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  1. Hello Wolf-Boys (and -Girls if there are any )! After just commenting and lurking around for maybe about a year (maybe?) I decided to open a thread for my Wolves. As my ressources are pretty limited right now don't expect a huge army anytime soon. I guess I will just play Kill Team in the beginning anyway. It's basically a bunch of older models from my teenage years (10+ years ago) which never got to be a proper army. Back then choosing Space Wolves was a no-brainer because they looked like 80s James Hetfield, they we're rebellious good guys, and I liked wolves. Nowadays my affinity to Thrash Metal has mostIy faded, but I still l like my Space Wolves, although I was a bit shocked to see how cartoony some of the newer models looked (Looking at you, Santa Logan and Canis Wolfborn). I recently bought some newer models here and there though, plus some bits from various sources. At some point I will also buy some Primaris I think, but will make them look quite retro marine like (classic helmets and power packs). As my older models have been upscaled - or are in the process of - via the "Veteran Seargent"-method (spacers in legs and torso), the difference in size shouldn't be that big actually (Primaris are still bulkier of course). I just started painting again and I'm trying to figure out how to paint my version of Space Wolves armour (no baby blue and no yellow pauldrons, I think). The idea for the army is that they're a special contingent on some kind of investigative mission in a lesser known system. Maybe I'll have members of different great companies in it, I'll have to think about it . There won't be snow bases, they should look more like the sorroundings of a devastated Ad-Mech research station or something. I'll show you my humble progress here and would be grateful for painting and modelling tips. First of here are some general pictures plus my experiments with finding the right shade of pale , which I tried on the most expendable models I own, old Blood Bowl humans . Space Wolves in progress https://imgur.com/gallery/MRNzdqi https://imgur.com/gallery/SKRybrn https://imgur.com/gallery/v7elAjd Blurry pic from the workbench for giggles https://imgur.com/gallery/yY2q8Ct Edit: unfortunately I'm still getting errors when I'm trying to post pictures with (]... [/img ), don't really get what I'm doing wrong Edit²: Pictures work now, see below ☺! Resolution is not too high, though...
  2. Hey all! I think I'll start posting the results of my building and painting in here. I already have a thread in the Space Wolves subforum, but I guess it won't hurt showing my terrain pieces - and maybe at some point non Space Wolves miniatures - as well. I'll start with reposting my recently finished infiltrators. Not mind blowing, but ready for action ☺
  3. Hello all, Space Wolves were my first army, from back when I started in 7E. I haven't started a SW progress thread, so I figured I would now. I've been working on quite a bit for a while, but hadn't posted anything yet on the forum. Currently, I have a classic/firstborn Space Wolf Drakeslayer force, as well as a bit of a VIth Legion force for Age of Darkness. I keep adding some stuff to both every now and then. Recently, I'm trying to get another Rhino done for my Horus Heresy Space Wolves, this time a Deimos Rhino (first one is a slightly converted Mars pattern Rhino). I've gotten most of the colors blocked out, and I'm starting to put some washes and shades on before final highlights and decals.
  4. 3985 downloads

    As commissioned by DaveyBoy74. Logan Grimnar's Great Wolf. In Black, Red, Yellow, Space Wolves Blue, White, and White with Yellow Star.
  5. Version v02


    By request of BlodVargarna. An assortment of Germanic/Norse religious iconography suitable for use with the Space Wolves Chapter. Sheets feature the valknut (three interlocked triangles, predominant on the sheets by commission), three versions of Mjolnir (Thor's hammer), the irminsul (pillar attributed to Tyr), and Odin on Sleipnir. In the usual Black, Red, Yellow, and Space Wolves Blue.
  6. 1790 downloads

    Gunnar Red Moon's Great Company (Red Moons). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  7. 1766 downloads

    Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company (Blackmanes). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  8. 1519 downloads

    Engir Krakendoom's Great Company (Seawolves). In Black, Red, Yellow and Space Wolves Blue.
  9. 2044 downloads

    Random wolf logos for the Space Wolves. In black, red, yellow and Space Wolves blue.
  10. Version 1.0


    Elder FUTHARK rune decal sheet for use with Space Wolves, Dwarves, Trolls, Jotuns, and any other Germano-Norse army. Files include mixed colors, black, grey-blue, red and yellow (plus a 'phonetic' key on each sheet so you can spell correctly).
  11. Version v1.1


    Space Wolves - Bjorn Stormwolf's Great Company Decal Sheet
  12. Version v1.1


    Space Wolves - Egil Iron Wolf's Great Company Decal Sheet
  13. Version v1.1


    Space Wolves - Erik Morkai's Great Company Decal Sheet
  14. 957 downloads

    'Dawn of the Space Wolves' Background Choose from: 1680x1050px 1600x1200px
  15. Fellow denizens of The Fang, I figured I might as well share what my plans are, going forward. It's a turbulent time for everyone, and we all have decisions to make about how we're going to proceed in the hobby. I know many of you are currently struggling with that. What follows is simply my way ahead. THE PAST: A little backstory. I started collecting Space Wolves back when their first 'real' army list dropped in White Dwarf magazines 156-158. This army list coincided with the first unique models for the faction, and pretty much all were pewter. Even the basic troops (Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, etc.) were metal, with plastic arms, weapons, and backpacks. Over time, I slowly collected what I could, to create a playable army, and that took several years, as a young college kid, without a lot of resources. Over the years (hell, decades!) since I started collecting, GW eventually updated all of those old pewter models with plastic models on sprues. I'd integrate some of the newer plastic model units into the army a little along the way, but I resisted, for a very long time, replacing my original units and models. However, I eventually came to appreciate the plastic models. They were simply better. More variety in how you could assemble them, lighter and easier to transport, and if you dropped one, they usually held together, whereas a metal model with plastic arms and weapons would inevitably snap into pieces. GWs techniques and processes really have improved tremendously over the years, so eventually I made the decision to sell off most of my old metal models (I held onto just a few of the more special ones), and focus on building a new army that was primarily plastic. I did this sometime in the years of 5th and 6th edition. I usually did my own assembling, and I bought all of the special Space Wolves shoulder pads I could get my hands on, so the whole army had the 'bas relief' style markings on both shoulders, for Great Company and for Pack. I never developed the skills or patience for painting, so I used commission artists to do the painting for me; have found several different folks over the years that did good work for me. I've been really happy collecting and playing with these guys over the past decade+. When 8th edition dropped, and GW first revealed the initial Primaris Marines, I was pretty stoked. I know a lot of folks didn't like what they saw, as they knew these new models were going to be a threat to their collections. I realized this too, but instead of focusing on the bad, I focused on the positive. We were finally getting 'true scale' Marines that would be as large on the table-top, as they are supposed to be in the fluff. Giants among men, finally, instead of models that were more-or-less the same as Catachan Imperial Guardsmen. Not only were they finally a proper size, they came with boosted stats, and better weaponry. 2A and 2W base, and a more powerful basic rifle (AP-1 with an extended range). After 30 years of collecting them, we were finally getting models and units that evoked what Space Marines should have been like all along. And, I really like the style of the new Tacticus Armour and Helmets, and the new Gravis Armour and Helmets. Some of the units look a little goofy, to me, but I don't have to use those, or can make some modification to them to make them into something I'm happy with. But for the most part, I've been a huge fan with what they've done to refresh and modernize a 30+ year old line of core miniatures. Despite loving most of the initial models, I didn't do anything with them for most of the three years of 8th edition. After all, I already had nearly 4k points worth of models to play with, and I wanted to see where, exactly, GW was going with these. What other developments were in store for us? But in play-testing, using my existing models for "counts-as," I've been really impressed with how many of the new Primaris units performed. And, knowing that they really are the future of Space Marines, I finally decided to go "all-in" and refresh my army once again. THE FUTURE: As I type this, I have Ragnar Blackmane, Haldor Icepelt, 4x units of 5 Intercessors, 2 units of 3 Eliminators, a unit of 3 Aggressors, and a unit of 5 Wulfen, all with an artist being painted as we speak. They should be finished up in the next week or two. These units alone are a little over 1000 (current) points worth of models, and will form the core of a new, modernized, Primaris (primarily) Space Wolves army. Luckily, I hadn't coordinated with the painter yet on the next batch of models. My initial plans were to add 10 Incursors to the above, to fill out the last two required Troops units for a double-Battalion. Now, however, i'm going to wait and see what we learn about the newly revealed Assault Intercessors. If they can also get a special melee weapon on the Pack Leader, and especially if they can take advantage of the Veteran Intercessor stratagem, then I'm going all in on these guys, and will add 2 Packs to serve as proper escorts for both Ragnar and Haldor. With the next batch, I'm going to get the painter to add 4 Impulsors to the army. I've been play-testing these using Rhinos and Razorbacks as "counts-as," and they have been phenomenal. In the past, I was always a fan of Drop Pod (Claws of Russ) style Space Wolves, and have never played a mechanized list before (the Rhinos and Razorbacks are from my Grey Knights army, and I used them in previous editions, when they could cast psychic powers, too), so this style of play is new to me, but I've really grown to appreciate it. Impulsors are amazing at getting your melee units into close combat, safely, right where you want them to be. Until something better comes along, the plan for now is to finish off the army with Bjorn the Fell-handed - not Primaris, but still one of my favorite units and characters. And, he still brings a ton of utility to the army in shooting (Twin lascannons) and Close Combat (Trueclaw), in addition to the the re-roll Hits aura and the extra CP. And, the final unit will be the Jump Pack Wolf Priest. He's just too important for getting the Canticle of Hate to the right place when you need to make those charges. Anyway, this is what I'll be working on building and developing, as we transition into yet another new edition of the game. Best, Val
  16. Think this guy would make an amazing Wulfen starting point, not sure on the Blood Bowl scale vs Primaris, but I'm tempted.
  17. Shock assault Search and destroy Pursuit operations Punitive and excoriation campaigns "brutally swift" "a shock-assault force as well as tireless pursuers and a peerless hunter-killer force" "its campaigns unsubtle, but brutally swift" "Conditioned to hold a near-suicidal disregard for danger" "a force that has honed in battle against [..] their own wayward brothers" Aside from what is to come by official ruling, let's talk about the fluffside of tactics. To me the tactics that suit the Space Wolves' style of warfare best are as follows: Seeker-squads Sounds like they are made for the Space Wolves. I wouldn't be surprised if we got our own special unit substitution for seekers. They are the most "search and destroy" units the Crusade Legions army list has to offer. Drop-pods/airborne transportation "Suicidal" dropping into the heat and punishing precisely what has to be gone. Like a Wolf. Caestus, Storm Eagles, Spartans delivering pain exactly where it has to be applied. Fast units Continueing the above .. either by means of transports or wargear like bikes or jump packs our units should be fast straight where their force is to be applied. Anti-MEq This is another thing Space Wolves are about. Following dissidents. So let's bring squads designed to counter marines. By this I mean AP<3 .. Unit size Holding the line or win by attrition ..this is not the way of an execution force. So small veteran squads maybe fit more than large tactical blobs. Or don't they? No artillery As above. Artillery is cumbersome, cannot be deployed swiftly and has its place in attrition based warfare. Also: Furious charge over Stubborn. Those are the basic principles I design my army around. Feel free to object or chime in. What is your vision of heresy-era Space Wolves and their tactics right now?
  18. First of all I do apologise for the crappy pictures, I took these in a hurry a few nights ago and have not had the time (or the light) to take better ones... I was basing these on characters from Vikings, but every other Wolf player and his pups seem to be doing this so I thought I'd not bother. Also nothing here is 100% complete, this is a slow burn army as a change from Chaos. First up we have my Wolf Lord, Varg Bloodeagle... Left to Right - Lone Wolf 'Tostig'. Wolf Guard Battle Leader 'Bjorn Ironflank (cant think of a better name atm lol) and un named chap, might just stick with 'One Eye'. Banner Bearer (flag needs finishing), Wolf Priest and Rune Priest. Wolf Guard. More Wolf Guard. Wolf Guard in TDA. The start of my Jump Troops (are Wolf Guard with jump packs still a thing in 8th? if not these will be Skyclaws) and my first Bloodclaw. Group shot. I have another 15 guys minus arms or heads that need finishing, but no point in showing them as they are just bare plastic.
  19. Hi, I'm RikuEru, I have mostly been a lurker and like-thrower in this subforum, mostly just posting in the Space Wolves Sub-forum. But... I want to do more than "just" Space Wolves, with the collection of 'other' (sub-)factions' minis "slowly" growing. So this'll be my little WIP thread, so I can keep track of my own work for once and get some magnificent feedback from the best people on B&C (that's you!) without being confined to a single sub-forum. I dare keep this first post as a "one day maybe" Register for various project posts I can link to within this thread, if the Mods allow me to do so!? (Someone smite me with his favourite Power-weapon if I ever forget to update this...)
  20. "Born on Mother Fenris millenia ago. Raised on Mars for his Great Work. Fought through half the Imperium. Shall die for the Future of Mankind, To be laid to rest on Father Skogr." _________________________________________ Now that the summer heat is calming and construction of the house is far enough that I have SOME Hobbytime now and then, the Painting commences once more. And along the way I want to flash out the Chapter's Story&History with the help of you fine gentlepeople in the Aett.
  21. Hi there! I would like to share my "works in progress". I'm not a very skilled painter or modeler but I enjoy it !!! I'll start with my "Rhino" as I develop the free-hand decoration Averland sunset for the yellow Balthasar gold and gehena's gold for the golden Some more gehena's gold layers will be coming, some black linningto define the patron Some lights with ushabti bone for the yellow and Runefang Steelfor the parts that will be on top and some agrax earthshade and seraphin's sepia for the shadows under. Any coments sugenstions and construct criticism are wellcome!
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