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Tournament AAR: Smite Club Open 2023



Record: 3-3 (WLLWWL)

Placing: 36th (out of 88)



I had a phenomenal weekend, with six awesome opponents, four fun games, and a free raffle prize that means I profited off this tournament. Despite the location being an hour drive from my house, I loved it and will 100% be a permanent future attendee. A special shout out to the Smite Club people who put on this event; it ran so smooth, the terrain was excellent, the information before and during the event was so clear. Really, really well run.


Now, about that incongruity above: six great opponents, but only four fun games? Yes, my last game of both days was a real stinker, despite how nice my opponents were. On day 1, I played into Custodes, a match-up I still didn't understand and one where I didn't feel like my army could compete. Large blocks of 2+, Fights First, re-rolling wounds, special-rule-on-top-of-special rule are just too much for my "here's a bunch of AP-1 and D2 attacks, please don't hit me too hard" faction.


Day 2 and the tournament ended for me with going against Aeldari, complete with a Wraithknight, the Yncarne, two Night Spinners, and two Fire Prisms, and who-cares-what-else. Again, simply far too much for me to deal with. Whoever at GW allowed this index to go live should be tried in a criminal court, because it was one of the most un-fun and un-interactive games I have ever played. In fact, the last time I had such little fun in a game was in 7th, against... Eldar, with a Wraithknight. The past repeats itself.


But, like I said, my opponents who great, gracious people who I'd love to play again. In a better game.

But, I was able to nap a big win, as I heard my raffle-ticket get called for this:



This was something I was already planning on buying, so not only did I win a $310 box, but I basically profited off coming to this event. Move over, Daniel, I'm the real winner.

Expect more Horus Heresy posts in the future.


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