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  1. Knight House Romlas Title: The Jannissary Court of House Romlas Household Rank: Secondus Patent: Warrant of Imperial Immediacy recorded .930 M30. Allied Legions/Forgeworlds: Bound servants of Forgeworld Iskolaa Warden Domain: The Locast Plains, Forgeworld Iskolaa Cogonem: None Motto: We are Bonded in Ruin! Alliegence: Fedelitas Constantus The tale of House Romlas is full of darkness and misery. Initially founded when a Knight World title was granted to the world of Peltan, House Romlas was one of five noble houses to settle on the world. Peltan was a relatively gentle world for a Knight House, with vast plains for agricultural herds and high mountains perfect for Knight keeps. The local fauna was dangerous to the human colonists, but with five strong Knight houses the conditions improved greatly. Unfortunately, the coming Age of Strife threw Peltan's pastoral lifestyle into chaos as multiple incurions by xenos raiders decimated the human forces. After millenia of struggle, records show House Romlas and their brethren at last broke the final xenos bands and reclaimed their world purely for humanity. This was not to last, as the treacherous xenos (still unknown to the Imperium, though the mysterious Eldar stand high in investigators theories) had seeded Peltan with a genetic timebomb. When the nearby Forgeworld Iskolaa sent out Explorator fleets, Peltan was discovered to have been changed beyond all recognition. Once grass-clad plains had become disease-rotted marshes, the air itself toxic and foul. Magos Biolagis adepts were startled to find the remants of the human colony clinging to life in the mountain fastnesses, reduced to near-feral levels of technology and culture. Locating what had been House Romlas' seat of power, the Locast Keep, the Magos of Iskolaa found buried in the mountainside an enormous sealed vault of Knight armor. Retrieving old databanks and combining them with the feral tribe's oral myths, the tech-adepts learned that the Knight Houses of Peltan had acted swiftly when the genetic plague erupted by sealing all their armor in Locast Keep and attempting to shepherd as many of the colonists as possible to the hopeful safety of the higher mountains. It is unknown what happened to the last scions of the Knight Houses, but the tribes' stories speak of ancient warriors that faced death clade in naught but skin, welcoming the deadly plague-spoors. The adepts of Iskolaa made the decision to take all the Knight armor and the remaining feral humans from Peltan, leaving the world to decay and rot. Forgeworld Iskolaa became the new home of the former Peltans, and soon the Taghmata Iskolaa took control of the tribes. The vast majority of the former tribesmen were inducted into the Skitarii of Iskolaa, to bleed for the Forgeworld in thousands of battles. A few though, were destined for greater things. House Romlas was birthed anew, on the renamed bedrock of the Locast Plain. The Magos of Iskolaa gene-screened and selected the best and brightest of the former tribes and forgeworld workers to become the new House. Pyscho-indoctrinated and mechanically-augmented, these new scions strode to war in both the recovered Knight armor from the old houses and newly forged suits from the factorium of Iskolaa. The Binary Council and the Lord-Korbaci Perhaps unique among the Knight Houses, House Romlas is governed by a council of eight, headed by the elected Lord-Korbaki. The Lord-Korbaki is not a King, but the first among equals, and has the final deciding vote on all matters pertaining to war. The Binary Council rules the Knight House, and wherever House Romlas strides so does the will of the Council. The ruination of their ancient Houses and former homeworld has left House Romlas with a grim duty to scour the stars of the enemies of Man. The motto of the House states both their purpose and status, "We are Bonded in Ruin", for the Knights of Romlas bring about burning destruction at the bidding of their Mechanicus masters. The Lasthold and the Scarving The Lasthold is the vast fortress of House Romlas. Massive tracts of desolate rock stretch from tall, black walls constantly washed in the oily hydrocarbon rains of Iskolaa. On these barren plains do the Knights of Romlas train in their arts of war. Gouts of fire, lances of energy, and the thudding reports of hard rounds echo on firing range, while massive servitor-forms in combat arenas get cut down by revving chain-weapons and crackling fists. Deep in the depths of the Lasthold is the Scarving chamber. The magos of Iskolaa use the chamber to bond the scions of Romlas to the will of the Mechanicus. Ranks of ancient steel cylinders line the chamber, each with room for a single Scion's body. The cylinders are comprised of psych-scourges, pain-goads, and memory blanking augers- this is the Scarving. By going through the Scarving, Romlas Knight pilots are permanently bonded to the Mechanicus of Iskolaa, loyalty coded and emotion-repressed deep in their brains. This process makes the scions cold and distant when interacting with their Imperial allies and has led to a reputation of a House that is utterly without emotion and capable of any act of destruction against their enemies.
  2. Following on from my custom vehicle, I found myself inspired to create more. In deeply unoriginal vein, the Ash Wastes made me think of the Mad Max franchise, but in true GW fashion I wanted to ensure I had my own, theoretically-protectable IP… Merodach’s Wyldsteppe Ravagers are a gang created using the Outcast Gangs rules from Book of the Outcast but also the new vehicle rules from Book of the Outlands. There will be models, but first here is a list of what I am hoping to put together: Merodach’s Wildsteppe Ravagers (Affiliation: House Escher) Merodach the Koriophage (Leader) Brawler archetype; counts-as chainaxe and [need to decide on other weapon] Dagan the Akontist (Champion) Survivor archetype. Counts-as chainglaive. Anunit the Ktenorhete (Champion) Wyrd archetype; shock whip and fighting knife. Petrach the Phyrr-Cat (Exotic Beast) Five gang fighters: 2 Thumalepts - Neriglissar and Balathu one with counts-as chainsword and [need to decide on other weapon]; one with count-as 2-handed axe. 3 Pediadromes - Monireh, Beltis and Yltani Each with axe and [need to decide on other weapon] Vehicles: The Kataphalque [Large Custom Vehicle] Transport bed; ram; smoke vents; front long las; rear, left and right harpoon launcher. The Sirrush (Furious Snake) Medium Custom Vehicle. Ram; nitro burners; front auto guns. 2 Scum racers (crew) - Nephi and Seph-Seph.
  3. So I think we can mostly agree that the Legends rules for Renegades and Heretics are not exactly ideal. It's better than nothing but it could be a heck of a lot better. That being said? As the saying goes, if you want something done properly you might as well do it yourself, and given we at the very least have a base to work off of, I'm intending to create a fanmade replacement for these somewhat mediocre rules. Now, I should start this off by stating my mission intentions, what this project sets out to do and what it doesn't. After all, I'm no accomplished rulesmith or playtester, so I want to make the "mission statement" as transparent and honest as possible. What this project DOES intend to achieve: What this project DOES NOT intend to achieve: Anyway, now that that's out of the way... BASIC RESOURCES: IDEAS: As mentioned, this is going to be far more than just "AM with spikes", so here's some of my miscellaneous ideas for stuff to differentiate them from their Aquila-wearing counterparts... Anyway, if anyone has any ideas/wants to help out, that would be great! Schlitzaf has already offered to assist, but really anyone who has a contribution, no matter how great or small, is welcome!
  4. Just getting back into the hobby after being gone for about 9 years. Making my own chapter that was founded after the first Terran Crusade by the Black Templars and Imperial Fists. Think World War stormtrooper types. Use BT rules. C&C welcome. Plan on adding some fluff as I go also
  5. Just wanted your thoughts on my homebrew Blood Angels successor, (no name yet). Not done any painting in ages and am pretty pleased.
  6. Hello, battle brothers! I hear the call of the God-Emperor and joined the Imperial Guard! I decided on the Imperial Guard because I think the ideia of ordinary people facing the biggest threats in the 41st millennium incredible. Also, besides that if we were at that time I would certainly be one of them and not an officer or space marine. To my first army I choose a homebrew regiment to start my army, the "Sons of Cadia" [thanks Sanctus Reach for the name] Lore: After the controversial events of the supposed fall of Cadia [Cadia Stands! The Inquisitor keeps on alert], the survivors of the old world spread across the Imperium. However, the example of Cadia and its inhabitants remains a model of honor and power of the God-Emperor and humanity. Therefore, Cadia remains, and the men and women who for some reason were not at the time of the arch-enemy's troop's disaster must keep Cadia's legacy alice. We are the Sons of Cadia and we always stand! Battle-cry: For Cadia and his Sons! Colours: Green and Black Fatigues: Green (more dark than 8th regiment) Flak Armour: Black (as a sign of mourning and respect for the fallen comrades) Emblem: Winged circle meaning the bless of the God-Emperor Crossed Lasguns meaning our weapon and meaning of fight But I can't decid the colours, first (white) or second (green). What you think? On the side, attached, are some images to ilustrate my ideia. C&C are welcome, also tips. The first enlisted: Commissar Dallas
  7. From the album: Concepts and musings

    Torso concept for traitor commander Krovak Argues.

    © Andvarr A

  8. So, came up with a new chapter after Devastation of Baal basically killed off my previously chosen named successor, but I can't be too mad, as starting from scratch has been kinda fun. Still quite a bit of work left to do, but it's not a bad start. Chapter: Crimson Oracles Erythrean Prognosticators Chapter Heraldry: Blue/white winged blood drop, on black Codex: Blood Angels Colour Scheme: Crimson Armor; Bone Right Shoulders, Black Right shoulders with alternate knees Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis Extremis Battle Cry: In Morte, Sumus Victorius (In Death, We Bring Victory) Noted Excellence In: High Intensity Warfare, Strategic Decapitation Strikes, Planetfall Insertions , Multi-Vector and Sub-Orbital Attack, Void Warfare Homeworld: Nimloth Bordering Segmentum Obscurus and Ultima Segmentum Sector Arboreteum, Sub-sector Nimloth Neighboring Regions: Helioret, Cyclops Cluster, Coronid Deeps, Agatheon Domain, The Frost Gyre Founding: 2nd Founding Chapter of the Blood Angels Primarch: Sanguinius Fortress Monastery: Nimlothrin Non-Standard Organization and Doctrinal Specializations; Quote: Knowledge is a power as lethal as any blade, as much to the wielder as to his foe. Wield it well, in the Emperor’s name. ~ Brother-Oracle Zophiel Specialist Formations: Preferred Enemy: Aeldari Corsairs, Pirates, and Chaos-Aligned Raiders originating from the Frost Gyre and neighboring warp storms in the Coronid Deeps Gene Seed Mutations: While they keep it a secret from all outside their Chapter, the Crimson Oracles suffer the dual gene-curse of Sanguinius; the Red Thirst and the Black Rage. Unique Rituals: Oath: Allies of Renown: Imperial Knight House Orhlacc: Titanicus Terranic Ordo Sinister: Forge-Moon of Valnex Chapter Relics: Recruitment Process: Successor Chapters: None Known Notable Engagments: This is a compilation of what records could be found of the Crimson Oracles Chapter of Astartes in the Imperial Archives. Defence of Helioret c.967-969.M30 The Scouring: (~M32) The Pentarchy of Blood (860-940.M33) Great Malagantine Purge (770-791.M38) Angevin Crusade (322-384.M39) Downfall of the Heretic Priests of Syrinx (~590.M41) The Devastation of Baal: Notable Members:
  9. Bringing these big boys back to the Thousand Sons. The hereteknical semi-sophont machine spirits inside have become daemons in the 10,000 years since Prospero burned, and their armaments have gained inferno shells, but they otherwise function pretty much as they used to. And they needed a snappier, more Chaos-y name for the 41st Millennium, so... here are the Aethermind Automatons! I'm honestly kind of confused as to why Forge World haven't produced datasheets for units like these or the AdMech 30k models; it seems like it couldn't hurt sales. I originally used the Kastellan statline as a basis for these, but downgraded them back to the original 4 wounds, 2 attacks when I realized how hard it was to distinguish 6 wound, 3 attack stompy robots from... well, regular Hellbrutes. Instead they're basically the Thousand Sons' answer to Obliterators or Centurion Devastators. These guys aren't infantry, can't ignore cover, and need to be babysat if you want them going anywhere – otherwise, they're pretty much the same as Devastators in terms of durability, role, loadout, and so on. Aethermind Automatons (Heavy Support, Power Rating 5) This unit contains 1 Aethermind Automaton. It can include up to 4 additional Aethermind Automatons (Power Rating +5 each). Each Aethermind Automaton is armed with achean claws, two inferno boltguns, and a mauler inferno cannon. Weapons Wargear Options Any model may replace its soulreaper cannon with an aether-flame cannon.Abilities Warp-flux Shield: All models in this unit have a 5+ invulnerable save. Crystalline Clarity: This unit does not suffer penalties for moving and shooting Heavy weapons. Psi-Locus: When a friendly THOUSAND SONS PSYKER within 12" of this unit successfully manifests a psychic power, you can resolve the power (for the purposes of range and line of sight) as though it had been manifested by one of the models in this unit, instead of the psyker. If such a psyker suffers Perils of the Warp, this unit immediately suffers D3 mortal wounds. Sorcerous Control: When this unit Advances while within 6" of a friendly THOUSAND SONS PSYKER, add 6" to its Move characteristic for that Movement phase instead of rolling a dice. In addition, it can still shoot and/or charge that turn, despite Advancing. Keywords Faction: CHAOS, TZEENTCH, HERETIC ASTARTES, THOUSAND SONS Keywords: VEHICLE, DAEMON, DAEMON ENGINE, AETHERMIND AUTOMATON Points Costs Aethermind Automaton: 50pts Achean claws: 0pts Inferno boltgun: 2pts Mauler inferno cannon: 11pts Aether-flame cannon: 21pts
  10. Corpus Brethren Fierce alien hunters prized by the Deathwatch and famed in song across the Imperium's outermost planets, the ivory-armoured Sentinels once roamed the borders of human space. The Chapter maintained no homeworld, but swept through space aboard a trio of Battle Barges, taking recruits from those savages stout enough to endure their victory feasts. Trophies taken from exotic alien species were prized among battle-brothers, and decorated the armour of elite warriors. When the Warp Storm Dionys engulfed dozens of star systems, only sheer bad luck saw the nomadic Chapter caught in its chaotic wake. At first, the Sentinels outright ignored the call to be judged for mutation – it took overt threats from the infamously purist and equally mobile Red Scorpions to bring the Chapter to heel. This insolence would reflect poorly on the Sentinels when gene-seed inspection revealed a hyperactive omophagea – leaving them no choice but to accept a doomed, penitent invasion of the Eye of Terror. Masters of the spaceborne hunt, the Sentinels easily evaded the heretic fleets that scattered the Abyssal Crusade to make planetfall on the daemon world of Oliensis. Initial auspex scans revealed the planet's organic crust, and soon they had fully mapped its true form – a morbidly obese humanoid, curled into a foetal ball. Undaunted and proud, the Sentinels elected to begin the hunt regardless. The goat-headed hedonists who inhabited Oliensis were no match for the Chapter's swift assault and deadly ambush. Nor were the gaudily-painted Noise Marines who came to their aid, adding the screech of sonic weaponry to the mad bleats of Slaaneshi revelry. The hunt raged between tree-trunk bristles, across rivers of drool, and into cave-like pores, and with each conquest the Sentinels feasted anew. As supplies ran low, these celebrations were supplemented by the meat of flesh-cultists and horned tumour-spawn, growing louder and fiercer and crueler without end. By the time the Sentinels claimed victory over Oliensis, the horned pagans who had survived their hunt worshipped the Astartes as hungry gods. Chaplain Cuhullin, whose milk-white armour now twitched with thin red veins, welcomed all to the final feast. At his words, the planet itself stirred. The ground split and broke into a canyon maw beneath the Chapter, swallowing every warrior and vehicle whole. It took weeks for the survivors to gnaw their way free with chainsword and fang, but those who had tasted the daemon world's gory mantle found it an ambrosia beyond any victory they had ever known. Reborn and renamed, the Corpus Brethren retain their old aptitude for lightning assaults and desire for exotic trophies. What drives them now is hunger, an insatiable gluttony that has seen them butcher a Tyranid bio-titan, rampage across multiple systems in pursuit of a shipment of ajidamal spice, and round up the noble class of an entire Hive World into pens for slaughter. Accompanied by Chaos Spawn hunting hounds, horn-headed cultists, and trumpeting Noise Marines, the Corpus Brethren inspire primal dread in the very worlds they once kept safe. Renegade Trait Warlord Trait Stratagem Artefact Of Chaos ********* Slight tweaks to the backstory of the Corpus Brethren – trying to give them a bit more agency in their fall, and emphasizing the hunger/consumption aspect to give them a unique Slaaneshi gimmick. In mechanical terms, I eschewed actually representing that consumption stuff for lack of space; Feeder Tendrils or Hyper-Evolution would have been fun, but I needed to get across the speed and savage hunting skill of the Corpus Brethren. I also wanted to actually encourage the Corpus Brethren to be Slaaneshi, without resorting to the "must be SLAANESH" stuff found in the errata for Vigilus Ablaze – pretty difficult when the primary benefit of being Slaaneshi is a boost against Imperial armies (yay?) and extra Shooting (not really appropriate). The Renegade Trait is more-or-less a clone of the Evil Sunz, but with a Slaanesh restriction on falling-back-and-charging. You get a boost to pile in/consolidate, but your +2 Movement boost applies only to Possessed, not "basically every vehicle" like it does for Evil Sunz. The Warlord Trait is a straightforward Raven Guard-style no-Overwatch, allowing you to rush your Chaos Lord or Daemon Prince into combat and have your hungry hordes follow behind unimpeded. The Stratagem is the inverse of a Harlequins Stratagem (Cegorach's Jest), allowing you to punish enemies who attempt to fall back. Honestly, I feel like this ought to be a standard rule for Falling Back, albeit with an Overwatch-style "hit on 6s" limit. In the meantime, this means that when you get into close combat, it's painful for the enemy to get out. Originally it just let you charge them again, but I feel like this lets your opponent actually get what they want (falling back) with a penalty, rather than just denying them the opportunity to flee. I was tempted to add something about applying Death to the False Emperor to that unit for the rest of the battle, to encourage Slaaneshi marks rather than brute-forcing it, but it's already complex enough and that feels like I'd be edging into a higher CP cost. Finally, the Artefact of Chaos supports that lone wolf no-Overwatch charge your Warlord is good for, by letting him heal himself with kills. It's broadly balanced against the Parasite's Kiss (+1 attack, +2AP, +1D, vs 1 shot on the charge and D3 damage) and is also available to Dark Apostles (because why not).
  11. Does this seem like it'd work? Is Iconoclast over the top, or too specific? Is giving it no <MARK OF CHAOS> keyword to indicate their unwavering dedication to the Word Bearers' basic philosophy of Undivided a good idea? What should the base points be? I feel like I should playtest these lads with proxies for a bit. Edit: I, uh. Looked into the lore of these guys. They aren't exactly... alive, anymore. Whatever, I thought they'd be a neat assault unit and I'd still like input on it.
  12. With the advent of the Psychic Awakening, the awesome Space Marine supplements and me just generally feeling good about myself lately, I decided to channel some positive energy into doing what I loved best during my early days of 40K. Writing fan Codices. This time for my homebrew Necron Dynasty. Edit 1: The link has now been updated to the v1.1 of the codex. For those who have already seen the v1 the changelog will be in the comments below for ease of reading along but if it gets far enough ahead I'll just edit the most up-to-date here. Just to preface a few things first: No its not complete. As you'll see soon enough the lore segment is unfinished, about 1/3 done, and I plan to have some artwork in there but because I'm drawing them myself it's gonna be a while. (My work ethic with art is significantly worse than my writing ethic, funny cause I love art significantly more...) This isn't an attempt to Fix the current Necron Codex. This is me pretending I'm a GW employee and was given free reign to design and create lore/rules for my Dynasty. This being a fan Codex obviously Narrative play is what people think of but I did however write it in mind of the general Semi-competitive Matched play meta. I'm no good at mathhammer and as far as playtesting goes all I've done are some controlled dice rolls. If you spot something, have an idea or need to criticise the writing by all means speak your mind. I'd love to interact with you guys to brainstorm and discuss the fun and technical aspects of the Codex. With that in mind future updates here will probably come weekly and bi-weekly on the Necrontyr reddit page unless its urgent. The intended play-style is "Calculated Aggression". With all that said, feel free to download the Codex and give it a spin if your FLGS or mates are into it. I've already received some great feedback about plenty of things but I would like some more before I make an update later today or tomorrow.
  13. Index Astartes (poor painting skills aside, this is a decent representation of the symbol: red sun with a pair of crossed blades on a field of white.) The Dawn Blades Space Marines Chapter Origins Established as part of the 18th Founding, the Dawn Blades were created as a response to a massive ork Waaagh to retake the subsector of Ocrod in the Ultima Segmentum, and stand watch in the Segmentum in defiance of the Emperor's enemies. What followed was a long and brutal war three centuries long that saw the loss of more than two hundred marines over the duration. Upon the conclusion of the crusade (which had been backed by a multitude of other Imperial forces), the chapter declined the offer of a homeworld, instead choosing to stay fleetbound as they had for three centuries. The chapter's designation sprung from their actions, as a predilection for early-morning raids led to rescued civilians and beleaguered Imperial forces to claim that they had been rescued by the Dawn itself. Over time as the sentiment repeated itself throughout the sector, the chapter adapted to it, and adopted it as their chapter name. In the time since their inception, the Dawn Blades have crusaded throughout the Ultima Segmentum, seeking and destroying the enemies of the Imperium wherever they were to be found, striking at the edge of the sunrise as they have for millennia. Home World/Homeworld The Dawn Blades do not maintain a homeworld, being fleet-based, but they do have a favored recruiting world, Ocrod Tertius, a world of desert wastes and hardy settlements, the central administration planet of the system, subsector, and sector, all named for their capital world. The planet allows the chapter to maintain a recruitment platform and a shipyard in orbit, in exchange for routine sweeps of the planet for feral orks that pop up from time to time as well as continued defense of the planet against any other hostile attackers, a duty the chapter gladly fulfills. In lieu of a fortress-monastery, the lord of the chapter (currently Shogun Kujo Kamakura) has his seat of power aboard the battle barque Shogun's Might as both lord and captain. The battle barque has housing for the entire chapter, though it can only support up to three companies and the Forge in operational matters. Combat Doctrine The Dawn Blades tend to favor overwhelming strikes, committing their entire force to one overwhelming strike, in order to swiftly defeat their foes. The tactic harkens back to the blitzkrieg strategies that the chapter used at its inception to retake the Ocrod Sector from Ork control, executing the first strike and leaving the remaining mess for the Imperial Guard and Navy to clean up. They also have a cultural predicilction for early-morning attacks, as might be guessed by their name. When a swift blow fails to end the war in their favor, the Dawn Blades settle into a more adaptive, calculated operational pattern more favored by their forefathers the Iron Hands. Their stubbornness and tenacity is well-embodied in the Dawn Blades, who are unrelenting in their assault once it has begun. Organization/Organisation The chapter is, for the most part, organized along the lines of the Codex Astartes, with a few exceptions. Fourth Company has fallen out of use as a true Battle Company, instead functioning as the chapter's penitential unit. Its size fluctuates from decade to decade as marines from across the chapter see themselves as fallen from the light, a Fallen Dawn (as they were coined by an unnamed sergeant of Captain Arual Valpas's company when they set out with him to fulfill oaths of redemption sworn after a particularly embarrassing and bloody defeat). The Fallen Dawn operate out of the Strike Cruiser Blade of Martyrs, 4th company's Strike Cruiser. Companies rotate Hearth duty, in which a company returns to the Chapter Barque for several reasons. One is garrison duty--after all, the Shogun's Might is the chapter's home, and needs protecting as much as a fortress-monastery would on a planet. This also allows for the company's vessel to be refit and repaired at one of the many imperial worlds the Dawn Blades have recruitment and resource agreements with, as well as downtime for the company's marines. 10th Company does not have its own capital ship, but does have several escort-class vessels it uses for recruitment and defensive purposes--a void platform is maintained above the chapter's primary recruitment world of Ocrod Tertius for training and housing purposes, and there is always at least a demi-squadron of ships prowling about it at any given time. The chapter Armory has also operated, sometimes against the recommendation of the Shogun, as its own independent force, especially under the command of Master of the Forge Ceticus Stormmoon, who has always been war-hungry. When the Primaris were added to the chapter, they were assigned to the Forge to test their mettle at the insistence of Stormmoon, who merely saw the new-bloods as tools for war, thinking though they may have been. To mark their status as part of the armory and machines of war, the Primaris of the chapter paint their right shoulderpad a deep red. The 1st Company is called Samurai by internal tradition,(a term whose origin the chapter's history does not record), and paint their armor a gleaming silver. Captains who rise from the Samurai Company are entitled to the title of Daimyo instead of the title of Captain, to mark their status above the others. As a break from the norm, and perhaps the most egregious break with the Codex Astartes, the chapter's honor guard, the Shinsengumi (idiomatically translated from Frensan as 'Arrows of the Shogun') are instead spread throughout the chapter, one accompanying each company as an advisor and champion. The first of these is known as the Saisho-Shinsengumi, and functions as the chapter champion and the bodyguard of the Shogun himself. Each is armed with relic weapons known as an Edge of Dawn as well as their own personal weapons. Beliefs and Traditions The chapter's name for the Emperor, Solis-Imperator, springs from a combination of the chapter's own name, a belief that they are manifestations of the dawn, and several worlds whose local religions of a sun god and the surrounding pantheon were in fact the Emperor and his many sons. This mutated over time to become the current warrior cult of the Chapter as it enters the 42nd millennium. While the chapter does not view the Solis-Imperator as a total deity, they do have a belief in his power and his authority as undisputed ruler of the Imperium. Outside of their warrior cult, the Dawn Blades also have three traditions ingrained in chapter memory from their reconquest of the Ocrod Sector, each taken from worlds that made a particular impression on the chapter. Tradition of the Forge: one of the recruitment trials for Dawn Blades recruits includes the forging of their own blade, which they then use in duels to determine martial prowess amongst the candidates to determine who is most worthy. This initial test teaches a recruit the value of their own wargear, and how a warrior is only as good as his blade. Each Dawn Blade is a competent weaponsmith, and will personally craft, modify, or otherwise be bent over an anvil for hours on end to improve their weaponry. Tradition of the Arts: the Dawn Blades have a curious predilection for beauty in the martial. Many marines will, in the tradition of the forge, embellish and beautify their own weapons, for the Solis-Imperator deserves only perfection in war. Other marines are renowned throughout the chapter and subsector as creators of devotional artwork, as well as more peaceful scenes that are used as focuses for meditation, in order to sharpen the mind for war. Still others pen hymns and poems to glorify the lord of the Imperium. Tradition of Xenia: Whenever Imperial delegates or other Astartes come aboard a Dawn Blades vessel, or the rare occasion when xenos like Eldar seek to make a temporary alliance, the fullest hospitality is extended to them (though very begrudgingly in some cases). This tends to include a welcoming feast, an offer of repair and resupply, and a gift given as proof of openness and willingness to be open. Institutions that have longstanding relationships with the chapter often extend the same courtesies to Dawn Blades personnel, which has led to the chapter and its warriors obtaining some very interesting (and on some occasions unwanted--but never rejected) wargear. Gene-seed/Geneseed The Dawn Blade's gene-seed is very pure for its age, and the only noted deviation from normal gene-seed is a remarkable stubbornness and refusal to give in, which is inherent in the Iron Hands gene-line. It is noted that this stubbornness of mind also leads to the chapter having a simple refusal to die, which results in many marines shrugging off wounds that should have killed them long enough for an Apothecary to reach them, or simply fighting until they keel over from a million and one wounds. As such, the chapter has few dreadnoughts, and those that it does have are treated as practically divine manifestations of the Solis-Imperator's will, due to their rarity in the chapter. Battle-cry "Nam Claritas Solis-Imperator" Idiomatically translated from High Gothic as 'for the glory of the Sun-Emperor'. USING A DAWN BLADES ARMY IN WARHAMMER 40,000 Links to chapter characters: LINK Notes/Admin: 11/1/19: HEY I HAVE A BASIC IA DONE FOR THESE GUYS (reformmated from my Iron Gauntlet entry a few years ago)! Will be updated as time goes on for the LASC, but after I add images I'd say this is good for now, just need chapter symbol.
  14. ​ Hey folks, wanna give a quick disclaimer from the get-go - there aren't any minis on the horizon for this, basically just a fun exercise in making some homebrew rules for a Legio I'd already made some background for. This came about 'cause I've been borrowing a friend's copies of the Rulebook & Titandeath (to get a scoop on the lore), and heard there was talk from the HH weekender that a future addition to the system might be a framework for creating individual Legio rules. I've tried to balance these using the existing Legio rules, but I've no experience playing the game, and I'm not super familiar with the system, so lemme know what you think!
  15. Greetings, I have decided to start a thread for my homebrew Titan Legion, the Legio Arcana. not only will I be posting pictures of my Titans and Knights(speaking of which, sense B&C's picture hosting policy says it disallows uploading pictures that aren't "power armor related", what's a recommended place to upload my pictures to so I can post them here?), but also and more importantly discussing and asking for feed back on my homebrewed lore/fluff for the Legion itself. So let me begin my basic outline for the Legion: ------ Like many worlds during the Age Of Strife the homeworld of the Legio Arcana fell into civil war and anarchy, and as a result much of said world is now coated in a vile mixture of the biological, chemical, and radioactive waste products of long forgotten weapons of the Dark Age of Technology; however the great mobile weapons platforms that fought and survived those wars have taken on a life if their own, becoming akin to independent(or interdependent in the case of the smaller ones) nomadic city-states; while some permanent settlements do exists, most are insignificant in long distance political or economic matters without backing or co-operation from one or more of the marching cities. while conflict between them did still occur, it was mostly ceremonial; continuations of old rivalries used to justify conflicts to barter minor shifts in power dynamics and the like, none daring to risk damages with lengthy repair times let alone true losses, even to one's enemy sense that would unify all their foes against them as a dangerous threat. when the Great Crusade arrived many quickly swore allegiance to the Imperium in order to gain the assistance of the Cult Machanicum in the maintenance of their Engines, though some needed to be subjugated buy force, or through more favorable deals being negotiated... in the end, the Legio Arcana was formed from these Titans. ------ the name "Arcana" is derived from the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck, which I planned to theme each of my Titans around, originally thinking that there'd only be 21 Titans in the whole Legion... but then I decided that that was a dumb idea, sense the theming made it feel wrong to make any of the Major Arcana be Warhounds other then "The Fool" and Reavers and Warlords didn't provide enough variety, and so have started thinking that the Major Arcana are particularly influential Titans, or at least were during the roaming city-state period of their history prior to being incorporated into the Imperium, or a reward to the ones who joined the Imperium willingly(though that wouldn't fit with the backstory I wanted for a particular Subfaction of them)... and now I'm thinking about them being specific Maniples, at least in some cases. So in terms of what I want to do for this Legion when it comes to their models; sense I plan to buy at least one of every model GW releases for AT, so I need to find room in the Legion for them, thus the easy excuse for subfactions in their backstory to justify traitorous elements that will be remade again as Daemon Titans versions later... however the knowledge that there will be new Titan classes has made me hesitant to invest into more titans, just in case one of these new ones in a better fit for one of the Tarot cards' themes then the current selection. their backstory makes me think that this legion should be focused on energy and melee weapons, with missile and/or shell based weapons being a rarity only afforded to them after joining the Imperium. however, as of now here are my current plans: already bought Titans: Things I'm sure of: and now the things I'm less sure of, and thus want the most feed back on, though admittedly these are mostly due to the uncertainty of exactly what the yet unknown new Titan classes will be, but none the less, any input will be appreciated: I know I want "Justice", "Judgement", and "The Hanged Man" will be the minimal elements of a Maniple together… I just have no clue which maniple that should be, let alone which titans within that Maniple they should each be. Same goes for the Sun, Moon, and Star(and possibly The World? but that would leave an odd space out for the 5th spot in whatever Maniple they're using) If the rumor that there will be a class taller then a Warlord, but not an Imperator, then this class will be "The Tower"... unless they're some sort of support type, rather then direct firepower based. depending on what options they get in both terms of weapons and maniple origination, "the devil" will either be a Reaver, or a Warbringer Nemesis. if the rumor that there will be a "siege"/melee focused Warlord/Warlord-like unit in the future, with special rules and maybe even a specific model, this will be used for "Strength", especially if one of the melee options is a Boarding Claw like I've heard used to be a thing in old Titanicus fluff/rules. Part of me wants "Wheel of Fortune" to be an enormous Ordinatus Weapon rather then a Titan, just for the sake of the pun... at the vary least it deserves to be an min-maxed piece of overpowered power-gamer bull:cuss to be worthy of the name.
  16. Hi everyone. I have been working on some background for my homebrew chapter. I just want to put a small part out for now as it may not be compatible with current lore. I have taken a large amount of time reading your detailed post's on creating a custom chapter, that being said as you may have already realised is my writing and grammar leave a lot to be desired. Now I am not sure but from what I have researched this may be far out there but not impossible, my chapter being a successor of the black templars. Hear me out as from what I have read doesn't happen. Here is what I have to justify this Chapter - Templars Exolvent Home world...... Geneseed - Black Templars The Templars Exolvent were created during the 23rd founding, there geneseed used from stocks from the Black Templars. This being very unusual, in fact are the only chapter to do so. It is believed the Black Templars agreed to this to stop wispers by the high lords of terra that there numbers exceeded codex compliance. The home world for the Templars Exolvent was originally a recruitment world for the Black Templars. The high Marshal agreed to use this world as the population was of good stock but favoured heavy weapons and produced humans with natural talent for siege craft, this not being a tactic employed by the Black Templars seemed to ease the decision to give up this world to a new chapter in the hopes to ease tension with the high lords. So is this even possible. If not is there any slight changes to make to make it more in line with the lore. As I say I have looked a fair bit and I like the idea that this may be alittle out there. Also I may be completely wrong and the Black Templars have successors. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have alot more story for these but wanted to test the water first as this is my first ever post and a first for building a custom chapter.
  17. Welcome to the 3rd (I think) iteration of "Servant of Dante wrote a homebrew Sisters codex and everyone either doesn't care or thinks it's weird" :D Over the last month or so I've been reworking my 8E Sisters codex with the Beta rules in mine (they sparked an idea for yet another way of doing Acts of Faith, combining (as usual) ideas from the Witch Hunters codex with the current iteration. I think you'll find them a bit more impactful (or at least more numerous) than the ones in the Beta Codex, and if not, well, every unit can attempt each one once each Battle Round if you fork over the Faith Points for it. The formatting is what I usually do, it's an emphasis on compactness followed by whatever I think looks good and more or less matches the general sense of GW codex formatting. Here's the PDF version (If edits are made I'll update this link) Things that may or may not be of interest to you or someone you know ( :P ): Order Concivtions reworked to include an Ability and an Order-specific AoF 10 total HQ choices: including Canoness, Palatine, Seraphim Superior, Ministorum Missionary, Helena the Virtuous, Celestine (kinda), Saint Praxedes, Uriah Jacobus, Redemptor Kyrinov, and Cardinal Armandus Helfire Sister Anestasia and the Devout Sisters as named Elites choices (adapted from GW's Inquisitor specialist game) Eremim Squads, if anyone remembers that thread A unique relic, Stratagem and Warlord Trait for each of the 6 Orders Majoris All 5 kinds of non-militant Sisters More vehicle equipmtent 'Sarissas' and Praesidium Protectivas A retool of Celestians and Crusaders 18 relics of questionable usefulness, 25 Stratagems in the same vein Tactical Objectives Some other 12th thing I'm forgetting, probably :P So comments and criticism appreciated; I won't promise to implement every idea because at the end of the day this is written with me as the main target audience, since with the new codex on the horizon I doubt anyone really wants to play with someone else's fan codex (and I'm lazy, so there's that too). However, all that aside I'm interested in what people think, I'm sure many people will have some thoughts about things like AoFs or Convictions that didn't occur to me.
  18. So with the new rules released, my mind has been running hot with thoughts of all the things that could be added into the system, seemingly, relatively easily. Unfortunately there isn't much of a gaming community nearby, so rather than spend my days talking to myself I thought I'd regurgitate some of my thoughts to you all and generate some discussion. So please tell me what you think. Now I've tried to keep my mind on areas where it seems unlikely that AT will be treading for at least the next year or so. Namely Xenos and expanding the scale to include smaller things. Also I'd like to apologise for the wall of text. Eldar As a long time Eldar player I've spent a lot of time pondering the Eldar. Where possible I'd like the various races to play differently to the Imperium and with the combination of speed/frailty and holofields, Eldar are probably one of the furthest along the spectrum away from what we have. Defenses Armour: Given that the Eldar traditionally prioritise basically everything else over armour I would think that the Armour of Eldar Titans would be in the range of Imperial Knights (9-12, 13-15,16+). i.e. Even the lightest weapons in the game are at least a threat to them if they hit, and hitting an Eldar Titan with a big weapon is going to cause issues. Structure: In keeping with the speed/frailty ideas I think that even a Phantom would be relatively fragile (Approximately Warhound structure levels). This makes every hit on them telling and makes them much more of a skirmishing force than a comparable Imperial battlegroup. Holofields: I went back and forth on this a few times. Perhaps the simplest way of doing these would be to give Eldar Titans a holofield save against all incoming hits (similar to the old BFG rules). But I feel that having Holofields provide cover is more fitting with their fluff and it feels more like the Eldar is avoiding fire rather than stopping it. Initially I would probably go with Holofields always providing a base 25% cover and that increases to 50% if the Titan moves. I went with this rather than providing a penalty to hit rolls, because the penalty would stack with existing cover and allow for mobile Eldar titans in cover to become essentially untargetable. Agility: With the passive holofield effect Eldar titans are still going to be relatively easy to hurt compared to an Imperial that uses terrain. So in order to compensate I thought that each Eldar Titan could have in essence a limited number of 'dodges' where the pilot uses their superior reflexes/technology to avoid shots that should hit them. The limit on how often it can be used would be based on the Titan's Manoeuvre rating and reduced by 1 for each turn the Titan makes during the movement phase. So a Titan turning to bring its weapons to bear would have fewer 'dodges' making it a balancing act between offense and defense. Declaring "Power to the Stabilisers" would boost the number of 'dodges'/turns that can be made. I was thinking that the 'dodge save' could then be based on a command check with each successive dodge being harder to make, but the notation required for that on the command sheet and the fact that not everyone has enough d10s to make the rolling quick means I've been leaning more towards a straight 3+/4+ save roll. Unlike with shields any hits that aren't saved will go through to hit the body of the Titan, so high volume firepower will have an advantage against Eldar regardless of Strength. Weapons Eldar Titans tend not to have the carapace weapons that are seen on those of other races, limiting them to only 2 arm-mounted weapons each. In order to make up for that I was considering something akin to the Warlord's Ardex-defensor Cannon ability, with a slightly longer range (8" or so) and only available in the foreward arc. The specifics of volume/strength of shots is certainly up for discussion. Pulsars: These tend to be the primary weapon of the Eldar Titan and to my mind they are the Eldar Turbo Laser equivalent. So I would probably advocate them having very similar stats to the Turbo Laser with some addition to cover their rapid rate of fire. I think that there are two main alternatives for representing this rate of fire. The first would just be to give the weapons the Rapid trait in addition to what they have. The other would be to give them more Dice than Imperial equivalents, which could be either fixed, or variable. One other option is that they could have a new trait, but I feel that the two previous options would be easier to implement/balance. Distortion Cannon: For me this seems the perfect place to make use of the Warp and possibly Blast traits. Now given that a multi-use Warp weapon could be very powerful I think that this should also have Draining and a relatively short max range (24" or less). This would force the Titan to move into the range of enemy rapid fire weapons and risk taking damage, which feels appropriate given its potential. Melee weapons: Although the Phantom is smaller than the Warlord I believe that it should be relatively equivalent in terms of firepower, so I would probably use the Arioch Power Claw as a base and make it lower strength in exchange for more dice (like the Reaver Power/Chain Fists). Sonic Lance: This weapon has been giving me the most difficulty. I have been leaning towards this being an anti-shield weapon as there isn't much in that role so far and it makes sense to me that the vibrations could easily mess with delicate void shield equipment. So that necessitates it being at least strength 4. I also think that given how it's represented in 40K the flamer template is appropriate, as is the Firestorm trait. On top of that in order to make it good at its intended role it will need to have a reasonable chance of hurting shields, so Shieldbane and/or Voidbreaker (X) are viable options. Exactly how far this should go I think I'd need to play with because this combination of abilities feels a bit tricky to judge theoretically. Other Revenant Jumpjets: For these I think that simply letting the Revenant push it's reactor to ignore terrain for the movement phase seems fairly reasonable. Other stats: For comparison purposes I will equate the Phantom with the Reaver Titan and the Revenant with the Warhound.Command: I see the Eldar pilots as being more experienced than their Imperial counterparts due to their expanded lifespans, so either a higher Command value or some form of re-roll ability (Infinity Circuit?) would seem appropriate. Ballistic/Weapon Skill: For gameplay reasons I think it is preferable to leave the base BS/WS values the same as they are for the Imperial versions. Speed/Manoeuvre: I think that the Phantom having Warhound levels of mobility fits with the fluff. Which then leaves the Revenant needing to be faster/more manoeuvrable. So, perhaps 10"/15" for speed and 5/7 for manoeuvre? That would let it keep pace with knights and turn 180° without needing to push it's reactor. Servitor Clades: I think that having these be the same as their Imperial equivalents would make for a good starting point, because although they won't be needing to repair voids they will be wanting to push their manoeuvre/speed to capitalise on their advantages. Reactor: I think having this be the same as their equivalents is fitting, but maybe skewing it so they are more weighted to the green/yellow than the orange/red? Criticals: I feel like most of these would work as they are (with the obvious exception of VSG Burnout). I think having the Body Location be: 1. Reactor Leak (1); 2. Reactor Leak (1), Holofield Damaged; 3. Reactor Leak (1), Holofield Overload. With Holofield Damaged being you reduce the cover benefit of the Holofields by 25% and Holofield Overload being reduce the cover benefit of the Holofields by 50%. So with the Damaged level you have to move to get any benefit and at the Overload level you have no benefits until you fix it. Well, that's taken me much longer to type up than I thought it would. So I'll stop here for now. Please let me know what you think of this so far. Am I completely off base here or should I keep plowing away along this path?
  19. I am building my own home-brew regiment and I have named their home world Kaeroth. I Love the Kreig style and history, but the money for Kreig is uh well not available lol. I also like the versatility of the Cadian forces so this regiment is the "lovechild" of the two worlds. The regiments' home-world was disputed territory between the two forces, and neither force abdicated the planet so the civilization was a mixture of the two. The suicidal tendencies of Kreig military when it come to dying for the Emperor, but they also use the authorized abhumans like their Cadian ancestors. I've borrowed a template that I saw on here, I don't remember who is the originator so the credit belongs to them if they see it on here. I'll add the template soon. But tell me what you all think.
  20. Night Lords 19th Company Salutations to all! I am Meros, 40k fanatic for 7 years and counting. After being inspired by Aaron Dembski-Bowden's Night Lords Omnibus, I have recently started to build up a Nostraman warband of my own, which will be my first major modelling project since the Blood Angels I shoddily put together in my youth. This thread exists to document all WIP models, painted models, warband lore and homebrew rules for the group's various characters. If there's anything that anyone thinks ought to change, do please make it known to me - I can always enjoy a discussion about 40k, even if I'm wrong. Not everything modelled will necessarily be legal in a 40k game, such as Nostraman Chainglaives and Thunder Hammers as melee weapons, but unless given homebrew rules for a character, they will be used to proxy weapons similar either in design or function (e.g. Nostraman Chainglaives used as Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers used as Power Fists). Please browse at your own leisure. This topic will (hopefully) be updated fairly regularly whenever I manage to paint more models or write some new lore. This initial post will be used to store any written lore and rules, while progress on models will be shown on replies to this topic. When completed and where applicable, lore for characters or units will be accompanied by a finished image of their model. Thanks to everyone for taking time out of your day to view some filthy heretics. Ave Dominus Nox! Note: If any segments below are in RED, it means there's nothing there yet. All digital artwork featured in this post is courtesy of Empyronaut. Who are the 19th Company? The 19th Company are a fleet-based warband of Night Lords Chaos Space Marines operating from late M32 to 999.M41. As the name would suggest, the Astartes are descended from the 19th Company of the eighth legion, though over several thousand years it has absorbed other Night Lord groups including the remnants of other Night Lord legion companies and other renegade Astartes, as well as hundreds of traitor guard, hive gangers and slaves. They are currently led by Captain Dysalix Alexi, a self-stylised Jago Sevatarion tribute, who, according to most recent records, currently has 142 Astartes, 2 Dreadnoughts, and 11 void-capable naval vessels (including enough human labourers to crew them efficiently) at his disposal. While all marines fall under the 19th Company banner, many warriors from other integrated groups will keep aspects of their original iconography - most notably are the 66th Company remnants, a Raptor Cult who go by the name 'Wings of Vindication'. These marines are 19th Company in name only, allied out of pure necessity and survival instinct. Dramatis Personae Though many individual warriors come and go from battle to battle, there are a few under Alexi who have proven themselves as warriors of distinction, veterans of several bloody campaigns and advisors to the Captain. Though other named characters exist, they are not major characters and are of little influence within the warband when compared to these. 19th Company LoreWhat follows is a complete work-in-progress documentation of the warband's history from M31 to M41, as well as data on every named character, squad, and void-capable warship under the 19th company banner as of 998.M41. Every section relating to a character or unit will explain their position in the warband and how they are represented in the tabletop army. History Characters Units Fleet 19th Company Army List Listed below will be every unit that will, in due time, become a part of my tabletop army. When completed each entry will have the unit name, cost (in power level and points), weapons, upgrades, and the composition of multi-model units. Please bear in mind that, while some of these I have already built and painted, many others are still liable to change. Any fully modelled (but not necessarily painted) units will appear in GREEN, while everything else can still be modified will remain white. Also please note that characters without their own special rules in the next section will be, while unnamed, represented by an existing Chaos model. e.g. Chaplain Strudis Ra'lem is represented by a Dark Apostle. Codex: Heretic Astartes Forgeworld Heretic Astartes Codex: Chaos Daemons 19th Company Homebrew 40k Rules While these are, at the moment, just character sheets for my own Night Lords, someday this may evolve into a full-on Codex: Night Lords. For the time being, these units are to be treated as an expansion for Codex: Heretic Astartes. HQ
  21. Hey there We are the Legions Reborn project, an alternate universe of the Horus Heresy. We have many of our new Legions, but we are still looking for more. To be specific, two loyalists, and a legion dedicated to Nurgle himself. Do you have an idea for a legion loyal to the Emperor of Mankind? One who will stand shoulder to shoulder with the true defenders of mankind, bravely defying the Warmaster Farron as he sells his soul to Chaos. Then get in touch and send us an application? Or are you more nefarious? Does your Legion venerate a much more ancient power, dedicating itself to the Plague Father with the intent of bring Nurgle’s blessings to the followers of the false Emperor? If you wish to side with the Warmaster Farron, get in touch and pledge your allegiance. Currently the 2nd, 18th and 20th Legion spots are open. We hope for this to be a long-term project, so will require some commitment both on the Facebook page putting out lore, and on the Discord discussing ideas. If you have an idea for a theme for your Legion, but aren’t sure if it will work properly, or if it is already in use, message us and we’ll help you out. If you’re interested in applying, message us at thelegionsreborn@hotmail.com, or on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLegionsReborn/ What we’ll need from any applicant is the following: Legion Name: Legion Number: Legion Theme (If important): Legion Loyalty: Legion Fighting Style: Brief Summary of the Legion: Brief Summary of the Primarch: Even if you don’t want to apply, go and check out our Facebook page or ask us questions about the current Legions. The Star Guardians
  22. Hey all, I’m mostly known here for my Iron Warriors 30k thread. Haven’t had a lot of time or money to devote to them recently so I haven’t made a lot of progress with them. Today I was digging around in my garage, where I’ve got a lot of old boxes filled with models that have been bought and never seen the light of day, gifted to me by a family friend who didn’t want them any more. I noticed an unopened Warhammer Giant and the idea for this thread came to me immediately. If any one man in the 40k universe could grow a giant, it would be Fabulous Bill. What if he grew a whole warband in his vats? Astartes, Giants, other, more twisted creatures? This thread will probably update slowly, but i’ll be exploring the idea of Fabius Bile growing an army of his own. Currently this Giant (further augmented by the Dark Mechanicum) will serve as a contemptor dreadnought or helbrute. It’s a very early WIP at the moment, but I’m going to get another ranged contemptor weapon for his right arm and I’ll potentially explore bionic legs for him too. I’d love to hear what you all think of the idea and the execution. Happy hobbying!
  23. Welcome to the Legions Reborn Project So what Is the Legions Reborn? Myself and 17 others are working away, creating a new timeline were the 18 existing legions are replaced with 18 of our own. Though the main focus is lore were working away on models, rules and art. What can you expect? We will be posting about everything in this new universe, from general lore about the legions to small stories about characters and events. Many in the project hope to share with you models we've created for the project as well as rules we are developing. We want your help We are working with a complex universe with tonnes of lore, there will be things we've missed or plot points that might not make sense. We would love feedback so we can improve the overall project and create a more interesting universe.
  24. http://i.imgur.com/yro9NHY.jpg “O my poor kingdom, sick with civil blows! O, thou wilt be a wilderness again, peopled with wolves, thy old inhabitants!” * The Imperium of Mankind lies in tatters. Railing against the oncoming dark, its crusades peter out to a fizzle, a dying spark swallowed by the long night. The Cicatrix Maledictum has torn the bastions of man asunder, and foes assemble beyond the great rift like never before. Necron dynasties awake beneath cities and reclaim their birthright in genocidal holocausts. Aeldari warbands, once fractious and petty, unite beneath the banner of their death god. On one side of the galaxy, the Tau Empire ascendant, sweeping across the system; on the other, the hungry shadow of Tyranid Hive Fleets looms and coalesces thicker with each passing day. And all the while, the mad gibbering laugher of daemons echoes in the void. Roboute Guilliman, Lord-Commander of the Imperium, challenges the rampant threat of these dark days with renewed vigour. His armies bring new instruments of war to bear – Primaris Astartes, the Space Marine honed to an even finer edge. Entire chapters of these weapons issue forth unto a savage, unforgiving galaxy, and their names fast become the stuff of legend. But beneath every bright statue is a cold, dark shadow upon the ground… * ///++BRIEF++// The Sable Spectres are a Chapter composed entirely of Primaris Astartes. Precious little is known or recorded of them – whether this is due to their more covert modus operandi, or simply that their deeds have been lost beneath the daily deluge of information from every distant corner of the galaxy, none can say for sure. Earliest records pinpoint their formation at the end of the Indomitus Crusade, when Guilliman’s Greyshields disbanded from their legions and split into Codex-compliant organisations. The armour of the Sable Spectres is painted a deep blue, bordering on black, which goes some way towards explaining the chapter’s name. Their icon is two strips of crimson against a field of blue-black, over which is emplaced a high gothic Lambda. http://i.imgur.com/SeB0SdB.jpg ///++HOMEWORLD++// http://i.imgur.com/2QAnaCW.jpg Image Credits: http://malicious-cadence.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/forestworld_small.jpg Wirral, a heavily-forested planet on the far edges of the Segmentum Obscurus. The planet has defied classification for aeons: some documentations call it a Death World, while others have it on record as a Feudal World. Wirral is all of these things and more. The seasons change at the drop of a pin - scorching summer one night, freezing winter by the morning. Dense woodlands cover most of the landmass, making travel on foot extremely difficult and hazardous: such environments, after all, are the perfect conditions for apex predators to thrive and attain primacy. It is this difficulty of travel which stymies trade and the movement of peoples. Mankind on Wirral, therefore, is constantly at war with himself and the environment. There is no single, dominant society; its quasi-medieval populace is comprised of warring houses and clans. They are intensely isolationist, shutting themselves within great keeps of stone and iron to keep the wild world at bay. Though the homeworld of an Astartes chapter, Wirral is otherwise a forsaken backwater at the armpit of the Imperium. Because it has no cohesive government, it is largely incapable of paying tithes to Terra – and if not for its people’s loose faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind, would most likely have been either completely forgotten or ordered for destruction by some overzealous Administratum sycophant eager to please his lord. Interestingly, the Sable Spectres have minimal physical presence upon Wirral itself. The world is more of a recruiting ground than a bastion for them – they have no fortress-monastery upon the planet, instead operating much like a fleet-based chapter. On the rare occasion that the Spectres do set boots on the ground, they have little to no interaction with the populace, save for stealing away warriors for service – a habit which has led to many a local legend of giant red-eyed ghosts in the fog. ///++ORGANIZATION++/// Amongst the Codex-compliant Chapters of the Imperium, the Sable Spectres are one of the most divergent. They show a flagrant disregard for the tenets of Guilliman’s manuscript, and are only barely considered to be Codex compliant because the basic organizational Chapter structure is followed. The Spectres rarely follow the Codex’s detachment doctrines. They are fond of deploying in smaller, flexible strike forces known as Spear Clades. The make-up of a Spear is largely mission-specific – from anything as small as infantry kill-teams to a larger force employing the heavy armament of Dreadnoughts, Aggressors and Armour. http://i.imgur.com/e1K4krp.jpg A reconnaissance Spear of Sable Spectres moves cautiously through the jungle, directed by a Knight-Intercessor Sergeant. ///++PROVENANCE++/// If little is understood about the Sable Spectres themselves, even less is known about their gene-sire. They have no distinctive physiological traits that could pinpoint the origin of their gene-seed, and given their nonchalant attitude to the Codex Astartes it is also unlikely that they are direct successors of the Ultramarines. Some say in hushed murmurs that the Chapter’s unflinching predilection for terror tactics is a forbidden echo of the VIII Legion, while others yet whisper that the hydra has many heads…these remain but rumours, however, and it is unlikely that the Sable Spectres’ true sire will ever be known by any but themselves. ///++ETHOS++/// The Sable Spectres display an affinity for close combat, and each Spear often tends toward a Reiver-heavy composition. It is perhaps a legacy of warfare on Wirral, where the thick forests make pitched battle a thing of rarity. The Spectres rarely deploy en masse in glorious assaults, preferring to draw the battle into the killing fields of claustrophobic confines and dense spaces. This aversion to prominent warfare could explain why the Chapter remains mostly unknown throughout the wider Imperium, coupled with the fact that most of their operations take place around and beyond the Great Rift into the Imperium Nihilus. The Sable Spectres have a notorious reputation on the battlefield itself for cruelty and relentlessness. This is not so much a psychopathic disposition as it is a carefully considered approach to how battle should be waged. The watchword for the Chapter’s philosophy of war is merciless efficacy – they are masters at exploiting weakness and will pursue the complete disassembling of the foe with single-minded obsession. It is not uncommon for an enemy force to be left brutalized in the wake of a Spectres Spear Clade; neither is it unheard of for their disfigured bodies to be displayed prominently. War, after all, must be waged on levels mental as well as physical. http://i.imgur.com/BRTl6i8.jpg Ill met by moonlight - an unfortunate Tau Pathfinder stumbles upon a Sable Spectre. No doubt the meeting is over quickly. Some fanciful beliefs hold that the first Sable Spectre was charged by Belisarius Cawl to wage war in this fashion, for no others would have the gumption to take such an undesirable duty. Most scholars disregard this as romanticised drivel. It is more likely that they were simply let slip by Cawl onto the galaxy’s darkest reaches, as a master looses the chain binding a savage hound when a thief enters his house. Those who have met or encountered the Spectres in person often report being intensely discomfited while in their presence, which is hardly surprising given their approach towards warfare. At best, the Primaris Astartes of the Sable Spectres are walking weapons; cold statues capable of movement and speech – and at worst they are singular avatars of destruction. When a man leaves Wirral to become a red-eyed ghost, it is as if he also becomes the embodiment of the planet itself: all at once the knight in the castle and the monster in the woods beyond it. The Chapter, being involved in constant operations, is almost perpetually under strength. Their fondness for unending engagement is another relic of Wirral, a tradition of wandering knights who forsake their keeps and seek out the mightiest adversaries to slay in the woods. It is for this reason that once a target has been identified, no matter the odds, the Sable Spectres will move to find and destroy it... http://i.imgur.com/OSkpG3A.jpg …or die trying.
  25. The Ashen Blades Thought for the day: "Between the stars the ancient unseen enemies of mankind wait and hunger. Every voyage into the nothing is a confrontation with horror, with the implacable things of the warp, and with man's own innermost fears." "Survival is no birthright, but a prize wrested from an uncaring galaxy by forgotten heroes." "When aid did finally reach us, it came from a totally unexpected quarter. However, in addition to the wargear and the ships and the 'reinforcements', also came the grim realisation that our fears were justified, and that our brotherhood truly was destined for extinction. Not through the crucible of war or the machinations of our enemies, or even from the malignant horror that has torn the whole galaxy asunder, but from that harshest and most inescapable of fates. Obsolescence. The Chapter will endure, even if our kind will not. We will keep our colours and heraldry, as a reminder of all that we were and all that we have lost. But we take a new name, to remember till our last breath the broken blades that have been reforged amidst the ashes of our own home world." "Vengeance is your sword. Hatred is your shield. Loyalty is your armour."
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