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Submissions for Fandex Annual

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Posted with permission of Brother Tyler. Also posted in 'News, Rumors, and Board Announcements forum'.


Hi everyone. My name is Rob and I run a group on Facebook about fandexes and other homemade rules for GW games.


In response to the war in Ukraine, we have decided to create a compilation of homemade rules and share them online to raise money for The Red Cross. We have checked with GW legal who have given us their permission to do this.


We're hoping to get everything ready by mid-late April. If you have any homemade rules or codexes for 8th/9th edition 40k, and would like to contribute to the project, please either post them in the fandexes group on facebook or here, and I will add them. Please note that we cannot accept alternative versions of official codexes, but we can accept alternate versions of the main rules. If you have anything else that you would like to share such as rules for necromunda, it's okay to post this but to minimise any delays to publication we're just including rules for 40k for this annual.


We are also keen to find volunteers for the graphic side of the project. If you are an artist or have experience in using photoshop, publisher or similar software and can help, please let us know what you can do.


Thank you.



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