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Traitor Marine, now with pre-shade!


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Recently while perusing the W.I.P Forums, I came across Kizzdougs' excellent log, and his CSM to Sons of Horus conversion. So, as is the case with hobby butterfly syndrome I decided to give it a whirl. I have some CSM stuff, and some MkIV stuff so I figured I'd give it a whirl. the results are as follows:



Now, he's obviously a Traitor late in the Heresy. But the question is which legion does he hail from? I can see him as a Son of Horus, a Word Bearer, or maybe a Night Lord. What do my brothers in the Age of Darkness think? I'm thinking he will be the first in a small Zone Mortalis force, at least for now. We'll see.

Thanks in advance for any comments!

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I’m definitely leaning towards Sons of Horus for sake of ease with the kits I have. The Eye marking could just be a sign of being allied to the Warmaster or fighting alongside the Sons. I will be honest I hadn’t given it much thought when throwing him together.


The head is definitely swappable. I am currently lacking in MkIV helmets somehow. So, bare heads until I can order some stuff.

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An interesting thought, that. I know there were White Scars and Space Wolves who wanted to side with Horus, maybe a force of dudes from Loyal legions that felt the proper path was alongside Horus. Interesting. Could use Blackshields rules...the wheels turn.
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So, I got an airbrush. So I figured I'd give pre-shading a shot. Here are the results:



May have gone a bit heavy handed with the white, but we'll see when I get some color on there!



Threw some paint on his head...happy with most things save for the eyes. Those Emperor-Damned things are impossible. More practice!



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