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  1. Howdy Guys and Girls! Edit - Summer 2018: This is my all-around thread for my work. Fun mix of everything, from 30k to Specialist Games! Currently focusing mostly on Necromunda, Kill Team and Adeptus Titanicus! Edit: Added an Index for the finished content: NECROMUNDA: House Escher: The Raven Queens House Cawdor: Sons of Heylel House Helmawr: Palanite Enforcers Genestealer Cult: New-Trysst Mine Freedomfighters Cults of Chaos: Gellerpox Infected Bounty Hunters: Belladonna, Noble Bounty Huntress THE 13th BLACK CRUSADE: Black Legion: Abaddon the Despoiler Chaos Terminators Chaos Havocs Chaos Obliterators THE HORUS HERESY: Adeptus Titanicus: The Legio Titanica - the God-Engines of the Imperium of Mankind Legio Gryphonicus; the War Griffons: Iron Regent, Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Legio Solaria; the Imperial Hunters: Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Legio Mortis; the Death's Heads: Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Battle Titan, Lucius-Alpha pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern The Knightly Houses - Banners of proud Scions House Vyronii; Scions of Damaetus III/II: Cerastus Banner 'Demeter' House Coldshroud; Scions of the Gryphone Octad: Support Banner 'Teabeanie': Questoris Knight Gallant Questoris Knight Errant Questoris Knight Paladin Scenery: Civitas District Warzone Gamma Civitas District Warzone Ultima Age of Darkness: Death Guard: Nurgle: Mortarion, Daemonprimarch of Nurgle Typhus Lord of Contagion Plaguecaster Plague Surgeon Biologus Putrifier Noxious Blightbringer Tallyman Twisted Lord, Gellerpox Infected Leader Plague Marines Foetid Bloat-Drone Foul Blightspawn Vox-Shamblers Sludge Grubs Eyestinger Swarms Cursemites Glitchlings Dreadnought with twin linked heavy bolter Plague Thallax Cohort Pre-Heresy: Mortarion the Reaper Calas Typhon Moritat Prime Tariq Vralgor Siegemaster Durak Rask Deathshroud Terminators Legion Terminator squad Grave Warden Terminators Destroyer squad Contemptor Dreadnought Castraferrum Dreadnought Medusa Siege Tank Vindicator Siege Tank Hunter Alpha AA Tank Land Raider Achilles Alpha Land Raider Phobos Fellblade Super Heavy Tank Primaris Lightning Strike Fighter Salamanders: 1st Captain Artellus Numeon Firedrake Terminators Pyroclasts Contemptor Dreadnought Deredeo Dreadnought Alpha Legion: Hekatos Delphat, Chief Librarian Sons of Horus: Arkathas Ythedon, Consul-Delegatus of the 1st Company, Commander of the Ikon Raven Guard: Shade Lord Arkhas Fal, former Legion Master Word Bearers: Lorgar Kor Phaeron Erebus Kurtha Sedd Zardu Layak Tactical Squad Tactical Support Squad Breacher Siege Squad Ashen Circle Gal Vorbak Anakatis Kul Blade-Slaves Contemptor Dreadnought Mhara Gal Dreadnought, former Contemptor Anaziel, Mahra Gal Dreadnought, former Castra-Ferrum Ushknub, Davinite Lodge Priest Traitor Militia Grenadiers World Eaters: Angron, the Red Angel Thousand Sons: Consul-Praevian Ardashir Agents of the Imperium: Navigator Clad Eversor Nihilator Daemons of Chaos: Khorne: Valkia the Bloody, Daemonprincess of Khorne An'ggrath the Unbound, Guardian of the Skullthrone, Greater Bloodthirster of the first rank U'zhul, the Skulltaker The Bloodreaver, Herald of Khorne Bloodletters Bloodcrushers Skullcannon Greater Brass Scorpion Slaanesh: Zarakynel, Daemonqueen of Slaanesh Nurgle: Epidemius, Herald of Nurgle Plaguebearers Tzeentch The Changeling The Loyal Mechanicum: The Legio Astorum: Liktor Rex, Lucius pattern Warhound Scout-Titan The Dark Mechanicum: The Archmandriture: Archmagos Draykavac The Legio Fureans: Princeps Thorash Ganesa The Knight House Makabius: Dame Vespasia, Knight Paladin The Macrotechnia: Legio Titanicus Tech-priest Enginseer Majoris c&c are welcome =) xoxo Atia
  2. Inspired by the great Blackadder (see here for one of the best build logs on the internet), I have been spending a week or two drawing up my own vision of the Imperator-class Titan. Obviously this is a great deal easier to do in the 3d memory of a computer than physically in real life, however nonetheless I present to you all the "Pillar of Terra's Wrath"... In doing this modelling work, I have attempted to match fluff with appearance. the Imperator is, as depicted here, a little under 70 m tall, from feet to top of the central tower (ignoring the dome on top). The converts to slightly over 227 feet tall, compared to the 32.76 m / 107' 6" of the Mars pattern Warlord. At 40k scale then, the Imperator would be approx. 1.32 m / 4' 4", whereas the Forge World warlord stands approx. 22.5" tall. This makes sense to me, as if the Imperator can mount primary Warlord weapons en masse on it's carapace there surely must be a significant size difference. In some images there is a Land Raider for scale... so the Imperator isn't as big as one might first image!
  3. Hail frateris! I have also jumped onto the Adeptus Titanicus bandwagon - and much looking forward to getting a game in. So far, I have assembled five of the fiddly buildings and three fantastic looking Questoris Knights. I have not quite figured out why there is only one of each weapon in a set - ie. an Avenger cannon, a battle cannon and a thermal cannon? Seems an odd layout? That said, I have - besides the GM Edition Box - bought an extra set of Questoris Knights and a pair of Warhound Titans. The latter should be enroute in the mail. Very much looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on them! Legio-wise, I have not yet decided on colour scheme - but as I have assembled three Questoris Knights and five buildings, I will be painting them first. As for my Knight House, I will probably go with House Tintaroth from the Titan! Comics "Will of Iron", as the colour scheme is 1) wickedly good and 2) different from anything else I have painted during my 26 odd years in this hobby of ours! So - stay tuned - there will be pictures up this evening of my progress to date! Faithfully, Master Ciaphas
  4. Praise the Omnissiah! The ancient God-Engines of the Collegia Titanicus stride forth upon the battlefields of the Idris system, supporting the Black Templars and Order of The Iron Veil battling the daemons of Khorne manifesting there. In the latter stages of the campaign, reinforcements arrived from Satyraes XII in the form of eight engines of Legio Defensor "The Nova Guard". Legio Defensor's engines march to war bearing names in High Gothic denoting their devotion to the Imperial Creed. Their Low Gothic translations are as follows: Gloriosum est pro Imperator Mori, it is glorious to die for the Emperor; Defensor Fidei, defender of the faith; Martyris Gloriae, martyr's honour; Satyraes Resplendens, Satyraes resplendent; Pietate Insigni, remarkable devotion; Maleficarum Malleo, hammer of witches; Opsequium, compliance; and Invictus, undefeated. --- Lured in by the Precept Maniple boxset, I've started a small force of Titans. I like to imagine my collection as a single coherent crusade force set at a single point in the 40k timeline, including Adeptus Astartes, Adepta Sororitas, Astra Militarum and Ordo Hereticus, so adding in some engines of the Collegia Titanicus seemed like the next logical step. I've got a few Black Templars to finish off, and my little Ordo Hereticus warband to paint too before I start painting Titans, but now I've got the majority of them assembled (yet to buy the Warmaster and second Warlord - they're probably 2022 projects) and most of my additional parts have arrived from Forge World and Battle Bling, I thought it was time to start a thread for the project. --- Warmaster Titan Gloriosum est pro Imperator Mori - Princeps Senoris Wolfgang Thule Suzerian-class plasma destructor x2 Revelator missile launcher Turbo laser destructor x2/plasma blast gun x2/vulcan mega bolter x2/melta cannon x2 Ardex defence cannons Infusive supercoolants Warlord Titan 1 Defensor Fidei - Princeps Dorothea Hass Apocalypse missile launcher x2/landing pad and command tower Mori quake cannon/Bellicosa volcano cannon Bellicosa volcano cannon/volkite destructor Ardex defence cannons Devotional war sirens Tracking gyroscopes Warlord Titan 2 Martyris Gloriae - Princeps Hector Samstag Gatling blaster x2/laser blaster x2/apocalypse missile launcher x2 Sunfury plasma annihilator Titanic power claw/Sunfury plasma annihilator Ardex defence cannons Devotional war sirens Tracking gyroscopes Nemesis Warbringer Titan Satyraes Resplendens - Princeps Edwin Lowe Mori quake cannon Volcano cannon x2 Ardex defence cannons Reaver Titan 1 Pietate Insigni - Princeps Cassandra Varley Apocalypse missile launcher/turbo laser destructor Laser blaster/melta cannon Volcano cannon/auto blaster Reaver Titan 2 Maleficarum Malleo - Princeps Hugh Orfuls Apocalypse missile launcher/turbo laser destructor Plasma annihilator/melta cannon Titanic chain fist Warhound Scout Titan Squadron Opsequium - Princeps Elizabeth Tarses Plasma blast gun Vulcan mega bolter Invictus - Princeps Stefan Kercher Vulcan mega bolter Plasma blast gun
  5. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Also the return of Heresy Thursday, albeit sharing space with Epic Legions Imperialis as well as 28mm 30k.
  6. New Engine Kill article up, talking about the new Cerastus Knight variants.
  7. Greetings all! I recently picked up the new starter set for AT and have managed to get stuck into them during lockdown. I settled on the Legio Nivalis - Ice Giants - what little is known about them is pretty cool (pun not intended), but I like that I have a lot of freedom in making them my own. The Legio so far - all are still WIP. I see them as arctic hunters, displaying kill trophies such as the tusks on the Reaver - who can say what giant beasts its Princeps slew to adorn the God Machine so? and banner markings. I've tried to keep them as monotone as possible so that the little details pop. Speaking of details - I'm trying to push myself on this build. The aim for this one is to look like the gun is charging up for that kill shot. I don't have a name for my Knight Household yet but I do have a colour scheme - I went for as opposite and complimentary as I could from the Titans, and kept the spot colour. I'm also working on a small commission for my local club - Legio Mortis and House Malinax; That's all I have for now - thanks for looking! C&C welcome
  8. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    WIP of a turreted defense fortification
  9. In the trip to WHW, we also all brought our tiny titans, being one of the funnest games GW makes (probably). I managed to get a quick 1250pt game in against @Olis's Legio Xestobiax and their Black Iron cores. I was using (and forgot to use the rules for) a Ferrox light maniple with additional reaver (+1 to armour rolls within your scale in inches) against Olis's nimble Corsair maniple: Tempestus Indefatigable (Indy): Reaver (princeps) - melta, gatling, turbo laser, charge warlord trait Aegis Eternal: Reaver - volcano cannon, laser blaster, apoc launcher Hound 1 - plasma, vulcan Hound 2 - Plasma, vulcan. Xestobiax Reaver 1 - melta, chainfist, apoc Reaver 2 - gatling, powerfist, apoc, Reaver 3 - hidden behind the tower so I forget, but I think gatling+ laser+ apoc. Xestobiax deployed as far forwards as possible and in the bunker, behind the tower, with a decent amount of terrain in a diagonal line to partially shield their advance. My reavers deployed to the left, while my hounds to the right out of sight behind the downed titan lander. T1 With the power and chainfists, Olis only had ranged weapons on 7/9 hardpoints, while I had 10/10 ranged, so I had a large ranged advantage - Olis went first and full strided titans to get close to me, but was just out of range with the largely 24" weapons. Aegis and Indy first fired to try and get some more shots in, and I VOIDS TO FULLED some apoc launcher hits and lost some shields, but nothing major. My hounds sprinted up the side, and one was out of LoS. Everything focussed fire on the front chainfist/melta reaver to bring the beast down. Aegis and the Indy managed to bring some shields down, one hound then finished off the shields and managed a 4 hits to the head with a maximal fire plasma blaster to the side, rolling like an 12, 15, 16, 17. The front titan was crippled already which was not a good start for Xestobiax. T2 The near crippled titan tries to charge my nearst warhound but falls short, putting it's shots into it but not managing to down enough shields. Potshots into my reavers down some shields. My charged warhound then tries to move out of arc of the chainfist reaver and draw LoS to that and the fist reaver behind, attempting full stride, but awakens the machine spirit and stands there haughtily. Now everything opens up. Aegis targets the head with the apoc launcher and the volcano cannon and the laser goes wherever. I get one miss, which scatters but still hits the head means 4 hits with the volcano to the critical head and the first titan goes down with a magazine detonation on the melta catching my nearest hound in the massive blast, damaging the body. The rest of the firepower opens up on the fist titan and breaks the shields, and damages the body. This is not going well for Xestobiax. T3 Trying to avoid getting flanked by my hounds the fist reaver knight moves back and angles away, but leaves my reavers in the side arc. Shooting drops Aegis shields (ironic) but does no damge. Indy, which has been pushing reactors and not venting suffers a shield collapse in the damage phase...Then everything unloads into the fist reaver, managing to repeatedly hit the legs. Vulcan downs the shields, plasma cracks the shell then Aegis's volcano cannon finishes the job - the reaver spins 180 degrees, wildfires at nothing, then falls backwards down the hill it was walking down. Two down, one to go, and both kills made by Aegis, who usually does nothing. T4 The final Xestobiax reaver comes out to play. I attempt emergency repairs on Aegis and reignite the voids, everything piles into the reaver and it dies, I forget by who's hand exactly, I think one of the hounds. Due to the mission, I had a greater scale of titans (28 to 24) so Olis got +4VP, and you gain VP equal to your scale remaining, so the final score was 3 engine kills and 32-4 to Legio Tempestus! The gorgeous check-work on Olis's titans, using nail art stencils. Tempestus Walks! Aegis Eternal and Indefatigable stride towards Xestobiax, peppering their shields with fire. The jaws close around the god engines of Xestobiax Titans on parade A couple of glamour shots of Aegis Eternal
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