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Last minute completition. (i think at least. It's 23:03 here :sad.:)





And a pic with both of my entries together :biggrin.:




I really had no time this month. But somehow he is finished. Congrats to all that finished their vows!


Cheers to all



EDIT: @Trokair  I gave him red coat to be consistent with my Captain and 3rd Co. markings, but felt that only the pauldron wasnt enough to make him a true Fist so i did a Yellow inner coat exactly the same as armour of my fists. And as to the hammer, yes i lenghtened the hilt just a bit above the hand. I think it rocks now and thanks for the criticism and suggestions :D

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Well, this will be another deadline I'm waving at as it flies by. I barely managed to get my Diu Ad Belli vow in on time and there's no way that I'll be able to paint the raptor in a couple hours. This looks more like a job for the coming weekend. Congratulations to MikhalLeNoir, you got me this round...but our private challenge will continue. :wink:



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Darn Isengrin, the Raptor looks so insane, I want to see him painted.(Okay, I am a bit relieved, that you haven't done him in time, hw would I stand a cahnce against this monster?)

And Although the next month is full due to comissions I have to make, I am already preparing the rest of the bunch. there will be blood....and all my jumppacks will be used....


@Varred: Great Librarian, I absolutly dig the hammer and as a funny sidenote: I read Finished on the Pad before realised it meant fists^^

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Pah with 15 mins left to go I only have the gold trim done on all the heads and 2 bodies. This was a bigger task than I thought it would be, but I will aim to get them done asap. Work killed me today with a 13 hour shift and I got up an hour early to paint before work lol. I'll upload pics of what I have currently in the morning, been awake for 18 hours now, need sleep
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I would like to see all the models that didn't meet the deadline finished anyways, some great stuff in here! Also congrats for those who managed to finish on time, this events are great to see how hobbyists push themselves! Speaking of people who finished :P, @Augustus my completion post is before your last updated to this point, but still my second challenge doesn't appear in the finished part on the first page (actually my completion post doesn't appear at all).
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Fantastic work to everyone who finished, Vairocanum that Plaguelord looks super menacing and badass! I apologise for not finishing my entry but time ran away from me: I had to attend a family birthday party for several days and then straight onto a conference for my PhD. (All without my paints and model :sad.: ). Will definitely complete and post the techmarine when I get back, if thats allowed!


Anyway this challenge has been excellent, and it has been an honour to participate and see such creative ideas and skill come together! A big thank you to Augustus for running it, and look forward to seeing what further challenges might appear in the future!

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@ BCK: Buddy, I feel and share your pain - it's been the same for me - the conversion was the most involved one I ever did and real life just got in the way of my plans. I would love for us to finish both projects though, and invite you to join me in a mutually supportive extension of the challenge!



Oh, I absolutely want to finish him. If I end up doing a small Death Guard force, I might have to include him. 

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It took me the whole challenge but I'm proud to say I finished. This marks the first time in many, many challenge attempts I've actually finished. Thanks Augustus for being an awesome challenge host, and to all who posted WIP pics to help with motivation. It may only be a single squad of 5 grunts, but this is big for me :). The only thing not complete is the transfers, and unless FW straps them to an ICBM and targets Northern Alberta, I don't think they'll make it in time.


EDIT: Uh Oh! The deadline was CET time zone. I'm four hours and change too late. Ah well. Solid try!

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Actually feel I let the side down by not making the deadline great challenge though Aug, painted more recently than I have done in years!

I feel the same way although i didn't get to the painting part i did learn to learn to learn greenstuff!


Progress is progress brother. If you ended with more work done than when you started, even if you failed the challenge itself, you did good. 


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Alright guys, I've added the rest of the tidied pics to my completion post, but I'll leave them here too to save some searching :thumbsup:





Hidden Content







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Most impressive work, guys!


Progress is progress brother. If you ended with more work done than when you started, even if you failed the challenge itself, you did good. 



ShVagYer is busy making us some awesome banners, people. He's doing this in his spare time, so bear with us! I will write an Event Recap with awards and everything as soon as they are done. Thanks!!

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The banners are done (HUUUUUUGE thank you to ShVagYer for his awesome work). Unfortunately I'm in the middle of preparations for a job interview AND many of my direct colleagues are either sick or on vacation meaning I have to do a :cussload of extra work so I'm not able to write the final report atm. I beg you forgiveness for this and promise that I will write a full-on event closer this weekend, with all banners ready. In other, more Astartes-sounding words: I recognize my failure and will be sure to correct it. :tu: ;)


The wait will be worth it! :biggrin.:

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  • 2 weeks later...




Alright everyone, the second installment of the August Arena is a wrap! It has been such a pleasure seeing so many participants, and to see so many inspiring, boundary-pushing projects - and so many of them come to fruition! There have been a good number of connections made between frater, and old board-based friendships and bonds strengthened. Morale for the event has been consistent, and besides a minor amount of confusion about the deadlines system, I think everyone was clear about what was expected of them. It was also good to see to see support for projects not only from the direct challengers, but from a plethora of participants. 


Participation was about as high as two years ago, which I can't really interpret as saying anything. The event was different in respect to the Augustus Arena event in that challenges were issued between two frater who challenged each other, instead of the interlocking system as heck challenges I implemented two years ago. This made the rules simpler - making it reasonable to assume more frater joined - but I imagine it also to have been less of a motivator to connect frater to each other - making it reasonable to assume fewer frater joined than would I have used the old format. I'm quite interested to read what the participants and the board thinks of this. 


The increasing number of events hosted on this board also makes for a more 'competitive' atmosphere, in that frater have so many to choose from. I myself am a proponent of event formats being more than just "complete X amount of miniatures before deadline Y". The ETL for example brings whole strategiums together, while this event is intended to make frater connect with and support a virtual stranger in their process to push their boundaries. Again, I am interested in your thoughts.


As a final note, I must apologize for my lessened attention. I am a firm believer in a saying by the late Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield "What is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." I hosted this event, and the last three to four weeks saw my attention waver. I had the best of reasons: I met and fell in love with the best woman ever, but that doesn't excuse my severely diminished presence on this thread. Luckily, the participants didn't waver, and kept support and feedback to others to a high standard. Thank you all to the participants, and hopefully we'll do this again next year!






Of course, no event can be closed without banners. And there are quite a few to be handed out. 



Let's start with the absolute champions of this event, those who finished not one, but two challenges: GreyRavenC with his absolutely gorgeous conversion of a heretic enginseer and a wicked Kurtha Sedd conversion, as well as MikhalLeNoir with his wickedly brutal Jorrik Snøwolf and an even more brutal looking truescale Night Lord, rednekkboss with his magnificent Plaguecaster and his horde of converted Poxwalkers, The Traitor's wonderfully eery Chaos Warrior conversions and his spooky Dark ApostleVairocanum with two lord, one of the Wolf and one of PlagueTrokair with a squad of old school Necrons and a Necron Lord, and Varred with two beautiful Imperial Fists characters, a captain and a librarian.


Take your two-pip VICTOR banner and/or medallions! (There are of course 40K Chaos and Imperial and 30K Traitor and Loyalist versions)

http://i.imgur.com/Hpwciz8.jpg  http://i.imgur.com/xqYkGTH.png       http://i.imgur.com/oEDpY7M.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/SGN2CgY.png


http://i.imgur.com/6XwuyaE.jpg  http://i.imgur.com/1L8R3mx.png       http://i.imgur.com/VO2vztO.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/yzEvH4X.png



Then, there are those who did their solemn duty and secured their vow on time, with excellent conversions, paint-jobs and bases! Please, Brother ArgentBrother CambriusBrother KortmerDolchiate RemembrancerGrotsmashaKordhalLameBeardSagentusTeetengeeThe Traitor, and last but not least Warsmith Uveron

take your one-pip VICTOR banners and/or medallions:


hAYnZRo.jpg  R9n4SPM.png       jnuXQUl.jpg    fBvPQb7.png


r9pkazK.jpg   q4KJjwg.png      0KKvWBm.jpg    jHkptLG.png





To be continued in next post.

Edited by Augustus b'Raass
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Unfortunaly, not everyone finished their vows. Real life issues, lack of motivation, an AWOL challenger, misunderstanding/misreading of the rules and/or deadlines, all have been quoted as reasons why. These frater can be divided into two categories: those who didn't finish before the first deadline but redeemed themselves by finishing their entry before the last -known in the August Arena as the ERUDITUS, and those who didn't finish at all:



I have to say: respect to this frater. Although they failed to finish before their promised deadline, they did persevere and finished their entries. That shows character and has to be rewarded. Therefore, KBA, please accept your ERUDITUS banner and/or medallion (please pick one kind:)


rs6vGZk.jpg  gXOT0S3.png      2U3QJlt.jpg  YbopIX9.png


bX88mU8.jpg  h1hdyRT.png      sUe3U1q.jpg  Sfgz1DG.png




The frater who didn't finish their entries. The the breakers of oaths, the weak willed, the lowest of the low. Yes, my brothers, there are those who have failed to fulfill their promises, those who have failed to meet their destiny, those who will not dine in the afterlife amongst the Gods or the Emperor. These frater must swear to recognize their failure, and be sure to correct themselves in the future! Until then, Andrew Cristlieb, AshenwhyteAugustus b'RaassBrother-Captain ArkhanBrother Chaplain CageBubblesMcGubChaplain Dosjetka, Drac0isengrinKordhalKrautScientistMarvin_the_MartianSagentusSoldier of DornTangamarine, and last and quite unfortunately least MindOfMetal (yes, you did finish your first vow, but you failed your second! And even one oath broken makes you a failure in the eyes of the Gods and/or the Emperor), 

take your MEA CULPA banners and wear them until at least the end of the year!

jGw3ZnB.jpg  5Eg0jIh.png     Pt8pgqK.jpg  3jJ0vja.png


lLY9GFX.jpg  5LdNsnz.png     wK8879y.jpg  jHkptLG.png




To be continued on the final comment.

Edited by Augustus b'Raass
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Now, the last two awards are the hardest for me to present, because they are entirely subjective. 



This award goes to those entries that I found most impressive. I did not just look at the completed miniature, but also at the WIP and the intricacy of the work put into it, the amount of updates a frater posted, and the quality of the photography. So, with that being said, here are the awards:

MikhalLeNoir, for a very impressive Truescale conversion and a great paint job:



Tankus Wokus, for a most excellent squad of Intercessor MkX Marines



rednekkboss, for a superbly converted and painted squad of disgusting multi-race Poxwalkers:



....you three are awarded the Most Impressive Completion banner, to put in your signature (either an imperial or chaos one)!

Q48crFz.png VH9tfvL.png



Guys, I must admit that I feel incapable of awarding this banner. I have been very unfocussed for most of August, and have had hobby jive problems since mid-July. I haven't read all posts in this event, and therefore I cannot say I have a clear image of the amount of support anyone has given. There just hasn't been any one comment that has stood out - but that's because I haven't been around as much as I needed to have been, I am very much open to nominations, though. So if anyone would like to write a nomination, and back up his story with some links or quotes from the nominated frater that show how they have been so supportive, then I am very open to that!

h7zGaVZ.png jMpIQB4.png






The August Arena is the second installment of this event. Many feedback from the last incarnation have been integrated into the rules set, and I hope everyone feels they have been an improvement. I would ask frater who have participated in both events to give me and the other some feedback as to which from they would prefer should there be a third incarnation! I am also curious as to what everyone thought of this event. The B&C has one though a lot of development recently and events of the style 'Paint X before Deadline Y' have become a dime a dozen lately, or so it seems. The Arena is primarily meant to bring two or more frater together to form a bond of friendship forged in the fires of feedback. Let me know if it succeeded, and if you have any thouughts on how to improve the event.

That's it, that's all I have. I hope it wasn't too disappointing. I will see you in other places of the forum. Until then, take it ea....

Edited by Augustus b'Raass
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Oh damn. Thx mate. I will add this beautiful banner to my signature wearing proudly until my last day or when the next challenge occurs. Hope it doesn't take 2 years..



Many THX to Augustus for hosting this event, especislly it you find the love it is not easy to stay in the road.

Edited by MikhalLeNoir
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