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I do Guard, SM (my Ultima Founding SW successors, the Greymanes), and soon, Sisters (classic-style OOML). 

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Some Notes on Greymanes Tactics and Organization

General Tactics Though each Fyrd has its own preferred ways of war, the Greymanes hew generally to two tactical philosophies. The first is deemed the Fragarach (literally 'Unswerving Sword'), wherein Greymanes forces will attempt to rout the enemy force through simultaneous, violent attacks on command and control elements, or failing that, the largest concentration of troops. On the defensive, however, they dig their heels in, seeking to attrite their foes through the inborn toughness of


SvenIronhand in Homebrew Lore

Infernus Druht

Elements of a Infernus Druht, unknown Fyrd, Greymanes chapter.   The totemic maul on the leftmost line-brother's shoulderpad represents service at the Defense of Rymr. Though contrary to the expectations of the Hearthspake, the Greymanes arrived unlooked-for to assist the Votann of that world in battle against Chaos marauders. A fierce battle, but ultimately a victorious one for the Fyrds gathered there.

Greymanes Infernus Druht Leader (WIP)

The Greymanes wear their Chapter's colours with pride. Their battle-plate is predominantly a dark grey, with pauldron insets typically being red. However, a wide variance in heraldry is permitted and often seen amongst their ranks. Some Greymanes druhts might use pauldron heraldry akin to the pack markings of the Space Wolves, while others still use Codex-standard markings. As well, whether or not the Chapter's or Fyrd's markings are prominently displayed is left up to the individual Battle-Brot

Homebrew Lore: The Mavor Sub-Sector

The gate to the Eastern Fringe. The front-lines against the Tau, the Grendl, what have you. The frontier. Mavor is this and much more, to many people and even more numerous peoples, both humans and foul xenos. Here, the Imperium presses against its very limits, against the bounds of the Astronomican. It is a space of conflict, of expansion, and often, horrific human tragedy.    Notable Worlds New Albia [Chapter Homeworld], Homeworld of the Greymanes Chapter. Immram [PERDITA

The Beginning of a 2E Style Order of Our Martyred Lady army

Still WIP, but I'm liking how she's turning out.   The hair/cloak outside is Necromancer Cloak given 2 coats of Nuln Oil and highlights of 1:1 Necromancer Cloak to Uniform Grey. That was the most involved part.   Armor is TTC Death Reaper given highlights of Thunderhawk Blue.   Gloves are TTC Boar Hide.   Inside of the Cloak is TTC Demon Red, to add some contrast.  

Greymanes Prēost

This fella's undercoat was a little frosty, but as I am told, that's common in the summertime (especially here in the Deep South).  Prēost — The equivalents of Chaplains within the ranks of the Greymanes. Their head is the Heah-Prēost, whose office combines the duties of the Chief Apothecary, Reclusiarch, and Master of Sanctity. Whilst the Chaplaincy and Apothecary are effectively one organization, the remits of a singular Prēost are either spiritual or medical, and never combined. Their roles

WIP Chaplain

I've had this Chaplain lying about for a while. I was feeling down and lonely earlier, so I decided to prime him and start basecoating.  Vallejo Model Color Buff on the 'ribcage'. TTC Boar Hide for leathern parts. TTC Death Reaper for the Armor A mix of Boar Hide + Doom Death Black for the robes, to get a dark brown.   I do have a bit more progress than this to show off later, but I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.
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