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Discussion, events, etc. for events and issues specific to the Asia continental area
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  2. I’ll be in Lapu-Lapu next year is there anyone in Lapu-Lapu that plays? Just so I know if I should bring an army.
  3. I am from West Bengal, mostly interested in Warhammer 40k lore.
  4. Are there any players in the Incheon area?
  5. http://cafe.naver.com/thedicegod I'm a member of the dicegod warhammer 40k club. It's pretty active with members meeting at the actual dicegod location near seoul national university or at orktown. I will PM those in this thread, but future viewers feel free to message me or contact other club members on the link above.
  6. If anyone in Seoul wants to play some 40K, I would like to try to get a game in and knock off the rust. Haven't played in a year now. PM me or reply. Thanks!
  7. I am in Seoul too, I haven't been able to go to orktown. I may have to call and order some stuff though now that i know he speaks english. be great not waiting 2+ weeks for stuff.
  8. Sure! I generally have the weekends free or we can always work something out. Hit me up and we'll get a game in. I haven't been able to play in about a year due to life and moving back here to Korea.
  9. Great news! I'd like to play 40k with you, if time allows.
  10. Hey, I moved here to Seoul back in September, and actually live pretty close to Orktown. Now that I'm mostly done unpacking, If anyone in Korea wants to get a game in, get together for painting tips and tricks and whatnot, or just hang out and hobby let me know. When summer rolls around I have plenty of space to play at my house as well (and my own table). I mostly play 40K, but I do own two large AoS armies (just never played).
  11. Hi, I'm from Korea and usually play in Seoul area. AFAIK, Seoul has two main place to play 40k; Orctown" and "Mad For Miniature". I heard there are more groups in Seoul but I have no info. Anyway, Orctown is most well-known place and is also only one shop you can buy GW product offline in Korea. They moved to near Gangnam area few years ago. "Mad for Miniature" is placed at near Children's Grand Park, Seoul. They have bigger space than Orctown does. Daegu and Busan also have gaming groups. Currently 30k is very active in Daegu group, and Busan group plays 40k actively as well. Hope this helped you to find a place to game in Korea :)
  12. This is great news! Looking forward to setting up some games. Just send me a PM when you're here!!
  13. helosv: Good to hear from you mon ami! I hope all is going well for you, Madame and your house. I am back in the U.S. and unfortunately not likely to be back in Qatar anytime soon. I no longer have the phone numbers for the other guys we played with, but will PM you the old e-mails I was able to find. One will be for Matt (the older fellow from the UK who played Dark Angels and Nids) and the other for Joseph (the teenager who played Eldar.) As I recall Matt also had two friends who also played, Nick and James - I think Nick played Ultramarines. I have no idea if any of them are around, but who knows? Good luck! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- h34 and anyone else: If you get a chance to go up against helosv, take it! He's a great player, a great painter and a superb host! Good luck with the heat in Qatar!
  14. helosv


    Hi ! I am expected to come back to Doha, mid of august. I will bring with me 2000 pts of space wolves + more to paint...
  15. Hello! Been in Doha for the last 6 months, and I'm staying for the foreseeable future. I have my 2000pts of AdMech with me. Are any of you guys still around?
  16. Howdy. Are you still in Bahrain?
  17. I will be in Seoul at the end of August. Please let me know if I can get a game in. Thanks!
  18. There are GW stores at the science and tech subway stop on line 2 and the Madang rd subway stop on line 9. Game Forge is great but is a little hard to find. May need a guide. I've never been to Zarks but I think it's mainly mail order now. There is also Yangs which is by people's square.
  19. Hey guys im in Suzhou area but frequent shanghai very often and know 3 FLGS and 2 GW stores where you can play. My fav and biggest AFAIK is new GAMEFORGE store its been open only for half a year, but has very good community and the owner is a cool dude, most people speak english too. Add me on wechat Stormxlr79 if you wanna play a game.
  20. Hey maybe 2 weeks ago I was in the Shanghai area and decided to look for the game store. I followed the directions on an older post looking for this: Zarks Shop DaNing Shopping Plaza (Line 1 - Yanchang Rd Subway Exit) 4th floor of the building with the Toys R Us However when I went there I was unable to locate this store. I did find a model/hobby store that sold models of tanks and planes but nothing 40k related. Can anybody let me know where the store is now? Or if it is still there is there some updated method to find it as I was unable to locate it yet I would love to drop by and pick up some stuff and/or play a game.
  21. I will travel to Taicang through Shanghai at the end of Mars, it would be fun to visit, I guess it will be hard to get the time though.
  22. Sure. Let me know when you might be in town and I can hook you up.
  23. Hey I am in the Nanjing Area but I do come out that way every so often! I would an introduction and to know what events and things you hold- plus if anyone is out my way I would be willing to get together!
  24. We have an active 40K community in Shanghai. Please let me know if you would like an introduction.
  25. Hey all! I am currently in Nanjing China and just looking for any groups(or anyone for that matter) that play close to me. I realize that Shanghai is probably the closest area for me but I figured I would post this even if it is just gaming at someone's place(or mine). Contact me if you are in the area and would like to play!
  26. Hey all, trying to restart this thread. Based in New Delhi. PM me if you'd like a game.
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