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  1. Final Liberation is free in Gog.com for few days. And with some extras added. All free. And other Warhammer video games with tasty discounts! Hurry up! https://www.gog.com/
  2. From Owlcat Games of Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous fame, which is stopping me writing it off as shovelware. Webstore.
  3. WarCom Article. Skulls is back for another year, this time with Rahul Kohli as host.
  4. Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War is a 4X/Civilization-like game based in the 40k setting. It is the Free Game Of the Week on the Epic Games Launcher. This offer ends March 23 at 11:00 PM, so set aside some time this weekend to get it, it's a good game. For those unfamiliar with this as I once was, every week Epic Games just releases a free game or two to attract more users. I've yet to buy a single game on this platform. Once you have claimed it, You Keep It Forever. It's not like a free trial for 1 week, it's permanent, Epic just wants you to come back at least once a week. You'll see on the left I have games shown like Pathfinder: Kingmaker (by the developer of the upcoming Rogue Trader RPG), which I still haven't finished because the final dryad boss cheats yet I refuse to turn the difficulty down...but I have an eternity to figure out how to beat her because once you claim a game You Keep It Forever. In other news, I'm still in self-imposed exile stuck in the Penitent Excel spreadsheet, be back soon.
  5. If anybody was still playing, Drop Assault (a Boom Beach clone-like that I honestly enjoyed more) has finally had its license expire. The leaderboards have been broken for a long time, and support was not responding. In the format of the Primarch Guilliman: Theoretical: they are still supporting the game until April 30th. Practical: in the two hours or so since I took this screenshot, I can no longer log in, or perform critical game functions. Things are breaking, quickly. I wonder if this was the original license that lapsed or if they got it extended a time or two before not being able to/choosing not to renew it. Anybody know how long GW hands out licenses for?
  6. Inquisitor: Martyr is an action RPG based on 40k. It's like Dark Heresy crossed with Diablo. For the Steam/PC version, a new "Season" began yesterday that's especially fun for returning players in that it adds some new features. For those who only grinded our way through the story when the game 1st came out, it's a really good way to discover its depth that we might have missed out on. Pro-Tip: If you are interested, but don't yet own the game, I highly recommend waiting until the sudden Steam sale that pop up for Inquisitor: Martyr every 2 or 3 months. There was just one for Black Friday with most things -80% off, and I expect the next one to be after Boxing Day or something. Just wishlist it for now. What is a Season and why should we care? A Season is a months-long in-game event where the normal game is enhanced by new mechanics. You have to start a new Seasonal character (you'll see green vapour around your character's feet and it'll be marked as such just in the character select menu), separate from your existing ones (they can't share items with your old characters, but CAN do so with other Seasonal ones), even your previously unlocked Skill Trees are gone. In exchange, you get to play with new Seasonal mechanics and get special loot. You KEEP the Seasonal characters and loot after it's ended. If I had to describe this Season's theme briefly, it's "you know the Infinity Gems from Marvel, with Thanos? It's just like that." You get these random, rotating "Enchantments" or buffs (that you have ways to lock down if you really like a particular one), like how Thanos would enhance his abilities with each of the gems. You'll get these glowy mobs with a Boss character. The long story short is: Glowy minions buff their Boss with Hit Points Glowy Boss buffs his minions with some buff So kill the Glowy minions quickly 1st By purging such Heretics, Traitors, Xenos, you get keys that unlock these big chests full of Seasonal loot. Here is a sample; there are many more: Every class gets these, just their versions of it. They also drop quite frequently, I've got tabs full of similar items last Season. Pro-tip: I'm seeing posts in the Steam forum that the Plague Marine bosses, like the one shown above, are especially tough because they have so much self-healing that it surpasses how much damage players can do to them. It's literally Day 1, so I have to see what that's about. UPDATE: the Devs responded to a thread and tuned this Nurgle self-healing down with a hotfix, they're very responsive and apparently really good players themselves. So a gimmick mechanic, fancy loot, that's all well & good, but here's why I share this news here: Seasons are great to explore the breadth of Inquisitor: Martyr. Season tiers are a great learning tool You know how game tutorials are annoying (and you can skip it now, btw)? Seasons are the opposite of that. A Season has different tiers of goals, each with mostly just cosmetic rewards, but in doing them it teaches you all aspects of the game. Inquisitor: Martyr is really deep, and trying to understand it was like trying to drink from a firehose. Tiers break up those lessons in to a nice pace, a gradual syllabus. I'll give you my experience from the last season. The game has a crafting system that everyone told me is really powerful. But...and perhaps you feel this way as well...I'm playing an Inquisitor to purge, not to craft. If I wanted to craft, I'd work on my Pile of Shame irl. Then last Season's goals involved some crafting. It told me to socket an item or something, and I was like, "FINE, stupid busy work." You get loot, like armour with these empty sockets, and little things to plug into them, that gives little bonuses. If you plug in specific combinations, however, they unlock BIG BONUSES way better than what each one gives, like: Suddenly, this was no longer stupid busy work. 3 little socket things, that I had previously thrown into my stash on my ship, gave a bigger bonus than any given Skill Tree or Perk. Understanding this moved me from where I was to Eye of Terror difficulty. Then I looked further and saw this: Pro-tip: if you have multiple socketed items, like your armour AND your weapon, it all adds up. The go-to strategy seems to be socketing as many of these combinations as you can, then filling extra sockets with more copies of the Uncreator Psalm that debuffs enemy damage resistance. It was very rewarding when I learned this at my own pace. And there are lots of little moments where I went, "Oh, so THAT's what that does." Instead of a fan-made wiki, the game developers made their one-page one-stop-shop for all this info: https://neocoregames.com/en/community/warhammer-40k-inquisitor-martyr-compendium PSA: only upgrade the Venom Tarot (explanation below) Public Service Announcement: if you choose to take part in this Season, ONLY upgrade the Venom Tarot card. This PSA probably makes no sense now, but when you reach it, you'll understand why I'm taking time to explain it now: Hidden way up at like the Grandmaster Inquisitor tier is a small task involving Tarot Cards that many (including me) missed before: IMPORTANT EDIT: in fact, this could go to Level 5 for the final Heroic Tier Tarot Cards, otherwise known as Uther's Tarot (similar yet separate from the Emperor's Tarot in 40k lore), are a game mechanic. Outside of story missions, you can apply a Tarot card for additional rewards (like more loot), but it also adds some difficulty (like melee enemies will move faster). Random packs of Tarot cards are dropped by enemies. They appear in your last inventory tab that has a list of a bunch of miscellaneous items. "Opening" them, like a Collectible Card Game, will give you a random card. If you collect 10 of the same type, you can upgrade it to level 2, collect iirc 30 more to go to level 3, etc. Here's the problem/trick: a random card pack will distribute to any Tarot that has room for it. So if you upgrade every Tarot, a pack will just randomly distribute to them all, making it impossible to get any single one to level 5. However, if you only upgrade ONE Tarot, all new random cards will go to it, making it easy to reach level 5. The one Tarot Card you should upgrade to level 5 first, therefore, is the Venom card. Its bonus is to make more random Tarot cards drop. (What it'll look like: all your cards will be 10/10, waiting for you to upgrade them, but DON'T DO IT. Just click upgrade on the Venom card, then that'll fill up fast. Once you achieve this "Level up a Tarot Card to Level 3" goal, THEN you can upgrade anything else you like.) I mention this now because many players reach this Grandmaster Tier and realise they're stuck. They thought they were being experienced RPG players, they see an upgrade they click it right away, only to realise later on that made them more susceptible to RNGesus. You might not think you'll play that much to reach this stage, but please heed this heads up just in case you do. Happy Heretic Hunting, Inquisitor.
  7. A neato looking 2D platformer focusing on Orks - gives me some Castle Crashers vibes.
  8. The game developers announced a free update for this game which will brings new enemies. Apparently, it’s still Death Guard and Nurgle. https://www.chaosgate.com/news/new-reinforcements
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