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Order of the Broken Covenant

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I've decided to rebuild my old sororitas army, mostly for fun since their army list kind of sucks now, although I suppose they can be an allied detachment. So anyway, I'm starting off with superheavy support in the form of a Knight Paladin.




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Looks good so far, what color scheme are you going for?


White armor with dark gold trim. (on the paladin).


If you meant the Sororitas, they will have dark gold armor (bronzish) with deep blue and white tabards.




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Parts update. I don't know if the armor is too much white and needs more of the purple for break-up or not.





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Why do the sisters have such unusual skin tones? Are they wearing death masks, like Blood Angels Sanguinary Guards? Makeup? Are they mutants, and your Order has turned traitor? Or is it simply a case of poor lighting, e.g., the flash from your camera made the sisters look different?

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Why do the sisters have such unusual skin tones? Are they wearing death masks, like Blood Angels Sanguinary Guards? Makeup? Are they mutants, and your Order has turned traitor? Or is it simply a case of poor lighting, e.g., the flash from your camera made the sisters look different?

I gave them random, realistic human skin tones, but I had a poor camera at that time so it made them all look kind of flushed.

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Update: The armor plates are just sitting on it for reference. I still need to touch up where the gold and white meet, and then finish the gold.


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The Knight looks great. Is the rose the Knight Scion's personal emblem, or is it the Knight House's coat-of-arms?


I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to make all of my knights the same house, or make a group of freeblades so I can do different color schemes.

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Its getting closer to completion. I have to finish the base and do the crotch banner still. For the base I don't know if using the same red on the rim will be too much and should use black? The pauldrons have "Honorum Imperiatoris", or "honor of the Emperor".






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Reinforcements have arrived! First up is the beginning of a Knight Errant. I felt the inferno cannon was too short so I extended it 1.5". I also have a Knight Crusader to start on.



Additionally, I received the first part of my huge order from Raging Heroes. The RAF stuff is still in production, so atm I have a bunch of the heroine models. I've only done a quick check for broken parts, but overall they look absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to start painting them. My collection so far is:

Sister Celenia, Scout (witch hunter inquisitor)

Dolarys, Virgin Oracle (sanctioned psyker?)

Rithali-In, Expiatrix (repentia mistress)

Sister Ardanna (in 3rd ed she would be a palatine, so not sure for now)

Archpapess Arthenya VI (canoness for sure)

Santa Dolors, The Lady of Sorrow (psyker most likely)

Sister Trematta (sister hospitaller)

Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess (counts as Uriah Jacobus, or will be a generic priest)


Still waiting on:

Ascended Sister Erzebel (St. Celestine)

The War Pulpit (counts as Karamov sp?)

Sol-Sarya, Priestess of the Sun of Thorns (imagifier)

Sister Reyallia, Sanctifier of the First Legion (again, would have been a palatine)

Templar Mona de Costemore, Demon Slayer (daemon hunter inquisitor)

3x squads of 10 SoB

2x squads of 10 Iscariates (seraphim)

1x squad of 10 Davidians (repentia)

1x squad of 10 Knights of the Chalice (counts as GK paladins)

several SoB with heavy bolter, multi-melta, heavy flamer

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Story Time.


After a lot of brainstorming for a background for my Order and coming up with nothing interesting, I came across a site for randomly rolling fluff and gave it a try.



I decided to let fate (or the Emperor's Tarot) determine my Order. I did arbitrarily choose the trait of customized wargear since I'm using the Raging Heroes line of Sisters of Mercy miniatures and they look very different than gee dub's figures. I also chose to roll on the allies and enemies charts twice each for more fluff. Here is what I ended up with:


Order Originator: Order of the Argent Shroud

Founding Purpose: Standing Force

Order Flaw: Bad Ecclesiarch Relations

Order Demeanor: Uphold the Honor of the Emperor

Primary Saint: (Formerly) Living Saint – Betrayed (The saint led the Order in many glorious campaigns, slaying hundreds of the enemy’s greatest champions. In the end, they were brought down by treachery within the fold of the Imperium, slain by an assassin’s turbo-penetrator round on the field of battle. Just why they were targeted was never discovered, and the Order harbors doubts of the loyalty of the servants of the Officio Assassinorum to this day.)

Order Homeworld: Feudal World / Temperate / Noticeable Influence

Order Organization: Radical Divergence

                Modified Jump Packs [picked this due to minis]

                Rare Imperial Weaponry (assault cannons, volkites, etc)

Order Strategy: Shock and Awe

Order Method of Worship: Esoteric Beliefs (outsiders can’t comprehend our faith)

Order Size: Nominal

Order’s Allies: local PDF, Adeptus Astartes Chapter

Order's Enemies: Ecclesiarchy, Chaos Marines Warband


So after digging through some of the Sororitas' history, I decided my Order was founded in 888.M41, about ten years after the Blood Tide event on Van Horne. They were founded so that their faith would reinforce the seals on the planet and prevent another daemonic incursion. So for those who don't know, the Blood Tide was a daemonic incursion on the planet, where a battle force of Sororitas were sent to deal with it. Once they had it almost contained, a force of Grey Knights showed up, butchered the sisters and smeared the ladies' blood all over their armor to ward them against chaos, and then sealed the breach. No survivors.


Bad relations with the church... While rebuilding the Basilica of St. Mariel on Van Horne (where the incursion broke through), the Order finds old recordings from the Great Crusade. One of these is of the Emperor's oratory of the Imperial Truth. Of course this would go against the Ecclesiarchy and all of its power if it were to get out, so they are trying to suppress this while the Order is trying to integrate it into their faith. (Possibly why their saint was murdered?)


Ally: Space Marines. I first thought about just using my Executioners, but fluff-wise they are engaged against the Necrons off in the Orpheus Sector, so I feel that would be un-fluffy. I thought about going with either the Celestial Lions because they also have a grudge with the church, or with the Lamenters since they already have a relationship with the Sororitas. I also thought about Salamanders, since like their founding Order, the Salamanders actually care about the people (and fire).

Then I had a crazy idea... my Alpha Legion. I wouldn't put it past the Alphas to play on both sides (it fits their MO for contingencies and infiltration). So the idea is a chapter-sized force of Alpha Legion (or one of many) are commanded to stay "loyal" and not dabble in chaos, so they go dormant while using agents to manipulate records of the legion's existence. Its not uncommon for a chapter to be unsure of what legion they descended from, so when this chapter calling itself the Knights of the Silver Serpent show up and assist the Order in pacifying the planet, no one really questions it. They make sure the Order discovers any cults or heretics, and generally make the sisters look good and make sure their requisitions always get filled in a timely manner. With their agents on Terra, any inquisitions into the chapter's history would come up with no suspicions.


Enemy: Chaos Marine Warband. Again, I had a twist on this. Their enemy is in fact, the Grey Knights. With no witnesses to the GK's butchery on Van Horne, their only clue comes from the spirit of one of the Sororitas that cannot pass on, haunting the basilica. As the ghost cannot speak, and the Sororitas aren't big on psykers, some of them get images of grey armored space marines, with a big tome on their pauldrons. Checking into Imperial records of Astartes chapters, and with no record of the GK existing, their only match comes up as pre-heresy Word Bearers.


So there we have it... an Order on the outs with the church for "heresy" while claiming the church's existence itself stands against everything the Emperor valued. Their greatest enemy should be their best ally, and their closest ally should be their greatest enemy. They are also trying to reconcile the fact that the person they worship as a deity wanted to abolish all religion and gods.

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My first Knight Paladin is completed. Behold, Etoile, the Knight of Roses.


Background Story: Etoile swore himself to the Order shortly after they were founded. Before that, he wandered for a number of years as a freeblade. When asked about his life previous to that, he simply states "that is the one challenge to my honor that I must let go unanswered". He fancies himself a ladies' man, but almost the entire Order finds his constant flirting to be irritating. However, his honor and loyalty are unmatched, and his skill keeps the Order from sending him packing. As the more senior members of the Order remind the younger ones, "the Emperor placed him here to test our resolve and patience".


He allows no kill markings on his knight, and keeps it meticulously clean and in top shape. He maintains that every kill he makes is the Emperor's by right, and he will not take claim for them. His banner has Via Caeli, or "road of heaven".








Also made some progress on the Knight Errant's inferno cannon thingie. There is a black band on it, but the angle of the light kind of obscured it.


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Second Knight Titan is done.


Sir Gavil, Knight of Cinders.


Where Etoile is outgoing and almost the "too good" hero type, Gavil is brooding and taciturn. Almost every moment he is awake, he is either maintaining his knight or out patrolling around the Order's grounds. When asked why he is a freeblade, he simply says "never again" and refuses to say more. The sisters of the Order are warned to stay clear of him in battle, as he sometimes takes a "burn them all, the Emperor will know his own" approach.





Next up I'm working on three squads of inquisitorial stormtroopers while I wait for my order from Raging Heroes to be made.

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HUGE freaking update. Today I received approximately 90% of my kickstarter order from Raging Heroes' "Sisters of Eternal Mercy" order. I opened the box and was a bit astounded by the "frak did I really buy this many miniatures?" reaction. I'll post more pics as I sort stuff out. As a teaser, the box has 149x 25mm bases and 16x 40mm bases. By the emperor I'll be busy for a long while!



Eight pounds of French resins. **PS that is a 1 liter soda bottle for reference.



Closeup of a couple of the "sororitas" minis.

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Really great stuff. I like the sisters' color scheme and your knights turned out real nice (although they could use some fleur-de-lis).


I am really looking forward to seeing the Sisters of Mercy stuff though. I have a large order planned of that stuff once it hits their store.

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After sorting through my package and checking for bad/missing parts, I now have:

3 squads of 10 sororitas

1 squad of 10 repentia

2 squads of 10 seraphim

1 squad of 10 with dual bolt pistol.. I think there is a SoS squad that uses that

1 squad of 10 female terminators with hammer and shield, so maybe "counts as" GKs?

Many characters including Celestine, canoness, hospitaller, and plenty of others


Still waiting on my "counts as" Karnov or whatever his bucket


So far my only real complaint is with them being resin and many of them standing on the balls of their feet, pinning them to their bases may be a pain in the arse. Now to start washing them a squad at a time and get cracking.

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OK so I had originally planned on a "counts as" squad of 10 GK paladins. The sisters of mercy "terminators" come in a set of 5 troops and a set of 5 command group. The troops set are armed with hammer and shield with the option of a heavy flame weapon or rotary cannon. The command group have gauntlet storm bolters with the sergeant having an optional sword. I'm not sure how to field these now.

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