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Brothers of the Mark - Slaughter Class Cruiser - Test Model







Festooned with lance and gun batteries, ready to roam the flanks and prey on the weak and vulnerable.


After years of yearning, I've finally started work on my first BFG fleet! It turns out the local BFG community is surprisingly large and active, and possesses a number of very eager 3D printers, happy to print whole fleets for the coast of materials just to help a newcomer like myself get started. This is my test ship, and will likely see some tweaking, but the general scheme is something I've wanted to try at BFG scale for a while now. Off-bone over dark browns and blacks, spots of bright purple-blue (which isn't SUPER visible in these shots due to the lighting), all brought together via drybrushing. 


Detail on the engines, and undercarriage. I should probably do a little more pre-spray cleaning up of the print next time.


The lore for this fleet is still coming together, and will be a blog post soon, but the general outline is that of an unaligned daemon of a scale somewhere beneath your Vashtor-level major players getting its claws into a marine chapter, cursing them to a foul parody of eternal life through necromantic warpcraft, reducing them to shambling husks within their plate, faceless and mad, obeying the voice of their new master where it sits, inhabiting the body of their Chapter Master. Add in the corrupted chapter serfs and mortal cultists they've gathered over the centuries and you have a decent little raiding fleet, ready to cause some havoc! 


I jumped in head-first on this. At the price on offer I couldn't resist getting a little under 3,000 points worth of Chaos ships done, all now waiting on my desk alongside... So many other things I need to finish. But hey, at $51 AUD, some dice, tokens, and custom nameplates included, I'm gonna say it was worth it. I'm sure I'll eventually convert some marines, too, but that's somewhere in the future. 



I'm in so, so much trouble.



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