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I've been awfully lazy about this, and meant to make something about this months ago...  Figured fellow Guard lads, especially fellow Kriegers would appreciate the desire and hard work that went into making a board for Krieg to live their bests lives on.

All credit and work was done by my good friend (Who also did the "octoblade" baneblade build for me).

You can find his reddit user and the original thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/TerrainBuilding/comments/pn2zw6/40k_seige_of_vrax_trenchline_4x6_panels/


We both had a random sudden desire to Realize the barren, WW1-esque battelfields of Vraks, and with a bit of planning, DG bits donations, and unused bastion/aegis defense line, and a LOT of foam, the realization was made.


The Battleboard Itself:

(Apologies for the removeable terrain, have to make it more 9th Ed. friendly with "obscuring" elements. Will endeavor to take better, no-LoS terrain pics down the road)

Vraks w/Terrain for 9th Ed. - 1

Vraks w/Terrain for 9th Ed. - 2

Vraks w/Terrain for 9th Ed. - 3

Vraks w/Terrain for 9th Ed. - 4

Some shots of the lads making an offensive in the first game on it:
(Pardon the random Dark Eldar raiders who decided to try to take advantage of the protracted siege between traitor and loyalist elements)

Vraks - Battle 1, Lads - 1

Vraks - Battle 1, Lads - 2

Vraks - Battle 1, Lads - 3

Vraks - Battle 1, Lads - 4

Vraks - Battle 1, Lads - 5

Vraks - Battle 1, Lads - 6

Vraks - Battle 1, Turn 3 Overview

That's it. Just wanted to share, make sure people know about all my bud's amazing hard work coming to fruition.  Any future Battles (Intend to do one bare with 30k rules to REALLY Vraks it up) I'll endeavor to remember to slap in here!

I'll definitely endeavor to also get better detail shots of all the features such as the bastion, the various lads bled out in the trenches, craters, wire, destroyed pillboxes/bunkers, etc...

Cheers, all!


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Posted (edited)

I just don’t have the superlatives to cover how cool that board is!!


You and your mate have done a cracking job on the board and army.


Is your Krieg force ongoing? Or are you done?

No additions in quite a while. Definitely done for now, if not for good. Running out of shelf space, and have all the goodies I've always wanted. Except for maybe an arty-tractor or two. The medic squad w/his weird servitors maybe...


Got all of the following done and painted:

  • INF
    • 60 Basic rifle kriegers
    • 20 storm Grens
    • 10 engis (w/drill)
    • 2 company commands
    • 1 high marshal
    • 2 marshal
    • techmarine
    • 6 hvy teams
  • MISC
    • 6 Bullgryn
    • 15 cav (squads, command squad, and leader)
    • Hector Rex and Retinue
  • TANKS & Hvy
    • Octoblade
    • Macharius
    • 7x Leman russes
    • Malcador (Battle Variant)
    • 3x Hellhounds
    • 2x Storm chimeras
    • 3x hvy morts
    • 2x medusa/earth carriages
    • 1x colossus bombard
    • Marauder Bomber
    • Thunderbolt Fighter
So, feel I have enough, haha.

Its a thing of beauty. :wub:

Nothing wrong with removable terrain, you'd be mad not to really, but it still looks fantastic. A work of art with practical use - best of both worlds :wink: Excellent work worth every penny and moment spent :biggrin.:

Thanks lads! Yeah. Just, it looks so much more "vraksy" without all the additional clutter. Will endeavor to get some normal shots with my death guard in the other trenches some day...


There's a bunch of plague marines, blightlords, and krigers already strewn across the board in craters, etc... Will do my best to capture all the "little stories" built into the board.

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