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Sleek, long power claws

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I'm looking for power claws, but I'm not so keen on the "powerfist-plus-claws"-design. I like the ones which come with the new Black Templar Sword brothers. So something in that style would be nice.




Do you know a good source for something similar? Can be 3rd party, preferably not too expensive...

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Wulfen have long, canine shaped claws in their box


tartaros pattern terminators have long, sleek claws as separate part that you just glue ontop of powerfist, samekinda claw part is on mark. 4 armor box as single piece.


Mark. 3 armor box has separate claw part too, you glue fourfinger part unto front of fist.

cataphractii has long knive like claws too you can easily cut off from fists too

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