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Some Horus Heresy Homebrew

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Here are two of my most complete alternative army lists that I've written for the Age of Darkness ruleset.


The first is an Imperial Army list. It is intended to be able to cover both existing army lists (Militia and Solar Auxilia) as well as fill in the large void between those forces.


The second is an alternative Mechanicum list. I wanted to have a play around with some of the mentioned, but never expanded on units/specialists within the Mechanicum so this turned into something of a playground for my ideas.


I'm aware that neither of these is particularly needed (especially now as Heresy moves towards it's second edition), but I really enjoy writing rules for stuff and these caught my attention long enough to reach a state where I'm happy to show them to others. I will admit that neither has enough playtesting, so balance is very much based on my gut/experience, but its been a rough few years for gaming (and doubly so for wanting to test homebrew stuff) so hopefully its somewhat understandable.

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