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US Open Chicago: Open Gaming Ticket


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US Open Chicago: Open Gaming Ticket

Drop in and pickup a game against an opponent on the gorgeous US Open terrain tables for Warhammer 40,000 or Age of Sigmar

About this event

Interested in picking up a game or three (or more) during the US Open, but don't want to be tied to the Grand Tournament? No problem - we've got you covered! With this Open Gaming ticket, you have access Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during gaming hours to grab a table and play a game. Players with similar tickets or even Grand Tournament players (who would prefer to drop a round and play a casual game) will be around for play, and our registration desk will maintain a list of 'seeking gamers' to help get those pairings going.

If you're interested in popping out to Chicago to check out the event, or would like to stay on site, The High Lords of the Hilton Downtown Chicago have acquiesced to the demands of our Rogue Traders and provided you a fantastic reduced rate on your hotel room for the event, which you can book through this link:


Last but not least, we have worked hard to create a safe and secure environment for you to get back to playing the game you love. This ticket gives you a chance to come and enjoy the US Open casually and for fun. Book your tickets now!

Gaming hours are as follows:


  • 9:30 AM- 8:00 PM


  • 9:30 AM-8:00 PM


  • 9:30 AM -4:30 PM

Event information at:



Hilton Downtown Chicago
720 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605


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