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About this blog

Hello there everyone,


McDougall Designs is an online miniatures retailer and 3D printing service.


I offer miniatures from a variety of manufacturers including Wargames Atlantic, Mantic Games, and warlord games. I also work with smaller producers, like Scouts Out (a WW1 skirmish game) to bring their products to retail. Finally, I work with a local textiles artisan to offer her coasters, rugs and placemats online. (The coasters have been excellent for my hobby desk.)


Mcdougalldesigns3d.com  is the link to my shop. Currently you get an extra 5% off at checkout as I am out of the office, and will ship products upon my return.

Entries in this blog

Manufacturer spotlight: Wargames Atlantic and the damned

Greetings all.   I was thinking about the best ways to introduce my web store and the product lines I carry to all of the hobbyists here on Bolter and chainsword.   So what I've decided to do is a manufacturer spotlight series discussing the various manufacturers that I carry and what they can be used for to add your hobby collections.   Starting with Wargames Atlantic. Opened in 2019, war games Atlantic has proceeded to trail blaze a path in the hard plastic wargam

McDougall Designs

McDougall Designs in News

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