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Unit of the Week series: Deathshroud

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Our second unique terminator squad.


Armed with both a man reaper and plague gauntlets they can reap a heavy tally, if they can get close enough


Other rules are:

Plague chimes (can't remember if that's the name but it's what they look like) which do something to the contagion range iirc


Bodyguard they can take the hit for a character instead.


What do we love about these guys?

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Yeah plague chimes give you + 3'' to contagion range for the unit which can make them a decent vector for your warlords contagion if you take one.

I love this unit to be honest, they do heavy liftinh for me. I see that I play them different than most players - I deepstrike mine.


I play a squad of 3 (cause that's how many I've got) with dual flamers on the champ (free now, which balances out the points bump) and he also get's the reaper of glorious entropy to become a chaos lord in his own right. Now these guys usually drop turn 2 (allthough I've had great returns against aggressive armies, where I wait till turn 3 and then just melt my opponents backfield without reprecussion) and they are accompanied by my lord of virulence, equipped with acidic malady (so another 2d6 str 6 ap2 autohits) and arch contaminator. The lord of virulence is crutial to make the flamers do more - full rerolls to wound help counter both low strength and help me get ap-1 more often. This combo has on many occasions won me they game - they can either deplete or delete up to 2 backfield units on the drop (when facing tougher targets mortar support can help) with the flamers alone. They can also concentrate firepower on one unit and then charge another. With a decently small footprint I think the min squad is the way to go. Their biggest tally was absolutely destroying a 30 man ork boy blob from an objective.


Now the main thing that I recently learned was that you can play the +1 to wound strat on these mad lads - the flamers become pretty good and the swipe profile on the manreapers becomes deadly. What I want to try is a drop of 5 of these guys, along side the same lord of virulence in a chosen sons army. These guys with the combos delete 6 space marines on average - if they are outside of contagion range. If they drop to T3 then we are looking at an average of 8 deleted marines and you can rid them of cover if you take the vectorum contagion! Sure it's 400points of shooting and a 3 CP investment, but it's a lot of firepower and the close combat that follows can delete most things.


Overall one of our best units in the codex.

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For me the best thing about them is that they look really cool. The scythes, the armor, just all of it. I love their look.


In game they seem like they perform well too.


Overall I think in cost of the models they are just too expensive, like $50USD for 3 models, and too expensive points wise at 55pts each. But they still do well.


That said it's hard to beat some super killy termies with scythes for looks and such!

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Such an amazing unit with one if my most favorite models of the new DG update. Always take them as the perfect bodyguard unit for my plaguecaster warlord helping to keep him alive. Can tank alot of hits and can be quite deadly in combat especially with something like a Biologus Putrifier to inflict additional MWs. Edited by Plaguecaster
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