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  1. One of my favorite threads I've ever read on the B&C, and one of the main reasons I got into the hobby was @Kierdale's thread for his psychopomps. I've similarly enjoyed @WarriorFish's Sundered and what I've seen of @Tallarn Commander's Warpborn. I'm also looking forward to reading about @Slave to Darkness's Khornate Word Bearers warband. I like reading about you guys' custom warbands and I'm going to channel that energy into my own hobby blog. The warband is still a WIP. I have yet to settle on a name that I really enjoy. But I do have some solid themes I want to incorporate and a paint scheme. I mocked up this digital test model with the app impcat. I think I am partial to the one with the black boots. I've also done up a test shoulder pad to see how the colors actually look in real life. I used the new Mantis Warrior Green contrast paint and then a conventional blue black for the trim. I'm going to have to come up with a method for touching up the green, otherwise I'm going to take some years off my life stressing out about painting so much black trim next to my beautiful, bright acid green. I'm choosing a leviathan's cross for the symbol for a couple of reasons. It invokes imagery of the occult It is connected to alchemy where it is a symbol for brimstone (sulfur) It looks cool Its simple enough to freehand that I don't need to mess around with transfers.
  2. Sooo after flipping through my codex, watching a buddy play a game with them, and watching a few bat reps and multiple videos explaining and ranking them, I get the impression that nurgle daemons kind of suck and are the worst of the 4 in the book. It feels like they were meant to have DR, but that made them way too strong, so they took it away but didn't lower any of the point costs in late testing. Epidemius got the hardest nerf in the codex and is probably the worst unit in the codex. I'm fine with that, his old model was kind of crap and I would never use him. Technically one unit has to be the worst so it is what it is. Rotigus is worse than the other 3 named greater daemons it seems like. Great unclean ones are easily the worst greater daemon. You can make a good one with a relic and WLT, but that's it. Someone argued how amazing it is, but it only shines against named things with damage caps like ghaz and abaddon, but they can easily avoid or screen the big slow GUO. They don't have any fun built in rules like -1 to be hit or +2 for spells like the others. To get any decent rule you have to sacrifice a much better damage dealing weapon. Want the cool looking bell to support your Plaguebearers? Get rid of your only weapon that can deal a decent amount of damage. Want that plus one to ONE of your spells while taking a mortal wound you can no longer shrug off with 5+++? Get rid of the flail for a much weaker dagger. At least he still looks cooler than the other three... (my opinion of course). They have decent heralds, Scrivener is good. Plaguebearers got nerfed. 15pts for no more -1 to be hit in a large group, no more large group, no 5+++, less leadership, still at 4+ WS and no rerolling wounds. Yes they gained a toughness, wound and slightly better save for ranged, but that's kind of it. If you math out the old stats and point costs to the new one they are less durable per point in alot of situations, and less killy. Compare them to a plaguemarine. Only 6 points less but no -1 damage, no 3+ WS/BS, less attacks in melee, no ranged at all, worse save (3+ with armor of contempt and being able to use cover for the basic troop is much better than the Daemon save, it's troops, most shots won't be at 4AP for troops). No special weapons like flails or launchers. Need a herald to reroll ones to wound unlike the built in on melee for plague marines. Just a much worse unit for so little less points. Nurglings got hit. Can't be your required troop choice and doesn't come with obsec. I get the idea behind it, they didn't want people to avoid Plaguebearers and spam nurglings, but they could have, you know, not made Plaguebearers suck so people would want to take them more. Beasts are cool and do what they are supposed to. Drones are not that bad, still a little expensive and not that killy, but they do provide flying and movement, two things nurgle sorely lack. I started building and painting some of my nurgle stuff (got 3 start collectings, 3 beasts, a GUO and then that sigmar box with 20 bearers and the 2 other heralds). I've lost all desire to put them on the table as their own 2k force, will probably just make a little of everything to use as an addition to my DG for fluff reasons, definitely not for crunch. I was hoping they would suck me back in to talk to my brother and some guys to get back into 40k, but they are not. Most of my group quit because of the codex creep and are hoping for a 10th reset. No complaints about the core rules, just some of the bonker codexes they released. Anyone else get that vibe with nurgle? I know it's really early to "stick the nail in the coffin", but I feel like nurgle is not doing well for being part of the newest codex. Still has the best looking models of the 4 though. Who needs to be pretty with lobster claws, or be a red imp with a sword or a dancing fireball when you can be a cyclops covered in pimples and open sores with a beer gut! Edit: I also understand alot of the strengths that come with the codex are in the deepstriking and Warpstorm stuff. Deepstriking I will be able to take advantage of because my whole group has multiple mats and tables made from previous editions so we are hardliners on 6 x 4 tables, I'll have room to deepstrike. But nurgle's best Warpstorm is +1 to hit, but they left all the units at 4+ so it really only brings them inline with other codexes and does nothing for the HQ's already at 2+ most of the time. Wasn't trying to make a doom and gloom post, just at work on the night shift with hours to kill so I figured I'd share an opinion. And that's all it is, you don't have to agree with all or anything I said.
  3. Kythnos


    From the album: Iron Warriors

    Iron Warriors Accursed Cultists
  4. Howdy y'all, I decided to start a small force of Chaos Daemons, picked up a few start collecting boxes (2 of Nurgle, 1 of Khorne) while those are still available, as well as a Beast of Nurgle and figured I'd start painting some stuff up before the Daemon codex comes out. Right now, I'm focusing on Nurgle and Khorne daemons kind of to pair at least thematically with the Death Guard and hopefully the upcoming World Eaters. One question I do have is for when making the larger blobs of Plaguebearers/Bloodletters, do you normally take a banner and instrument per 10, or just one throughout the squad? To start us off, I've just finished a Herald of Nurgle from one start collecting box, as well as the Beast of Nurgle that I picked up Some more images http://i.imgur.com/9kRy23f.jpg
  5. © Plaguecaster (Michael smith)

  6. © Plaguecaster (Michael smith)

  7. © Plaguecaster (Michael smith)

  8. © Plaguecaster (Michael smith)

  9. © Plaguecaster (Michael smith)

  10. From the album: Holy Ghosts

    My WIP Termie chaos Lord with Combi-plas...

    © cam2designs

  11. From the album: Plague and Decay

    Converted Nurgle Champion using plague bearer, tactical marine and chaos space marine kits
  12. Teetengee

    Shell Spawn WIP 4 Top

    From the album: Teetengee Chaos

  13. Teetengee

    Shell Spawn WIP 4 Rear

    From the album: Teetengee Chaos

  14. Teetengee

    Shell Spawn WIP 4 Front

    From the album: Teetengee Chaos

  15. Teetengee

    Shell Spawn WIP 4 Right

    From the album: Teetengee Chaos

  16. Origins The Knights Adamant were a chapter of Ultramarine gene-stock. Up until their distinguished service in quelling a devastating Hrud migration from the Ghoul Stars, the chapter was fleet based. The Knights Adamant had never previously encountered a threat as grave as the Hrud, and the conflict left a mark on the chapter culture. The Hrud’s ability to accelerate entropy, prematurely aging enemy troops and degrading enemy materiel make them a particularly deadly species of alien. The chapter watched in horror as entire Agri-Worlds withered and died, and whole hives collapsed under their own weight as the steel girders holding them up oxidized and crumbled. The effect on the Imperial Guard regiments the chapter was fighting alongside was even more chilling. Young conscripts grew old and frail in a matter of minutes. Fuel lines degraded as if they had not been maintained for decades and vehicles would not function, no matter how the machine spirit was appeased. Not even the transhuman physiology of the marines of the Knights Adamant kept them safe. By the end of the campaign, barely enough marines to field two companies survived. The highest ranking officer still surviving, and not interred in a dreadnought, was a techmarine named Nikola Carnot. In a controversial move, Carnot took up the mantle of Chapter Master. To calm suspicions about his dual dedication to the chapter and to Mars, Carnot formally renounced his vows to the Machine Cult, a slight that would not be forgotten for the rest of the chapter’s service. Carnot also declared that the chapter would begin construction of a fortress monastery on the surface of MX-115, a planet recently reclassified from Hive World to Dead World, where the Hrud incursion had been most destructive. The post-apocalyptic landscape of the planet served as a morbid reminder of what was lost, and the threats that humanity needed protection from. Possibly due to the analytical mind of their Chapter Master, or possibly due to the macabre landscape where they made their home, the Knights Adamant became obsessed with entropy as a physical quantity. It alone determined the fate of any chemical reaction or process. To the chapter, entropy proved an even greater threat than any xenos ever would. They scoured the sector for ancient texts and data repositories where the sages of antiquity described the esoteric rules by which entropy determines all of existence. These heretical texts marked the downfall of the chapter, for in opening their minds to the idea that there existed a fundamental property of the universe that not even the might of the Imperium – not even the might of the Emperor Himself – could overcome, they had damned themselves. Over the next few centuries, the Knights Adamantine returned to near full strength. A silent feud with the Machine Cult of Mars had left the armouries of the chapter with fewer vehicles than the Codex dictates, but the chapter was flush with marines and their genestocks were full. Carnot had also tasked his chaplains with compiling the Index Thermodynamica, a treatise outlining how best to limit the resources lost to the great thief of entropy. Under the oversight of the chaplaincy, squads were sent out to the worlds that the chapter recruited from to conduct an inventory of each of the planets in the sub-sector. The results of the inventory were grim. The planets were found to be excessively wasteful. Imperial bureaucracy, a corrupt and greedy nobility, and an ill maintained infrastructure was losing trillions of units of entropy every year, far in excess of what was deemed necessary by the Index Thermodynamica. At these rates, the planets would survive a scant few millennia before becoming useless in the defense and support of the Imperium. Furious, Chapter Master Carnot penned an ultimatum to the offending planetary governors and noble houses who ruled the planets in the sub-sector. In it he demanded that if the planets were to continue to enjoy the aegis of the Knights’ Adamantine protection, they would have to make steps to comply with the Index Thermodynamica. The response from the planetary leader’s was silence. The terms were wholly unacceptable. The austerity measures outlined in the Index described a level of luxury, while far in excess of the living conditions that the planets menials laboured under, were unthinkable to the upper classes who enjoyed the lion’s share of the fruits of the planets’ industry. Astropathic messages were sent out to the Ecclessiarchy, the Inquisition, and anyone else who would listen, describing the heretical text penned by the renegade Astartes holding the sub-sector hostage. Within months a fleet of vessels led by Inquisitor Pangloss broke system and began a bombardment of MX-115. The orbital defense batteries fired back on the fleet but were quickly overwhelmed. Beyond the automated defenses, no response came from the surface. No chapter vessels were found at anchor in orbit. The planet had been deserted. Inquisitorial scouts reported back from the surface that the fortress monastery was deserted. Signs of internal violence were present, and the corpses of scores of marines as well as no few dreadnoughts lay shattered in the halls of the fortress. The librarium, reclusiam, and armoury were cleared out, but most curious of all was the geneseed repository. Signs of a great fire, and the remnants of demonic formulae were all that remained. Homeworld Coming soon. Combat Doctrine Coming soon. Organisation Coming soon. Beliefs Coming soon. Geneseed Coming soon. Battlecry “No future! No hope!”
  17. Kythnos


    From the album: Iron Warriors

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