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Death Angel

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The end is but a new beginning...




First full entry with pics coming soon.  This is the start of my return to The Bolter & Chainsword after a long time away.  I have been working on my 6th Death Guard army since the start of 8th, and it is nearly finished, just 10 models to go.  I have owned a Death Guard army in every edition since 2nd, and my latest one is almost finished being painted.  This blog will catalogue the end of that project and the start of a new one, Dark Angels in 2023.  Dark Angels was my first real army which I started right after the release of the Angel of Death Codex in 2nd edition in the mid 90s... though before that I had been collecting 40k starting back in Rogue Trader around the beginning of 1989.  I really had just been dabbling before the Angels of Death codex which got me working on organizing my small collection into a full army.

With the rumors of a DA range refresh and Lion 'El Johnson returning it felt like a good time to jump back in feet first.  I have managed to collect up a bit more then 500pts of Primaris DAs so far, really closer to 1k, of Green Wing I guess... though most is just built and none of it is fully painted.  I will be documenting the figuring out of my paint scheme for them and my work on the army over the course of 2023 and beyond, here.  Don't expect regular updates, they will most likely be sporadic... as I get things painted and start to play some games with them.  Well off to take some pics and start the write up for the first full post.  Until next time...



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