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Nurgle Abomintions 29/07/17 revival for 8th


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Well I got bored and made this abomination more as a challenge to myself to make it more nurgly since I wasnt really of a fan of the leviathan's normal close combat arms so really wanted a true siege weapon and a huge wrecking ball is as siegelike as I could think of, truly a fun model to convert




Note: I have a very bad very feeling he may not actually be a true FW model as I got him from Ebay through a seller who claimed otherwise i apologise if so



Here is a counts as Plague Hulk I am working on as well



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Heh some more work done though this time on a new Contemptor using the lovely Mhara Gal I brought on impulse :D turned him to the glory of Nurgle since I need a an actual Contemptor for a tournment this week mostly painted still waiting on a butcher cannon count as bit. What do you think??? I think he still needs some high lights as well as trying to make the wrecking/ censer ball more glowy any suggestions????





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Here is a Nurgle Sorcerer I converted up and painted


(Will try post more pics, my computers playing up :(. )


I think I suck at painting bone :D

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Here Is some more shots of the sorcerer (managed to get my computer working agains )



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Here is my army so far 1000pts of deathguard using the Purge detachment, wish I could post some individual pictures but got a tournament tomorrow so have to travel a few hours to reach it, will post better pictures and a overview on how I did afterwards :D



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As promised here is some better pics of the army fully painted, pretty pleased as I've spent this entire year converting and painting this lovely host dedicated to my favorite chaos God Nurlge, I'm also stoked as this is the first time I have actually fully completed an entire army with every unit I am using painted ready for games (before it was always unpainted or only a handful of units but not the whole armyhttp://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/whistling.gif ) so this achievement comes as a shock to me http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.png



Contemptor finished and rocking a brutal butcher cannon




Chosen (plasma cannon is a count as lascannon)




Havocs (same thing plasma cannons are lascannons since I have a plasma fetish and love them :D http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png )













Well I took this force to a small 1K tournament and by god was it fun for is very likely my last games of 40K using 7th. To be fair I did miserable but I had so much fun using units I liked even though I basically gave my self a disadvantage especially against more mobile armies (3 out of 4 http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/whistling.gif ) I also must of had Nurgle smiling upon me as I passed so much feel no pain rolls it wasn't funny my stuff just wasn't dying easily so my opponents had to focus all their fire just to kill stuff. I was never tabled (very close in the third game) and was able to do serious damage to my opponents as well sorry if this will just make a massive block of text since due to time constraints of 2 hours per game (some games came so close to going over ) there just wasn't time to take pics http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png I also was voted as one of the most converted armies as it was only me and two others who had converted every single model in the army


The fluff for the event


The planet Khaolis, one of nine planets in the distant Dolomine system, is of great value. Its surface is covered, almost inch for inch, in sprawling Imperial mining habs; drilling out the precious and unique Khaolis-Serpentine for use in the Imperial war machine. Perhaps it was the mysterious and valuable green mineral that drove forces from across the galaxy to converge on Khaolis, or perhaps some had more nefarious and ineffable plans for the hive world. It matters not, for the planet has fallen foul of the ever-unpredictable flux of the warp and is now doomed to be consumed by the Immaterium.


Your forces represent the last, abandoned dregs of a once proud warhost. You have been left to whatever terrible fate may befall you as the planet you once sought to defend/devour/enslave/annihilate/whatever it is Necrons do these days/conquer, is enveloped by one of those terrifying rifts in realspace known as warp storms.

Fortunately (though perhaps not for you), each faction was able to withdraw its most potent and valuable equipment ahead of time, those precious weapons at least able to fight another day. This of course means, as a commander; you must innovate, use cunning and initiative, make in depth plans and above all keep your wits about you... and try not to get eaten by the buildings.




Following a distrous attempt to claim the Dolomine Sector the Host of decay a shattered remnent of a large chaos host were stranded upon the planet Khaolis as the warp flux destroyed all fleets both Xenos traitor and loyalist alike orbiting the planet as the Immaterium sought to consume the whole planet. gathering around the foul sorcerer Michael Vilepox the host sought to escape the planet following the visions granted to the sorcerer by the plague father Nurgle



Game 1 Ravenwing

Following one of his visions the Sorcerer lead is shattered force to and some abandoned ruins where once a mechanicius outpost stood if they could claim it they may find something that could ery much help them escape. not lon upon their arrival a massive portal opened up as the planets instability triggered a once dormant teleporter. There was little time for celebration however as they host immediatly came under attack by the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels chapter keen on punishing the traitors for past crimes during the heresy.


Primary: Evacuation. a marker is placed in the centre of the objective who ever evacuates the most Points by the end of the game wins with units evacuated turn 1-2 counting as double points. To evacuate all you need to do is get in base contact with objective and you count as being evacuated

Secondary: whoever kills the most stuff

Tertiery: first blood, slay the warlord, Linebreaker



He slowly speeds forward being very careful to stay out of line of sight making use of the terrian on the board


I can do nothing really apart form advance whilst the plague Hulk scattered with his rot cannon, sorcerer cast curse of the leaper on himself



His Plasma bike squad guns forward hosing the chosen and sorcerer with plasma only killing two, the speeders target the Contemptor but fail to damage it whilst the attack bikes complelty miss all their shots at the plague Hulk. The command squad and HQs fire their guns at the chosen failing to kill any before charging them and the sorcerer killing all the chosen with the sorcerer suffering a wound by the chaplain (champion was cut down by librarian in a challenge)


The Plague Hulk lumbers forward vomiting all over the plasma bikers reducing them and their bikes to gooey liquid both contemptor and havocs target the speeders but fail to destroy them due to jinking. The Chaplain hoped to kill the Sorcerer in a challenge but failed to kill him though the Sorcerer couldnt hit back due to being concussed and blinded from the Chaplains mace of redemption which wounded him earlier






His chaplain challenged my sorcerer again hoping to cut him down but fails to do anything with the sorcerer inflicting two unsaved wounds on him. both attack bikes target the plague Hulk but only inflict a single glancing hit. the speeders who jinked before slowly advace up coviently out of line of sight for most of my stuff



With most of his stuff hiding I couldnt draw line of sight so only the Plague Hulk fired at the attack bikes (who were just out of vomit range and assault range) but scattered with the rot cannon, with only the sorcerer left I challeneged anybody who would accept but the cowards refused after surivng a whole round going last the Sorcerer managed to kill all but one of the command squad unable to kill the herectic the dark angels then promptly legged it as the plague hulk was rather too close for comfort (he really started fearing the vomit )




Both attack bike sped behind the plague hulk and fired point blank range into the rear of the beast however Nurgle smiled upon his creature as they failed to destroy the daemon (double 6s for his daemon save http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png ) Librarian, chaplain and the surving command squad closed ranged with the havocs who endured the initial firepower of the loyalists (librarian cast the beam melta power hoping to hit the contemptor behind the havocs but failed to cast it) but were cut down no match for the Dark Angel heroes.



The Plague Hulk vomited one attack biker to death and assaulted the other crushing the poor bikers beneath it's claws whlst my sorcerer cast curse of the leaper upon himself. The contemptor charged into the command squad, chaplain and librarian crushing the Librarian to a messy pulp the chaplain and command squad like the cowards they were fled the combat using hit and run making a mad dash for the objective knowing he stood a chance of being annilated



With only one of the comand squad left and the chaplain down to his last wound he speed off disapearing into the portal, both speeders sped forward hoping to kill my exposed sorcerer and get slay the warlord but failed to do any damge with


With only his speeders on the board and no chance of me getting enough stuff to the evacuation point I instead turned my force's rage upon them with the Contemptor destoying both ending the game since he had noting left on the board



Minor Loss



Following a failed assault on the death guard which left their entire force massacred the Interrogatior chaplain and sole surviving ravenwing member were able to quickly disengae from the combat and escape using the portal keen on bring news of Fallen sightings to the chapter no matter the cost. following their escape the portal disapeared leaving the Death guard forces bemused and slightly annoyed at the loyalist's cowardly escape


Very close game unfortunatly I lost since I couldnt get a single unit to the portal even though I basically annilated his entire force damn that hit and run, my opponet didnt count on just how resilent my force was as he hoped to claim the secondary as well as the primary once he failed that he stated he wished he just evacuated his entire force T2




Game 2 Eldar

With the mysterious portal gone the Deathguard began the slow march to where the wreckage of a ship was scattered in the attempts to salvage it in an attempt to get off world unfortunately the Eldar got there first intent on claiming the ship wreckage themselvs and so began a battle fought whilst the planet itself started to turn against the inhabitants.


Primary: 6 objectives which however as soon as a unit gets into range the objective activates becoming a monstrous creature WS4 ST6 T5 W5 I5 sv 3+ you must kill the objective to claim it though after death can be contested or claimed by the opposing player as well

Secondary; Seize the Warp drive, basically relic objective this one isnt trying to kil you

Teritery: First Blood, slay the warlord, trophy hunter




It was mostly a Foot elder list with this if I remember correctly

Farseer with Something? cant remember as all he did was cast focus, doom and guide every turn

warlock on a bike same as above though he didn't actually cast anything all game (I think he just forgot)

10 Dire avengers with exarch

5 Scat bikers

5 Reapers with Exarch and starshots

5 Fire Dragons with Exarch

7 Scorpions with Exarch

5 Warp Spiders with exarch



T1-2 not a lot happened as we both worked on killing the objectives to claim them my Plague Hulk, havocs with Sorcerer and Contemptor killed two between them with no losses whilst he killed 2 with his elder using hit and run plus other shenanigans to activate it before jumping out and killing the objectives to be claimed. He had his dire avengers with farseer on one at the back reapers near a second. I had a sorcerer's with Havocs (dumb descion I would regret) on one with plague hulk whilst the Contemptor was alongside Chosen on another



His scorpions moved forward killing and claiming another objective whilst his scat bikers and Warlock hosed my havocs and sorcerer though luckily I suffered no loses through sheer luck, my opponent seemed to think my Plague Hulk was a creature (to be fair it does look like it) rolling against it's initiative causing 12 wounds I then kindly told him it was a vehicle and could do nothing so instead he made them run away out of range.


My Plague Hulk disappointed his insect friends ran away instead turned his attentions to the closer insects the scorpions instead moving forward and vomiting all over them completely wiping out the whole unit with a disgusting ap3 vomit template http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png The Chosen with very little to shoot let the one lascannon wielding dude take potshots at the farseer and his dire avengers for a laugh. Nurgle must of smiled upon this chosen as he miraculously managed to snipe and vaporize the Dire Avenger's Exarch who died a messy death in front of his shock comrades, this would be a recurring event and so began the legend of the Festardius the Chosen of Nurgle master sniper http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png Sorcerer and Havocs reduced the scatbikers to half strength whilst Contempor still did nothing due to the xenos armour saves.



the Fire Dragons ran forward taking revenge on the Plague Hulk in a massive explosion, scat bikers still did nothing taking consolation with claiming the Relic with the Warlock trying to lead them to safety, the Insects were back this time able to tell the difference between flesh and machine targeting the sorcerer and havocs with only sorcerer down to one wound and one havoc left they charged hoping to finish them off but the Sorcerer instead cut down three before the insects scurried off doing nothing for the rest of the game



Festardius the Chosen preformed another lucky shot this time cutting down the warlock killing him instantly leaving the 2 surviving scat bikers dismayed but still carrying the relic, sorcerer and havoc charged the fire dragons but they got lucky and took down the sole surviving havoc with some lucky over watch. Enraged the Contemptor charged forward as well and helped the Sorcerer to massacre the fire dragons on the objective putting me in the lead.


T5 (ended up being the last turn).

Sadly in range of both the dire avengers with farseer and Reapers both the Contemptor and Sorcerer fell to weight of fire being cut down (reapers took dread avengers took sorcerer who was already down to one wound) Surviving Scat bikers hide in his deployment zone free from the dreaded chosen sniper whilst the poor spiders ended up being made lunch as they got too close to the last unclaimed objective which killed them http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png


With only the Chosen squad left unharmed the entire game the lascannon chosen named Festardius earned a his well deserved man of the match cutting down the Reaper's Exarch with another extremely lucky shot claiming an impressive tally of 2 exarchs and one Warlock with a funny end to a massive loss

Final Score

28-2 massive loss for me




Game 3 White Scars



Primary; 6 objectives however at the start of the turn every unengaged unit must roll a d6 on a 1 it immediatly scatters and has to take a pinning test

Secondary: kill the most stuff


First blood, slay the warlord, line breaker, trophy hunter


he had some funny formation which let him move at the end of his turn like elder shenanigans

Khan with a bike squad with Grav

5man tact squads with grav cannon in razorback with lascannon

5 man Tact Squad in drop pod with combi melta and meltagun

5 man devastator squad full grav with amp in Razorback with twin linked lascannon

5 man tact squad with flamer in razorback with


He deployed his units all over his board whilst I deployed all my forces in one corner hoping to focus on one half of the board and keep my force roughly togehter so no lone units wuld be easy prey for his drop pod and grav stuff. My sorcerer got the +1 to his feel no pain sv so had a 4+



all of his Razorbacks started flying all over the place due to the mission shennigans though his bike squad was fine he drop podded his melta tact squad near an objective and tried shooting the sorcerer and chosen nearby but failed to kill anything he then used his movement shennigans to move back into cover. He taking down my plague hulk with a razorback and grav cannon but failed to damage it, the rest of his stuff moved closer hoping to line of sight as most of my stuff was in cover as I was not looking forward to facing the grav.


My first turn of shooting was quite abysmal as I failed to kill anything I chipped a couple hull points of the razorbacks and killed one of Khârn's bikers with a lascannon but that was it. my sorcerer and chosen charged the tac squad on the objective in a ruin killing all but one who managed to survive somehow.



the devastators in razor back moved to the centre objective hoping out and hosing the havocs with their grav cannons luckily I dug in a ruin so only lost 1 guy, the devastators razorback failed to damage the contemptor whilst the plague hulk lost a hull point and was immoblised by the grav cannon from the tact squad camp on an objective with Khârn and his bikes. the flamer squad in assault cannon razorback claimed another objective with him on a steady 3 , with the death of the last tact marine by the sorcerer i now had two but was in a bad position in range of his grav



deavastators fired everything at the sorcerer and chosen killing 2 who were mostly fine in cover alongside the objective their razorback made the contemptor lose a hullpoint with its



His bikes shot across the board where they drew a bead on the contemptor immobilizing . Devastators fired their Grav Cannons at the sorcerer who only lost one wound thanks to his sigil and 4+ feel no pain save thanks to the warlord trait, the Flamer marines fired into the chosen but failed to kill any




The grav cannon tact marines tried to kill the last havoc but failed to kill the lucky bugger who luckily survived whilst the plague hulk had the same luck and took no damage from their razorbacks lascannon, the devastator's razorback took the contemptor down to its last wound whilst the devastators finally brought down the sorcerer

Speeding along the board after the chosen the bikers fired their grav into the remaining chosen killing them all apart from the champion, they charged the champion who managed to kill one biker due to overwatch, I challengd Khan who accepted but both combatants failed to kill the other due to plenty of misses and successful feel no pain or inv saves.



In my last turn nothing flew away so focussed on killing stuff since I lost all chance of claiming objectives a few turns ago, I finally took down the grav tact squad's razorback killing all but two marines who manage to pass their leadership in the resulting explosion. I destroyed the devastators razorback with my Contemptors butcher cannon and exposing the devastators to the plague hulk who rotcannoned the squad to kill all but one ( unfortunately they were still claiming the objective) with nothing left we did the assault phase as my Champion challenged Khan, once again Khan strike first but couldn't kill him instead my champion was one victorious cutting down Khan gaining another wound with the boon chart. Shaken they lost their commander the Bikers legged it using hit and run to run away from combat.

Rolled to see if it continued and it finished




final Score



started off really bad suffering heaps of damage but as soon as he got close enouough I really turned the tables as he was unable to fully kill stuff I easily claimed the secondary as the only full unit he actually killed was my Sorcerer everything else was reduced to the last squad member or hull point but barely anything would actually die praise Nurgle indead http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png , kinda sad my sorcerer died but was a good sacrifice just glad my opponent kept splitting up his fire instead of focusing on one unit at a time as he could really of killed a full unit a turn if he focused




The final hope of the Death Guard lay in a unstable warp rift which was slowly opening on the surface in the ruined city they fought the ravenwing in, hot on their heels however were a legion of the undying Necrons intent on killing the host of decay and destroy the rift. However until one of the forces somehow calm the rift to either destroy or escape both forces would suffer the danger of the exposed warp the closer they got to it


Game 4 Necrons


primary Claim the Portal/ rift

Units within suffer d6 wounds no saves on a 1 with vehicles suffering a pentrating witin 6-24 inches

Units witin 6 must take a stregth test with 2d6 wounds no saves on a fail vehicles suffer an automatic penetrating hit


Secondary none


Linebreaker, first blood, slay the warlord



he had

a cryptach with resurrection orb and something else he never got to use

20 warriors

4x 10 warrior squads

3x 3 scarab swarms


He literally out numbered me by a lot so deployed his force as 3 mini forces hoping to overwhelm with a warrior squad and a one set of scarab swarms on the left. the large warrior squad, cryptach smaller warrior squad and another swarm in the middle with the 2 reaming warrior squads and scarabs on the right. not wanting to be outdone in a trifecta approach honouring Nurgle I put the Plague hulk havocs in the middle, contemptor all by himself on the right and sorcerer with chosen on the left.


to keep it short

Sorcerer and chosen managed to take out one lot of warriors and scarabs. Contemptor was a beast shrugging off multiple turns of 2 squads the necron warriors dreaded gauss (4+ inv against glances is amazing http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png ) killing both squads and scarabs with lots of butcher cannon rounds and close combat rounds where he destroyed them with his wrecking ball. The Plague Hulk had a three course meal with the Cryptarch who failed miserably dying to the claws of the hulk acting as the appetizer before the main course of the large warrior squad (severely weakened by vomit and lascannon) before the smaller squad ended up being desert leaving my havocs in control of the objective and his whole army wiped out


Major Victory



Destroying the legion of Necrons the Host of decay was able to use the rift to cast themselves into the warp



Overall it was pretty fun though since I was all infantry I really suffered since I couldn't move fast enough to keep with the very mobile forces I fought who claimed the primarys pretty easy the primary objective I did however go down fighting as two of the games against marine I did so much damage losing a few squad soaking up the majority of enemy fire easily claiming the secondary since I was arble to kill more stuff


You want to know the best part I got 28th out of 46 Nurgle is pleased indeed :D

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Well Iv been quite busy converting random stuff for 8th ready for the new Death Guard codex to hit first off is a Deredero Dreadnought though it is still WIP as I need more Helbrute spines and another hades cannon plus think of a way to convert a chaos missile launcher




I was worried about not fitting considering the size difference compared to the normal autocannon the Doritos comes with but I actually think the Hades autocannon fits quite well what do peopl think???

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