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"From the darkness we strike: fast and lethal," a Raven Guard Saying



Well as I have been spending time away from my gaming group and spending it with my GF and her kids (7 boys ages 20 -biological son and her adopted boys 10, 9, 9, 7, 5, and 4), the group has run into a snag of sorts. Like many individuals and groups, the glaring issue with 10th edition has popped up, Over costed units vs Under costed units, Armor being ridiculous, and the point values in the first codex being wrong before it is on the LGS shelves.  It feels like we are playing Whose line is it anyway. As @Entropomancer and I discuss what we can do to resolve the issues, the response was simple. Everyone in our group (Metal Head armory) are more and more interested In Horus Heresy. So far only 3 of us have playable armies (Entropomancer's IW, Gameranma's Custodes and soon Alpha Legion and my RG). Other players are looking at  Salamanders, Word Bearers, Emperor's Children, Dark Angels and Imperial Fists. Knowing my group my army will the be the most ridiculous of the bunch. I have plans on a 2000 point Tank list, 2500 point Pride of the legion Cataphractii Terminator list, an Assaults squad heavy list, on top of what I already have. 


So my next 3 weekends are filled with Comedy show, funeral, GF's youngest adopted son's birthday and then the 7 year old  is turning 8, day before her and I leave for Europe for 17 days. Plus moving in with her and the kids and selling my house.  I don't know when I'll be be able to game again but I probably need to resume working on my HH stuff. 


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