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Renegade Open 2022 - Part Three

The Yncarne



I attended the Renegade Open held in Plymouth, MN on 19 November. I walked through most of the events with friends over about an hour. I saw the 40K Friendly, the Barbicon Front (Horus Heresy) event, and Operation :cuss: (Bolt Action). Here's some photos and commentary from my visit.



Part Three: Swag and Conclusion


After taking some pics, I headed to the vendor room. The vendor room was much smaller than in years past, but it wasn't a total letdown. I bought some can covers to keep my adult beverages nice and cool. 




I used my birthday as an excuse to take advantage of some deals. For $130 US, I purchased:


  • a shining spears box
  • an autarch box
  • 2 shroud runner boxes
  • 1 rangers box
  • 1 sector imperialis debris box


That retails for $333! :jawdrop: My little closet store continues to grow. Thank goodness there wasn't anything Drukhari or Harlequin on sale.




While I can't say I had a great time playing at the Renegade Open, it was nice to pop in, take some pics, see where the hobby is outside my group, and get inspiration from players and organizers. As we head into winter here, I expect to have more time for gaming and building/painting. While I'm not going to be meeting some of the quality at Renegade, I do have some ideas and goals to make this crazy hobby a little more interesting and enjoyable.


Thanks for reading!




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