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Metal Head Armory is a local Gaming club located in Phoenix, Arizona. So follow along on our Adventures of in the Horus Heresy, 40k, and Necromunda universe.
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  2. Welcome! You seem to have amassed quite a few armies since the beginning of 8th - be sure to visit the various forums to share your work, offer your advice and ask questions.
  3. My name is GameRanma and I have been playing 40k since early 8th edition I played some before then but that's where i really got into it. I currently own Tau, Custodes, Votann, GSC and Astra Militarum for 40k, Van Saar in Necromunda, and Custodes and alpha legion for 30k.
  4. My name is WAR and I have been playing 40k since late 2nd edition. I currently own way too many Points of Grey Knights, Adepta Sororitas, and Inquisitorial/ Militarum Tempestus Support for 40k, Redemptionist in Necromunda, and Ravenguard for 30k.

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