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US Open Chicago: Horus Heresy Narrative Event


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US Open Chicago: Horus Heresy Narrative Event

Celebrate your love for epic battles across the 31st millennium with a weekend of incredible gaming in an even more incredible city.

About this event
Whether you're a new player of Horus Heresy, a grizzled veteran, or a superb hobbyist itching to show off your most recently painted models, the Warhammer US Open: Chicago is the perfect weekend of gaming to hone your skills, make new friends, and reconnect with old ones.

This six-round, three-day Narrative Event for up to 48 players has been carefully crafted to account for different levels of gaming skill and player focus - there is a path to victory no matter what type of player you are. All those looking to have a great time with amazing models and roll handfuls of dice on our beautifully-crafted war torn battlefields of the 31st millennium are welcome!

The Tech-Adepts in the Administratum have requisitioned a great ticket package for your consideration:

Includes your admission to compete in the Horus Heresy Narrative, along with a great player swag bag that includes all sorts of great Warhammer goodies, like a pack of event-exclusive objective markers, beautifully produced mission cards, a mystery Warhammer Faction Pin from Koyo, a Warhammer lanyard, a water bottle, some great coupons to Warhammer Licensed product suppliers, $10 in GW store credit to the Warhammer Store at the event, and even a handy tote bag.

We're excited to host you at a beautiful venue in an even more incredible city. The High Lords of the Hilton Downtown Chicago have acquiesced to the demands of our Praetors and provided you a fantastic reduced rate on your hotel room for the event, which you can book through this link:


Last but not least, we have worked hard to create a safe and secure environment for you to get back to playing the game you love. Book your tickets now!

Event information at:


Hilton Downtown Chicago
720 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605


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