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306th Ronarii Rifles

306th Ronarii Rifles
The Ronarii Rifles and The Treads of Vengeance originally came from a shrine world which ultimately fell to Chaos through having much of the Guard units infiltrated by chaos cultists. The remnants of the loyal Chisholm Royal Army would have been disbanded and members split up across a number of imperial forces if it weren't for the quick actions of several young officers such as Lieutenant Striker and Captain Carmichael (respectively Major and Colonel now) who immediately rallied loyalists to turn on their comrades who had become traitors.

The shrine world was not saved and Chisholm was left a radioactive hellscape, but the Ronarii Rifles and the Treads of Vengeance were formed from the loyalist forces. Regardless of their quick thinking and actions the prestige and trustworthiness of these soldiers was in question which led to these units being stationed on a small arctic prison moon, Lox Finite. Rather than fall prey to idleness the commanders and the units spent time building infrastructure, arctic training, creating more security protocols for the continental prisons and exploring their new home.

One of these scouting forces uncovered something in the ice. They had found shelves and shelves of vials, canisters, embryos and gene tools. It appeared to be an old imperial labratory which they brought to the attention of the very small mechanicum contigent that was still with them. One of these vials was thawed and the integrity of the glass-like storage container failed. The immediate aftermath was devastating as it turned out whoever had abandoned this facility had been working with virulent, and what was thought to be dormant strains of xenos bio-viruses. The Ronarii Rifles now find themselves at the hands of another cult this time praising some 8 armed bastardized xenos version of the God-Emperor. This new disaster has spread amongst the northern continent and now attracted the attention of the warp itself. A Nurglefied warband has become intrigued by this impressive xenos disease and has started establishing their own foothold on Lox Finite. The Imperials find themselves now in a running battle of hard-hitting small scale engagements or the entire purging of various cities against both the forces of Papa Nurgle and the alien genestealer cultists that have risen up. This new turn of strife has also caused several prisons to rise up in revolt.
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