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  1. A little background first. One of the players in my area has a Tau army with four Hammerhead railguns. After watching my vehicles get deleted. I started thinking about a way to reduce the usefulness of the Hammerheads. The following list is what I came up with. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but would like some feedback on its potential viability. (I started collecting a long time ago. For tradition, I use the same canoness I started out with, so her loadout is now Legendary.) I originally painted my Sisters as Bloody Rose because I liked the color scheme, and I've kept using the Order ever since. This is a 2,000 point list with a battalion and patrol detachments. Canoness Boudica Combiflamer, power maul, Mantle of Ophelia. Canoness Scathach Inferno pistol, Blade of Beneficence. Palatine Veridiyan Wrath of the Emperor, Blessed Blade. Four rifle squads of ten Sisters, each equipped with Heavy flamer and melta gun. Two fire teams of five Sisters, each equipped with melta gun. One fireteam of Zephyrim of five Sisters, equipped with plasma pistol. Three fireteams of Seraphim of five Sisters, equipped with plasma pistol, two hand flamers and two Inferno pistols each. Two fireteams of Dominions of five Sisters, equipped with 4 meltaguns each. Two fireteams of Retributors of five Sisters, equipped with 4 multi meltas each. Two fireteams of Retributors of five Sisters, equipped with 4 heavy bolters each. One fireteam of Retributors of five Sisters, equipped with 4 heavy flamers. The basic idea is to swamp him with infantry and meltas. Yes, I'm going to have to get close to really be effective. And yes, he's going to keep his Hammerheads in the rear. But part of the idea is to sweep over and destroy his infantry troops, leaving his vehicles exposed to the remnants of my troops, who will, hopefully, still have enough meltas and other weapons to take out his Hammerheads. That's the theory, anyway. Comments, criticism and advice gratefully accepted.
  2. Hello and welcome to my project thread for my growing Adepta Sororitas collection! I'm toaae, and I've been in the 40k hobby for nearly 17 years. I started with Space Wolves, moved to Blood Angels and then Orks. I haven't added a new army to my collection in a decade, but that was all perfectly planned*. I've been waiting a long time for plastic Sisters of Battle, having been intrigued by the army since I played my first game against them in 2005. In 2008, I decided I would wait for the inevitable plastic refresh before diving in. And I don't need to tell this sub-forum about that long wait. Finally, the time has arrived and I can finally start on the army I've been dreaming of for ages. Simply put, I lose the fluff's satirical take on organized religion and how "no men under arms" is skirted by the existence of an all-female army. The aesthetic is great and the new model line lives up to it. It's just a total package for me. I even wrote a 3600 word Index Imperialis article because I like the faction so much. Onto the minis! I started my collection in March, and as a slow painter, this is what I've accomplished so far. Pardon the dirty photo: A five-model unit of Battle Sisters, an eight-model unit of Retributors, and an Imagifier. This was supposed to be the start of an escalation league force for my club, but then COVID happened, delaying the league. And then my wife got a job offer that would take us back to Arizona, where our friends and family are, so, alas, these ladies won't be apart of that league. Anyways, some better photos. The Battle Sisters unit (plus one Bolter Retributor): The Imagifier: And the Retributors (minus the one Bolter gal): Individual pics of the Retributors here: A bit about my scheme: I wanted to feature turquoise in the colors. I did a lot of brainstorming using the B&C painter, and while I had some duds (one made my wife ask if I was trying to do the Miami Dolphins in space), I eventually settled on turquoise armor with white vestments. I had originally planned the insides of the vestments to be orange, but in the course of painting the first one, decided to just stick to red. The turquoise is a custom blend, as GW doesn't have a good turquoise paint and I wasn't in the mood/was too impatient to try and find a different brand during lockdown. After a lot of trial-and-error, I settled on the following: That's a base coat of Stegadon Green, a mid-level highlight with a 1:1 mix of Sotek Green and Kabalite Green, and a highlight of a 1:1 mix of Ahriman Blue and Sybarite Green. A 6:1 mix of Contrast Medium and Terradon Turquoise is then glazed over to soften the transitions, followed by an edge highlight of 2:2:3 Ahriman Blue, Sybarite Green, and Pallid Wych Flesh. I'm super proud of this scheme, and consider my highest achievement as an artist (as opposed to just being a painter). Alongside the turquoise, white and red are black, gold, and two types of silver. Weapon casings are black, icons and symbols are gold (some Fleurs are white), while ornamental metallic are a brighter, blue silver and functional metallics (like weapons) are a gun metal silver. Finally, spot colors of light brown (leather), dark brown (gloves), magenta (purity seals and melee weapon grips), orange (eyes), and purple (rosary beads) wrap up the scheme. I then based them on cream-red marble tile bases, made out of plasticard and painted using medical gauze and/or dried baby wipes for masking. ------------------------------------------------ Anyways, to wrap up this length OP, this will be the center of my Adepta Sororitas project, where I'll share my hobby progress, games, random thoughts, snippets of fluff and other musings. Currently, I have a Canoness and six more Battle Sisters about halfway complete, two Mortifiers primed, and a box of Seraphim ready for assembly. As previously mentioned, I'm a slow painter, but I hope to have a full army sometime in the next year. We'll see how that goes. *=no, it wasn't.
  3. From the album: Order of the Penitent Saint

    This is my best face yet. I followed the Medium Flesh guide on Warhammer+. I don't have Louise's control, but I'm very happy with the result. And the hair was a whim, and I love it

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  4. From the album: Order of the Penitent Saint

    I winged the candles; I was doing pink wax for the purity seals on my army, so I went with pink candles. It's just lots of glazing, and then contrast paints for the flames.

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  5. From the album: Order of the Penitent Saint

    The mace of righteousness is converted from a Sacresant Superior's hallowed mace, an OBR Mortek Guard spear shaft, and the pommel of a Sacresant Halberd. Pinning is vital!

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  6. From the album: Order of the Penitent Saint

    The turquoise is custom. It's Stegadon Green, then 1:1 Sotek Green:Kabalite Green, 1:1 Ahriman Blue:Sybarite Green, and h/l w/ 3:2:2 Pallid Wych Flesh:Ahriman Blue:Sybarite Green.

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  7. toaae

    Dogmata 1 WiP 4

    From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  8. toaae

    Dogmata 1 WiP 3

    From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  9. From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  10. From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  11. From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  12. Hi Brother Paint here, first time posting a blog and also a try to post photos from IOS devices. To cut a long story short back just before covid hit I was diagnosed with a rare version of an autoimmune disease that likes to ever so often give me a kicking, it’s has over time damaged my eyes and pancreas and other squidgy bits that make funny noises during the night. And whilst I’m lockdown and just before and after I did what every good plastic crack addict has done….. HORDE So join me on my journey if you like and give me some hints and help as I strive to finish each of my armies so they can get slapped across and off the board Ultramarines Necrons Adepta Sororitas Death Guard Black legion I’ll add a few more photos later but will put a few down atm
  13. toaae

    Dogmata Base 2 WiP

    From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  14. toaae

    Dogmata 1 WiP 2

    From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  15. toaae

    Dogmata 1 WiP 1

    From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  16. toaae

    Dogmata Base 1 WiP

    From the album: WiP

    © 2022, Hank Bell

  17. I've been playing since 2nd Edition and my favorite army has always been Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle. Over the years I amassed an army of at one point was 13,000 pts...when the vehicles were plastic, resin and pewter parts. When GW released the Plastic Army Box i was lucky enought to get it on preorder. I eventually traded some terrain for the models out of the boxed army to a local store. Earlier this year I began picking up the models I difd not have....pretty much everything not in boxed army. A few weeks ago I stated my build after I scored Piety and Pain box set locally for retail from another gamer. I have my first game of 9th ed coming up in a few weeks against a long time friend, so figured he should be on the first one to face my plastic sisters army since he has face the pewter horde many many times. In years past I played as Order of our Martyred Lady, Order of the Bloody Rose, Order of the Partheon Custom order. This time around I am going with the Valorus Heart as I like the rules and they fit my style of play for sisters. Heres the pictures of the grey plastic horde. From Front Left: Canonness, Celestian Squad, Repetina/ Repentia Superior, Retributors, Dominions, Seraphim, Hospitaller, Imagifier, and Palatine Seraphim Battle Sisters Squads I'll get better pics once I get started painting them.
  18. From the album: Our Martyred Lady Commandery

    A rescued Arch-Confessor Kyrinov I painted. The Mace of Valaan was missing so I had to use a bit from an Empire Flagellant's kit.
  19. From the album: Our Martyred Lady Commandery

    A rescued Arch-Confessor Kyrinov I painted. The Mace of Valaan was missing so I had to use a bit from an Empire Flagellant's kit.
  20. From the album: Our Martyred Lady Commandery

    Before picture for my first vow for the 2015 E Tenebrae Lux IV painting competition.
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