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Mandragola’s Legio Astorum (and Mortis and stuff)

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You can buy that mat from Element Games too. I have the 4x4 version.

Yeah I wasn't sure whether to go for 4x4 or 6x4. In the end I thought having one mat for all purposes would be useful. I'm glad I went with 6x4 as it allows bigger games, though it will be a bit annoying to have to mask off bits.

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I bought a 6x4 folding table from Gamemat.eu. So far it has been used for one game of AT and one child's birthday picnic. It's pretty useful and it has a good flat surface, though there are quite a lot of bits that you wouldn't want to scrape yourself with, or trap your fingers in.

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Well I've been doing some more work, this time on knights and a titan instead of terrain.


Here's my current knight WIPs. The Armigers are super cute. I think the yellow comes out quite nicely. It's just Wraithbone spray, Yriel yellow and gloss reikland flesh shade, though I'll do a bit of highlighting later on. I also plan to give them some markings to indicate banner leaders and stuff.




One of the Helverins came with two right arms, so I had to chop it up under the magnifier and make it into a leftie. There were bits so small I was worried I'd blow them away. It'll definitely pass muster now - not that anyone would have noticed if I'd left it alone of course.




I'm also slowly working on my Dire Wolf. I've got it into a pose I'm happy with but it's not quite centred on the base and the pistons on its right foot need replacing because they weren't long enough. This gives me a bit more time to wonder how I'm going to paint the thing. I think it'll have some of the big "L" transfers and maybe even the odd red bit, to signify that it's sort of a test bed for esoteric weapons. Maybe not though - I'll see how I feel.



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I got my dire wolf more or less table ready and tried it out in a game a few weeks ago, while the site was down  this guy needs more work as I’m not really happy it - especially the big yellow “wings”  they make him look like a duck or something.ED96F73C-B853-4C9E-8074-D57910D58411.thumb.jpeg.d9615327ca040aad6068983e28c6a4df.jpeg

I’ll get back to that at some point. It was good enough for a game, which was the point. 

The actual game was… interesting. 1850 points with an Astorum Regia comprising two brawler warlords, a plasma VMB warhound and the dire wolf. In support I had 3 lancers and 3 armiger warglaives, also having their first game.

My opponent also played Astorum, so presumably this was actually some sort of holo-simulation. He had a venator and a Ferrox, for a total of three reavers and four hounds (all plasma/VMB). There were no melee weapons on the reavers, which were mainly set up for long-ish range with volcano cannons and laser blasters - guns I don’t rate, tbh

So basically the game went as I’d expected, with my Regia able to soak the incoming fire, mainly on my Seniores’ warlord, while picking off the hounds and largely ignoring the Reavers. My lancers died unluckily, two dying to a PBG shot that needed 6s and got two and the third getting melted by a wild-firing reaver, which he’d just killed. But my Seniores held on and the enemy titans fell, one after another, to the combined fire of my two warlords and warhound. We called it at the end of turn 3 with all my titans alive and more than half of my opponent’s dead. 

I’d love to be able to say the dire wolf contributed lots to this but the truth is it didn’t. It fired a total of four shots, having been on first fire once. It destroyed two weapons (actually kind of handy, but unable to shut down the target), missed a shot and did no damage with the fourth. So much for that! By hanging back firing it’s neutron laser to no effect it also couldn’t shoot it’s bolters, which were out of range. There’s no question that a second warhound would have contributed more, both by doing more damage and by being more of an active, mobile threat.


On the other hand I was quite pleased by the armigers. They didn’t have a chance to attack anything due to outflanking in a 3 turn game but they got into the enemy DZ and hid, spoiling his hold the line mission. They’re perfect for this kind of job, costing only 85 points and 1 strat point to outflank.

mum actually considering running Helverins instead of warglaives. I think the point of these things is to outflank and they’re not too likely to make it to melee, especially with effective command 6. Helverins can shoot on the turn they arrive and then keep their distance, plinking off the occasional void shield and maybe sometimes getting a shot at rear armour. 

the best option is probably a mixtrure. Actually, the two warglaives and one helverin you get in the pack would be fine. The helverin would be a nuisance and the two warglaives a threat that couldn’t be totally ignored. 

I’m going to a tournament (that’s what it calls itself, so an actual competitive event) the weekend after next and I think a unit of these things is likely to make it into my list. It’s actually a bit of a shame I need to bring some other knights to get access to them - and the event rightly bans Acastus except for households, so it’s probably going to be Cerastus.

The list I’m looking at will be a Regia again, with no upgrades. Two warlords (both with apoc and sunfury, one gatling and one quake), three hounds (two plas/VMB, one volkite/VMB), a banner of a lancer and an Acheron and the armigers. Seven activations is way more than I’m used to, especially with my recent adventures with the Extermigus maniple. 

I’m still thinking about a few options but I think this could be a fun battlegroup. The volkite hound is probably a bit bad but less so in a Regia as it won’t be haring off at speed, so can save its reactor for an occasional beam shot. Could be fun. 

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I'm not really sure how good the dire wolf is yet, but I didn't particularly enjoy using it. I like playing a game of manoeuvre and the dire wolf is a sniper. The result is a unit that may or may not achieve results based on dice rolls, rather than what I do as a player.

Also though, even if it does work, shutting down an enemy titan isn't as big a thing as all that. It's great of course, but the thing isn't actually dead yet. A basic plasma/vmb warhound can actually kill things very effectively and will tend to achieve something, rather than the all or nothing effect of the dire wolf.

Another issue is that it's unable to operate independently. It can't kill anything on its own - even knights are going to be hard for it to threaten - so it always needs to coordinate with friends. As such it's a bit like taking a double-vmb warhound. In the right situation it's very useful, but you will sometimes find it facing a warlord with no shields or a unit of lancers, which it can't hurt at all.

In larger games it's probably more useful. You can make up for its failures and capitalise on its successes more. But at the same time shutting down one of many enemy engines is less significant than shutting down one of a few.

The volcano cannon version is sort of interesting. On the face of it it's just worse than a plasma/vmb hound but there's slightly more to it than that. I might recommend those in an Audax force to unlock Ferrox maniples, for example.

In summary: it's actually fine but I don't really like it.

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