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  1. I really enjoy both RG where I started, and DA, and reading the Horus Heresay books (I am about a quarter thru the 54 books on my kindle) is just reinforcing that. I went with DA for 9th edition, with a focus on tourney play, and while I acknowledge SM arent in a great place competitively, there are some options out there, and if nothing else, if I can master DA (and maybe RG) as a faction, in spite of never threatening top tables till the meta shifts, that will make for some fun games, and winnable ones at that often enough. With the loss of TTL as a secondary, and changes to Stubborn Defiance...my list theorycrafting has gone into overdrive while I am deployed here to a lovely spot in Europe. But no games played sadly lol. Im going to squeeze in a few via TTS here, and get my Army tweaked to reflect this list below but wanted some feedback, as Im not sure it is capable enough just yet. Patrol (-2 CP) - NFORG slot - Voidsmen x6 (for RND, backfield OBJ or screens) - Lazarus (for the 5++ vs MW and another RRHR1 bubble) - Infiltrators x8 with a helix (for a surprisingly long last stubborn defiance option with smokescreen as an option, and can be pulled up via the guerilla tactics for more RND access) - RW Apothecary (-1 CP) Chief, Selfless Healer - Multi Melta Attack Bike - Multi Melta Land Speeder - Eliminators with bolt carbine, las fusil - Eradicators x6 with HMR, MM that get combat squadded. DeathWing Vanguard (0 CP after refund) - Azrael, Warlord no trait - Interogator Chaplain in TDA (-1 CP) Chief, Wise orator - Relic Terms x5, LC, combi bolter, reaper cannon - Relic Terms x5, same deal - Relic Terms x10, same deal but seargent has the no cost power sword (will prob do same in other squads), and one guy has a chain fist due to left over points. ---------~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So my expectation here is to take stubborn defiance on almost all maps, minus the one that denies infiltration (and maybe even then, but it is a five point swing for missing that first turn!). RND with the voidsmen (6 so they auto pass), a squad of relics or a pulled up infiltrator in the second enemy quarter, or where that isnt practical map wise, RTB when it is the better option. With the new write up for Stubborn Defiance, it seems like an OBSEC termie unit can march up and replace the infiltrators, freeing up some options. I have the bike, speeder for added MM shots, speed, and as cheap feeder units for oath of moment (if I dont see a better third option). One jets up to claim center and take a pop shot while the other hides. It likely dies, rinse and repeat. All while some termies march up the center. The 10 man gets combat squadded into a deepstrik package with the better melee options, and the other five are double reaper cannon (good for defending an SD objective etc). I place one to two relic squads into deepstrik with the chaplain, who will use commanding oratory upon arrival to autopass canticle of hate for the charge bonus. Az has one wing, the side of the board with infils (to give them 4++ vs ranged), a combat squaded half of eradicators and the eliminators. Laz is on the other side (and these two wings are intended to be close so there is some overlap during any push up the board) giving more of the MW bubble to the relics on that side or pressing center/midboard. Erads are the only potential targets for transhuman. Infils rely on hiding, smokescreen, helix and their plussed up number to last. Elims rely on their fire and fade mechanic, cloaks on terrain, and range to be durable. Thoughts? Critiques? Previously lists included the anti infantry Talonmaster with arbiters gaze, but I swapped it to increase my terminator count. List should start with 4cp, with one very often being spent on voidsmen in strat reserve for RND (or one of the eradicators as an "arrive and pop someone," threat) so I am used to starting with 3cp in actual practice.
  2. A brand new 1st Post! if the first replies dont make sense, well its because the whole entirety of this post has changed. This post will now reflect the most current and up to date chapter fluff. lots has changed in these last 3.5 years. thanks for stopping by and please contribute to the conversation! Index Astartes http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/med_gallery_86595_11085_107117.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/gallery_86595_11085_178195.jpg Origins The War of the Beats brought large amounts of destruction to the Imperium. Lord Commander of the Imperium Maximus Thane had decreed that the Imperium would raise as many new Chapters as they had gene-seed in the great vaults of Terra to sustain. A Fourth Founding chapter, the Legion of the Iron Lion was created with one goal in mind, to engage with the orks. Invictumos, a world that prides itself in its martial ability, and one that has been fighting the orks since the days before the Imperium, would be the homeworld to such a chapter. As to which of the successors of the First Legion provided its veterans to raise the new chapter, it is not known. Only a legend told to initiates remains, "Just as the red halo engulfed the Flame of Consecration, the consecrated Iron engulfs the Sword of the Lion. And as the wings gave flight to the sword of the Angels, the Angels gave flight to the Legion of the Iron Lion" Homeworld: Invictumos To be fleshed out in the future. The Legion and the Unforgiven http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/med_gallery_86595_11085_476195.jpg Circles within circles. Truth within lies. Lies within truth. Each cog has its role to play. Only one Legionnaire is ever truly aware of the treacherous acts of Luther and the Fallen, the Grand Arbiter. Personally trained by the Interrogator Chaplains of the Dark Angels, the Grand Arbiter's purpose is to be an extension of the will of the Unforgiven, and guide his Master of the Legion in the Hunt. Fully indoctrinated into the higher levels of the Inner Circle, more so than the Master of the Legion, the Grand Arbiter is the sole Legionnaire to perform interrogations and deliver Judgement and Redemption. As with the other Unforgiven, many lies exist within the truth that is told to those who have been indoctrinated into the Hunt, but how much is truth, and how much is a lie? Rework in progress. Going for a more traditional relationship. The Wings of Judgement and Redemption The Hunt is omnipresent. In honor of the I Legion, the veterans of the first and second century carry the moniker of Wing. The Lion Wing of Cohort Leonus, their pauldron painted bronze underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying judgment for traitors of the I Legion, they are the Old Guard of the Hunt. The Iron Wing of Cohort Ferrum, their pauldron painted silver underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying redemption for the loyalist of the I Legion, they are the New Blood of the Hunt. At inception, the Iron Wing and Lion Wing were mirrors of each other. Every space marine had a suit of terminator plate, cataphractii, tartaros, or indomius, and a bike, speeder, or Unforgiven aircraft assigned to him. The veterans would deploy as the mission dictated. Experts in all aspects of war, the coordination achievable by the Iron and Lion Wings was without peer. Of the 100 Legionnaires assigned the century, 30 are selected to be Iron Guard or Lion Guard. These legionnaires would be issued special equipment, a storm shield and Mace of Absolution (Flail of the Unforgiven for sergeants) for use in terminator armor, and a Corvus Hammer and Plasma Talon for use on their bikes. It is from the Iron Guard and Lion Guard that lieutenants were chosen from. All this changed after the devastation of the Legion. After the much needed primaris reinforcements arrived, it was only a decade before the first primaris legionnaire made it into the severely undermanned Iron Wing. He fought alongside the other legionnaires in gravis armor when they were in terminator armor, and in tacticus armor in a land speeder when part of the fast attack detachment. Soon after, one became two, two became ten, and after decades of attrition, ¾ of a century worth of primaris had been inducted into Iron or Lion Wing. After the reorganization of the Legion, all primaris were consolidated into the Cohort Ferrum, and all space marines into Cohort Leonus. From this point on, the Lion Wing became known as the Old Guard of the Hunt and the Iron Wing as the New Blood of the Hunt. The Lion Wing still fights as it has since its inception, but the Iron Wing deploys almost exclusively in gravis armor, mission dictating aggressor or inceptor pattern. Three squadrons of Nephilim and one of Dark Talons sit in their armory for use when needed. The Iron Guard deploy in gravis armor with specially fitted storm shields, Maces of Absolution (Flails of the Unforgiven for sergeants) and fragstorm grenade launchers or jump pack. As is tradition, all Cohort Ferrum lieutenants are drawn from the Iron Guard. The Iron and the Lion http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/357137-the-iron-and-the-lion-prologue/ In current development. this story is very important to me. its this concept that really set the DIY into motion. Only In Death Does Duty End Under repair rename characters with new established naming conventions check for continuity of lore (its a 3 year old story, much has changed since) http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/353770-legion-of-the-iron-lions/?p=5253154 Siege of Liamane Planned for the future
  3. Hi all, Dark Angel Forum had a painting contest and now we need help to decide the winner. https://bolterandchainsword.com/topic/373759-dark-angels-forum-painting-competition/The theme was past, present, future of a Dark Angel Marine. Please review the entries and vote the winner!
  4. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, It's been many a moon since I've posted something on here, almost 15 years or so. Uncle Sam and real life have kept me from pretty much playing any 40k since the end of 2nd edition/start of 3rd edition. That being said I've always had opportunity to swing back by the Rock and get inspired by the myriad of awesome painting, story telling, and modeling this community presents. My son is old enough to where he has shown an interest in war gaming and so, him and I being WW2 buffs, picked up a set of US and German paras to put together and paint. While at the local game store I came across the new primaris Dark Angel character. I know feelings are mixed when it comes to these new upstarts...I still have 200+ Marines and vehicles in foam lined boxes. However, you have to admit these new models are really nice and detailed. So I picked one up with the hopes of using him in some sort of board game or even this new kill-team game. I was a bit nervous, $30 on one single guy, is a bit of money to invest in a little plastic dude. I really wanted this guy to look good but the problem was that I hadn't painted a darn mini since my break from playing the game. So I looked at lots of videos, lots of advice from this board, and I can honestly say this guy turned out to be my best work. He took a BLEEP ton of time but I'm glad I took it nice and slow. He still is not quite done yet as I'm gonna try and pull off a white marble effect on his right shoulder pad and place a decal there before sealing him with some flat sealer. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions and advice concerning this guy right here. As a side note, I'm not a fan of these new wanna be MK4 helms or skull motifs. Beakies for the win. I tried to emulate the excellent tutorial by Sekhmet in his thread. Thank you! Work in progress. Trying out this new contrast. Also, white paint...ugh. More WIP. Also attempted to do a fancy sword blending technique I found online for something non traditional. Really happy how these wings came out. Was inspired by Lostrael's white/blue technique. Thank you! Some better (?) lighting pic. Still some work to fix some smudges. Actually managed to get some legible script on the shoulder pad. Pretty darn happy with this. So thanks for having a looksy. Looking forward to any advice from all of you. Edited for grammar.
  5. +++ DE RE BELLA ALAE IGNIS LEGIONIS PRIMARIS ANGELI OCCULTI IMPERII HOMINIBUS AETATE HERESIS HOREM +++ + ACIES + + ARS BELLORUM + [TBD] + MALLEUS MATHEMATICARUM + [TBD] + COGITATIONES + [TBD] + POMPA SIMULACRORUM + Not much to see yet other than the sprues of Betrayal at Calth, Burning Prospero, a Drop Pod and some speeders.
  6. Hello to everyone that may decide to follow me on this journey. A little background on me to explain where this is going and why I do things how I do them. I'm a slow painter at heart, with the, let's call it standard, approach to painting of applying a basecoat, shading, highlighting and so on it takes me ages to paint a unit. Adding to that the fact that when I apply basecoats on 10+ models in a row with a brush I feel like my soul is being sucked out and you can easily see why the idea of painting a full army is terrifying for me. BUT, I love fully painted armies. In my whole 17 years of hobby i only managed this feat twice, the first time it was a Black templar army (a weird one since it hade 6 land speeders thyphoon in it and it was almost a gunline, that packed some serious punch tho) and the second time an army for warmachine (other zealots with a penchant for flamethrowers). With the free time getting less and less as the years go by I started a journey of efficiency improvement and I'm now trying to paint a new army and finding my own way of speed painting at the same time. I want to point out that I greatly enjoy assembling and painting miniatures, just not basecoating. I decided to build a loyalist Alpha Legion force to start the process with the end goal of having a flexible force, playable as the different space marines chapter supplements and if needed even as chaos later down the line. Here's a teaser of what I've completed so far. Tactical demi-squad Hecaton. A quick couple of notes, I plan to go back and redo the plasma effect and I suck at taking pictures . Tell me what you think and what you like and don't, what I mostly enjoy of forums is the great degree of interaction with other hobbysts.
  7. So looking to utilise the rite a lot more than I have been but does this feel too much? I’m seeing a fair bit of iron warriors and usually four plus dreads a game but not sure about the second leviathan on a personal level. Not sure what I’d use instead but any c&c would be handy 3k Eskaton Dark Angels 3k Eskaton Legiones Astartes HQ Marduk Sedras 4 Order Cenobite: Order Preceptor (Terranic greatsword; grenade harness); Order Exemplars (Hunters of Beasts); Hexagrammaton (Dreadwing); 3 × Terranic greatsword • Land Raider Proteus: Hexagrammaton (Dreadwing) Siege Breaker: Hexagrammaton (Dreadwing) Troops 10 Tactical Space Marines: Tactical Sergeant; 9 Tactical Space Marines • Rhino 10 Tactical Space Marines: Tactical Sergeant; 9 Tactical Space Marines • Rhino 6 Dreadwing Interemptors: Interemptor Praefectus; 5 Dreadwing Interemptors • Land Raider Proteus: Hexagrammaton (Dreadwing) Elites 2 Rapier Carriers: Hexagrammaton (Dreadwing); 2 × quad launcher (phosphex canister shot) Contemptor Dreadnought Talon • Contemptor Dreadnought: Hexagrammaton (Dreadwing); gravis lascannon; gravis power fist (graviton gun) Heavy support • Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought: Hexagrammaton (Dreadwing); Leviathan storm cannon; two torso-mounted twin-linked volkite caliver; phosphex discharger • Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought: Leviathan storm cannon; two torso-mounted twin-linked volkite caliver; phosphex discharger Arquitor Bombard: Hexagrammaton (Dreadwing); centreline-mounted morbus heavy bombard (phosphex shells) Excindio
  8. Brothers and Sisters of the Rock, the day has finally come to make my glorious return to the hobby! I haven’t built a model since I think 2000-2001? And I haven’t played a game since 5th edition came out. I have read books, lurked forums, and my interest is always high, but for financial and family reasons it hasn’t been something I have a lot of time for, until now! This topic will serve as my build log and painting showcase. There are so many talented and experienced builders and painters here that I’m not looking to wow you all with my skills, but I do like to get feedback, share ideas, and keep myself motivated. Comments are always appreciated.
  9. Hi, Since getting into a bit of mini photography lately, and inspired post FAQ to abandon thoughts of other armies in the near future, I've decided to spruce up my mechanized 3rd company and some suppporting units. I will try to touch up and repaint where necessary a new unit every week or so, these first ones took last week to touch up and highlight. I am unsure about the new green highlights and may change them to a lighter shade, in photos they still look very dark. First up for viewing, Master Ramiel and his command squad: Ramiel himself; I am wondering about adding detail to his shoulders. EDIT: ON MIGRATION TO THE NEW SITE MANY PICS GOT STRETCHED, CLICK ON THEM FOR A PROPER VIEW. His command squad; And together with their ride; C and C welcome, should I change the highlights etc? HUGE EDIT: Thought I'd add my Completed Pics to the First post because this thread is getting long. Stobz
  10. Greetings fellow Unforgiven, After dabbling in a few other armies in recent years, I am excited to return to my favourite army, the First Legion. It's been over 10 years since I first started collecting the Unforgiven, so it's great to be back. This thread will (hopefully) serve to document everything about this fantastic hobby - naturally I will post up models as I paint them, but I also hope to include battle reports, tactics ideas, and even some fluff/fan fiction as my Ravenwing army grows. My amazing wife gave me this journal for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to recording my games in that as well. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my Ravenwing journey Prologue: On Ravens' Wings +++ Archive Retrieval Begins+++ +++Log Date: 256.M35+++ The air in The Avery was cold and still. Situated behind the observation deck on the strike cruiser Nevermore, The Avery housed the cyber-ravens used by the Dark Angels' Second Company. It also provided Jacques with a quiet place to think. The newly elected 151st Grand Master of the Ravenwing was still adjusting to his new role. Everyone, including Jacques himself, had expected Talonmaster Elijah to succeed the recently departed Master Arvhael. The oldest warrior in the legendary Second Company, Elijah had more than enough experience to lead, and as Arvhael's closest advisor, represented a familiar hand. But, in the words of the Supreme Grand Master, a familiar hand was not what the Ravenwing needed right now. The galaxy was changing, and a fresh perspective was needed in this difficult time. Dark whispers had reached the ears of the Unforgiven, and Jacques represented a new approach to combatting the new threats. As Huntmaster of a squadron of Black Knights, Jacques had earned a reputation for bold and innovative tactics, a reputation he was expected to maintain and extend as Grand Master. A cybernetic squawk broke Jacques' reverie - it was time. Time for Jacques to take up the leadership of the Second Company. Time to don the mantle of a Knight of Caliban. Time to Hunt the Fallen.
  11. With the new Armor of Contempt rule, and the shafting Custodes got, I'm looking into Dark Angels again as a competitive option. Transhuman terminators + AOC, promises to be good right? So without further ado, here's what I came up with, assume a competitive scene in mind. Bear in mind this is also fairly unconventional for a DA list, so please keep an open mind. Secondaries: Stubborn Defiance/Oaths of Moment, Stranglehold and a third one based on matchup, with RnD/Banner being the default third pick. How it plays: Everything starts on the board. Infiltrators on one point, the command squad on the other. Infiltrators score Stubborn Defiance if selected, and the Command Squad is a cheap objective grabber for the other point. Advance the terminators/bladeguard on the points, and use the captain/lieutenant/leviathan/plasceptors as a threat to deal with units threatening those objectives. If you selected Stubborn Defiance, use the Leviathan as a cheap way of deepstrike denial until the opponent has nothing in reserve, and proceed with the above plan. If the mission has 3 points in your home turf, use the inceptors as a point holder, preferably behind obscuring terrain. Otherwise, they go in deepstrike. Thought process behind this list: General thoughts: The Tyranids, Eldar, Space Marines and the Thousand Sons is what this list is mainly designed to deal with. The Deathwing units *should* deal with big bugs pretty well due to AoC/Transhuman and the Deathwing Super-Doctrine, as well as being durable and killy enough if I get a marine match-up. They also contest the objectives well (think stranglehold objective) due to the Ancient's super-obsec aura (and their native obsec), and other tools that make the units super-efficient at what they do. Similarly, this list deals with the MW's from the psychic phase pretty well - it has five sources of deny, and one auto-deny if I need it, as well as Lazarus 5+ FNP bubble against MW (which becomes a 4+ against him, and works on the Leviathan). On top of this, the Lieutenant has the reliquary that subtracts 1 from the psychic test, and on a 4+ on any failed test, the unit takes D3 mortal wounds, which when paired due to the melee potential this list has, should ensure anything gets whittled down quickly enough. There is also enough bolter fire (Deathwing Terminators) and plasma (Inceptors) in this list to deal with T3 units such as Eldar guardians or Tyranid small bugs. Then you have Lazarus, with his sword, fight twice, 5+ FNP and D4 swings against things with the Psyker keyword..which should be more prevaliant than before on the account of Tyranids, Eldar and the Thousand Sons. Now this list doesn't have any PSYKER units which means I can take Abhor the Witch if I need to, which suits the list's name perfectly! Unit inclusion thought process: I'm going to cover the units you typically wouldn't see in a DA list, the other ones are more or less staples in most competitive DA lists. Primaris Lieutenant: Due to the melee potential with the list, with the volume of attacks, this unit ensures units get that extra bit of efficiency out of them. He also is a character that can slap the anti-psychic reliquary on. Bladeguard Veteran Squad: Cheaper than Deathwing units, but cheaper and with more attacks. Plus, I had 5 painted up already, so wanted to include them in. There are also big synergies with the Ancient which are covered down later. Plasceptors: I couldn't find the points for Azrael and the typical hellblaster castle. With the AoC, the gravis +1 to save strat, and the fly keyword, I argue they are better than hellblasters anyway. Sadly there was no way I could give them an invuln, but you lose some and you win some I guess. Lazarus: Controversial pick, but there is a method to the madness. He's cheap, has a 5+ FNP aura against MW (which is rampant this edition), D4 against PSYKER units which you will be seeing, fighting twice ( with the old fight on death rule!) and decent volume of attacks for a Deathwing character. Think a better chaplain for less points. Bladeguard Ancient: Ah yes, the glue that makes this list work. Due to my inclusion of Bladeguard Veterans, he has an aura of +1 to hit for Bladeguard units. So now those bladeguard are extra efficient with the Lt, hit on 2's, and on a 4+ get back up. He's also Deathwing, giving me access to the -1 Damage to DEATHWING units banner, of which I have about 25 models of in this list with that keyword. Now because my belief that Rites of War is practically due to other factions have ready access to super obsec auras, I'd give him that ability as well, as well as making him a super ancient. That ensures that in the command phase, two DEATHWING units now hit on 2's in melee. Now on top of all the above synergies, that turns my durable units into killy units as well. DEATHWING units even before the AoC rule were a pain to shift, but now with all those synergies on top of that? Hoo boy. Then I'd slap the watched ability on top, for that extra spiciness and the ability to auto-deny a critical ability. And of course he has that option for units to get back up on a 4+, which is useful for plasceptors and things that get in melee, which we will definitely be in. Now normally, I would shell out the points for a Deathwing Ancient with same abilities, but because I have a Bladeguard presence, and not enough points, I'd have to settle for him. Not that I think he's a bad pick to begin with. Leviathan Dreadnought: Mainly for the rule of cool, but there is a more or less logical reason for this inclusion. Firstly, let's get the subjective biases out of the way - he's a cool model. There, that was mainly the reason why I included him. Secondly, with the general consensus arguing that Redemptors (a unit with a very very similar profile to the Leviathan) is a competitive choice, I wonder why not this. Now yes, he doesn't have the CORE keyword, but seeing how he's DEATHWING (through the Rites of Initiation), he can re-roll wounds against things with 8W/characters in the assault doctrine, while having a 2+, 5++, -1 to damage, and more importantly the SMOKESCREEN keyword. None of which the Redemptor has (except a worse save and -1 to damage). And on top of all this, you'd be including a librarian to babysit the castle you'd typically run if you run a Redemptor in any list. This saves you points and makes your eligible for Abhor the Witch secondary if you run into the psychic armies. The Redemptor has range on his plasma which is better, than the 18" on the Leviathan melta lance, but his intention was to always get into melee/screen units either in shooting/auspex scan. So here we are. Admittedly, I modelled my Leviathan with a Melta Lance (which I think is overpriced), and a grav-flux would be a better pick, for sure. Even running him with a drill isn't competitive, but this list could use another instance of a big threat like Lazarus/Lt/Plasceptors, so here we are. Plus if I ever do run into a Knight list or anything with the VEHICLE keyword (think Custodes Dreadnoughts), Dam 6 anyone with re-rolls to wound in the assault doctrine? He also has effectively 7 melta gun shots, which this list, outside of plasceptors lacks. The volkites on his chest is mainly a moot point, but the MW potential is nice, and I'm not convinced flamers are a better pick anyway. So this is the reason why he's in this list. There are better options for sure, not disputing that fact. At the very least, if all the above fails, then he's a big distraction to protect my other, more important units on the board. Now with all this synergy in mind, what do you think of the above list?
  12. Version 1.1


    Blades of Alaric custom Dark Angel successor chapter. By commission of Brother Arkley. White with 'Mephiston Red' background.
  13. Ok people, I’m taking the plunge and I’m going to build an HH Dark Angels force. I have recently read Descent of Angels and now I’m hooked. Also imo Lion’el Johnson is the best Primarch model. Before I get too carried away I’m thinking of painting them black, green and bone rather than the usual black and red. (I’m currently working on a Black Templars project so I’d like there to be some differentiation between the two armies) So is there any lore reason I can’t use the traditional palette on my 30k Dark Angels? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hello there. This is a small battle report with some images to introduce someone who is completely new to wargames and Warhammer 40k. MANY rules have been cut out to let the newcomer enjoy the game in a simple way, the game is inspired by Recruit Editions. Lists are: DARK ANGELS Librarian in Terminator Armor 5 x Deathwing Terminators (1 Thunder Hammer, 1 Cyclone Missle Launcher, Sarge with Power sword) 7 x Intercessor Squad (Sarge with Chainsword) NECRONS Overlord 10 x Necron Warriors 5 x Immortals 3 x Skorpeth Destroyers +1 Plasmacyte 1 x Canoptek Scarab Swarm Both lists are 465 points simply because I didn't have enough Necrons to reach 500. Terrain was set up pretty qucikly and without thinking too much, we only had 2 hours. Objective was simple: In 5 turns destroy the enemy. If the opponent remains with some models on the table, the winner is the one who destroyed more units / models. The newcomer chooses Dark Angels to play. LET US BEGIN! +++ TRANSMISSION # 7897690843345598 | VOX IMPERIALIS | PRIORITY: MAXIMUM +++ The emergency arrived seven parsecs ago via imperial astropate with the request for immediate help: the presence of Xeno contaminates the main mining megastructures. The mining world Lemnos supplies an important quantity of raw materials to the imperial forces of instance in the Orar system, Gothic sector, for each solar cycle. From the readable data Necron activity is suspected at an exponential rate resulting in sub-sector economic disaster. ... ... > STRATEGIC VALUE: ABSOLUTE ... ... > XENO INVASION IN PROGRESS > RECOMMENDED COURSE OF ACTION ... PROCESSING ... > EXTERMINATUS? ... ... > NEGATIVE: ABSOLUTE PLANETARY STRATEGIC VALUE, UNACCEPTABLE LOSSES ... ... > EXECUTING ADEPTUS ASTARTES PROTOCOL ... WAITING ... PROCESSING ... PROCESSING ... > REQUEST SENT. ... ... > REQUEST CONFIRMED. > DEPLOYING DARK ANGELS. > END OF TRANSMISSION TURN 1 Necrons start first since they win iniative roll. Warriors fire and wound 1 intercessors, Immortals fire and wound 1 Terminator, the rest advance, only Scarabs charge with a roll of 11! They manage to get in close combat with Terminators, resulting in a sad charge with the death of 2 scarab models. Fortunately 1 renimates! They did their job: Terminators cannot fire. Dark Angels fire with intercessors killing 2 Necron Warriors, Terminators destroy the remaining Scarabs while the help of Librarian, which uses Trephination on them. Also, he uses Smite on Destroyers resulting in only 1 Mortal Wound. TURN 2 Necrons move, their fire is completely against Terminators since they are now free from melee combat. They fire poorly, even the Overlord fails his Tacbgon Arrow! Fortunately the Skorpeth Destroyers charge and buffed by the Plasmacyte they REAP Terminators with their incredible Glaives! They retaliate, helped by Librarian who heroically enters the scuffle! The Overlord is unable to charge, waiting patiently for his turn... Sadly for him the Dark Angels retaliate! Intercessors kill 3 Warriors but 2 Reanimates, meanwhile the Librarian Smites the Overlord (3 Wounds!) and helps Terminators with Trephination. Fight phase is intense, with Terminators and Destroyers killing each other, ultimately the Librarian uses his stuff and gives an hard blow to the filthy Xenos! Only a Destroyers Remians. Turn 3 sees Necron Immortals and Warriors move, shooting and killing one Intercessor and wounding another. The last Destroyer attacks and kills the Terminator Sergeant, but the Librarian finishes his job! Overlord failed again to charge the Librarian with a double roll of 1! Immediately Dark Angels take the advantage: The Librarian falls back and with an incredible roll of 10 Smites the Overlord which dies! Meanwhile the Intercessors can shoot at the Destroyer which fails his reanimation protocol. The tides of battle are in favor of the Imperium! In Turn 4 Necrons are desperate, they fire everything they have against Intercessors killing three of them. The Librarian fails his Smite, and Trephination helps the Intercessors to kill some Warriors. Turn 5 sees the remaining Xeno forces charging the Intercessors in which nothing happens, while the Librarian suffered two wounds and decides to Smite Immortals, move and try to charge Warriors but fails. The battle ends with Necrons scoring 360 points and Dark Angels 354 which are the total points of models killed in action! Close one! Sadly for the forces of Imperium the Xenos took over the planet, their Awakening complete...and humanity's darkest day is yet to come...
  15. Greetings Brothers, I'm in the process of converting a Interrogator Chaplain, but I can't decide between giving him a Bolt pistol or a Plasma pistol. I'm aware of the current Teeth of Terra- meta, but I want to resist modelling for the current flavour of the day. Which pistol would be more or less futureproof?
  16. From the album: Heresy Dark Angels

    12 Months hobby entry, Feb 22.
  17. As said in my vow on the ETL thread http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...2368&st=175 I am vowing a 5-man Assault Squad with a Rhino (Power fist, 3 Plasma pistols, Combat shield, Meltabomb, Pintle-mounted Storm bolter and Hunter-killer missile,) and a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (Heavy Conversion Beamer, Graviton Gun, Extra Armor, Searchlight, Carapace-mounted Cyclone Missile Launcher and Targeting Augury, from IA: Apocalypse 2nd Edition pages 24-25,) from Codex: Dark Angels of total value 526 points I will update later with a full break down if it is needed (let me know if it's needed.) Here are 3 pics of the units. Edit - I deleted links as Photobucket sucks!!! Sadly lost the three photos...
  18. From the album: DWK WIP

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