv is led by it's Jarl, Battle Leaders and Priests. 


Reflecting the beliefs of their Jarl, the members of Tolv are enthralled with the traditions of the VI Legion. Knot-work masks and marks of aversion are a common sight amongst them. 


"For Death and Glory!" 


Current Actions

Beyond all laws of the universe, the Warp is a mysterious place. Tolv was lost for 3 centuries, removed from time and space, before spilling out into the far galactic north in a region known as the Galyleo Sector. Tolv arrived at the onset of an ongoing incursion across the sector, chasing whispers of the renegades, and lending their blades to a mysterious Inquisitor sent to investigate the incidents. Because of the ever watching eyes of those outside the Space Wolves, Tolv cannot, for the forseeable future, return to Fenris. Instead, they must make war alone outside of the chapter hierarchy and organization until a time fitting for them to be remolded and absorbed back into the Rout. 





Ok so this is the thread for fluff about my Lost Company. Working on the current timeline info now, but here is some background. Comments and criticism/suggestions welcome! 

EDIT:: Current Actions added. Any future updates will be edited in later, but for all current purposes it is finished! 

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