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Triszin's Tau log: Titanfall Themed, Shadowsun done


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Now I’ve seen your inspiration I can see you’re doing a great job of recreating those suits!


Did you pledge them for the ETL?

I pledged a ghost keel (scorch), a riptide ( legion), and a fireblade and a few drones

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While I don't understand the theme, there's a cool almost graphic art styling to them, and they say to me that they have seen their share of T'au and Gue'la blood spilled on the battle field. You've built something quite unique there (at least I've never seen any other Tau conversions like these)!
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Planning 2 simple conversions for 2 riptides I got. Replacing their head with a Drone from their kit, but have to cut/position create stuff so it look appropriate.


like its part of their armor. hard to explain, but once I get one done should be simple enough.

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I like 'em! The burst cannons almost look like a cool variant of an airburst frag projector.


Are you going to drill their barrels out?

Going forward I am, but I won't be drilling these out



I got the idea looking at the Tau'unar titan thing.


I really liked the triple cannon look on its back and realized, in squads of 3, smaller units can give off a similar visual aesthetic

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Hey, I'm right there with you on painting projects! Looking good!


How are you doing the blue glow effect?

its 2 colors,


1. watered down Baharroth blue, then a few layers going inward of it.

2. source + edge around source in baharroth blue

3. 30/70, then 50/50 baharoth blue and white scar white.  going inward

4. white scar in the dead center of the lightsource

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