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  1. Hail frateris! I have also jumped onto the Adeptus Titanicus bandwagon - and much looking forward to getting a game in. So far, I have assembled five of the fiddly buildings and three fantastic looking Questoris Knights. I have not quite figured out why there is only one of each weapon in a set - ie. an Avenger cannon, a battle cannon and a thermal cannon? Seems an odd layout? That said, I have - besides the GM Edition Box - bought an extra set of Questoris Knights and a pair of Warhound Titans. The latter should be enroute in the mail. Very much looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on them! Legio-wise, I have not yet decided on colour scheme - but as I have assembled three Questoris Knights and five buildings, I will be painting them first. As for my Knight House, I will probably go with House Tintaroth from the Titan! Comics "Will of Iron", as the colour scheme is 1) wickedly good and 2) different from anything else I have painted during my 26 odd years in this hobby of ours! So - stay tuned - there will be pictures up this evening of my progress to date! Faithfully, Master Ciaphas
  2. Hi, Has been a fair while since I last posted on B&C (late 2019 perhaps). Think a few things happened and motivation vanished, got distracted by other things, something might have been going on in the world. Can't quite think what Anyway... many of those who I often talk hobby with have been building titans for a while now and even getting some games in too. Those who know me know I had quite a falling out of love with GW a few years back but last year I got the Blood Bowl bug and last Christmas I even got Dungeon Bowl. So... what does that have to do with AT? Well; I also got a Reaver Titan as the kits honestly looked great and I had painted up a Reaver for the original Adeptus Titanicus many, many (many) years ago. Seriously, I've not had that much GW stuff for Cristmas since the 80's. Now, the Reaver is built, save for some armour panels which I've left off for ease of painting. I even went the whole hog and magnetised all the weapons. Here's where I'm at. I'll admit to overthinking the pose. I just wanted to get a feeling that the huge machine weighs several hundred tonnes. Obviously part of that will come when I do the basing. My dilemma though is that I'm torn between two Traitor Legios (no chance of me turning loyalist). Firstly the incredibly slow but slightly more resilient Legio Mordaxis in their purple and black scheme, or, Legio Fureans with their ferocity in their yellow and black. I've been having a look about and I get the feeling that Mordaxis are really crippled with not being able to increase their speed or turning but would be interested in hearing from yourself on what you think as it'll help with window shopping and future planning... because Warhounds are tempting... another Reaver perhaps. Something bigger at some point maybe... I'm so weak at times. Many thanks for reading this and I'm looking forward to having a good scroll through the other posts in this forum to see what people have been up to
  3. Inspired by the great Blackadder (see here for one of the best build logs on the internet), I have been spending a week or two drawing up my own vision of the Imperator-class Titan. Obviously this is a great deal easier to do in the 3d memory of a computer than physically in real life, however nonetheless I present to you all the "Pillar of Terra's Wrath"... In doing this modelling work, I have attempted to match fluff with appearance. the Imperator is, as depicted here, a little under 70 m tall, from feet to top of the central tower (ignoring the dome on top). The converts to slightly over 227 feet tall, compared to the 32.76 m / 107' 6" of the Mars pattern Warlord. At 40k scale then, the Imperator would be approx. 1.32 m / 4' 4", whereas the Forge World warlord stands approx. 22.5" tall. This makes sense to me, as if the Imperator can mount primary Warlord weapons en masse on it's carapace there surely must be a significant size difference. In some images there is a Land Raider for scale... so the Imperator isn't as big as one might first image!
  4. Preview article today says tomorrow AT stuff will be up! Great news, hopefully new plastic kits of some sort.
  5. Praise the Omnissiah! The ancient God-Engines of the Collegia Titanicus stride forth upon the battlefields of the Idris system, supporting the Black Templars and Order of The Iron Veil battling the daemons of Khorne manifesting there. In the latter stages of the campaign, reinforcements arrived from Satyraes XII in the form of eight engines of Legio Defensor "The Nova Guard". Legio Defensor's engines march to war bearing names in High Gothic denoting their devotion to the Imperial Creed. Their Low Gothic translations are as follows: Gloriosum est pro Imperator Mori, it is glorious to die for the Emperor; Defensor Fidei, defender of the faith; Martyris Gloriae, martyr's honour; Satyraes Resplendens, Satyraes resplendent; Pietate Insigni, remarkable devotion; Maleficarum Malleo, hammer of witches; Opsequium, compliance; and Invictus, undefeated. --- Lured in by the Precept Maniple boxset, I've started a small force of Titans. I like to imagine my collection as a single coherent crusade force set at a single point in the 40k timeline, including Adeptus Astartes, Adepta Sororitas, Astra Militarum and Ordo Hereticus, so adding in some engines of the Collegia Titanicus seemed like the next logical step. I've got a few Black Templars to finish off, and my little Ordo Hereticus warband to paint too before I start painting Titans, but now I've got the majority of them assembled (yet to buy the Warmaster and second Warlord - they're probably 2022 projects) and most of my additional parts have arrived from Forge World and Battle Bling, I thought it was time to start a thread for the project. --- Warmaster Titan Gloriosum est pro Imperator Mori - Princeps Senoris Wolfgang Thule Suzerian-class plasma destructor x2 Revelator missile launcher Turbo laser destructor x2/plasma blast gun x2/vulcan mega bolter x2/melta cannon x2 Ardex defence cannons Infusive supercoolants Warlord Titan 1 Defensor Fidei - Princeps Dorothea Hass Apocalypse missile launcher x2/landing pad and command tower Mori quake cannon/Bellicosa volcano cannon Bellicosa volcano cannon/volkite destructor Ardex defence cannons Devotional war sirens Tracking gyroscopes Warlord Titan 2 Martyris Gloriae - Princeps Hector Samstag Gatling blaster x2/laser blaster x2/apocalypse missile launcher x2 Sunfury plasma annihilator Titanic power claw/Sunfury plasma annihilator Ardex defence cannons Devotional war sirens Tracking gyroscopes Nemesis Warbringer Titan Satyraes Resplendens - Princeps Edwin Lowe Mori quake cannon Volcano cannon x2 Ardex defence cannons Reaver Titan 1 Pietate Insigni - Princeps Cassandra Varley Apocalypse missile launcher/turbo laser destructor Laser blaster/melta cannon Volcano cannon/auto blaster Reaver Titan 2 Maleficarum Malleo - Princeps Hugh Orfuls Apocalypse missile launcher/turbo laser destructor Plasma annihilator/melta cannon Titanic chain fist Warhound Scout Titan Squadron Opsequium - Princeps Elizabeth Tarses Plasma blast gun Vulcan mega bolter Invictus - Princeps Stefan Kercher Vulcan mega bolter Plasma blast gun
  6. The story so far ... For those of you interested, you can see the earliest mis-steps in the chain here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/368734-how-to-start-this-game/?p=5691459 Here's the TLDR: My son really wanted to start Titanicus and get a Warlord. I want him to be careful with money, but also to support him. So I bought the Precept Maniple and rulebook, he paid me for the Warlord, and we sold the Warbringer, leaving me a Reaver and two Warhounds. Despite reading the warnings on this board, we still made many mistakes on the legs. After repairs involving a hair-drier and prayers to any gods which would listen, my son is making what I feel is incredible progress on his Legio Tempestus Warlord. Meanwhile I am crippled by indecision on the Legio to choose, and scared even to take the clippers to my sprues - I hear the Reaver's legs are even more prone to error than the Warlord's. Maybe I start with a Warhound ...
  7. It’s long been a pipe dream of mine to one day own a Forge World Titan. I love the design of Imperial Titans in general and really enjoy the lore side of them too. Sadly the Challange of painting something that large has always put me off (Not to mention the price!). With the new edition of Adeptus Titanicus however I finally have to opportunity to scratch that Titan itch, albeit on a smaller scale! I plan on creating my own Legio and already have a solid idea of what colour scheme I’m gonna use. I’m waiting on getting a permeant painting station set up before tackling the Titans themselves but in the meantime I’ve made a start on some terrain.
  8. Hiya. Recent 40k player, prospective Titanicus and 30k player speaking. I'd like to build a Titanicus list, but I don't really know where to begin. Should I pick up a box of Warhounds? Box of Questoris Knights, maybe? I'm planning on building them to match Knights and Titans hailing from Forge World Ragnarus (anyone who's read any of my posts at all on the rest of the forum knows what I'm talking about) and I'm leaning toward a box of regular Questoris-class Knights for that reason. There's a minor Titanicus presence in my area, and I could certainly get someone to play with if I had an army of my own. Cheers and thank you for any responses.
  9. How to minimize models in a 20,000 point Apoc list (and financially cripple yourself). Points via Battlescribe, prices from Forge World and Games Workshop official sites: ADEPTUS TITANICUS Super-Heavy Detachment (+3 CP, 600 PL, 18,000 pts., $5,973 USD) Warlord Battle Titan (Lord of War, 200 PL, 6,000 pts., $1,986 USD) w/2x Apocalypse Missile Launcher, 2x Belicosa Volcano Cannon Warlord Battle Titan (Lord of War, 200 PL, 6,000 pts., $1,986 USD) w/2x Dual Turbo-Laser Destructor, 2x Sunfury Plasma Annihilator Warlord Battle Titan (Lord of War, 200 PL, 6,000 pts., $2,001 USD) w/2x Arioch Titan Power Claw (w/Titan Mega-Bolter), 2x Apocalypse Missile Launcher QUESTOR MECHANICUS Super-Heavy Detachment (+6 CP, 94 PL, 2,000 pts., $572 USD) Knight Castellan (Lord of War, 30 PL, 693 pts., $170 USD) w/Siegebreaker Cannon x1, Shieldbreaker Missiles x4, Plasma Decimator, Volcano Lance Knight Castellan (Lord of War, 30 PL, 693 pts., $170 USD) w/Siegebreaker Cannon x1, Shieldbreaker Missiles x4, Plasma Decimator, Volcano Lance Knight Crusader (Lord of War, 25 PL, 452 pts., $157 USD, Warlord (Character: Knight Lance)) w/Avenger Gatling Cannon, Thermal Cannon, Heavy Stubber Knight Armiger (Lord of War, 9 PL, 162 pts., $75 USD) w/Heavy Subber, Reaper Chain-Cleaver, Thermal Spear Total: 7 models, 694 PL, 20,000 pts., $6,545 USD The funniest thing is, the entire Knights detachment is a little over a quarter of any one of the Warlords, money-wise.
  10. If I were to get a Warhound Scout Titan for 40k... what would the ideal loadout be? Plasma's mandatory (cool factor) but I'm up in the air on what I wanna get for the other arm. It'll be a looooooong while on my pay 'till I actually get one, but I'm planning ahead.
  11. As the title says. Are Adeptus Titanicus and the old Epic stuff the same scale, or is there difference?
  12. Hey all, Under normal circumstances I'm more of a silent reader in this forum. But since I started painting the Adeptus Titanicus Miniatures I've been looking for a community to participate in. By pure chance I stumbled over this part of the forum and decided I wanna be a part of this. So what can you expect in here? Since my buddy in crime is kind of a slow painter and I want to play with painted Titans I decided to buy, build and paint two legions to have something to play with. In this Blog I’m hoping to chronicle my journey into slow madness of painting a :cussload of Titans. Furthermore I’ll post some snippets of Fluff and Background for my Titans. But be gentle, English is not my first language so it might be a little rough around the edges. Well anyway, let’s start with a first "blurry" picture of what is painted up to date: I didn’t really think about what kind of Battlegroup I wanted to play so I just painted a few of everything for the Tiger Eyes. The weapons are all magnetised so I can change them whenever I want. By now I know that I want to have a Regia Maniple, but what kind of maniple would suit the rest? Gryphonicus will be started as soon as my next delivery arrives. Most likely I’ll paint a Myrmidon Maniple with two Warlords and three Reavers for them. Looking forward to getting your feedback and input. Cheers Gamma
  13. ​ Hey folks, wanna give a quick disclaimer from the get-go - there aren't any minis on the horizon for this, basically just a fun exercise in making some homebrew rules for a Legio I'd already made some background for. This came about 'cause I've been borrowing a friend's copies of the Rulebook & Titandeath (to get a scoop on the lore), and heard there was talk from the HH weekender that a future addition to the system might be a framework for creating individual Legio rules. I've tried to balance these using the existing Legio rules, but I've no experience playing the game, and I'm not super familiar with the system, so lemme know what you think!
  14. Greetings, I have decided to start a thread for my homebrew Titan Legion, the Legio Arcana. not only will I be posting pictures of my Titans and Knights(speaking of which, sense B&C's picture hosting policy says it disallows uploading pictures that aren't "power armor related", what's a recommended place to upload my pictures to so I can post them here?), but also and more importantly discussing and asking for feed back on my homebrewed lore/fluff for the Legion itself. So let me begin my basic outline for the Legion: ------ Like many worlds during the Age Of Strife the homeworld of the Legio Arcana fell into civil war and anarchy, and as a result much of said world is now coated in a vile mixture of the biological, chemical, and radioactive waste products of long forgotten weapons of the Dark Age of Technology; however the great mobile weapons platforms that fought and survived those wars have taken on a life if their own, becoming akin to independent(or interdependent in the case of the smaller ones) nomadic city-states; while some permanent settlements do exists, most are insignificant in long distance political or economic matters without backing or co-operation from one or more of the marching cities. while conflict between them did still occur, it was mostly ceremonial; continuations of old rivalries used to justify conflicts to barter minor shifts in power dynamics and the like, none daring to risk damages with lengthy repair times let alone true losses, even to one's enemy sense that would unify all their foes against them as a dangerous threat. when the Great Crusade arrived many quickly swore allegiance to the Imperium in order to gain the assistance of the Cult Machanicum in the maintenance of their Engines, though some needed to be subjugated buy force, or through more favorable deals being negotiated... in the end, the Legio Arcana was formed from these Titans. ------ the name "Arcana" is derived from the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck, which I planned to theme each of my Titans around, originally thinking that there'd only be 21 Titans in the whole Legion... but then I decided that that was a dumb idea, sense the theming made it feel wrong to make any of the Major Arcana be Warhounds other then "The Fool" and Reavers and Warlords didn't provide enough variety, and so have started thinking that the Major Arcana are particularly influential Titans, or at least were during the roaming city-state period of their history prior to being incorporated into the Imperium, or a reward to the ones who joined the Imperium willingly(though that wouldn't fit with the backstory I wanted for a particular Subfaction of them)... and now I'm thinking about them being specific Maniples, at least in some cases. So in terms of what I want to do for this Legion when it comes to their models; sense I plan to buy at least one of every model GW releases for AT, so I need to find room in the Legion for them, thus the easy excuse for subfactions in their backstory to justify traitorous elements that will be remade again as Daemon Titans versions later... however the knowledge that there will be new Titan classes has made me hesitant to invest into more titans, just in case one of these new ones in a better fit for one of the Tarot cards' themes then the current selection. their backstory makes me think that this legion should be focused on energy and melee weapons, with missile and/or shell based weapons being a rarity only afforded to them after joining the Imperium. however, as of now here are my current plans: already bought Titans: Things I'm sure of: and now the things I'm less sure of, and thus want the most feed back on, though admittedly these are mostly due to the uncertainty of exactly what the yet unknown new Titan classes will be, but none the less, any input will be appreciated: I know I want "Justice", "Judgement", and "The Hanged Man" will be the minimal elements of a Maniple together… I just have no clue which maniple that should be, let alone which titans within that Maniple they should each be. Same goes for the Sun, Moon, and Star(and possibly The World? but that would leave an odd space out for the 5th spot in whatever Maniple they're using) If the rumor that there will be a class taller then a Warlord, but not an Imperator, then this class will be "The Tower"... unless they're some sort of support type, rather then direct firepower based. depending on what options they get in both terms of weapons and maniple origination, "the devil" will either be a Reaver, or a Warbringer Nemesis. if the rumor that there will be a "siege"/melee focused Warlord/Warlord-like unit in the future, with special rules and maybe even a specific model, this will be used for "Strength", especially if one of the melee options is a Boarding Claw like I've heard used to be a thing in old Titanicus fluff/rules. Part of me wants "Wheel of Fortune" to be an enormous Ordinatus Weapon rather then a Titan, just for the sake of the pun... at the vary least it deserves to be an min-maxed piece of overpowered power-gamer bull:cuss to be worthy of the name.
  15. Right, so, I had an interesting idea on the way home from the dollar store today. I was thinking one could scale down the 40k Titan and Knight rules for use on Titanicus models, to reduce costs on Titan/Knight Apocalypse games to something borderline... dare I say it... affordable. It'd just require reducing ranges and movement distances to match the scale of the models, which would require a unified reference point. I figure it'd work for practically any part of any model, but I figure a weapon on a Knight, say, a Reaper Chainsword, would suffice. Thoughts?
  16. Been taking a break from posting here, moving to Instagram instead, since my hobby ADHD makes it kind of incoherent to keep a log. Now, however, with the release of GWs best models in years (subjective, but hey), it seems I'm again on track to actually produce some kind of coherent, and maybe even playable, army again. So, already finished after months of slogging progress, the Warlord Titan 'Incantamentum Mori': Kind of rusty with the forum posting skills, so hope the images worked out alright. Next up is a banner of two Cerastus Knights, one is 95% finished so should be up pretty soon, fingers crossed. Feels so weird completing a model in a morning after this humongous beast of a kit. Cheers, BTB
  17. I like many other frater have long dreamt of a day when I could command the might of a titan Legio but have yet to win the lottery and as such this dream has remained beyond the reach of my financial capabilities. But thanks to the revival of AT which was just fading away when I first got into 40k I too can command the mighty God engines I've spent so long dreaming of. The problem now is one I didn't think I'd ever be facing. Not which Titan Legio but which Titan Legios? Since I don't often make it to my local GW or FLGS to play once I do get into actually playing it will most likely be with my fiance and or step daughters. This means I NEED enough engines for at least two opponents maybe three eventually but for now I definitely need to figure out two. My wonderful loving Plastic Crack Addiction Enabler fiance got me my first engine and knights for Christmas and I gleefully set about getting all my various sub assemblies ready and constructed to the point I do with most models before I do any GS or Styrene work. I really must say these kits are a delight i can see why so many have struggled with the reaver legs but beyond that they seem to be very intuitive wonderfully detailed kits and the poseability if the Reaver is marvelous for a model its size im really looking forward to getting my hands on the other kits in the AT line. My issue as I stated is my inability to choose which Legios? I would really really appreciate any input any of you have as though I consider myself quite knowledgeable of the legions of the Adeptus Astartes the Titan Legios are a very different matter. The other problem is it seems most of the information about the Legios is in books I don't yet possess. Here's what i'm looking for if any of you Titanicus savants might be able to help. ---Loyalists--- My main and all time favorite legion is the Salamanders i've always had a thing for dragons and im actually a hobbyist blacksmith myself so I find them very relatable. I would like to find a legio who was recorded as being attached to the XVIIIth especially if there's one who was primarily attached to them or solely attached to them. ---Traitors--- As with my loyalists I'd like to stick with a Legio who was connected to one of the Astartes Legions i've built before and plan to pick back up in the future and that would be the World Eaters. I know there was a legio mentioned with them in the novel betrayer but I can't recall which ? But I know I definitely want to build some Khorne aligned demon engines in the future but i'll start with them being untainted at first. Anywho thanks for checking out my shenanigans and please like I said don't hesitate with the legio suggestions any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  18. +++LOADING+++ +++LOADING+++ +++LOADING+++ +++LOADING+++ +++CONNECTION ESTABLISHED+++ +++MANIFOLD UPLOAD COMPLETE+++ With everyone else starting their project logs and making lots of progress, it's finally time to report on my own! I knew with this release it was something I really wanted to delve into, not just because of my love of the Heresy setting, but the opportunity to command lots of Titans fighting in a smaller scale was too good to pass up – and I’ve been excited by the prospect of owning some of these iconic models and using them on the tabletop. The choice was inevitably simple: the Legio Mortis, as per my Warhound’s paint scheme and the sympathetic colour scheme of my Knight House, but also as Traitors and allies to one of my main armies, the Death Guard. I want to do these justice, given that they can be showpiece models in themselves due to the lower count of figures required for this game, and to also focus on the other aspects like basing to help provide a sense of scale for this too. My initial focus therefore has not been getting them ready for the tabletop, contrary to my normal machinations, but rather planning the sort of mini-diorama each base can potentially be, and crafting that accordingly. I hope to experiment with these models more in style, with my airbrush and oil paints, and things of that ilk – to continue to develop those modelling skills and to produce what I hope to be stand out models for gaming in future. The emphasis therefore, is on rigour – hence the title! So far, for the Legio, I’ve made the following collection of bases: These are currently a mixture of cork tile, 40k buildings, old Epic ruins, and some suitably damaged new scale Titanicus buildings, supplemented with plasticard and Milliput. There’ll be a number of other additions to help these look suitably ‘urban ruin’ in due course, as well as the use of some of the traditional Epic models to help enhance the sense of scale and immersion. I’ll be texturing these once the Milliput cures – but these should give a good overview of the general style that I’ll work towards through the construction process. I’ve most certainly taken inspiration from so many fantastic modelling and painting projects that have been cropping up recently; it really has provided so many fascinating ideas to work with such eminently poseable figures. We’ll see how these turn out!
  19. We need a catch-all thread for listbuilding, rules discussions, stories, battle reports, WIP, conversion ideas, and general awesomeness.
  20. Blatantly copying Captain Idaho’s idea here we have the second in a selection of Tactica advice topics for us to work on as a community. This topic will focus on the Jack of All Trades but master of none the Reaver, not as fast as the Warhound and not as heavily armed/armoured as the Warlord nonetheless this is probably going to be the most versatile unit available for a while. As the game is still in its infancy right now, I expect this topic to change and evolve as time goes by and new releases come out. Once all 3 of the main Titans are released we'd probably have a completely different opinion on the tactics and strategy for this engine than now. Reaver Titan Concepts to discuss: - Weapons systems - Tactical uses of this Titan - Load out combinations - Role in Army/Maniple builds - Best counters - Miscellaneous additional content First off I want to discuss the options in the box, most notably the power fist. While the rule of cool says hell yes! Is it actually worth arming with one? Cheers Vogon
  21. It's early days right now but I wanted to get the ball rolling on Adeptus Titanicus Events and other community-based projects. This topic is a great way to keep everything localised for easy access. *** Next time I'm going to Warhammer World I will probably try and arrange some games of Adeptus Titanicus. Get the community going ourselves if need be. I'd like to take part in a Throne of Skulls style event of Adeptus Titanicus. Say 1750pts seems like a good amount. What do people think on this total? Enough so some people can take varied lists but not so much that anything goes.
  22. Hi everyone, Inspired by the many project logs flourishing since Adeptus Titanicus was launched, I am starting this humble project log. To give a little bit of context, I am more into model building than actual gaming and my experience with painting is not huge (for now). A long, long time ago, while at university, I was introduced to wargames by a friend who played Epic. Titan Legions was my first big box. I loved the scale. I still do, and when I saw Adeptus Titanicus would be revived I was immediately hooked. The models are simply gorgeous and I simply couldn't resist. Here is a "family" picture of the big boys. I am working with sub-assemblies: roughly divided into legs, torsos, weapons. Armour plates are so far left on the sprues, except for one used for dry fitting on the legs when positioning them (legs can be quite tricky as many have already found out). In the centre you find a wip conversion for a warped warhound, on hold until the actual model is released so I get a better feel of the dimensions and see what I can kitbash. There are 2 reavers and 4 warlords (I was fortunate enough to be able to order 2 GME boxes, one being my wife's present for my birthday and upcoming Christmas). Here are a few shots of the first 2 warlords I built. None is glued to the base yet. The one on the left is walking, the leg on the ground necessitating the ground to be slightly elevated on the back to ensure better stability (it is a mock-up so far). The one on the right has his right foot firmly on a rock. The rock is pine bark, it costs about €6 to get 30 liters of the stuff, excellent for basing, you just need to have some space like a terrace to clean them and let them dry a bit before using them.
  23. So I loved Adeptus Titanicus the moment I saw the previews. I'm a very slow painter so we've hit the "I have a ton of stuff to paint and don't know where to start" stage so I'll be updating this to keep me motivated. I also post over at DakkaDakka in their AT forum but there's more here and seems to be less "AT is a bust because it's too expensive" over here. This is an expensive hobby, you gotta pay to play. That said I'm actually building two Legios since I have 4 Warlords, 2 assembled Reavers, 4 Reavers to assemble, 2 Warhounds, 4 Knights, and 8 more Knights to assemble. Yikes. I started as soon as the box arrived but like I said I'm slow. Legio Aurora means dawn in Latin, they're a traitor legio of my own naming. They'll have white armor with gold banding and splashes of purple and black here and there. So far they have 3 Warlords and a Reaver for 1500 and 2000 point lists. I like the idea of a legio sort of like the Word Bearers in 40k, they have totally sold themselves on the Warmaster speak his praises after being infected with the scrapcode. I'll be painting lots of small gibberish script on the white armor panels with things like eight pointed stars and eyes of Horus. I might eventually do kill banners and flags after they're done if I have the interest. The remaining Warlord, 4 Reavers, and 2 Warhounds will be a loyalist legio - either Metalica or Astorum. I can't decide! I love the idea of Metalica because I've used Google to roughly translate the names of several Metallica songs to Latin, I thought that was fun. King Nothing - Rex Nihil Creeping Death - Mors Serpo Ride the Lightning - Fulgur Veho Fade to Black - Deficio Furvus Master of Puppets - Dominus Automata One - Unus Sad But True - Maestus Sed Verum Unforgiven - Irremissible [great song but not a good Latin name] Justice For All - Justitia Omnibus Disposable Heroes - Herobius Egestus Seek and Destroy - Indago Deleo To Live is to Die - Vivere Est Mori Anyway I have access to a 3d printer at work so I started finding models on Thingiverse to adapt for weapon options until the official weapons pack is released. You can see ridges on the weapons from printing but these are proxies for now. The plasma cannon was adapted from a model that had been modified for a 40k Imperial Knight, the macro Gatling cannons are a Frankenstein of 3d models that I've kitbashed with Contemptor dread assault cannons. The carapace laser blasters and megabolters are adapted from models found on Thingiverse and modified in TinkerCAD to be easier to print on our printers (they don't do overhangs and negative space well. All weapons are magnetized and I didn't mess up the polarity of any of them! The three Aurora Warlords: They might look a little disjointed because all of the contact points are still blue tacked to keep paint off there until I'm ready to glue them together. I wanted to use plastic glue to hold the joins together rather than supergluing over paint because these are expensive models. The bodies and legs are all sprayed in Leadbelcher, the legs have started getting washes. I still need paint the wires and tubes on the bodies before shading. All of the weapons were sprayed with Rustoleum aluminum paint+primer which went on flat and smooth. A whole gaggle of armor panels and weapons to paint: Another loyalist Warlord hiding waiting to get started: Now on to the Reavers. I've got one built for each Legio so far and HOLY CRAP the legs are annoying. I hate all the little ball joints and armor panels but oh well, there must be some reason why they couldn't be molded together like the Warlord. The Aurora Reaver is built with two powerfists because I love the look even if that isn't great in game. I used an IG hunter killer missile as a warp missile and a pair of Sentinel exhaust systems as proxies for turbolasers. I made a pair of melta cannons from heavy flamers and Contemptor dread melta guns, the shields are extra Reaver knee pads. I now have a pair of plastic 30k Contemptor dread with no weapon arms. A volcano cannon I made from an extra cut down Warlord gun since I've got all those plasma and Gatling guns built. I'm not really happy with it because it's so huge. I used some 3d printed parts that came out too small to kinda build up another pair of volcano cannons, they look a little better. The Warhounds are stock and all the guns are magnetized with really small magnets I got for 40k conversions that I'll never finish. Another small box of Reaver weapons to prime. So that's where I stand for now, still have 4 more Reavers and 8 more Knights to assemble. I might add one more Reaver to Aurora so I can build a shooty one to go with my brawler. Overall I love the aesthetic of the game but I do wish the scale was slightly smaller. You can run 4 Warlords at 2000 points for $400 but I'd kinda rather be able to run 6 smaller Warlords at 2k for that price. I feel like the game would also sell better at that potential price point. I think the same dollar cost/point is reasonable but smaller models at fewer points would maybe allow for people to test the game with reasonable 500 point maniples. Dunno, I'm not a business expert.
  24. Yesterday, my rules set and the first Warlord titan arrived. I immediately started building it, and it's been a blast. I am planning to build the full maniple of Legio Tempestus during the Schim of Mars, meaning the following list (weapon loadouts subject to change upon re-reading Mechanicum). Later on, when more weapon options and types for knights are available, I might add a few support banners from House Taranis. Warlord || Deus Tempestus || Indias Cavalerio, the Storm Lord Sunfury Plasma Annihilator Arioch Power Claw Paired Laser Blasters (Carapace) Status: DONE Warlord || Tharsis Hastatus || Vlad Suzak Belicosa Volcano Cannon Belicosa Volcano Cannon Apocalypse Missile Launchers (Carapace) Status: DONE Reaver || Arcadia Fortis || Jan Mordant Laser Blaster Laser Blaster Turbo Laser Destructor (Carapace) Status: DONE Reaver || Metallus Cebrenia || Kel Sharaq Gatling Blaster Laser Blaster Apocalypse Missile Launcher (Carapace) Status: DONE Warhound || Raptoria || Zafir Kasim Vulcan Mega-bolter Plasma Blastgun Status: DONE Warhound || Vulpus Rex || Basek Turbo Laser Destructor Turbo Laser Destructor Status: DONE Warhound || Astrus Lux || Lamnos Vulcan Mega-bolter Inferno Gun Status: DONE Points total: 2280 Additionally, I have the following three engines out of the project scope: Reaver || Lator Bronte Gatling Blaster Reaver Titan Power Fist Apocalypse Missile Launcher (Carapace) Status: DONE Reaver || unnamed Melta Cannon Reaver Titan Chainfist Apocalypse Missile Launcher (Carapace) Status: Boxed, weapons built Warhound || Lupus Rex Turbo Laser Destructor Plasma Blast Gun Status: Primed, basecoated Adjusted points total: 3125 This is going to be a log of my progress, and yesterday evening I was able to finish the magnetization, posing and skeletal build of Deus Tempestus. It's a great kit, with mold lines and gates cleverly located so that even the cleanup (which I normally despise) work isn't too bad. Tonight, I'm going to be basecoating and detailing the base. I'm going for the original colour scheme, with cobalt blue plating, silver trimmings, and black and white areas to break it up a little. Feedback is greatly appreciated, and here's a question to you: Does anyone have a recipe for cobalt blue, preferably with GW or Vallejo Model Air colours? I'm too deep in my comfort zone of dark green, bone and black, so I never experimented with blues. Thank you in advance.
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