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Grass hoppers ahead!



Hi Folks,


I considerably slowed down my painting rhythm lately. It could be a kind of hibernation syndrom. Or the fact that I am close to ending up with my 40k Pile of Shame and that it is a final step I, in an unconcious way, do not want to pass. Or that I am a little bit bored. 


Anyway, slowing down does not mean not doing anything.

After a glorious series of 5 models painted in 2 months or so, I duplicated this number last WE by adding to my AdMech Biinaric force 5 Sicarians Infiltrators. A milestone. Sort of.

The scheme applied to the rest of myforce was declined on them too, with very little changes. One red stripe on the helmet. You bet it is a big change!




These models are probably the most difficult to build from all the AdMech models I assemblied so far. They are very fragiles and show some relative "Flexibility" that make me fear that any kind of remotely light table-top quake or fall from top of a scenery element might be fatal. They however get a nice presence on the table thanks to the size.




The Princeps is probably the oddest model of the squad; oddest because its cloak does not fit in well for me. I would have been more inspired building it with the spare plain body, leaving the cloak away. I find it "out of place". Matter of taste I imagine.


Weapon wise I went to taser and needle gun, even if I find the stub pistol had a better look. But rule wise, you have to swap the pair of weapons. And as the probabilities to do something better with the taser goad and the needle pistols are a tad higher than with the power weapon and the stub pistol,...  Rational choice led me to this configuration. Ohh, and by "tad", one shall not lure itself: against a Primaris Intercessor, this unit will probably not do better than 1 unsaved wound in shoot and 1 unsaved in HtH per turn. If they can engage the enemy and survive to the encounter at full body count. It is an objective grabber and keeper, not a shock troop unit. At 10 cyborgs strong it might eventually be different. But I am not yet ready to increase its size.


This unit was from the Boarding Patrol Box I grabbed in January at tremendous discount. I painted the Mago previously as you might have seen. I will see if I add the Skitarii or the Breacher as a vow for my March pledge in the Hobby Challenge. For the Skitarii, I will use the a Secutarii Hoplite kit to get them tooled up for HtH. This unit is not too bad as we saw it in a previous entry of this Blog Series. And I am planing a different colour scheme. To rejuvenate the Love...


See you latter. I have building and scenery dry brushing waiting for me.






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I know what you mean about not wanting to end the pile of shame. On the one hand you want to get through it but on the other having those sprues full of potential is so exciting … At the weekend I finished building my pile and have it all sprayed up and ready to paint … then bought another 20 guard and 2 tanks!


Always gotta have something ready and waiting …

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15 hours ago, TheArtilleryman said:

Always gotta have something ready and waiting …


In my case it would be ooP EPIC and WFB. waiting to be painted since 20 and 15 years respectively. But I can´t really convince myself starting with it.

40k and HH wise, I am running dry; slowly but surely. 

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