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Charlo's HH Thread: Malinax Transfers


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Sorry it's been a while folks... Work has been INSANE but here we go...!






Third game was against the OG Traitors themselves, the Bearer's of the Word.


I can't recall my opponents name but he was a top guy and having seen his beautiful army earlier in the day I was hoping to play him!


He even had this awesome little "Book of Lorgar" that he wrote my name, army etc in and made notes on the battle as it progressed.


His list was:

  • Zardu
  • Centurion
  • Previan with 3 Darkfire Castellax
  • 2 Tactical Squads in Rhinos
  • 2 Contemptor Cortus with dual combat weapons
  • 5 Tartaros Terminators with a mix of combat weapons
  • Storm Eagle
  • 2 Nurgle Heralds
  • 2 Blobs of Plague Bearers

Mission was the one where you each have an objective in your deployment zone and holding each one is worth VP, more for your opponents obviously, plus the event objectives with defending/ killing the operative on each side. We both place our objectives in the buildings we conveniently have in the center of each of our DZ'


We deployed on the long table edges with staged deployment. His Eagle was in reserve containing Zardu, Terminators, Centurion and Operative as well as the two heralds and plague bearer blobs also in reserve to materialize from the warp...


A wall of most splendid gold and silver prepares to open fire on the skulking Tactical Squads, Dreadnoughts and Automata.




Now I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was so engrossed in the game!


His turn one ends with little damage done to me, mostly shuffling around


I went second with my army moving up and letting out a horrendous amount of firepower... Being the first game I actually had suitable targets for most of my weapons let it be pretty devastating. I blew up one Cortus, a Rhino and chipped a fair few wounds from the Castellax.


Being true to form the solid shot did nothing to this hidden Cortus.




During of Turn one this is how I am looking...



AND Photos end here, sadly... But I can paint a pretty okay picture I think!


Word Bearers turn see sees pretty much everything arrive. The Eagle flys on from the corner to try and make a go of my Kharon while the Plague Bearers step forth from the warp into my left flank, hoping to storm the objective. The Eagle fluffs it's shots, especially when I jink with a 3+ save and does nothing - not much other shooting of note from either.


My turn two opens most powerfully from me as the Jetbikes are having none of the enemy jet and send a shattering volley of laser fire into it's jets, sending it hurtling into the ground. Only Zardu, the Centurion and a single Terminator emerge from the wreckage... More shooting takes out the lone terminator and wounds the centurion. Also chip off a few plague bearers and manage to fully eliminate the Previan and his charges. Krole and her posse of sword sisters emerge from the Kharon looking for the blood of traitors and charge the objective, Krole's fury alone being enough to ruin most of the squad. The Hetaron Guard leave their ride to be in position to send help where needed. The Guardian squad heroically charge a squad of plague bearers but it turns out that Heralds have an AP2 sword and the foul warp beast slices two of the Emperor's finest cleanly to bits, the remaining lone golden warrior holds fast however.


WB turn 3 sees the dark gods begin to turn their attention to the battle as Zardu invokes some powerful rituals. Krole's presence just too fart away to nullify his power; not only is a pack of Blood crushers summoned to intercept Krole but he reaches deep and looks into the warp whole heartedly... His reckless attempts paying off with a super charging of Daemonic force, allowing him to rip apart my Kharon with his bare hands, leaving my operative alone, vulnerable and pinned (his golden robes now a bit stained...). The Plague bearers move onto the objective, easily dispatching my bolter Sisters and finishing off my last Guardian with gleeful swings of rusted knives.


For my turn three I pull a retreat of my armour to try and dislodge the plague bearers. Krole however is having NONE of those blood hungry brass bastards and leaves her Sisters on the objective and charges them alone. The Hetaerons also make it in time to support her. I fail to wound the Centurion/ Zardu duo with shooting (LoS/ Cover) and don't do much to the Plague bearers either, now sitting in 2+ cover as it's swimming on flies. Krole ends a Blood crushers life while their pitiful hellblades do nothing to her masterwork armour and the hetaron chip some more wounds off.


Turn four Zardu promply rips my poor operative apart (RIP Gideon Osiris Leonidas Deimos Endimian Narconis) and the Plague Bearers decide to try and rust my dread up. A second set of Blood Crushers is summoned near Zardu to start causing havoc.#


From here though not much happens, Krole ends up slaying Zardu and we've pretty much swapped sides of the board. I win on VP due to a few secondary things achieved.

His turn one ends with little damage done to me, mostly shuffling around

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Nice looking armies and great battle reports.

Actually, it's just nice to see some Heresy battle reports. Community seems to be in a bit of a stall at the moment.


Can't wait for the rest. Haven't seen anywhere near enough Talons armies around. :)

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I guess I never did write up part three of:


The Throne of Skulls event...!


Long story short I fought some Iron Warriors and totally crushed him. Perturabo at so few points and no huge amount of AP2 meant I just advanced and ended it. The Hetaeron Guard also were about to cart Pert back to the Emperor for his misgivings before my opponent conceeded.


My final game was against a wonderful chap who had a pure Custodes army - Valdor, lots of Guardians, Pallas, 6 Bikes and a few Spear Dreads.


It was BLOODY, basically lots of Las-Pulsar fire from both sides going off while Custodians and Sisters gravitated towards a ridiculous centre melee. Luckily my bikes were largely ignored while I shot his apart and the dreads. I won, but the end of the game was a fantastic duel between Jenetia Krole and Valdor where Valdor... Well... Totally annihilated her :laugh.: mainly because I failed a 4 inch charge...


But enough about that, I took a break from painting gold to paint my 40k Ad Mech (before I paint my 40k Custodes....) so that I could finally, start what this thread was set up for:




I've been posting my list around the traps, but here is the start with a Vet Squad and Dread built with the Preator a WIP.


really like my Vet Sarge with the Scythe... So much so, that I think I may actually paint him as a Consul instead, what shall I go for? :cool.:





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Aaaaand finally nailed the concept for my Tribune after a lot of bit swapping. Wanted him to look ready to murder the enemy warlord in a heartbeat.


He's a mix of:


  • Ixion Hale [body, Miserichordia, Pauldrons, Iron halo, Paragon Axe]
  • Warden [Left arm, helm]
  • Jetbikes [Plume]
  • Regular Custodes [shield]






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