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  1. After seeing and lurking in Dragonlover's thread on lurking I though I'd try and motivate myself to start posting more, even if it's just a small update in this thread. So the main aim will be to show the progress as I paint my Loyalist Emperor's Children. Which will hopefully also stop me from getting distracted by other projects on hold. But we'll see how long I last with just the one. So onto a couple pictures. First up is my Leviathan I completed a couple months ago. I know it's not 'new' but it shows what is complete for the project so far. There is also some infantry but after trying Retributor Gold they've been moved back onto the paint table to be updated. I've also recently completed my Loyal Son the Praetor for the Legion. I couldn't resist the new Blood Angel Praetor, and thought, if the Blood Angels can use our Palatine blades, I'm going to claim the Praetors So what's currently receiving paint which shouldn't take too long to appear is the updated and expanded first Palatine, and Tactical Squad supporting a Primus Medicae. Then onto lots of support marines, while doing everything I can to avoid painting Drop Pods. So, back to lurking while painting.
  2. I'm going to put links to any of my tutorials at the start of this thread for easy navigation. Below this will be the original first post. Greenstuff Smoothing Video Greenstuff Smoothing Video 2 Making capes from tissue Changing model colors in Photoshop A better paint stripper than Simple Green. Let's get this going again. Starting off with the 4 Iron Warriors Chaos Lords I'll be trying to complete for Grotsmasha's Captain Conversion Challenge, one for each chaos god. First up, Maesteros, follower of Slaanesh and the path of martial perfection. http://i.imgur.com/v8JToIv.jpg Parts list so far is finecast legs from the beaky Sternguard, Khorne Berzerker torso with the lower beltbuckle area cut away and replaced with a length of plastic tubing to elongate the abdomen, Mark IV Maximus helm from Red Scorpions veteran upgrade pack, and a chaos marine left arm. The crest has been removed from the helm and armor studs added to differentiate it somewhat from the loyalist version. Unlike what the fluff tells us about Chaos Marines, I think they would all be scavenging any loyalists they killed, and there will be parts from all over the various marine kits that I own used in these conversions to reflect that. http://i.imgur.com/dbUXWpA.jpg More GS work on the legs and foot, and I removed the studs from the leg because they looked like crap and replaced them with the same .05 rivets I used on the helm. I like the bigger armor studs anyway. I tried to modify the face plate of the helmet to bulk it up a bit make the eye area look more sinister, but after a few days of looking at it now, I'm not sure if I like it. http://i.imgur.com/WDEpdpQ.jpg Finally getting around to decorating the chest. Small cuts from a strip of plastic half-round for the anchor points of the tubes, which will be covered up later with GS. Hooray for the tube making tool! Also, tip of the hat to Darth Potato for showing me the picture that inspired the chest decorations: http://i.imgur.com/hsDcdWU.jpg Evolution of the polearm he's using: http://i.imgur.com/IMyQpjP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oBU0K0k.jpg It was originally way too long, so I shortened it up and changed the angle that it sits at, but it might still be a bit too long. Still have no idea what to do for the right arm. Next up is Borgestus, follower of Nurgle, and a few shots of trial poses for him: http://i.imgur.com/kuwvKnw.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/nIJcvRa.jpg I really wanted a two-handed pose, but it's proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, thanks to the bulkiness of the terminator armor, so it will probably be the second pose or maybe another variation. I've also done a lot of work on building a new torso for this guy, and I'll try to have progress pictures of that posted later today. Parts list as shown is loyalist termie legs (because the chaos termie legs all look HORRIBLE), chaos termie toso, and GK head and arms. As of now, the torso front is from a GK and has been chopped up and modified quite a lot. Last, is Varko, follower of the Blood God. I originally thought of giving him a very still and static pose to contrast the raging fury most Khorne marines are modeled with, but most of the Four are already going to be posed like that, and what can I say? I love action poses. So, going way back to the hallowed antiquity of 40k for the inspiration: http://i.imgur.com/ppc34uB.jpg I've always liked that art for the sense of frenetic motion it imparts, and I think GW tried to capture that feel with their plastic berzerkers and failed miserably. Instead of this, we got marines with ork hands that looked like they're ice skating. My rough sketch of Varko: http://i.imgur.com/E1eNPL9.jpg The right arm has no hand on it because I'm going to have to do a lot of work on it to get the pose I'm wanting, but I stuck it on there to check the overall balance of the figure. My first idea was to give him twin lightning claws, but, I gotta be honest, it's a real pain in the butt trying to get a pose with those things that doesn't look goofy, aside from the Wolverine pose with the hands out to the side, of which there have already been several figures from GW with that pose and I didn't want to replicate it. Instead, he'll be hefting two power axes and my bits order for the second one should be here in a few days. Parts list is loyalist assault legs (because the khorne berzerker ones suck and they've never made a good replacement for chaos), chaos torso that may or may not change, right arm from BA Death Company, left arm from FW Red Scorpion veteran upgrade pack, and head from FW Khorne Berzerker upgrade pack with the Ears of Khorne™ removed, and the axe is from a one of the Chosen in the Dark Vengeance box set. As always, thanks for looking. -BCK
  3. After I have been lurking on this forum for too long and admiring everybody's projects, I decided it was about time I did something about all these unpainted/ half-painted figures sitting on my shelves collecting dust. So I joined up and start this thread to hopefully encourage me to get going and keep going. I have been in the hobby for more than 20 years now and collected, painted and played on and off quite a few times. Hoping to get back into it. Here I want to collect all my painting projects concerning loyal Imperial servants. I got the Burning of Prospero box when it first came out and started working on it, and over the years I have also added some other miniatures to it so I could use the growing Thousand Sons army also in modern games of 40k. For use as generic red painted Space Marines. I also have some forces of the Inquisition still waiting in the wings, half assembled, or half-painted. It is about time some of it actually gets done! So here we go. This is how far I got: Some Tactical Squads Terminators: Contemptor: A Librarian from Scibor Miniatures: These guys because I really adore the miniatures:
  4. Greetings, welcome to my thread where I'll dump the things I'm slowly working on. Currently I'm muddling around with a HH NL force just as a break from my 40K & AT, maybe I'll be able to play it one day. These are the first models I've used an airbrush and oils on so C&C is welcome! Praetor Night Raptors Half a Terror Squad I've got one and a half terror squads, a chaplain, an apothecary, a contemptor and five more night raptors WIP
  5. With the release of The Horus Heresy 2.0 I've been pretty excited about all the new releases and really enjoying the buzz on the forum, so a few weeks before preorders went live I ordered some bits from shapeways and went to work on the pile of shame. There's no real aim here, I haven't played Warhammer since about 4th edition and that's unlikely to change any time soon, but I enjoy collecting, modelling and painting so it's unlikely I'll be building anything like a competitive army here. So here's the first squad of 20, 15 of these were built and painted before I got my hands on the Age of Darkness boxset, so I used a bit of guesswork based off internet comparison pictures to try and get the size of them right. Sadly I don't have any WIP photos of these guys, but it was mainly a case of cutting above the belt and adding a small plasticard spacer, and cutting the thighs of mkiv legs to add a spacer there too. They're all made from an assortment of CSM parts, mkiv, mkiii and whatever else was floating in my bits box - I really like the look of cobbled together, mismatched armour and it seems appropriate for a massive conflict like the Heresy! Its a bit hard to see what's going on in that big group shot, so let's take some closer looks... Most of these guys are pretty self explanatory, a mix of different armour marks and a few shapeways shoulder pads/heads dotted around. I just had to include the imperial space marine, I added spacers in the shins and waist to give him a bit of height and swapped out his funky gun for a regular bolter. More of the same here. I had one random pair of mkv legs in the bits box which I used for the middle guy, then wanted more so tried converting mkvii legs for the guy to his right. The mkv head is actually a mkvii with a 40k terminator mouth grill and a bit of putty, an unnecessarily fiddly conversion so I've ordered a few mkv heads to save me that hassle again! I really wanted to include some mkii armour in this squad, so I followed an OLD tutorial to convert a mkii torso from a regular mkvii, arms are from the old CSM which are close enough to mkii, otherwise he's mostly mkiii. By this point the Age of Darkness box set arrived and I completed the squad. I can't say I'm a big fan of mkvi, and I hate the beaky helmets so don't expect to see many of them. But with a little kitbashing these guys are nice, of note is the guy left of center, I cut his torso off at the waist and swapped in a mkiv which seems to scale just fine. Far left is a Blackstone Fortress CSM, I just shaved off some of the excessive chaos detailing and swapped his head, shoulder pad and backpack. Here's a fun scale shot. We've got an old dark vengeance tactical marine, one of my slightly upscaled mkiv's, a mkvi and the converted csm. This particular mkiv is a little on the small side, he was built before I started adding spacers in the thighs so most are a little taller, but I'm happy to have a bit of variation across the squad - after all the blacklibrary novels make plenty of references to space marines varying in height. So seeing as this is meant to be a WIP thread, let's take a look at what's going on next. Neither of the new praetors really did much for me out of the box, but they have a lot of potential. The sword guy is a pretty simple kitbash to give him a powerfist and move the volkite to his other hand. I've scraped away some of the fiddly details and sculpted an eye of Horus on his knee, I've not decided what to do with his gut plate yet though. The Axe praetor is where things get a little silly... I've heard a lot of people mistake him for a terminator due to his sheer bulk, so I thought to myself, why not? I'm waiting on some SoH themed cataphractii shoulder pads from shapeways and he'll need a lot more work but you can see where he's heading. The new forum is way easier to upload and post photos from a mobile, but I've not figured out how to size pictures yet so apologies if they're massive! Likewise I wanted to hide some of the pictures in spoiler tags to streamline the post a bit, can anyone remind me how to do this please?
  6. Article is up now on WarCom - additionally, there've been further 'revisions' to the Legiones Astartes articles, and some new FAQs.
  7. As pointed out in a few places now - the Typhon pictured on the Lords of War page in Liber Hereticus is fairly different to the resin Typhon from Forge World. barrel breach has two distinct rings on the LoW, no rings on other example. no dimples on the front of the resin Typhon. no holes on the barrel, additional indentation, slightly smaller in size. Resin examples.
  8. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/09/16/unleash-the-unlimited-power-of-numerology-with-a-free-download-for-warhammer-the-horus-heresy/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=the-horus-heresy&utm_content=hhexemplarybattles160922
  9. From the album: CFH's Iron Warriors

    Finally "finished" my 1st Legion Tactical Squad for my Iron Warriors.
  10. Liber Imperium is the subject of today's reveal. Some tasy tidbits of info including the Nemesis rule for Custodes, rules for Solar Auxilia Tercios, and the fact there are 8(!) assassins. Heresy Thursday – Custodes, Solar Auxilia and Assassins Prepare for War With Liber Imperium - Warhammer Community (warhammer-community.com)
  11. Games Workshop have pushed an update to the Legacy Exemplary Battles Units. - World Eaters Red Hand Destroyer Assault Squad - gained Bitter Duty - White Scars Dark Sons of Death - added Rage (2) to Invocation of the Razing Tempest special rule.
  12. WarCom Article. Was expecting the Space Wolves upgrades, or a look at Liber Mechanicum today - the Emperor's Children Praetor is a pleasant surprise!
  13. Fratres et Sorores, I'm starting my journey into 30k, and unlike when I bought Calth and Burning of Prospero, I am actually going to paint the miniatures this time! I am planning to do two large armies, Sons of Horus and Dark Angels, and will start with the Sons of Horus. While waiting for the very exciting launch box, I have started a Veteran Tactical Squad using current CSM bodies and some 3D Printed heads and shoulder pads. They are supposed to represent very late Heresy Sons of Horus in the Sol System or Siege of Tera. So far I have a few done, and have photographed my test model, so I have something to show! Hoping to knock out the first squad before big box drops. Here is my test lad. I departed from my usual basing scheme to try something a little more interesting for my heresy armies, and because other SoH models I googled for inspiration were often based on mars bases, and it looked cool with the green-blue armor. The 3D printed pads don't look so obviously 3D printed and horrible at normal real life distances, at least to me.
  14. WarCom Article. Name for the next book has been revealed - it's Echoes of Eternity.
  15. + Porphyroexecratos + [Brother Biv, Imperial Fists LXth] A very welcome return for the Bolter & Chainsword – and a perfect opportunity to post up what I’ve been working on during the down-time: 15mm Emperor’s Children. I’m delighted to see that the new software allows us to upload images much more easily, so thanks to the B&C team for making things smoother and cleaner. I’m looking forward to sharing more of the project as I progress; hope you’ll tag along.
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