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3/4th of a Command Squad w/ Regimental Standard Bearer. Going to use the guy further up the thread as Color Sergeant Kell. Cadians seem like a good choice rn for Infantry Guard, and I'm not married to the Catachan S4. 




Can't stop 'Sharp Dressed Man' playing in my head

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Something nobody asked for: a TO&E of the Rymr 1st!


Some notes:

  • Actual force disposition at any given time is hard to pin down for the 1st. This is more of a general outline of sorts. While it is classified as a Heavy Infantry Regiment, this is largely both due to the Squats' inherent traits and the desire of Administratum orderlies to avoid headaches.
  • Due to logistical issues, the Rymr 1st lacks heavy equipment, especially heavy tube artillery and the odd battle tank. Beta Company's squadrons are, in actuality, usually comprised of two Battle Tanks and a Sentinel for reconnaissance work. These "hunter-killer" teams do their job admirably, but the lack of Leman Russ Exterminators or Salamander Scouts is sorely felt. 
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Here's my review of the Battle Valor Space Dwarfs. These are a head shorter than the WGA Einherjar, but I don't really care about consistency in scale so far as they don't scale with baseline human models. Casting is very good for a smaller company, with minimal flash for me to clean up. Their aesthetic, with the padded armor and helmets, is closer to the RTB10 Squats than the "space Vikings" or "short Cadians" of the EInherjar. Overall, these are an excellent option if you want to get more classic-looking Squats.

They have a number of squads to choose from, both on their website and on their Ebay, where I got mine. If I had any complaint, it's that they don't really sell "Plasma Gunner" squads, i.e squads of a single heavy/special weapon. If you want those, you have to buy multiple squads.


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