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  1. Back in the day of Metal IG, there were models that I feel head of heels about. I even based my Elysians using these models, but sold it years ago due to RL. Lately I've been itching to get back into getting them. So far I managed to get roughly 60 Kasrkins back... now to make a list around them. Edit: title, updated on to reflect on growing collection.
  2. Hello, fellow Guardsmen! This will be a place for me to gather ideas and ask advice for my latest Death Korps of Krieg force and will help to keep me motivated with the marathon that is building a Guard army! I intend on building a large army with all the elements you'd expect from an army from the planet of Krieg. So lots of Artillery and mass infantry backed up by the Deathriders (probably the main draw to the faction!) I'm an enthusiastic painter and have made a small order to get me started! I have 5 Engineers, an Infantry squad, HQ with Marshal and a Deathrider Squadron Commander (pictured below) I'll be building and painting these over the next few weeks while I decide what's next. Death Korps of Krieg Squadron Commander Death Korps of Krieg Squadron Commander Death Korps of Krieg Squadron Commander Death Korps of Krieg Squadron Commander Death Korps of Krieg Squadron Commander Death Korps of Krieg Squadron Commander Next up will be some Engineers, thanks for looking.
  3. This is not a drill. The 5th edition Commissars (AKA the best ones) are going Made-To-Order!| Both Yarricks Creed (no Kell?) Severina Raine Lord Commissar Commissars (no Armageddon version) Inquisitors (no tome version)
  4. I haven't seen it posted in the forum anywhere else, although some people seem to know of the company already, so I decided to setup a thread, since the range of miniatures from Wargames Atlantic seems to be expanding quite fast. Here is their shop: https://wargamesatlantic.com/ They have a mix of historical, fantasy and Sci-Fi ranges, which for the most part seem to be roughly compatible, as I have seen conversions using a mix of historical figures with Sci-Fi ones, for example. It is all hard plastic, the sprues have lots of spare parts and the kits are quite cheap, especially if bought in the multi-box deals they provide. They currently ship from the UK, the US and Australia (company is based in the US and production is done in China). Retailers that stock them are still quite few, but the number is increasing regularly and at least in Europe they ship rather fast, if you buy directly from their shop. Their sci-fi range is called Death Fields and could prove of interest to AM/IG, GSC and potentially Mechanicus, depending on what they add next. Nothing for aliens or SM at the moment, but there are plenty of alternatives for those anyway. Examples of their kits: https://wargamesatlantic.com/collections/demo-collection/products/raumjager-infantry-box-set?variant=20081465983074 https://wargamesatlantic.com/collections/demo-collection/products/les-grognards?variant=31187238944866 They seem very active on their social media pages and regularly gather feedback and show what is coming next, for example dwarvish guards: And fantasy/Sci-Fi spiders: Both the spiders and the dwarves should be released sometime in August.
  5. So I've been posting in the Guard forum for the better part of two years now (or something close to that) so I figured it's about high time I showed off my own homebrew guard force, the 53rd Army Group. The fluff is still TBD so I won't put any here, just some photos of a few models. Also I haven't a clue how to set up a spoiler so forgive the post length. To start with here's some bullgryns (I realised after glueing one shield on I should magnetise them so that's why the other two are lacking their's) Here's the CCS of the Cadian 1st Regiment's Alpha Company, the Officer Commanding, Major Fel is the one missing a hand (the power maul fell off (yes I see the irony)). The powerfist is his No 2 an as of yet unamed captain. Here are two images of Colonel Jakob Stern, OC Cadian 12th Armoured Regiment (I play him as Pask) and his command vanquisher the "Thesius" And finally the CCS plasma gunner from what remains of the Armageddon 119th Steel Legion (so it's not just Cadians) Anyway thanks for looking, I'll try and throw up another update tomorrow.
  6. - It is the 35th Millennium - The Imperium is in turmoil. Faith wars with rationality as the Ecclesiarchy and Administratum tussle for power. In disgust, the Ur-council of Nova Terra has led a fifth part of the Imperium into secession, striking out to forge a new destiny of their own. Seers speak hauntingly of the half-remembered terrors of Old Night, as warpstorm activity increases across the galaxy. The veil grows thin. Against a galaxy in flames, as mankind falls on itself, the Blood Angels stand as bulwark in the east. Even as the eyes of man turns inwards, the Angels strike out at the gathering horrors of the galaxy. - The Alien Wars begin - +++ + What are the Alien Wars? + + The Alien Wars Setting + The Alien Wars is a project that invites you to make a model (or more) that fits into the Nova Terra Interregnum of M35, a period of instability in the Imperium that saw the resurgence of Xenos threats against a divided Imperium. What is the Nova Terra Interregnum? Find out more by jumping to this post. The broad groupings are: Xenos – major and minor; the Xenos are in the ascendant across the galaxy. OrksThe orks of the Charadon Empire Eldar Saharduin Ymgarli Fomn Secessionists – Imperium Minor; those loyal to Constantium/Nova TerraThe Nova Terran Imperium Principal worlds of the Nova Terran Imperium The Frateris Constantium Old Imperials – The Greater Imperium; loyal to Ancient TerraThe Mechanicus sub-cults The Inquisition: the Chiron Cabal Astartes – Studiously neutral – mostly... This is a broad brief; intentionally so, because there's very little written about this period of 40k history. There are a few hints here and there, but it's very open for your ideas. I encourage you to think in the Rogue Trader spirit – the galaxy of the period is full of mystery and potential; and you're more free than ever to come up with something new and exciting, with every opportunity to do something that you've always wanted to do. +++ + How do I get involved? + Build your model (or models) and share it: Here in the thread – I'd love this to become a repository of people's ideas. On the + Death of a Rubricist + Facebook group On Instagram, using the #alienwars hashtag. Painted models, with a short piece of colour text (~500 words) explaining how they fit in the setting, are the gold standard. +++ [+Original first post+] +++ + Squad Raphael, Third Company + (Or, in the mannered language of Baal circa 191.M35: 'The Wards of Furiel under Lord Dahavauron, Prince of the Erelim; 3rd Strateia of the Host of the Angels of the Blood.') Sinistro a Dexter: Brother Donato (Duhael 4:12) Brother Malatesta (Durbael 2:17) Sergeant Raphael (Furiel 8:04) Brother Farnese (Shemhamphorae 1:20) Brother Barbarigo (Durbael 4:11) Sinistro a Dexter: Brother Lucian (Abacyel 3:12) Brother El-Aster (Ambriel 1:01) Brother Mephisto (Rashin Rast 2:05) Brother Thaddeus (Saditel 4:04, called the lost) Brother Engel (Narieal 4:10) +++ Wait, what? A lot of the above likely sounds like gibberish! The naming scheme above is a development of one I made up for my May You Live Forever project, the details of which can be seen here. The plan The army I'm building is a modern take on the Blood Angels Third Company army from WD139, one of the first issues I read, back when I was a nipper. This is a bit of a love letter to 40k, then and now; and combining what I think is the best of both. The originals: My interpretation so far: +++ [Original first post]
  7. As the title say I'm looking for suggestions on how to convert/kitbash/paint space marines or imperial guardsman to mark them out as being close allies to a Navigator house (or the Navis Nobilite as a group) and/or having worked alongside it/then for some time. Do people have any suggestions?
  8. Thought it might be considered a dereliction of duty if I failed to get a WIP up and running for my ETL vow(s). First 9 grunts completed More foot slogging to continue over the weekend. For the Emperor.
  9. A rather timely pre-order has gone up today, the Frag Launcher. http://anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Heavy-Weapons/frag-launcher-grenade-cannon-heavy-weapon http://anvilindustry.co.uk/image/cache/catalog/Anvil/Weapons/Frag Launcher/FragCannonRender-400x400.jpg Will be shipping next Friday. Probably of interest to those bemoaning the awkwardness of acquiring multiples of a new Deathwatch weapon. They may also interest those of our 30k brethren who you use Destroyers and fancy some Rad missile launchers without going the Forgeworld route. They've also added a Quake Gun to the Exo-Lord armoury and a quake attachement to the modular, magnetisable Lance Carbine: http://anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Specialist-and-Energy-Weapons/quake-cannon http://anvilindustry.co.uk/image/cache/catalog/Anvil/Weapons/quake/newton-eg-800x800.jpg http://anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Specialist-and-Energy-Weapons/Lance-Carbine http://anvilindustry.co.uk/image/cache/catalog/Anvil/Weapons/lance-carbine/lance-carbine-sprue-3q-800x800.jpg The regiments range has also had a bunch of modular heavy weapons released. Far too many to start dropping pictures of, but the following are incuded - Tesla Cannon, Heavy Grenade Launcher, Autocannon, Phase Cannon and Mortar alongside a range of tripods, gun carriages and gun shields. http://anvilindustry.co.uk/Regiments/regiments-heavy-support-weapons
  10. As per the title, I'm sure that will be a familiar statement amongst many collectors once the newly revealed Imperial Guard minis are released. Its been a long time since the Imperial Guard, or Astra Militarum if you're that way inclined, got new infantry sculpts for their main range. Granted we got a Death Korps of Krieg box recently, but the plastic Cadian range, which I'd say is their 'main' Guard range, has been showing its age for a long time now, and is way overdue for a refresh. I know they did an upgrade kit for the Cadians recently which had some nice bits in it, but it didn't solve the poor proportions of the original kit and did nothing to really bring the Guard up to today's standards. Don't even get me going on the plastic Catachans... Anyway, that all changed on Saturday the 8th October when during their online preview show, Games Workshop revealed brand new Cadian Shock Troops, along with a new Command Squad, a Commissar, Field Ordnance batteries, Heavy Weapon teams and a lightweight Scout variant of the already shown Armoured Sentinel. Not only that, there's going to be a new army box on the way ahead of the main release, much like they did with the Black Templars and Leagues of Votann, and this kind of ties in with my previous blog entry. The new Cadians/Guard look amazing, and once again I felt the familiar 'I must have these' urge. The new box will be called Cadia Stands, and will contain 20 Cadian Shock troops, a Field Ordnance Battery, a Command Squad and a Sentinel which can be built as the either the Armoured or the Scout Variant. There'll also be a limited edition Codex and presumably some transfers. They didn't show the Codex as apparently the cover shows a new character riding a mechanical horse, which immediately made me think of the old BraveStarr cartoon - if they don't call the horse Thirty/Thirty then they've missed a trick! I've never had a Guard army, but I've always wanted one. I've bought bits here and there - I had the old metal Valhallans, some Tallarn troopers with special weapons, and I've got a Valkyrie in a box somewhere along with a half built Wyvern. I've even bought and sold a Taurox, some Orgryns and Scions when I got a bit giddy once, but I never quite fully committed. Now, I have to admit I'm tempted, and I hadn't just bought the Leagues of Votann stuff I'd be declaring myself all in right here right now. I'm tempted because not only does it all look amazing, there was a key piece of information in the reveal that made my ears prick up like a cat hearing a food pouch open from 6 miles away. We can mix regiments again. Imperial Guard armies can once again have different squads from different regiments, just like the old days, and for me this is fantastic. Not only does it mean we'll see armies with tons of variety, its also gives us hope that other regiments might get the Cadian treatment, and if they make new plastic Catachan Jungle fighters, plastic Valhallan Ice Warriors and plastic Tallarn Desert Raiders, then we are right back at the start of this blog entry: My wallet will break before the Guard does.
  11. Hi, Here are some pictures of a Death Korps of Krieg Veteran Guardsman that I painted from the Kill Team Octarius box set.
  12. Hi all So, finally getting round to consistently painting again (or trying to) after c.15 years out of the hobby. I’ve been lingering again for the past few years and dabbling, which includes foolishly amassing rather large collections of various of the old imperial guard armies. I now have 100+ of each Vostroyans, Steel Legion and Kasrkin. I love all three armies and think they’re all so characterful and brilliant in their own way. Whilst I love some of the new models, nothing quite has the character of these guys, for me. I had a small Vostroyan army back in the day and I held onto the models. I’ve tried to recreate a similar paint job as I did back then, albeit with no idea what my recipes were and with completely different paints. The goal with these is quick and dirty - I know myself, if I don’t get a decent number of these guys done in a short period and to a consistent standard I’ll get frustrated/bored and stop. So just looking for tabletop standard with these guys for now to get my mojo back and then might treat myself to a painting project or too. Would also be nice to have a playable army, in case the world ever gets back to normal and I ever find time/someone to play with! Anyway, that’s the intro. I’ll get some photos uploaded (once I figure how to upload), and also try and figure out the best and easiest way to get some good shots. Thanks for reading! Lorr.
  13. Intro. Hobby; Painting; Game-play; Rules; All things Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum (IG/AM) - especially Death Korps of Krieg (DKK) GOALS: #1 Goal: Getting an IG/AM army and display board up to standard (as best I can do) is goal #1. A. Get it built and Painted. B. Get Better at Painting. C. Make the effort, try new things, push my skills. #2 Goal: Second, I'd like to work on my game-play on the tabletop with Guard. A. Tournament prep. B. Better Mindset. C. Play more games. D. Learn better from the games I do play. (e.g. avoid leaps based on anecdotes - 'the basilisk killed 3 dreadnoughts this game, I need more basilisks') Reasoning/Understandings: It seems to me that others will not only be different in their approach, but directly opposite in several instances. I share this now as a starting point of discussion, not the last word on truth. Regular; Methodical; Stable. Based on past experience, motivation and discipline ebbs and flows, and it takes way more time than scheduled for me to complete anything. Regularity is needed because starting several months in advance is the only hope I have of showing up prepared - instead of my usual showing up last minute and cramming to get a substandard army done, which is usually very disappointing. Striving to achieve is far better than just showing up. Continuing along with a specific mental picture (bad and good) is also helpful to stay on a charted course, as opposed to starting and not finishing dozens of projects. Working towards completion and goals adds legitimacy and satisfaction, where chasing somebody else's new projects and wins is a more hollow path leading to burn out. mandating an hour a day can fall apart can collapse once real life hits. 15 minutes can and often is enough to breath life into a project - one step at a time. Mindset; Orientation. It's fun to win some games. And, realistically it's hard to keep any hobby motivation while getting crushed game after game. While there are lots of very thoughtful, professional, and in-depth articles written these days at various blogs and websites, they almost all carry a rather large blind-spot--the middle and bottom half tables. There are tons of armies that don't make the weekly 'what's broken in 40k' round of podcasts and youtube channels. Let's set some realistic (uncommodified) goals and make some honest appraisals. In 9th we know DKK are not good, but it's not helpful for that to be a crutch. That'll spiral out into, 'lets just not play.' It's a hobby, let's enjoy it. I've got to be accountable as a general. And, at the same time, if winning was the only goal, I should be playing 2x per week at least, and all 2000pts would have to be on the table to change out at a moment's errata or FAQ. I think I start to get comfortable with an opponent army around 10 games. I don't have the time, inclination, or hobby group with a free trade pool of models, to chase after most other armies codex creep. And, if I can get 3x games a month in, that'll have to do (hopefully I get more in). That said, within the limits of goal #1, I'm ok with using custom or other regiment rules, as even the codex itself specifically allows the player to decide regimental traits. And, I'm ok with taking allies, though even that has limited rules appeal in 9th edition. Battle #1 post COVID - Harlequins Fun game and a close loss to Harlequins. Wow they move fast. Fusion pistols are very good. I don't think it'd have been close if I didn't get first turn. The harlequins themselves are like little Tasmanian devils--it only takes a few of them to just obliterate units. Bullgryns did not do well at all. Death riders points increase really hurt as I removed their commander to fit in points. Without the orders their movement wasn't stellar. The malcador infernus was comically bad, though always fun to have on the table. I suppose I could put it in reserves to keep it away from my units when it explodes. The Medusas look cool, I guess. -1 to hit really adds up on units that don't get bonuses. Overall, hugely rusty on the rules. It's been a year. Woof. Having trouble remembering secondaries, terrain, army rules, etc. The brain has limited bandwidth--only so much real estate is available at a time, and using too much depletes capacity. This highlights how necessary practice games are to me playing well. I could play Manticores instead of Medusas, but i lose a lot of DKK flavor... I did see a cool taurox - manticore conversion recently. The Tank Commanders have good output, but the smaller table size seems to make deployment even more difficult than in 8th. I'm thinking more and more about scout sentinels, or Gaunt's ghosts to get into no-man's land quicker.
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