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It will depend on how you are stepping into.


First way, and the cheapest one: you already have the same army for 40k and you are recycling a KT squad. Blood pact, Aeldari aspects, CSM legionnaries...

Second way: coinvesting in a starter and sharing with a friend, leading to some savings

Third way: no saving at all, grab a box and with a single one you get you squad a more or less 50 bucks. Dark ELdar court will eventually be cheapest, but do you really want to play these?


To be kept in mind though: KT may be low in investment unit wise but may require some / more budget for scenery. Starter and Kill zone from the early editions were far better than what is now proposed budget wise (compare for example Chalnath KT with current Bheta-Decima...)

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On average it is usually one box of base infantry so they will be roughly the same price. Custodes as an example would be 3 models (box is 5), Grey Knights Power armor is 6 models (box is 10), While the Sister novitiates box is uses all 10 models but can use all the upgrades in 40k. It is when you build your Roster that it gest massive.  

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