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Shadow Wars - Horus Heresy Campaign Weekend


Event details

Choose a side and sign yourself up for the Shadow Wars. We’re putting aside a whole weekend to allow people to come in with their Horus Heresy forces to do battle in the Championship Arena.

No matter the size you can find a table and a theatre of battle to join in.

There will be 4 gaming sessions held across the weekend and you can book into as many as you wish.

On Saturday Lachlan from Youtube’s ZorpaZorp Gaming and Store Manager Andrew will face off in the Battle of Armatura.

Where Lorgar and Angron, Primarchs of the Word Bearers and World Eaters, lead their invasion forces to destroy one of the Ultramarines Training Bases on Armatura in the Ultramar Sector. A massivce battle which played a significant part in the Shadow War at the start of the Horus Heresy.

Plans will be hush hush for a while but 6'x12' of massive gaming board titles, tanks and titans! Epic...

So even if you only have a single unit painted you can take your place in the action and fight until your unit has been destroyed. For Ultramar!

If you’ve a larger force we will have Morning and Afternoon Sessions each day where you can choose to battle at 1,000 and 2,000 points. If you’ve a huge force you wish to battle with then you can book a table for the entire Day and fight a much larger engagement or fight two opponents... it's all about playing some games of the new system.

Every Battle will add it’s total to the campaign results and at the end of the weekend we will announce which side has won the Shadow Wars.

Bookings commence in store on Saturday 27 August.

If you want to follow the amazing narrative campaign Betrayal at Calth then check out Lachlan's youtube channel:

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