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"The Legio Vorus, Devourers, hailing from the Forgeworld of Xerox IV.


Never amongst the most illustrious Legios, Vorus nevertheless accrued a reputation of consistency and dependability. This was largely owed to their dogged adherence to what they termed "the Great Algorithm", a marginal creed amongst the Cults Mechanicus."



Legio Vorus Walks!


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The Vernika was a stalwart mainstay of the Legio Vorus battle-maniples deployed throughout the latter decades of the Great Crusade. Although Vorus often found itself deployed alongside the disparate forces of the Imperial Army, it ultimately did so in accordance with the stipulations of the Xerox IV Compliance at the hands of the Sons of Horus, still Luna Wolves at that point, and ultimately owing their fealty to Horus.



Named for a semi-legendary Magos of Xerox' antiquity, its utilitarian loadout symptomatic of Legio Vorus' focus on reliability and adaptability, a trait engendered by the sparse nature of their rad-scoured home. This has more acutely affected the modifications to the cockpit-head, including increased rad-shielding, robust sensors and reinforced real-viewers.



As with most God-engines of Legio Vorus, the Vernika bears little in the way of honorary markings or superfluous detailing, it instead bears the Atomicrux, symbolizing Xerox IV, as well as a simple numeral, denoting its position in the Legio Hierarchy.




The first Reaver I did for the Legio, it served as the prototype for the modifications and colour-scheme that will feature across the Legio.


@schoon, Interrogator Stobz: Thanks! I wanted to keep them muted, industrial and worn, so will be sticking to some fairly sparse orange.

@Brother Adelard: Thanks, I wanted to keep the Warlord slightly more in line with the old Lucius Warlord Titan, as well as Imperious Dictatio of the Titan comic. Also, the standard Laser Destructors just look weird to me, not a fan of them.

@Sherrypie, Malika666: I stole the head-idea from EdTs wonderful thread

Edited by Brother Pheidias
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Armed for anti-engine duty, the Malleus Irae found itself at the forefront of many a Legio Vorus battleline, the venerable Reaver melting down targets already wounded by the focused fire of its fellow engines. With nearly six centuries of service against the Abominable Intelligence Macro Machines plaguing Xerox IV, the Malleus Irae had developed a vengeful and belligerent machine-spirit, requiring a strong-willed Magos to maintain the reins.






With such a will-full machine spirit, Malleus Irae bore the numerous scars of furious close-range engagements with a scornful pride.

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