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Learn to Play: Horus Heresy


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Are you just as excited for the new edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy as we are? Are you new to the world of Horus Heresy, or are you perhaps a veteran of the game, ready to learn the new edition?

If this is the case, bring your completed Age of Darkness box set down to the store, where we will be running learn to play sessions to get you up to speed with all things Heresy!

You will need:
Your built Age of Darkness box set
Your Rulebook
Your Liber Astartes/Hereticus, depending on your preferred Legion
Plus dice, tape measure, templates, etc.

One of our friendly staff will pair you up with an opponent and take you through the steps of the game, working through the basics and answering any questions you may have.

If you are interested in attending and leading your chosen legion to victory for the Emperor (or Warmaster!), please message us on Facebook, over the phone or visit us in store to book yourself a place!

Please note, clicking 'Going' on this page doesn't guarantee you a place, you will need to contact us directly. 

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