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  1. Hello! I’m new here and a returning player to 40k. I’m starting a new space wolves army, and thought I’d make a thread to document the process. I’ve chosen the Stormwolves Great Company and my first model conversion is a Primaris in Gravis Armour interpretation of the Wolf Lord Bjorn Stormwolf. Forgive the blu-tac handle on his noggin.
  2. https://www.myminifactory.com/frontier/primal-hounds-1772 primal hounds - space wolf bits - my mini factory (Kickstarter like) I like a bunch of the bits in this, example of Some of them below. They are offering stl files and or physical prints
  3. Someone on a Facebook Space Wolves group was asking for "starting from scratch" creating an army recommendations, so I put the following document together for them. Figured I'd bring it into The Fang for anyone that might find it helpful here, and also for discussion, to refine the document, if needed. Please note that I understand that the Wolves aren't at the top of the meta right now, so hyper-competitive players won't get much value here - this isn't for those folks. This is more for the casual "beer and pretzels" type of player, that wants to get together with his or her mates and have a chance at the win because we're helping them find the more efficient and effective units that the Space Wolves have available to select from right now. Recommendations Document As I said above, I welcome your feedback and discussion. Valerian
  4. Hello all, Space Wolves were my first army, from back when I started in 7E. I haven't started a SW progress thread, so I figured I would now. I've been working on quite a bit for a while, but hadn't posted anything yet on the forum. Currently, I have a classic/firstborn Space Wolf Drakeslayer force, as well as a bit of a VIth Legion force for Age of Darkness. I keep adding some stuff to both every now and then. Recently, I'm trying to get another Rhino done for my Horus Heresy Space Wolves, this time a Deimos Rhino (first one is a slightly converted Mars pattern Rhino). I've gotten most of the colors blocked out, and I'm starting to put some washes and shades on before final highlights and decals.
  5. ...I just had a game using a successor chapter build, but I wasn't really sure about the "Hunter's Unleashed" rule. Do I lose that when using a successor chapter or not? I was sure about losing savage fury, but confused about Hu... My opponent generously granted me to use it - he's very fair -, but I now think I was wrong there... Idk, I find the successor chapter rules a bit confusing in general, and it was my first time using them...
  6. 547 downloads

    Rogue Trader Era logos for the Space Wolves Chapter. Includes logos for Tactical, Assault and Devastator Squads, and Officers (Captain, Lieutenant Commander, Chaplain, Librarian, Medic and Techmarine). Background layers, one full page, the other leaving the Medic badge on white, for printing to white decal paper (remember to turn on your Layers panel in your PDF program to select the various layers). NOTE: The Officer logos are intended to overlap the shoulder pad edge, allowing the background to be trimmed flush with the pad edge.
  7. Version First three Chapters plu


    Aska Kjelu Russ Daughter of Leman Russ, Primarch of the Vlka Fenryka and Ari Karen, High Priestess of Tavia. +++ "The strength of the Wolf is the pack, the strength of the pack is the Wolf." +++ In many Sagas you hear of the wondrous power of the daughter of the Wolf King. It's said she possesses strange healing powers and senses as acute as those of her brothers. She grew up in the corridors of the great Aett, raised by her parents, her brothers and her wolf-cousins. 985 M30: Aska Kjelu Russ was born at midnight of the winter solstice on Fenris, beneath the light of a full moon. From an early age, it became clear that she had inherited more from her father than her mother; her wild and boisterous nature was apparent to all who encountered her. As a child she brawled everyone and feared no one. Again and again the halls of the Aett echoed with Russ's praise of his daughter. 999 M30: Aska requests Leman Russ for permission to fight alongside him and her brothers to serve the Allfather. There are no exceptions made for her and she endures the same hard tests as all aspirants of the Wolves. As expected she overcomes these trials without problems. In her last test she was attacked by a legendary white Fenrisian Wolf: Vargnara, Full Moon's Huntress and sister of Narghar, New Moon's Huntress. Aska fought and killed Vargnara with her own hands and a spear carved out of wood. With the fangs of the passed legend she forged an unmatched scythe, which she also named Vargnara in honor of the slain wolf. 004 M31: As Russ made Magnus pay for his treachery on Prospero, Aska and her mother stayed on Tavia to help rebuild the destroyed world. However, the world was invaded by a terrible Slaanesh cult led by a Herald named Uriel, and Aska's mother had no other choice but to sacrifice herself for her daughter because Aska was lured into a trap by a Herald. Aska was forced to watch helplessly while the Herald killed her mother and fled after adorning himself with her skin. He was later rewarded by Slaanesh and ascended to be a Daemon Prince. 014 M31: The year of the Emperor's entombing into the holy throne crushed the hope in many and some were overwhelmed from grief. To this day and age some speak in calm moments of the dirge of the young Wolf Princess from Fenris. It resounded into the galaxy and gave comfort. But it also awoke hate and resentment in the rotten hearts of the traitors. 034 M31: Eager for revenge, Aska trailed Uriel the Desecrator, her mother's murderer. She followed the stinking scent of the Daemon Prince to the planet Riskar and joined him in battle. However, when she attacked him in her thirst for revenge, she discovered that she had been tricked - It was not Uriel she'd been trailing, but instead a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, who then met his fate in her anger. Gravely wounded, she fell into the Red Dream but was saved by Bjorn the Fell-Handed, who managed to recover her body and convey her to the safety of their ship. +++ "It is better to fight and to fall than to live without hope." +++ 058 M31: A Space Hulk full of Chaos Daemons appeared in Imperium Secundus, heading directly for Macragge. To stop the colossus in time Roboute Guilliman had to call for aid from his brother who was only a few systems away with the Hrafnkel. In the enormous battle Aska is separated from her father and her brothers but manages to fight her way into the generator room which feeds the void shields. She is able to overload the massive generators which ultimately leads to the destruction of the hulk in a powerful explosion. 079 M31: In the thick of battle during a Chaos invasion on Ajaxis Secundus Aska spots Uriel. With the help of her brothers she desperately fights her way through waves of cultists and renegades, but her target manages to flee through a warp portal. +++ "Where there is light there also is darkness, where there is darkness there also is light. There always is a way out of a labyrinth, never forget that, brother!" +++ 113 M31: A distress signal turns out to be a trap of the traitor Fulgrim to get Aska as his new plaything. Furious, her father charges the Daemon Primarch and after a long battle puts him to flight. Following is a 5 year long crusade against the Emperor's Children that contributed significantly to their dwindling numbers. 133 M31: A distress beacon signaling a Daemon invasion of Hiveworld Grenna is relayed to the Wolves. The Primarch embarks at once together with Aska, who hopes to again pick up the trail of her nemesis. When the fleet arrives after 3 weeks in the Warp, it becomes clear that the Dark Eldar just wanted to lure the Wolves away from a different world with this cowardly trick. Their revenge was harsh and merciless... 168 M31: The Wolves dispatch to help the Trajan system against an Ork invasion. On the Forgeworld Aska and her father rescue the surrounded Knight Warden Siegfried of a small Knight House and his retinue on the bordering agri-world. Since that day the iron loyalty of the Knight house to the Wolves is unbroken. 211 M31: The year Russ vanished, the words the Wolf King spoke before his mysterious disappearance are widely known. What is not widely known is that he wanted his daughter to stay at the side of Bjorn the Fell-Handed to lead the chapter with him. Russ was hoping Aska would be reasonable and stay with Bjorn but she followed her father and vanished with him. Bjorn told in many Sagas of sorrow how he accuses himself of one thing, an almost unbearable burden. Some say that doesn't have anything to do with Russ but instead with Aska. Until a fateful day, more than ten thousand years later, her disappearance is as mysterious as that of her father. +++ "In the darkest nights only the moon howls." +++ 999 M41: On the former home world of Ari Karen, Aska's mother, a Tzeentch cult is spreading and endangering the rest of the system with dark rituals. Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company is sent to investigate. On Tavia a strange crystal appeared in which a special relic, if you want to call it that, was imprisoned. Aska Kjelu Russ had appeared again, caged in a prison of adamantine crystal. In a heated battle with the Tzeentch cult, they managed to free her from her cage and restore her to her rightful place at Bjorn's side. Now the Chapter is filled with hope that one day soon, Russ will come back to them, too. +My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.+ + The time of the Wolf is near my brothers. I can feel it, hear the whispers in the stars. Ready yourself and follow me when the time has come. +
  8. 4261 downloads

    As commissioned by DaveyBoy74. Logan Grimnar's Great Wolf. In Black, Red, Yellow, Space Wolves Blue, White, and White with Yellow Star.
  9. Version v02


    By request of BlodVargarna. An assortment of Germanic/Norse religious iconography suitable for use with the Space Wolves Chapter. Sheets feature the valknut (three interlocked triangles, predominant on the sheets by commission), three versions of Mjolnir (Thor's hammer), the irminsul (pillar attributed to Tyr), and Odin on Sleipnir. In the usual Black, Red, Yellow, and Space Wolves Blue.
  10. 1671 downloads

    Kjarl Grimblood's Great Company (Grimbloods). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  11. 1565 downloads

    Krom Dragongaze's Great Company (Drakeslayers). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  12. 1873 downloads

    Gunnar Red Moon's Great Company (Red Moons). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  13. 1819 downloads

    Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company (Blackmanes). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  14. 1916 downloads

    Harald Deathwolf's Great Company (Deathwolves). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  15. 1547 downloads

    Engir Krakendoom's Great Company (Seawolves). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  16. 2156 downloads

    Random wolf logos for the Space Wolves. In black, red, yellow and Space Wolves blue.
  17. Version 1.0


    Elder FUTHARK rune decal sheet for use with Space Wolves, Dwarves, Trolls, Jotuns, and any other Germano-Norse army. Files include mixed colors, black, grey-blue, red and yellow (plus a 'phonetic' key on each sheet so you can spell correctly).
  18. Version v1.1


    Space Wolves - Bjorn Stormwolf's Great Company Decal Sheet
  19. Version v1.1


    Space Wolves - Egil Iron Wolf's Great Company Decal Sheet
  20. Version v1.1


    Space Wolves - Erik Morkai's Great Company Decal Sheet
  21. Version v1.1


    Space Wolves - Logan Grimnar's Great Company Decal Sheet
  22. 959 downloads

    'Dawn of the Space Wolves' Background Choose from: 1680x1050px 1600x1200px
  23. 1780 downloads

    'Logan' background Choose from: 800x600px 1280x800px 1400x900px
  24. 745 downloads

    'Ragnar' Background - 1280x800px and 1400x900px available.
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