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Looking for a group in Birmingham Uk


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Hi folks, 


Thought I would post again.


My son and I are looking for somewhere to grab a few friendly games with fellow 40Kers.


My armies are BA, DG + Nurgle and Renegade Knights.  My son is UM, Tau and Imperial Knights.


Neither of us play comps...we enjoy the laughs....which is mainly me rolling 1s for DR saves and failed 4++

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I occasionally organise a run up to warhammer world.  Was thinking about extending this to local gamers if I can book enough tables if you're interested? There is also October Wargaming that used to be near 5-ways island, I've been a few times, pretty good and a decent amount of players but can sometimes be difficult to park at. 

My local is now back to Solihull too after Sutton Coldfield closed :(.

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