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  1. Hey all! I think I'll start posting the results of my building and painting in here. I already have a thread in the Space Wolves subforum, but I guess it won't hurt showing my terrain pieces - and maybe at some point non Space Wolves miniatures - as well. I'll start with reposting my recently finished infiltrators. Not mind blowing, but ready for action ☺
  2. **** Some images have been lost from this thread and the replacements may not be 100% like for like with the originals. **** Hi, and welcome to my miserable corner of the Underhive. This is where I am planning to catalogue my efforts at painting and building for Necromunda. I thoroughly enjoyed the original as a teenager and even managed to track down my old Escher Gang - The Bitch Fighters, in all their badly painted glory (I remember being very proud of them at the time) some of which may yet re-materialise after a bath in a stripping solution. Needless to say, I like others am really impressed with the new version and vision for Necromunda, so I couldn't resist picking it up. I have been asking progress on the contents of the box, I built the gangs stock to start with, although I have an extra box of Escher gang to use for a more bespoke gang in due course. I also saw a nifty idea in a Facebook group for using timber to build some simple, cheap Zone Mortalis walls, however I am trying to elevate the idea by applying plenty of texturing and detail to the timber. This far I have been working on getting the box models to a serviceable level of painting, before I go back and add final details later - a process I have found much easier with the Goliath's than the Escher which have so much more going on detail wise that they demand a more thorough paint job. I have always been prone to wandering around staring at bits of industrial units, vent units, manhole covers, and so on so I may include photos of such things amid my progress to show what I am hoping to achieve. I don't have many photos easily accessible since a mobile broke on me, but I will try and rescue them in due course. That said I do have one or two pics that I will share for the time being. These are my first Goliath, as you can see I have gone for a fairly classic theme with him: Images Removed[/b} The plan is to go back and highlight the reds, metallics and blacks a bit more and add in details like the stimm units on their backs, and their bracers. But I reckon they are a solid start. This is mostly basecoat and washes for now, some minimal highlights to the grey trousers. I will try and dog up photos of the other things I have been working on and post them up too. In the meantime let me know what you think.
  3. From the album: Scenery

    Stretch base size test
  4. From the album: Scenery

    First go at making a stretch bike base.
  5. From the album: Scenery

    Early tanglewire WIP
  6. I've been looking into some of the terrain sold my PWork Wargames and so far I'm very interested. My question is pretty simple: What's the best glue to use when assembling this kind of stuff? I assume the gel superglue I use to assemble my miniatures COULD work, but it's probably not a very efficient option. Anyone got any wisdom to share?
  7. Hi guys! I've been playing Warhammer 40k for over a decade now, and have my fair share of armies. I've had small blogs scattered on various forums before, but most haven't been updated in years, are archived and/or are filled with dead images. So I figured I'd just consolidate everything into a single blog, showing some of my older stuff and then continue with stuff I'm working on now or in the future. Apologies if you've seen some of the stuff before. I'm not the fastest nor the best painter, and with my short attention span I generally move between projects often to keep me from getting bored on painting the same stuff constantly. So here's my stuff, I hope you enjoy! I'll update this first post as an index to the posts with content for easy future reference. Tyranids - Hive Fleet Leviathan This was my first army which I started in 2008, after me and a few friends got into the hobby from playing the Dawn of War video games. I just loved the little gribblies and big monsters. Too inexperienced to realize beige is a pain in the ass to paint, I settled on a Leviathan-esque paint job before Hive Fleet Adaptations were a thing. Zoanthrope - Done Carnifex - Done Gants - Done Gargoyles - Done Trygon - Done Winged Hive Tyrant - Done Hive Crone - Done Swarmlord & Tyrant Guard - Done Tervigon - Done Exocrine - Done Haruspex - Done Grey Knights I always had a weak spot for the Daemonhunters, so I started this army in 2011 when the first plastic GK models came out together with their 5th edition codex. I also started experimenting with an airbrush around this time after failing to paint their power weapons one too many times (I still fail at blending). Haven't done much with them since 7th really after the Inquisition and Grey Knights got split up in separate codexes, and their current edition codex just feels lacking. Librarian - Done Brotherhood Ancient - Done Apothecary - Done Kaldor Draigo - Done Terminators/Paladins - Done Strike Squad - Done Purifiers - Done Inquisitor Coteaz - Done Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - Done Vindicare Assassin - Done Dreadnought - Done Venerable Dreadnought - Done Nemesis Dreadknight - Done Land Raider - Done Stormraven - Done Eldar - Craftworld Saim-Hann I started collecting Saim-Hann when their 6th edition codex came out in 2013, when the plastic wind riders and wraithguard came out. Jetbikes and wraith constructs are my two favourite aspects about Craftworld Eldar and I liked the vibrant red of Saim-Hann. That they matched the jetbike playstyle didn't hurt either, of course. Autarch Skyrunner - Done Farseer Skyrunner - Done Windriders - Done Vyper - Done Dire Avengers - Done Wave Serpent - Done Fire Prism - Done War Walker - Done Crimson Hunter - Done Spiritseer - Done Wraithguard - Done Wraithlord - Done Wraithknight - Done Blood Angels - 5th Company 'Daemonbanes' I wanted to do a Space Marine army for a while, as the Grey Knight model range is (still) very limited, and I kept seeing one new Astartes release after another that I couldn't include in my army. While I originally intended to do a custom chapter, I already had a Space Hulk set and a Deathstorm box for my Tyranids, so I figured I might as well just do Blood Angels as I already liked their background and already had those models anyway. So in 2015 I began working on the Sons of Sanguinius. Since the previous armies were relatively clean looking, I went for a more grimmer, weathered look for these. I picked the 5th company as the main focus, simply because I liked the black blood drop of that company's insignia best to match the darker look I was going for, plus it seems thematic to ally with my Grey Knights considering they're called the Daemonbanes. Sanguinary Priest - Done Commander Dante - Done Sanguinary Guard - Done Assault Squad - Done Bike Squad - Done Librarian - Done Librarian Dreadnought - Done Furioso Dreadnought - Done Deredeo Dreadnought - Done Death Company Dreadnought - Done Lemartes - Done Death Company - Done Baal Predator - Done Relic Sicaran Battle Tank - Done Drop Pod - Done Sniper Scout Squad - Done Close Combat Scout Squad - Done Captain - Done Suppressor Squad - WIP 1, Done Thunderhawk Gunship - WIP 1, WIP 2 Adeptus Mechanicus & Imperial Knights - Forgeworld Xana II & House Malinax Always been a fan of the AdMech, and generally I go for the tech-priest character in any of the 40k RPGs I've done over the years. After snagging two cheap knights from a Renagade box and getting some Skitarii from the Kill Team starter set, I finally started with the cogboys in 2018. As I already had two red armies and didn't want a third, and I loved the colour scheme of House Malinax from FW, I decided to go with this colour scheme for the AdMech units as well. I know that lorewise they're hereteks/traitors to the Imperium, but I don't intend to go all chaosy/dark mechanicum on them. Skitarii Vanguard - WIP 1 Skitarii Rangers - WIP 1 Sicarian Infiltrators - WIP 1 Armiger Warglaive - WIP 1 Knight Warden - WIP 1 Scenery, Terrain & Gaming Room I'm lucky enough to have a spare bedroom (and a wife that lets me use it) as a dedicated hobby room, and have my own gaming table. I love building scenery, even though it takes me ages to complete any projects because of the amount of work required for the bigger projects. Gaming Table - Done Realm of Battle - Done Fortress of Redemption - Done Skyshield Landing Pad - Done Woods - Done Blastscape - Done Aquila - Done Imperial Sector Buildings - WIP 1 FW Industrial Sector - WIP 1, WIP 2 3D Printing Always wanted to get into 3D printing, but wanted to wait for a printer that could print high quality prints without having thick layer lines, had a large enough volume to tackle larger projects but was still affordable enough. This turned out to be the Phrozen Transform. 3D Printer - 1
  8. Hi everyone, just wanted to post my mostly finished Promethium Forge bulkheads all painted up for Kill Team. Overall I think it is good stuff, but be sure to use the wax so that you can disassemble it. Here's a link to my blog with more pictures: http://chapterapproved.blogspot.com/2019/05/bulkheads-for-kill-team.html
  9. I have been looking at some of the videos for the Wylock's armoury YouTube channel and have noticed that Grafix Medium Chipboard is used a lot. (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00161W6L8/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=wyloch21-21&camp=1634&creative=6738&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B00161W6L8&linkId=b1deb1f2f8147ad01dc1cab2137241d1&th=1&psc=1) Does anyone have experience in working with chipboard and could suggest an alternative (cheaper) material. I am trying to replicate this: https://youtu.be/5N99J7c5ifc , if it helps.
  10. I've always played in a store or in a club some friends run so I've always had terrain on the table but I've been thinking about either buying or making my own terrain to be able to play at home or just have a nicer-looking place to display my minis. GW's seem too expensive, though so I've been looking for cheaper options. I've run into TTCombat's terrains which are quite affordable but before I throw any money at it I decided it was better to ask for opinions. Do you have any experience with TTCombat's products? I was thinking about getting their Ruin Sector pack: http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/82228-thickbox_default/ruin-sector.jpg
  11. House Lepalia The Effulgent Upon Dust of Iron The Tip of the Spear The Windswept The Monumental The Fangs of the Bat The Coils of the Hydra The Desire & the Darkness The Ashes of Civilization Pic capture of Unknown, Unidentified, probable Sergeant of "the Effulgent" Space Marine Chapter. Modified Mark X Power Armor, additional components in knees, added ports and modified shoulder protection, fortified helmet. Note heraldic seahorse symbol, not related to other chapter symbols or designations. Some of you might know me or know off me from Heresy-online or Warseer, where I frequented as Xenobiotic or Leoparden. It was back in 2010 when I first decided to get my work up on the internet to allow others to criticize and give me pointers and tips. At the time I had dabbled with the hobby on and off again for a couple of years, painting miniatures I liked and trying my hand at building a small playable Space Marine force in a black and white color scheme (two colors I've since had more luck with but did not have at the time). Admittedly these endeavors where poorly executed and never finished. Not finishing projects is the only constant in my life so far. The plan when I started the project log back in 2010 was to paint a Blood Angels Successors army to a gaming standard rather quickly in order to get more games under my belt to get more enjoyment out of the hobby. In order to limit the time spent on the miniature to enable quicker progress I decided to keep the amount of colors as low as possible (mostly red, white, silver and green) and try my hand at assembly line painting. As it would turn out I'm not one for quick work but rather a sucker for quality and skill improvement – as well as rather easily influenced by suggestions from other people. With the aid of many helpful fellow hobbyists on the forums my insight into the hobby process quickly grew as did my creative goals. I kept being inspired by many of the project logs out there (and on here), gasping in awe at their creations and the ease with which they appeared to create these masterpieces. From a background in art (due to my mother working in the field) I was given the zest to try more advanced techniques and to bridge different approaches from my creativity into the hobby. Freehand quickly became a major factor in the Successor army and suddenly the time spent on each piece had snowballed from a handful of hours to a bundle, even reaching such heights that it almost killed my enjoyment of the hobby for a while. In the end the positive and insightful feedback on the forums kept me going and pushed me along. The interaction with other hobbyists proved to be addictive and kept my interest in the hobby without having to focus on playing the actual game which gave me time to spend creating the actual gaming pieces instead. Truth be told I must admit that I'm a horrible strategist and my luck with dices fluctuates horribly (as I would assume it would with most people but some of my gaming buddies appear to set statistics askew in a positive and a negative remark). The last few years I’ve been lost in my hobby progress and aimlessly wandering around different projects while Games Workshop has thrown wrenches in the few plans that I could establish (such as my 30k Alpha Legion project that was more or less brutally cut down by the reveal and release both of Primaris and the fact that the Horus Heresy rule-set would stay in 7th edition). While these releases have slowed me down they have also given ample opportunity for new ideas and realizations of ideas from the past. I lost a lot of mojo trying to piece together where I wanted to take my miniatures, what influences to use and how to use them, as well as what standard I aim for in my finished pieces. I don’t want to end up with a lot of small fragments of finished miniatures that can’t be used for anything collectively (I do want to play some 8th edition 40k with an actual army in the future) and since I’m an incredibly slow painter (builder/converter/hobbyist) I need longevity on my side in the projects that I choose in order to achieve anything. My one true motivator for the last few years was the fact that I used to meet up once a week with a friend and do about 4-6 hours of hobby each session, it got things done even if slowly and we kept each other going. He has since moved away, and we cannot meet with that regularity. Work has since also ramped up and I lost a lot of hobby time. Things are slowing down somewhat in the life department and now I want to find my way back into the hobby. Instagram has given me a lot of perspective on my creativity when it comes to 40k. The Ironsleet community for one but all the talented converters/sculptors/painters have shown me that hobby butterflying can be a good thing and that you can aim the vector of your butterfly towards something bigger so that many different pieces can interact within a whole. And so, as faith would have it, I stumbled across an idea for something to tie my many hobby desires and ideas towards a similar goal / setting. It’s still being roughed out in my head, but I know the pieces that it will contain. It all started when I was considering what I wanted to do for a conversion based on the Aleguzzler Gargants (the Age of Sigmar giants) I ordered a while back and somehow pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place after that. It’s a story-line that I’ve had stuck in my head for a long time and it was suddenly given room within the miniature hobby instead of the looser fragments in my head from previously. If this will blossom into the vision in my head or morphs into something completely different as time passes only time will tell but I feel invigorated for the first time in a long time. Therefore, for 2018, I present the beginning of the story of Lepalia. A Segmentum of Space, a sisterhood of solar systems, a conglomerate of planets, a Queen-ruler, a concept, an idea fighting for survival in a universe in turmoil, where desires and thoughts can be as poisonous as an assassins blade or even as dangerous as an invasion by an overwhelming opponent. What will this “project log” contain? - House Lepalia – The Royal family of Lepalia, her guardians and their Knight Household. 30k / 40k based army composition with some fluff miniatures added. - The Effulgent - A Primaris Space Marine Chapter. 40k based army composition. Only Primaris units and conversions (no old-marines). - The Iron Dust - 'Battlegroup: Omega' (Ω) of the Cult Mechanicus. A 30k / 40k Mechanicum Cross-over Forgeworld with mixed army composition. Conversion heavy. - The Tip of the Spear – 144rd (CXLIV) Rapid Insertion Cohort of the Solar Auxilia, 30k based army composition. Straight forward miniatures. - The Windswept – Human operatives / Militia / Necromunda gangs(?). Mixed army composition. Conversion heavy. - The Monumental - Abhuman Avatars of War. Fluff based army composition. Conversions exclusively. - The Desire & the Darkness – Daemons and Monsters and the devotees of she whom thirsts. 30k / 40k army composition. - The Fangs of the Bat – ‘The Crimsoned Wings’, Night Lords 55th (LV) Company of the Legiones Astartes. Night Lord Terror cells and harassment units. 30k based army composition. Old-school marines, primarily mk III and mk IV. - The Coils of the Hydra – 'Circle II', ‘Battlegroup: Pi’ (Π), Alpha Legion 102th (CII) Company of the Legiones Astartes Alpha Legion Company. 30k / 40k based army composition. Old-school marines, primarily mk VI. - The Ashes of Civilization – Scenery & Gaming Board, Battlefield Terrain, Zone Mortalis & Necromunda Terrain. How these separate projects will unfold, if I will add to the list or remove something, and what inspirations will fuel each part is yet to be fully determined and I will surely need your ideas and guidance in some parts (paint schemes – Halp!). I hope this will be an inventive project log that keeps evolving as time passes and hope you will join me on this journey and hopefully it will last a long time. Be prepared that most posts in this thread will be WIP pictures of a myriad of different things, do not expect to see finished miniatures with any regularity, you have been warned. Future post will probably include a lot of rambling and ideas thrown out along with pictures, in an attempt to document my process both for my own sake (helps when you work intermittently with things) and for you, the viewer, to be able to comment with ideas and suggestions. The Defenders of Lepalia will stand clad in ever light against the desires of the humans and their seed in that which is inhumanity. To start things off I leave you with more pictures of the first finished miniature for the Effulgent Primaris marines.
  12. I was lookin for a design for a DIY collapsable/foldable table. I had debated over making an 8'x4' or a 6'x4' table. Contemplating a design that folds in half and the legs swing inside. I'm working up an idea in my head but suggestions are more than welcome. I've revived this topic for a WIP of said table. The design is basically finished in my head. I priced out the majority of the material. I'll sketch out the design and plan to get material soon! Watch out!
  13. Finished up a piece of terrain this evening thats been sitting mostly finished for a while,The base model is a kids toy i got from a charity shop for 2 quid, originally bright blue and yellow i took the chance to test the green spray i picked up for my Sons of Horus juuuust in case it was awful but it worked well enough, used it on the doors and roof and worked up the walls in white. 297665450_10160178297585797_4152062382917534225_n I was struggling with how to finish it up, originally aiming for mucky but well maintained with some washes. Then i realised warehouses always look a bit of a state after a while, especially in 40k/Necromunda! So rust and streaking it was, and i stippled on the sign in a fairly incomprehensible manner, bonus points if you can work out what it says :D 299304762_10160178292375797_5435264233655534113_n The Doors still technically work, but a liiiitle bit tight now. Just needs some varnish next time the atmosphere fancies cooperating, because terrain always gets rekked.
  14. Greetings all. I thought I would share my progress on my Necromunda box set - so far I've only done anything with House Goliath, I'll be working on the Escher when they're finished, and then try my hand at sorting some terrain out. The gang so far. I'd say these guys are about 90% done at the moment, I keep finding new details to pick out. Some close ups; I'll be building the last set of Goliath's soon, hopefully today but we will see how things go. C&C welcome
  15. I'm on a Necromunda kick at the moment. I've posted this stuff in the Necro sub-forum but I thought I'd also share it here for a wider audience (and more feedback). First up, some terrain. The door consoles from Necromunda: Underhive with a few things added to make them more interesting. I'll probably add a few more bits to them before painting. Some rubber piping, discarded drinks cans, maybe some other random bits, mainly a just the odd thing on the bases of the left two to make them a bit less plain. Some scatter terrain for Necro Zone Mortalis (and eventually Sector Mechanicus). I'm not sure I'll use the dustbins, they're more for 40k city terrain. The oil drums and fires will fit in perfectly though. Jerra, the first ganger I'm going to work on. I wanted to start with a basic lasgun ganger and save the more exciting ones until later. Skin more or less done. Base colours on some of the larger areas. Lots more to come
  16. Just a couple of quick questions, How do the Necromunda figures in the starter set size up to Old Marines? And would the scenery/terrain be okay size wise? Thanks in advance p.s. pics would be helpful if anyone has any
  17. This is another channel I follow regularly, although my favourite is the Brits, these guys posted an excellent video on terrain and how they go through setting up the best table possible to play on that creates a fair and exciting match. Here's the link. It's a great video and I'm posting it here for my GK bro's who really need help protecting their troops and getting the best possible fair game of 40k in! This has helped me and my gaming group greatly and creates a fairer matchup and fun for both people. As always, take it with a grain of salt and do what you want, but it's well worth checking out.
  18. Good evening frater who delve this far down the forum. I very rarely finish a project as I get bored quickly painting. And I love necromunda due to its crazy way you can build your board however you want basically. Anyway I’ve picked up 2 boxes of zm tiles and I bought 1 tile off my buddy today so I can have a 3x3 board. This is the start of me assembling it. A few friends from my gaming group and I are learning the ropes and starting a campaign soon and I thought I’d get cracking with the terrain today. So I sprayed the tiles according to forge worlds Mark Bedford and wow I’m pleased with the results. You prime black then grey then silver then white all after the other while each coat is still wet. I was very dubious at first but they look excellent and it’s going to be a shame when I dirty them up with shades and washes. Anyway here’s some picks of the tiles. I expect this will be a as and when plog because I’m not always in the mood to paint and detest it. I plan on running either a Cawdor gang or Genestealer Cult when I eventually play. all 8 tiles I have with better lighting
  19. Hey guys, wasn't sure if this is the right place or not, or if there's already a thread that I couldn't see. I'm looking to start a new project/army and I've trawled a few painting blogs on the site, and instagram for basing ideas. But I'm hoping to get a more confined collection of ideas here. So, I ask a simple favour, post a pic here of a model that shows off the fantastic basing scheme you've come up with. With perhaps a quick description of the items you've used. So far, I've based all my Grey Knights with Armageddon dust. So its a desert looking vibe with dead grass tuffs. I'm wanting something completely different. But feel free to post anything nonetheless.
  20. Hey guys, I cant seem to find a hobby store that sells anything remotely like this here. I specifically am looking at the green vine looking foliage. Does anyone know where to get this or something remotely similar?
  21. 955 downloads

    Imperial City Signs Decal Sheet - PDF
  22. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    WIP of a turreted defense fortification
  23. schoon

    Titan Bay RAW

    From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    WIP Titan Bay model
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