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A Story of Death or Victory- The Angels of the XIXth Legion Raven Guard Pt1



            I am a Rememberacer. My job as given to me by Holy Terra, is that of a documenter, as journalist, if you will. Even as I write this, I wonder if it will be read by others. I am one of lucky few, given the opportunity to join the Emperor’s Great Crusade, as the Legions bring the worlds back under the Emperor’s light. This the story of my time, or better yet, retelling of the battles of that the Angels of the XIXth Legion, Raven Guard, I witnessed. The fleet, XIXth Legion, Raven Guard, 707th Expeditionary fleet, I am assigned to, is being deployed to the Kymara Sector. I am full of fear, dread and worried about my death, yet these Superhuman warriors of the Adeptus Astartes, train, fight, and appear invincible. I know they are not, and some of them will be injured, lose limbs, and some will even face death. These individuals know no fear.


            I saw him, I did not speak to him, but I was in his presence. The Raven Lord. The Primarch of the XIXth Legion, Raven Guard, Corvus Corax. My hands are still trembling. His sons are massive, and they are dwarfed by him. I do not want to speak ill or make assumptions about him, but he seem irritated and …..full of rage, but I am not sure that is the right words. There were others in the room, ranking Raven Guard Officers, I believe. I did see a marking on one their legs, an eagle head with lightning bolts behind it, that seemed like it was honorific marking.


(too be continued) 



Pict image of Remembrancer Luther Gwecht with his Cyber Raven touring one of Khymara's battlefields



Along with finishing him I finished building Master of Armory Sicaran




Saber #2




Started painting Knight Abyssal Alyssah Vastys




Need to paint her inner cloak and base and she will be done. 











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