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For those that are rather fond of their toy soldiers being a bit bigger, and poseable! Bandai, JoyToy, McFarlane, any other companies I can't remember, or indeed custom work- it's all welcome here!
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  2. Nice! I have Castor (the red-helmet chap in the bottom left) and I really like him. Planning on getting the Techmarine at some point...
  3. Not really an Ultramarines fan, but I got on board with the Infiltrators release. I'm glad to see the paint work has improved as the line has progressed. I'm running out of space now, but considering starting a Xenos shelf.
  4. Thanks! I think I'm going to go with a heretic rabble. I've actually come up with a few ideas of what each figure should be... >Jinx: Slaanesh cultist, ex-streetwalker, has taken so many combat drugs that she's now on a permanent high. >Top hat: Khorne cyborg, used to be an Arbites enforcer. Got addicted to bionic upgrades, is now more machine than woman. >Pink hair: Nurgle mutant, former Sororitas. Survived horrible mutagenic plague that wiped out her squad, embraced the Grandfather after being declared "unclean" by Imperial forces. >Heimer: Nurgling/cyber-cherub creature. >Black dude: Tzeentch heretic, traitor guardsman with a gambling addiction (in part because of his unnaturally good luck and prescience).
  5. I think both ideas have potential, and i can see either Inquisition OR Heretics working well with those.
  6. I managed to acquire a 5-pack of 1:18th League of Legends figures for £25 yesterday (or £5 a figure). They're quite, quite ghastly as is, but will make for excellent custom fodder. Specifically I want them to be some companion pieces to my JoyToy Chaos Marine. I have ideas for what I want to do with them, but I have one major decision to make first; do I make them an Inquisitorial warband sent to hunt down this filthy traitor, or a rabble of mutants, heretics and general scum following him around?
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