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  1. Here will be posted some heavy chaos conversions/kitbashes/scratch builds that I have been working on for as long as a couple years now. I am looking for thoughts, suggestions, and opinions on how to make some really monstrous models. NOTE: Picture quality and size increase drastically later in this plog, so feel free to skip ahead Most recent completed project: current WIP:
  2. Hi! So I was given a random assault intercessor by my son, which I converted into a vanguard vet using spare parts I had in my bits box, including a sanguinary guard jump pack. This has inspired me to start a Raven Guard army, as I’ve always loved the idea of an all-beaky force. Here’s the first guy. I’m quite proud of the hand painted symbol on the shoulder pad. Found a great image at www.fromthewarp.blogspot.com which gave me a step-by-step method that made this really much simpler than I thought it would be. Also posted a screenshot of that image in case it’s handy for anyone. Next up will be my attempt at Kayvaan Shrike!
  3. Hello! I’m new here and a returning player to 40k. I’m starting a new space wolves army, and thought I’d make a thread to document the process. I’ve chosen the Stormwolves Great Company and my first model conversion is a Primaris in Gravis Armour interpretation of the Wolf Lord Bjorn Stormwolf. Forgive the blu-tac handle on his noggin.
  4. Working on my Chaos Marine army is slow-going for a bunch of reasons, but progress does happen (and hopefully soon so will more actual games). I'm currently focused on assembling/converting a couple of extra HQ choices. Firstly, a new Chaos Lord based on an Aspiring Champion from the original incarnation of my army. Tentatively named Kayne Firebringer. There's a good chance the name will change at some point (or possibly just the spelling). Based on a Primaris Reiver to get the extra stature the original version was supposed to possess. I'm trimming down the right-hand shoulder pad to add a regular CSM shoulder pad over it, and I need to remove the left hand/forearm to replace it with the CSM power fist for "I'm coming for you" effect. I'm also waiting on some Necromunda Goliath parts to give him one of the masked heads instead of the head shown in this image. Next we have Angelica, Exalted Champion of Khorne or, as I like to think of her, the Khornate Murder Princess. She's waiting for me to work out what I'm doing for her shoulder pad and to fill the gap from the cloak piece I decided against using. I have a right arm for her, with a massive blade weapon, but I think I need to sort out the torso before I can start trimming the shoulder on the arm to get it to fit. And finally, for now, the third Helbrute for my army. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera to focus on the Cold One Head properly. All it really needs at the moment is a bit of gap-filling, but I'm tempted to add spikes and blades to the spire for the extra Godzilla factor. The heavy flamers use the spare cannisters from the Helbrute kits and nozzles from the Sister of Silence kit.
  5. Greetings all. This will be the repository thread for all progress of powered armor wearing models in my collection. The first post may contain non-power armored themed information for context. Currently, I'm faced with a conundrum. I paint a myriad of types and styles of miniatures due to my day job. I need paint scheme themes to keep me organized with sci Fi and fantasy projects. Historicals are easier to manage due to..well, extant historical information.I trialed this over the last two years with my undead, where I have used green as an overarching main color.So I'm doing something similar now:1. Undead: Green must be a major color2. Imperial: blues and creams if possible. Imperial guard are an exception as they can literally be anything. But I will try to push blues and creams into those schemes.3. Fantasy humans/guild myrmidian: yellow and red.4. Stormcast will always be silver and purple. Here's the issue. This is my latest power armored project prior to this update in methodology: I'm not sure whether to continue and paint the rest as what is extant, or move to my above re-focused plan. Your thoughts, friends?
  6. “Roger Roger.” In M41 – A conversion Project From a Galaxy Far Far away (mid 2020) a new army has arisen in my collection. The Droidari, as named by their first opponent at the local store. Stating as a small scale idea to build and paint some Droids after discovering that Star Wars Legion had gone to plastic from resin. As there was no SW Legion scene in my area that I was aware off, and having already converted Fantasy and AoS armies to 40k this seemed like an obvious next step. Originally planned as just a small project centred on the Droid half of the starter box plus a AAT and maybe some STAP Riders, as Ep1 Droid Army interested me more than later iterations, the project grew over time as new kits were released and made their way into the growing pile of waiting to be converted boxses. First though I had to figure out as what 40k faction they where most suited to, quickly narrowing it down to AdMech, Necrons and Eldar (with Tau and Guard a close 4th and 5th consideration). From there however I went back and forth, all three had a good fit in some regard, but not others (including already having multiple Necron and Mech armies). In the end the decision settled on Eldar, and looking back I think it was the best fit, it only took a year and a bit to decide. Plus being light infantry focused it would be different from my existing Eldar forces (Wraith and Jetbike focused). Please note that as this project has a heavy dose of IP not related to the B&C’s purpose, and as such I did seek Mod approval just in case (Thank You), and I will therfore be focusing on the parts of the project that are the most 40k relevant. As such there will be minimal unmodified SW Legion models (and only as part of shots with more relevant content), and even models that have some gubbins/40k basing will be limited, even though they probably make the majority of the built models. The focus of this thread will be those conversions that have clear Eldar elements as major components. I have also yet to work out a colour scheme, beyond the principle that Aspect Warriors will have some element of their traditional Aspect colour. I am also inclined to try to use transfers for the first time in many many years to apply some Eldar Iconography once the painting is done. As of this point I have over 2000p built (depending on upgrades and exact count as usage) and consider the majority of the build/converting done, but I do still have some unused Droid bodies to use and am working on a Wave Serpent count as. Let’s start with some actual models, 5 example Guardians made from B1s together with a weapon platform. The platform had some spirit stones carefully removed so that it meshes a bit better astatically with the Droids, who after all don’t have any. In this picture two B1s just have some 40k basing, while 2 more have gubins. Next up we have an assortment of Aspect Warriors, going from left to right a Dark Reaper, a Fire Dragon with a cut down Wraithcannon as a supped up Dragon Fusion gun/firepike, a Howling Banshee Exarch with Executioner (facing away so that the Eldar component of the converted blade is easier to see) and 2 striking scorpions with elder chainswords (courtesy of the new guardian kit). A Farseer, not much to say here. And lastly for this initial post the squad that is likely to be the poster child for this project, They are the most mixed conversion betwen SW Legion and Warhammer 40k out of the lot. A Support Weapon Platform unit with Vibro cannons. It seemed the most SW weapon out of the options, but the main weapons are swappable to the other two options. I also trimmed away some of the spirit stones here for the same reason as before.
  7. I have been trying to convert/kitbash for so long now, but keep second-guessing myself, so here goes. I'll write out below all I've gathered so far regarding the sword named Aegeas and I'd greatly appreciate your input, advice and/or comments regarding this project. Aegeas background: Name: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegeus In short; King of Athens, father of the hero that slew the minotaur, threw himself into the sea named after him when he believed his son dead. Name apparently also means goat-man. "broadsword of extraordinary balance and durability" https://www.medievalchronicles.com/medieval-swords/broadsword/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basket-hilted_sword "taken as a trophy from the clawed hands of a Xenarch" https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Xenarch https://wh40k-de.lexicanum.com/wiki/Xenarch#/media/Datei%3AXenarchconductionspine-1.jpg Isolationist xenos that worship the warp and are rumoured to generate biological electro-plasma, their electrical weapons are far superior to what the mechanicus can achieve. Warp-worshipping, is that the same as followers of chaos or something else? Is the Eldar described the same way? So are the Xenarchs followers of Chaos, namely Tzeentch or Slaanesh judging by their background, or some other deities? I'm thinking some slightly modified Necron bits and pieces could work to achieve a pommel, crossguard and/basket hilt for the sword to emulate the picture of the conduction spine, since wheter the sword is xenos or human in origin, it must have been able to be used by the xenarchs themselves to be able to be taken as a trophy. (Unless maybe the xenos use captured swords as decorations, who knows!) Also, from Kyr Vhalens background we know the Xenarchs used sabres, so perhaps Aegeas leans more towards looking like a sabre? Also, some unifficial fanart of a xenarch: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTh6mpX3_0R2Do-mS--Y-cUKZTKHWNGpj2rr4PI5zLbNQ&s "said to have its origins in the Dark Age of Technology" So is it from humans or xenos during the DAoT? If its from human DAoT origins then parts from the mechanicus and van saar could be appropriate, since the mechanicus see stuff from that era as the be all end all of technology, and the van saar got an stc, presumably from that era. Aegeas rules: +2 str AP3 Melee Breaching 4+ Blind Master-Crafted The blind rule combined with the xenarchs warp connection and electrical affinity has got me leaning towards Tzeentch(namely Tzeentchs connections with fire) as well as the winds of Hysh(light) and Azyr(heavens) from fantasy/age of sigmar. Hysh should be pretty self explanatory and Azyr is associated with the stormcast and lightning. And from what I know lightning is pretty blinding. However, backgroundwise the "extraordinary balance" part as well as the master-crafted rule got me thinking Slaanesh, plus Slaanesh loves putting on a "dazzling" display. So, that's pretty much all I've gathered information wise so far. I have been thinking about using the chaos terminator sword, due to its connection both to the warp as well as the pyramid shape in the middle of the blade, which calls back to the wind of Hysh and that college of magics use of pyramids. Another idea was to use the ossiarch bonereapers arch-kavalos speartip as a basis, since it is shorter and therefore more in line with the definition of a broadsword as well as looking more alien. My apologies to the mods if they feel this thread fits more in another part of the forum.
  8. Templar-izing my Outriders I already have a pretty large bike force for my Black Templars so I've been waiting excitedly for the Outriders. I added some of my existing bike conversion parts to the mix along with the heavy guardbrace on the shoulder pads. For the exhausts, I removed the thinner segment of the exhaust pipe filed it smooth then attached my resin upgrades rather than just drilling out the tube. Because they are so small they can be a bit fiddly but IMO it's worth the effort. It helps to add them before attaching the side pieces to the bikes, while you can still do it at any point it's just easier while it's still separate. I use a jewelry saw to remove the tube tips on the exhaust since it makes a nice clean & controlled cut, then filed everything smooth before attaching the resin tips. I use the tip of my hobby knife or a sewing needle carefully touched between the vents and help pick it up so I can eyeball that everything is straight before pressing it in place. The guardbrace was heated in very hot water for about 15 seconds then bent around the shoulder pad. (Hot enough to make tea) If you mess up they can be reheated and they'll flatten back out. Just make sure they aren't too cold when you go to bend them or they could crack. If's it's heated correctly it'll be very pliable. I used one of the Templar vehicle crosses on the hood and the shrine on the rear is a press molded copy of the top of the buttress piece from the Imperial Sector city fight terrain. Link for where to find the conversion parts: https://www.reddogminis.com/human-scaled-infantry.html
  9. Hi people. I'm looking at making some conversion for my Guard army using Necromunda bits. Specifically I'm thinking about making a couple of Rough Riders, but would like to avoid the actual horses. I want them a bit more techy and and bit more beefy looking. So I was thinking of potentially combining the Escher Cutter bikes and Palanite Enforcer/Subjugator bodies. The idea would be to use the cops as riders and use the bits on the bikes where the guns go to attach lances of some kind. Would probably be quite a bit of work to make them fit, but first off all I was wondering if anyone knows how to he scale between the two lines up? I don't play Necro myself and don't own any models, but I would assume they don't look too out of place next to each other? The Palanites are all standing pretty spread-legged, so I'm hoping they could be made to sit on the bikes.
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