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About this blog

A blog about my miniatures and some of my work related with building, painting, converting and so on.

Occasionally posts might also refer to writing and other topics which have an indirect link with the hobby.

Entries in this blog

DIY Simple Bridges

Terrain is always a good way to help decorated the battlefield with something interesting, even though it is often not the centre piece on most hobbyists plans. Although there is a relatively good selection of terrain available in hard plastic, resin, PVC, MDF/HDF or even in cardboard, terrain is a good opportunity to make something custom with locally available materials, most of them often seen as garbage.   For those who might have seen some of my posts on the Astra Militarum s


GreenScorpion in DYI

Regiments of Aidaca

A warm and overpopulated planet, Aidaca is the origin of some of the most well disciplined regiments in the region. Their loyalty makes them well suited to garrison all sorts of important locations, including centres of industry and other locations of value. Used to living in places with high temperatures, the regiments of Aidaca are commonly seen wearing long coats over their armour, in order to help them endure the colder temperatures of the majority of the imperial colonies. Although they are

From books to miniatures part 2

While the miniature version of the forces under Cornelivs is significantly smaller in number than what is in the books, it is still a relatively large collection of figures, so I was able to represent different sub forces within those fighting at his side. Today I will focus mostly on the warriors that were originally part of the militias defending some of the worlds where Cornelivs went to destroy the alien cults that were undermining the local populations. The basic look for the mili

From books to miniatures and vice-versa

Beyond my love for reading and writing, I like to build and paint miniatures, mostly 28mm scale models. Over the years, as I wrote the story of Cornelivs Maximvs I kept acquiring and building miniatures to represent some of the groups in books and some physical models actually influenced the characters in the books. The army started with a small set of miniatures from Games Workshop that I decided to use to represent the miners from Airom, Septimus and also some of the gangsters from Rolauq
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