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Greetings Brothers,


I'm in the process of converting a Interrogator Chaplain, but I can't decide between giving him a Bolt pistol or a Plasma pistol. I'm aware of the current Teeth of Terra- meta, but I want to resist modelling for the current flavour of the day. Which pistol would be more or less futureproof?



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Plasma is good against almost everything, even if it's just chipping a wound off. Bolt pistols are nearly useless. Also plasma pistols look awesome and the dark angels have a plasma fetish.


I would go plasma pistol.


Side note; really cool conversion idea.

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Good old bolt pistol is pretty much the standard issue.

My philosophy was always to get the working stuff and if points permitted then I would start putting some toys.

If you're handy with magnets your dilemma will have an easy solution!

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Those are the same arguments that went through my head :biggrin.: In the end I cut both the options out and tried them on the model. The Plasma seemed a bit too slender for the bulk of the model, so I went with the beefy Mk3-pistol. Thanks for the help lads!





Now I have to find a suitable Chaplain helmet, since the one I planned to use seems way too small for his torso.



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I think we've found a winner, thanks for the help lads! 




The only helmets I can think of would be the Gravis ones or maybe the og primaris hooded chaplain helmet


Good call! Luck would have it that I actually had a head left from a previous conversion, thanks for the suggestion.


Nice work so far!

Are you able to get a hold of an old Khorne Berzerker plasma pistol? They are chunky and cool as hell.

He definitely needs a skull helm that is large enough to look natural, is the DV Chappy one big enough ?


Damn mate, that pistol looks magnificent! Too bad I only have Chaos-models that were included in Boxsets, so no random Berzerkers hanging around. 

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